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Her nimble fingers are not to be trifled with. Jex has certainly learned that the hard way. Especially in his state of undress. 

First nails trace along his skin gently, and he can almost hear her purring when he feels lips against his jaw. He knows what is happening before it comes; her hands are never up to any good. It's still impossible to predict when she does it. Her soft, warm hands flatten against his pecs and give a squeeze; she winks in junction and he gives a soft chuckle. 

Next thing he knows he's pressed against the wall and she is firmly pressed against him. He'd never admit to it but his knees quake slightly. He loves being pushed about as much as he loves doing the pushing. She doesn't need to be told, though; his face is almost as red as hers. Her fingers are still teasing along his skin as she mouths at his chest. 

Her mouth successfully distracts him from her hands for a brief moment too, but when the last item of clothing that kept his decency is discarded he takes in a deep breath of the cold ship's air. When her hands finally reach their goal it is instinctive to reach for her hair, to curl his own hands into it. And he does, followed by a heavy moan. For a second as her hands work the base of his shaft, she reaches up and kisses his neck. 

"I love it when you look like this," 

"Xia…" he gets no response. Watches with heavy eyes as she slowly sinks to her knees and purposely avoids doing what he wants most, intent on unravelling him slowly. Which has proven to be a difficult task. His composure holds excellently, even as her thumb rubs over the hardening head. The barest of trembles in his body isn't enough for her, she wants to hear him beg with his wonderful voice for her to do something more. 

So she gets close. So, so close. Drags her tongue across the underside and wraps her lips around the tip of his shaft, looking up to him with a devilish expression he knows all too well. He anticipates her pulling away, only allowing him a taste of what he desires, but all the same he cannot stop her. And strangely enough he does not want to. But that does not stop a groan of disappointment from escaping him as cold washes over his body and makes him shiver. His grip on her hair tightens, but they both know right now he has no real control. 

Her next move comes after a wink and an "I know you enjoy this, cyar'ika," as she sits up. He only really manages a soft grin when her breasts press up against his shaft, holding them in place. He does enjoy that. And she gives him enough leeway to carefully move his hips, and sink against the wall. It's not enough though, not to satisfy him properly, and she watches with a smug grin as his expression turns into a pleasured frustration when she stops him from getting the friction he desires. 

"What do you say cyar'ika?" her voice is soft. But it commands so much of him that he leans forward in hopes of hearing her speak again, but to no avail. Her breasts and the mess he's created even falls away and leaves him cold and aching again. She is very patient. His legs are shaking. 

"... Please," the word is forced and trembles. But she does nothing. 

"You can do better than that, love." taunting. 

" Please, cyar'ika, Please. I need more," He gives in to her so easy. It makes her smile. 

"See? Not hard at all," she remarks, but he is already lost. Her hands wrap around his thighs to hold him up and he lets himself go entirely, shameless moans escaping his flushed lips as she finally gives him what he wants. 

He can't help but watch her the whole time, with her mouth traveling along his shaft and pressing to the base with ease, again and again. He tries to guide her with his fingers tangled in her hair but it is no use to him. He can hardly manage coherent thought, much less action. And Ibhuxia does as she pleases, with him gladly accepting it. 

As she always does, she pulls away when he's so damn close he can already feel it. And as always the pained sound in his chest is heavy. She doesn't leave him high and dry this time, though at first it seems that way. When he's set to the ground he has already come to terms with being left uncomfortably hard despite his protests, though he pleads with her half-heartedly to stay anyway. 

This time she does, with a sly grin. She leans forward, with legs on either side of his hips, kissing him gently. If she leaves him with that he knows he'll be fine but as she lowers herself onto his lap he realizes what comes next will be both much better, and much worse all at once. He slides into her wet entrance easily and he whines into her mouth, hands reaching up to her hips to pull her down quicker. He's so close . She allows it too, strangely enough. 

"So needy," she whispers as she pulls away. When their hips meet, she leans back and gives a soft moan of her own. Jex loves her voice. Loves the nimble fingers in his hair, loves how she takes his head and presses him into her chest as she rides him slow. It makes his whole body shiver, fills him with the same warmth that always builds deep in the pit of his stomach. She knows it's coming too, feeling him twitch inside of her and his fingers digging into her skin. But he stops just as it comes and she hums softly, pleased. 

"Please, cyar'ika," his hips roll roughly as if to accentuate his need, as if his voice wasn't clear enough from where his head sat. 

Her answer is her hips grinding down heavy on his until he cries out, tensing as his orgasm washes over his shaking form. The warm mess that runs down her thighs makes her shiver and tighten just so, smirking.

"I hope you're ready to clean me up, cyar'ika."