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Naughty Or Nice

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Being a web cam girl was easy; you, an attractive woman, entertain lonely and horny men (and sometimes women) and get paid via donations and tips. You even get sent gifts at times. So simple.

Izuku had applied cherry red lipstick to her soft lips while her curly emerald green hair was tended to. Mascara coated her vibrant eyes and made them stand out while a light coat of yellow went on her fingernails. Her eyelids were decorated with a teal that reminded one of the waters of Okinawa.

"You look beautiful, Izuku." complimented Uwabami the make-up artist. She held the brush to the nail polish and the brush to the eyeshadow. Beauty was her pride and joy, thus making the job she held all the more sacred to her.

The woman who tended to Izuku's hair stood back and admired her work. It was still as curly and bouncy as when Izuku came into work this morning, which was a good sign that she did well.

"Your work is as amazing as always, Takeyama." Takeyama smiled and accepted the compliment from Izuku. It was a sweet feeling that Takeyama was going to get paid.

A knock went on the door, which signalled Izuku to get up. This was bound to be another scantily clad, R rated, easy day of work as it had always been.

To find love was never easy. There was being unattractive, being used, assumptions, rejection, and many other negative things. Sero slumped on the break room couch during the break period. He worked a part-time job at the Tokyo Host Club when he got off his job as a repairman. A heavy sigh escaped his mouth as the raven colored hair atop his hair looked like it had been wet. A fresh uniform adorned his body, implying that something had happened to the previous one.

Trey, Sero's co-worker, came in and opened the refrigerator door to grab something to drink. A can of Pepsi was in his line of sight and the male's hand grabbed it. Once he retrieved his item, Trey closed the door and cleaned off the top of the can with his shirt. He utterly refused to risk getting a disease.

"What's wrong, Hanta?" asked the male. He cracked open the can and took a sip of his refreshing beverage. "I heard you sigh earlier."

"I was played." replied his disheartened co-worker. "Just when I thought I was about to get a girlfriend, she told me my smile was creepy and then her friends dumped water on me."

Trey felt sympathy for his friend. Sero just wanted a girlfriend who wouldn't judge him for his looks. His hand patted the former's back. "It's okay. The way your smile looks is not something you can control." said Trey. He wasn't used to rejection from females- He was more used to it from males.

At the front desk, a man with blonde hair tied in an ponytail typed away at the computer. He wore funky sunglasses that looked like they could've originated from the 1980s or 1990s. He hummed a song while working until the bell on his desk rang. His eyes darted up to see a young woman with long pink hair, yellow eyes, and tanned skin. She looked to be in her early 20s.

"Good afternoon, sir." greeted the woman. Her voice sounded upbeat and cheerful. "Do you know where the hosts are?"

"In the break room, miss." replied the man. "You can wait in the waiting area."

The woman nodded and headed to the waiting area in order to lower the former's suspicion. Once she was out of his sight and looked around her surroundings, she changed her course to the break room.

"I'm telling you it's the worst feeling!" complained Aaron, an African-American worker at the host club. "All I wanted was to buy the girls something nice with all my money."

Kyoka Jirou, a female co-worker posing as male, sat at a table near the door with fellow co-workers Hiro, Koda, and Nick. She was listening to Guns 'N Roses while she ate a snack. She had no girl problems, but she didn't have a girlfriend either, so she could and couldn't relate to the boys.

Koda and Nick and Hiro, on the other hand, could not relate. Koda was already in a relationship with a girl and the other two were homosexual. Hiro was in a happy polygamous relationship with Trey and Kevin while Nick was still looking for a potential boyfriend.

Trey wanted to help the others as much as he could, but he just gave out obvious advice that wasn't even real. Just as he was about to give up, the door flew open and startled everyone in the room.

In the doorway stood a woman with long pink hair, yellow eyes, and tanned skin. Everyone looked at one another with puzzled looks.

"I heard some lonely boys in here!" she stated. "I have the perfect thing to help you!"

The boys who once surrounded Trey now surrounded this stranger who introduced them to an app called Mail Order Girlfriend in exchange for money.

Kevin, Trey and Hiro's boyfriend, walked into with room with a cup of coffee. He raised an eyebrow at the boys who surrounded a woman like they were bowing before Jesus.

"The hell the pinky doin' here?" asked Kevin. He took a sip of his drink as he waited for a response.

"She's advertising some app called Mail Order Girlfriend." replied Trey.

"Oh, you mean if Twitch, PornHub, and Tinder had a three way and that threesome resulted in a baby?"

"Ye- Wait, what?!"