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The Second Chance

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The last thing he remembered was falling asleep in his cozy bed.

The next thing he encounted was rudely waking up on an overly lumpy bed in a motel room- God knows where? - With a gun pointed right between his eyes. His heart was speeding up as instant fear grappled at him, hands flying up in surrender. “Please don’t kill me!”

He was too busy staring into the muzzle of the gun to even catch a glimpse at who was talking. All he heard was a frantic yet soft, “Dean! Stop! Let’s get him tested first!”

“Sam he’s wearing my face! How much more proof do we need!?”

Wearing his face?

He was tempted to look, however, the terrifying sound of the hammer on the gun being cocked had him distracted. “Please! I’m just a guy from Texas, who pays his bills and mortgages like everyone else!” He closed his eyes, mumbling, “Please don’t let this be the end!”


“Ok Sammy! Jeez!” He heard the man with a heavier, gruff voice reply followed by the telltale signs of the guy slipping the safety back on.

That’s when he opened his eyes to see no gun being pointed at him. He instantly sat up, leaning against the headboard and finally catching a glimpse of the two guys before him. One who was really tall with long brown, shoulder length hair and the other- what the fuck? He had to blink twice at the man with a three day scuff eyeing him with scrutiny from where he leaned against the wall. A man that undoubtedly looked exactly like him, but, a little worn out and definitely older- judging by the deeper, more permanent crow’s feet and few wrinkle lines on the man’s forehead. The first thing he blurted was, “You’re me!?”

“Yeah I don’t think so shifter!”

He swallowed, “What’s a shifter?” He didn’t like the way his- almost lookalike- still had a hand on his gun, rested to his side. He looked like a man who could shoot one straight between the eyes without blinking nor missing.

The man with the pistol said quite abruptly, “Sammy check him!”

Check him for what?

He watched as the tall man with the long hair, Sammy, walked over to the little round table that had a greenish duffle bag on it. Sammy rummaged through the contents and pulled out a silver bladed hunting knife, a silver flask with crosses on it, and a small bottle of bleach. His heart plummeted to the ground as he watched Sammy approach him with these items. He shifted nervously, feeling hot and frightful. “What are you going to do with that!?”

“If you don’t want a bullet between your brains, I suggest you stay still and comply”, stated his lookalike, harshly.

Ok. He could do this. Whatever THIS TEST was!

He nodded timidly, “ok”.


They found this thing lying there- asleep- on his bed when he and Sammy got back from the bar. A few drinks and he was still sober, which got him reaching out for his gun and immediately pointing it between the slumbering face thief’s eyes. If it wasn’t for Sammy telling him to wait, he would have popped one between the eyes and called it a delightful night.

However, he was slightly troubled by the fact that this man looked a few years younger than him. The man was clean shaven, not much of a crow’s feet along the corners of those grass green eyes, those lips were fuller, those fingernails looked well-trimmed and dirt free, his body was a tad leaner than his, his hands when raised looked like it hadn’t been worked on a rough surface before, plus, the man was wearing an ‘I Love Animals’ blue tee with a nice pair of black boxers. Christ! Even shifters that stole his face wouldn’t even think to wear an ‘I Love Animals’ tee.

Nevertheless, the guy was still wearing his face- meaning he didn’t care. This was personal!

He watched with unwavering criticism as Sam ran the blade along the soft skin of that palm, not giving a care in the world as his younger doppelganger hissed. Passed. Hmm, ok, not a shifter, then maybe a Leviathan? Sam spilled a little Borax bleach onto the surface of the skin. Passed. Hmm, no reaction of melting skin and flesh, then maybe he was some kind of demon? Sam asked the guy to sip on the flask containing salt and holy water. Passed.

Ok now, what the hell?

Sam smiled at the guy and gave a tap on the shoulder before walking over to him. He watched his brother frown lightly, “Nothing Dean. He’s good and definitely not you”.

Dean stowed his gun, ignoring the curious man’s green eyes staring right at him. He fixed his brother a worrisome gaze, “What the fuck is going on here, Sammy!?”

Sam shook his head and shrugged, “Honestly, I don’t know Dean. I think it’s best we call Castiel”.

Yeah. Dean figured it was their best option now.


The angel was here within seconds of his praying. Sam got in to explaining everything, before Castiel began his examination- which involved the angel in the trench coat just- standing there and eyeing his lookalike with a tilted head and curious squinted eyes.

They watched as the man shifted nervously on the bed- probably uncomfortable from Cas’ unbreakable stare. Yeah the angel always had that effect on him too.

Castiel concluded, “You’re from an alternate reality. One where there is no supernatural”.

He frowned, “Excuse me! what?”

“Yeah, what he said”, his lookalike gestured towards him, looking equally confused.

“Are you saying he’s from a parallel universe, Castiel?” Sam asked.

“Yes Sam. It seems someone with great power zapped him over into your world of the supernatural and made sure that it was you two that he ended up meeting first”.

“What are you going on about?” The man asked in slight panic. “What the hell is a parallel universe? Or alternate universe or supernatural one or whatever?”

Castiel released a chuckle. “Oh so untainted and innocent”.

“What?” The guy raised a brow, unimpressed. Yeah and he found that critical eyes and serious look fitted the guy quite well. It was cute.

What the hell Dean!!!!????

Castiel sighed, “You have been uprooted from your world and placed into Dean and Sam’s world. A world that happens to be quite dangerous”.

“How so?”

He decided to jump in and add, “A world filled with vampires, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls, Demons…among other things supernatural”.

He saw the man look at him funny. Yeah it was kind of expected and definitely not the first time for someone who hasn’t seen the supernatural. “Riiigggghhttt?” The man asked, “So, when can I get out of here!?”

“Never!” Castiel blurted. “I’m afraid this is your world now!”

“Can’t we just find the person or whoever that zapped me here and get them to zap me back?” The guy blurted out frantically before mumbling to himself, “I can’t believe I’m saying all these things. It’s ridiculous!”

“Maybe. But, it’s not going to be easy, seeing as we do not know where to start”, Castiel responded in his usual stoic self.

“Great!” The man huffed. “Just great!”

He decided he had had enough of referring to the guy as 'his lookalike', or 'the man'. So, he asked, “What’s your name?”

He watched as his lookalike eyed him with a hint of curiosity, “My name’s Jensen Ackles and I’m 30 years old.”

5 years younger than him. Interesting.

He nodded, “And what do you do for work?”

“I’m a local Vet in Austin, Texas. I mostly specialize in surgeries and perform other requested humane procedures on rescued animals, as well as, family pets”.

Yeah and maybe Dean was impressed. But, of course he didn’t show it. Instead he shrugged and said, “Well let’s hope those skills at least gets you handy with a knife, seeing as you’ll have to be able to wield a weapon and defend yourself if you want to survive in my world”.

Great job at scaring the cute guy or Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester. Great job!