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Tell The World (I’m Coming Home)

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MALIBU, 2004

PETER GRIPPED THE nice lady's hand tightly, sniffling. He'd been staying with his aunt and uncle while his parents went on a trip for something, when the nice lady came to the door and told them that Peter's parents were never coming home.

The three year old hadn't understood at first, until his uncle had crouched down and explained to him that his mommy and daddy went to heaven.

He knew what heaven was. His mommy had told him a few weeks ago when he accidentally stepped on a butterfly. Peter cried into his uncle's shirt, so sad and so scared. He'd lived with his parents.

Where would he go with them gone? But then his aunt and uncle has talked to the nice lady, using big words that his small mind couldn't yet comprehend.

After that, they apologized to him, crying, and said something along the lines of, "We just can't take care of a child."

And then they'd packed his stuff and the nice lady was taking him away. That had been a few days ago, and the nice lady had taken him all the way across the whole country to California.

Now, his hand was still gripping the lady's hand, really, really tight as she walked him up a long driveway. The boy sniffled, his eyes watering as he looked to the ground.

Suddenly, they were stopping and the nice lady was knocking on the door. It swung open to reveal a different lady, with light red hair and a smile. "Hello, may I help you?" The woman asked kindly.

"Miss Potts, I presume?" The nice lady asked.

"I am. And who are you?" The woman, Miss Potts replied, making a funny face. Peter's eyes were wide as he looked up at them.

"My name is Penelope Wright, I'm with Child Protective Services. Is Mr. Stark around?"

Peter sniffled again, pulling his hand away from the lady's so he could wipe his nose.

"U-uh, He is, but he won't want to be disturbed. Is there anything I could help sort out?" Miss Potts said, looking down at Peter.

The boy looked away, nervous, and grabbed Miss Penelope's hand again.

"His parents," Miss Penelope looked down to Peter, "were in a plane crash and I was assigned to place him in a home. Mr. Stark's name is on his birth certificate, and his DNA has already been run through the system countless times. Mr. Stark is this young boy's father." Miss Penelope explained.

Peter's head whipped up to Miss Penelope at that. That didn't make sense. Peter already had a daddy. Miss Penelope herself had told them his mommy and daddy went to heaven.

Miss Potts' eyes widened as she looked down at Peter. "I-Is there any paperwork that needs filled out?" She asked.

"There is, but I can bring that by tomorrow." Miss Penelope told Miss Potts.

"Thank you. I'll take him inside." Miss Potts said with a funny look on her face.

"Of course." Miss Penelope said, smiling.

"Now, Peter, I'm going to leave you with Miss Potts, okay?" She said softly to him.

"Okay, Miss Pe'lope." The three year old murmured, wiping his nose again. Miss Penelope let go of his hand.

"Bye, sweetie." She called as she began to walk off.

"Bye, bye." He waved sadly.

Then he turned back to Miss Potts, who smiled at him. "Hi, Peter, is it?"

He nodded shyly and she reached for him. Hesitantly, He grabbed her hand and let her lead him inside. "My name is Pepper, buddy. I work for your dad." She explained.

She closed the door, leading him inside, where Peter's life would forever be changed.