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Senoia Daily News
June 5th, 2010

Good Samaritan Saves Deputy Sherriff's Life
By Irma Horvath

A routine traffic stop became a living nightmare for Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes. Around 4:00 PM Thursday afternoon, Deputy Grimes pursued and pulled over a vehicle that had run a stop sign. As he was approaching the vehicle, the driver pulled a gun and fired twice at the Deputy through the driver’s side window. One shot hit the Deputy’s Kevlar vest, but the second shot found a vulnerable spot and pierced his left shoulder, nicking his brachial artery.

Angela Prescot was working dispatch and had taken the initial radio call from Grimes. Prescot ran the plates to discover the vehicle had been reported as stolen. However, by the time she radioed the information back to Grimes, he had become unresponsive. That’s when she dispatched another sheriff’s deputy to the scene.

“Rick is a constant professional and him not answering his radio immediately caused me to worry,” Prescot told reporters during this morning’s press conference. “He didn’t have time to call for backup or report his injury. I knew he was in trouble and I could only pray the backup arrived in time to save his life.”

Deputy Grimes survived what should have been a fatal injury because a Good Samaritan witnessed the shooting and was able to quickly come to Grimes’s aide and provide life saving medical care until the paramedics arrived on the scene. 

Hershel Greene, a retired veterinarian, was heading the opposite direction and witnessed the shooting from down the road. He immediately turned around and was able to keep Grimes calm and conscious and apply a tourniquet and pressure to the bullet wound to slow the bleeding and keep the Deputy from potentially bleeding out alone on the side of the road. Greene reported to the Sheriff’s office that the driver of the car sped off as soon as he fired on Deputy Grimes, but the car was later discovered two miles down the road. The shooter was successfully apprehended after a short-lived shootout with arresting officers. Officials say Greene’s quick actions undoubtedly saved Rick Grimes’ life.

The suspect is currently being held at the King County Sheriff’s Department and will be arraigned on multiple charges including, but not limited to: attempted manslaughter, assault on an officer with a deadly weapon, fleeing a crime scene, reckless driving, and illegal possession of a firearm. His name has not been released to the public at the time.

Deputy Grimes is expected to make a full recovery and after intense physical therapy will be returning to the force. His wife, Lori Grimes, was also at the press conference today and wanted to publicly thank Hershel Greene for his selfless act of bravery that saved her husband. “Because of Mr. Greene’s kindness and willingness to help others, my son still has his father. Rick and I will be forever grateful and indebted to him for his selfless bravery,” Mrs. Grimes announced.

Updates on Deputy Grimes’ condition and the suspect’s prosecution will be reported as they become available.


The Washington Post
January 3rd, 2013

113 th Congress Begins with Fireworks: Bold Statements from Bold Representatives
By Connie Hunter

Day one of the 113 th Congress began with strong words from the new Congresswoman from Ohio. Deanna Monroe, the Republican that unseated three-term Democratic Congressman Bob Stookey in November, barely gave her husband Reginald and two sons, Spencer and Aiden, time to sit down before she made clear what her mission would be in the coming years.

Congresswoman Monroe made a particularly headstrong statement to the press today: “There is a silent plague operating in our beautiful country and I have seen it first-hand. I have been laughed at and told I was delusional when I have spoken about the hold that organized crime still has on us. Many people have told me I am living in the wrong decade and that there is no such thing as the ‘Mob’ anymore. But I will continue to stand up and say: I have seen it. I have seen what these criminals are capable of. Law enforcement and elected officials have turned a blind eye to this problem, and they have given these crime syndicates the free pass they craved to run loose across the country and wreak havoc in the shadows. I plan to bring them out of those shadows that have made them feel so safe for so many years. My goal for my time here is to make sure that this country isn’t falling back into the times of organized crime. We will put an end to the era of these monsters reigning terror over the innocent citizens that inevitably get caught in the crossfire.”

Many of Monroe’s fellow Congress members brushed her comments off as a new face hoping to make waves.

Congressman Morgan Jones, a Republican representative of the state of Georgia, found the Congresswoman’s comments entertaining. Jones was reported as saying, “ I have been in politics for many years and I have yet to see any evidence of the organizations she speaks of. Mrs. Monroe wanted to get her name out right away; she wanted to make headlines and draw attention with a dose of classic hysteria. And she has done just that. I’m sure she’ll have a running segment covering this on Fox News in the near future.”

Other members had varying opinions on why the Congresswoman took such a strong stance on day one. Congresswoman Sasha Williams, a Democratic representative from the state of Virginia, made a bold statement on the matter during her walk from the chamber to her personal office: “ Congresswoman Monroe’s own husband, Reginald, has been questioned multiple times about some of his more private business dealings. And as long as I’ve been in office, it’s been a well-known rumor that he’s fond of crossing lines undetected. There are a few people that think she’s come this far for the mere fact that she can make it easier for him to get away with his criminal activity. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t trust her as far as I can throw her.”

Regardless of her intentions, Congresswoman Monroe was able to get the entire country talking about her tough stance on organized crime. Only time will tell if anything comes from it. Or, if Congresswoman Williams’ implications are to be believed, Monroe’s family may be pulled from the shadows.


Senoia Daily News
December 26th, 2013

Christmas Miracle for Local Children
By Irma Horvath

Christmas was almost ruined for the handful of sick children that were forced to spend the holiday in the hospital. The unexpected snowstorm that shut down the interstate and almost paralyzed the state of Georgia had an almost Scrooge-level effect on the children of Senoia. Every year, the VFW in Atlanta has a toy drive and distributes hundreds of brand-new, unwrapped gifts to hospitals in the area for children that are unable to go home. The delivery that was supposed to arrive at Senoia Mercy Hospital couldn’t make the trip with all the road closures.

Recently elected Sheriff Rick Grimes made a plea to anyone in the area that could help: “ The children of our community are the future of this town and unfortunately, sometimes they are forced to spend one of the happiest days of the year in the hospital. The VFW has always made it their mission to make sure that these children have toys and Christmas cheer brought to them, no matter their bleak circumstances. The shipment will not be making it this year and so I am asking anyone in the community to help if they can. If ever there was a time to spread some holiday cheer to those who need it most, this is that time.”

Donations came pouring in, but the biggest surprise of all for the children was when Hershel Greene and his family showed up outside the hospital in an actual sled being pulled by real live horses. Hershel himself, a retired veterinarian and farmer, was dressed up as Santa Claus - which, according to his community, isn’t a stretch for him! The Greene family then spent the next few hours distributing the presents that had been donated and passing out candy canes, hot chocolate, and hot apple cider to everyone on the pediatric floor.

Seeing my daughter’s face light up when she saw Santa Claus walk in with a gift for her and his family with treats is a moment I won’t ever forget. This Christmas was going to be hard for the two of us, but thanks to the Greene family, we definitely felt the Holiday spirit!” Carol Peletier told this reporter. Carol’s daughter, Sophia, was involved in a car accident that tragically killed her father a week ago and the young girl has been hospitalized since. According to her mother, little Sophia was frantically worrying that Santa would be unable to find her since they weren’t at home.

The evening was wrapped up with carols being sung by Hershel Greene’s youngest daughter, Beth, and his wife, Annette. 

If you are interested in donating toys or making a monetary donation to the VFW Christmas Toy Drive, please log onto the Senoia Daily News website and follow the link in the article.


Senoia Daily News
November 1st, 2015

No Actual Crime Committed at Dixon Junkyard
By Irma Horvath

While children were out ringing doorbells and cheerily asking for candy at their neighbors’ houses, gunshots were ringing out across town. Close to twenty calls were reported to the King County Sheriff’s Department last night, reportedly complaining that there were gunshots coming from the Dixon Junkyard.

We were able to reach Deputy Shane Walsh for a comment on what happened last night: “ Around 7 o’clock last night, we received multiple calls reporting weapons being discharged from inside or around the Dixon Junkyard. We responded to the call and found William and Merle Dixon on the property. Upon questioning and further investigation, we discovered that the father and son had been shooting at a large group of raccoons. The men claimed they thought they were being robbed and only meant to scare off the intruders. After a thorough search of the property, we found exactly zero raccoons - dead or otherwise.

This isn’t the only reported disturbance that has occurred at the junkyard in recent years and most likely will not be the last. 


The Washington Post
January 3rd, 2016

Monroe Refuses To Back Down on Plans to Eradicate Organized Crime
By Connie Hunter

Republican Congresswoman Deanna Monroe has begun her third term as a representative of the state of Ohio and she still plans to rid the country of Organized Crime. Many of her counterparts have openly mocked her for her endeavor, but in the past four years alone, Monroe has uncovered syndicated crime units in her home state of Ohio as well as Texas, Nevada, California, and Florida.

None of these small groups could technically be considered a large “mafia type” organization, though they legally fit the accepted definition of an organized crime syndication.

After her reelection in November, the head of the Judiciary committee of Congress announced that Monroe would be joining the committee. Shortly after being sworn in, the Congresswoman held a brief press conference to answer questions about how she intends to utilize her new position.

It is an honor to be asked to join this committee and I look forward to working with my fellow representatives in keeping a watchful eye on the judiciary section of our great country. I intend to present to my fellow members the issues I have uncovered with law enforcement turning a blind eye to crime syndicates in their areas. I solemnly vow that I will use my position to draft new laws and finally make this country safer for everyone.”

Many people thought that Monroe and her controversial ideas, as well as the countless rumors about her husband Reginald’s business dealings, would cause her to be a one-term representative. However, her tough stance on crime has proven to earn her a loyal voter base, and for the foreseeable future, she appears to be a fixture in D.C.


The New York Times
May 5th, 2018

Renowned Architect and Husband of Congresswoman Killed
By Karen Coleman

The NYPD is still investigating what led to the broad daylight shooting that took the life of Reginald “Reg” Monroe yesterday.

Mr. Monroe started his career as an architect in his home state of Ohio where he was commissioned to design schools, medical centers, and libraries over a fruitful and decades-long career. His work was eventually noticed by developers in New York City and he was then hired to design three notable buildings around Central Park. Upon completion of his designs in New York, Monroe turned down a project to design hotels for a billionaire real estate mogul, electing instead to support his wife’s tireless campaign for Congress. After Deanna Monroe was elected to Congress in late 2012, the Monroe family moved to Alexandria, Virginia and Reg began teaching classes on architecture at the Community College. In recent weeks, Monroe had been in New York City to reportedly meet with wealthy developers from Russia. This began a slew of rumors that he was in negotiations to design a new town center in Moscow.

Yesterday, around 2:00 PM, Monroe and his youngest son, Spencer, were walking down the sidewalk towards Washington Park when an unidentified man jumped from a parked car and slit Reginald’s throat. Emergency services were unable to reach Mr. Monroe in time and he was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital. Spencer Monroe reports that the suspect was wearing all black and had fully covered their face.

The attacker escaped quickly and remains at large. Police are asking the public to send in any videos or tips they may have if they were in the area at the time of the murder. Security cameras in the vicinity are currently being reviewed.

If anyone knows anything about the crime or has potential information on the suspect, please contact the NYPD immediately. The public is also being encouraged to submit anonymous tips through the link posted at the top of the NYPD website.


Atlanta Journal Constitution
July 20th, 2018  

New Businesses Coming to Senoia
By Noah James

The small town of Senoia has seen some changes in the past year, but the biggest change might be the job resurgence that has been occurring. Two businessmen from the area have taken an interest in Senoia and are bringing jobs with them.

Phillip Blake, a successful businessman from Savannah, has opened a coffee warehouse in the town and with it brought employment for 300 people. Mr. Blake has decided to expand his coffee import business and will be using the warehouse in Senoia to package and redistribute the all-organic coffee beans that will be transported there from Savannah. 

Senoia is also seeing two large used car lots opening on each end of town in the coming months. Negan’s Previously Owned Vehicles opened last week. The largest lot on the north end of town also has a garage that is looking to employ three licensed and experienced mechanics within the month.

Neither man could be reached for comment, but many of the residents of Senoia are happy to see the boost in the economy as well as the offer of good-paying jobs with secure benefits.


Senoia Daily News
October 14th, 2018

Annette and Shawn Greene’s Deaths; Entire Town Mourns
By Cheryl Miller

Last week our town lost two of its most well-renowned citizens. Annette Greene, 47, and son Shawn Greene, 24, were driving to their farm when they were hit side-on by a truck driving on the wrong side of the road. Traffic cameras caught the accident and the Sheriff’s Department is reaching out to the public in hopes that anyone with information will come forward.

Shawn was driving his truck with Annette in the passenger seat, proceeding north into the intersection when the light turned green. A large SUV heading east failed to stop at the red light and smashed into the truck at nearly 70 mph. Cameras show that two men were driving the SUV. Immediately after the accident, the SUV fled South. The license plates were reportedly blacked out, but Sheriff Grimes believes that it was a late 2000s black Dodge Durango with darkly tinted windows.

Annette and Shawn Greene were both killed instantly on impact. The family has asked for privacy at this time, though they have stated that they will be holding a public service in the next few weeks for anyone who wishes to attend and pay their respects.

Hershel Greene has become a pillar of the Senoia community in recent years and his wife, Annette, was just as well regarded. Shawn had recently graduated college with degrees in both Agriculture and Business and moved back to the family farm with the intention of taking over for his father once the eldest Greene retired. Annette had just recently retired from Senoia Mercy Hospital, where she worked as a nurse since the age of 21. The Greene’s oldest daughter, Maggie, and her husband Glenn live in Senoia where Maggie has taken over her father’s Veterinarian practice. Youngest daughter, Beth, lives in Atlanta and has followed in her mother’s footsteps by pursuing a career in nursing.

When the family announces a date for the funeral and a location, we will publish the details. The Greene Family has asked that any donations or flowers be sent directly to the Final Paradise Senoia Funeral Home.