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“How is it?” Sun asks, before Mork has even finished taking a sip. He just…he just really wants to make something that Mork finally likes. Then he has to bite his lip instantly when Mork lowers the glass and he can see the smudges of whipped cream left across his face.

“It tastes okay.” Mork says. He’s nodding and smiling but Sun is too busy trying not to burst out laughing to appreciate the praise. Mork is…Mork is muscle and swagger and fierce hot-headed determination and here he is standing in front of Sun with whipped cream on his nose.

Sun would really quite like to lick it off.

No! He's being good. No pressure, no uncomfortableness, definitely no perving on people who are technically his employees. He’s made his feelings clear, and he’s giving Mork space to consider how he feels in response.

But god he’s so goshdarn cute right now.

“You drink like a child,” he says, because it’s the most PG thing in his head right now, and leans forward to wipe the cream off as quickly as possible. Mork’s mouth is soft under his fingers, the lower lip plush and pink and Sun remembers what it tastes like.

Mork is giving him a look from under his eyelashes and then suddenly there’s coolness on the side of his own face and Sun can only stare at the other man in outraged indignation. Such cheek! And what a waste of a drink!

“That’s so dirty!” He says. Mork’s grin is spreading across his face. “Wipe it off.”


“Wipe. It. Off.”



Sun doesn’t know what he’s going to do, hasn’t thought this through in the slightest even as he’s leaning closer and Mork’s grin is getting wider. This close Sun can smell the coffee on his breath, warm and deep and chocolatey-rich with a hint of sweetness, much like Mork himself. There’s a reason Sun got inspiration for this coffee from him. He loves black forest gateau, could eat it all day long.

Kind of like what he wants to do with Mork.

After he broke up with Kitty, Sun had a couple of flings with boys, and then a couple more once he’d finished pining for Kao. It might have been a while, but he’s experienced, he knows what he likes, knows what he wants to do with another man. Knows what he’d want to do to Mork, with Mork. If the other man would let him…

He doesn’t know what’s showing on his face, but Mork’s grin has shifted too, into something both intense and wide-eyed at the same time. Sun immediately feels guilty, like he’s pressuring the younger man into something he might not be ready for yet, so does the only thing left available to him.

He smears a handful of whipped cream across Mork’s cheek.

The next five minutes are chaos. Mork is strong but Sun is fast and soon there’s whipped cream everywhere and they’re both struggling and laughing as they grapple. It’s just – fun. The sort of fun Sun hasn’t had in the long time, the sort of fun he only seems to have with Mork nowadays. And Mork is laughing and playing along, as though he doesn’t have a hundred cares of his own – money and family and trouble – all weighing him down.

Then Mork cheats! Outrageous! Sun is indignant all over again when the other boy tackles him around the waist and shoves him up against the counter. Three seconds later and Mork has the whipped cream can held threateningly above his face.

“You wouldn’t dare!” Sun says, eyeing it warily. Mork’s pressing him against the counter, one hand pinning Sun’s arm to his side. With the other he gives the can a shake.

“At least half full still.” He smirks at Sun. “How long d’you reckon it takes to get whipped cream out of your hair?”

“Mork!” Sun hisses. He’s straining but now that Mork’s got him pinned he knows he’s not going anywhere. He’s also trying really hard not to think about how good it feels. “We have to open in twenty minutes! What if a customer sees?!”

“It’s always slow on Tuesday mornings.” Mork counters. He waggles the can slowly, still smirking like the Cheshire cat. “Besides, half the customers come here to look at your handsome face anyway, they might like it a bit more covered in whipped cream.”

“Would you?”

The words are out before Sun has even finished thinking them and then he and Mork are just staring at each other and suddenly Sun is incredibly aware of every single place they’re touching, from Mork’s hips firm and pressing against his own to the grip of his hand on his arm. Mork’s eyes are flickering helplessly over his face, from his mouth to his eyes to the cream on his cheek and Sun doesn’t know how much experience Mork has but they both know what it looks like.

Only Sun knows how good he looks when it’s real though, when he’s got his lover’s come on his face.

“Sorry –” he starts, because he’s gone too far, that’s not what they agreed –

“Yes.” Mork says. His voice cracks halfway through and he has to swallow hard and clear his throat. “Yeah, you look good. Like this.”

Oh dear, thinks Sun. This really isn’t how he planned for things to go.

Then Mork is kissing him, and he forgets about the rest.

He doesn’t know how much experience Mork has with other things but he’s definitely experienced with kissing and Sun’s knees go weak when the other boy slides his tongue into his mouth. The can clatters to the floor and Mork’s hands are on his jaw, tilting his head up so that Mork can kiss him even harder and oh no, oh no oh no, Sun is getting hard and –

“God you’re so easy for me.” Mork laughs, pressing a thigh against where Sun’s cock is chubbed up in his jeans. Sun pulls away indignantly.

“You know how I feel –”

“Yeah I know.” Mork says, stroking his jaw with a thumb. His eyes are soft and it makes Sun want to fidget. He’d never thought that – not really – “I like it.” His thumb presses higher, harder, and Sun has to bite at his lip to hold in a gasp as his eyes flutter closed. Mork is still watching him like a hawk when they open again, only this time he’s looking almost…smug?

“Can’t believe it still. Guy as handsome as you doesn’t like girls, what a waste.”

“It’s not a choice,” Sun starts, but Mork shuts him up with a kiss.

“Hey, I didn’t say I was complaining. It’s just funny. Means I get you now.”

Sun blinks at him. Is Mork – does he really – ?

“You always look like such a dumbarse when your brain’s playing catch up.” Mork says with a snort, and then before Sun can think up a comeback he’s kissing him again, pressing their hips together until Sun feels warm and dizzy from how good it feels.

Mork’s tongue slides into his mouth, over his mouth and then suddenly – there’s a wet slide across his cheek.

“Ew!” Sun smacks at him with his free hand. “That’s gross Mork."

“Sorry P’Sun.” Mork is so definitely not sorry. That’s his patented not-sorry grin. “You just look good enough to eat.”

Sun glares at him, at his stupid handsome face and his broad shoulders and his chest that Sun wants to run his hands all over and suddenly realises that Mork has been making out with him for the past five minutes, willing and happy and not freaking out in the slightest.

“Mork…” he murmurs. He has to check, has to be sure. “You’re okay with this right?”

Mork just rolls his eyes. Gosh, how did Sun fall for someone so sarcastic all the time? “Yes, I’m sure, god, you’re such a worrier P’Sun. Now come here and kiss me some more – what is it?”

Sun has stopped him with a hand on his chest. Mork wants this. Mork is willingly, of clear mind and sound disposition, being intimate with Sun. Mork can be a capricious creature, so there’s a good chance this might not happen again, so Sun should absolutely make the most of this moment…

“You taste of whipped cream.” Sun tells him, and Mork raises an eyebrow and looks unimpressed.

“Yeah, funny that.”

“Is that what you taste like everywhere?” Sun asks, and it may be a cheesy line but Mork’s eyes are going wide and then he’s sucking in a breath as Sun drops to his knees. The counter is hard behind his back and oh, look, Mork is hard in front of him, and it’s been a while but Sun still knows how to get a boy’s pants open in record-quick time.

Mork makes a noise when Sun finally takes his bare cock in one hand but Sun doesn’t spare him a glance, too busy examining his prize. Mork is a solid weight, respectable length but impressive girth, so heavy that Sun’s jaw is already giving an anticipatory twinge. Mork makes another noise when Sun licks his lips absent-mindedly but by then Sun is completely focused on his task as he bends his head and takes Mork’s cock in his mouth.

Goshdarnit, Mork is very thick.

Maybe Sun is more out of practice than he’d thought.

It doesn’t take him long to remember the trick of it though, and then, god, he realises how much he’d missed this. Sun loves sucking cock, loves the weight and taste of his partner on his tongue, loves focusing on how to make them feel good, loves the simple process of it, and Mork is perfect – making these half-bitten off noises in response to everything Sun does so that he can figure out what works best, his thighs hard and trembling in front of him and that good-looking face of his clenched up in pleasure. Sun flicks his tongue around the head and slides up and down, feeling the ache in his jaw as Mork’s cock edges a little further into his throat. He wants to feel it tomorrow, hear the rasp of it in his voice.

“P'Sun, fuck, your mouth…”

Oh, gosh, is Mork going to talk dirty to him? That would be perfect.

Sun pulls off with a pop. Mork lets out a shuddering gasp and manages to glance down at him and Sun feels a little thrill in his stomach at the sight he must make, on his knees with his lips swollen from sucking Mork’s cock. Mork is staring at him with dark eyes and his chest heaving and Sun wants to spend the next hour going down on him until Mork is so addicted to his mouth he never wants anyone but Sun.

“Is it good?” He asks innocently, and immediately knows he’s made a mistake.

Those other guys, in clubs or on dates, they’d look at Sun’s model-handsome face and big eyes and assume he was pretty-but-dumb, and Sun was kind of okay with that. But Mork knows him, and Mork is also never going to fall for that shit.

Which is probably why he’s now giving Sun a disbelieving look and then hauling him to his feet, and for a brief second Sun thinks he’s completely fucked this up.

“You’re such a tease,” is what Mork says instead, and then he’s kissing Sun like he doesn’t even mind where Sun’s mouth has just been and Sun wants to say something but then there’s a warm hand gripping his own cock through his shorts and he can’t do anything except whimper instead. Mork pulls away and smiles when Sun chases his lips without thinking. “Do you want me to tell you how good you look on your knees, is that what you’re after?”

Sun clamps his lips together because otherwise he’s going to make a very embarrassing noise. Mork just grins at him shamelessly and gives his cock another squeeze.

“Because you did. Look really good, I mean.”

“Then why didn’t you let me finish the job?” Sun says, trying to keep the whine out of his voice. Mork is gently pushing his cock against Sun’s thigh as he unbuttons his pants and Sun can feel his mouth water with how much he wants to keep sucking it. Sun at least wants to jerk him off, feel the weight of it in his palm, but there’s no way that his wrist is up for that and Mork still has his other hand pinned – and then he’s reaching into Sun’s boxers and pulling him out and everything goes a bit blurry as Sun moans.

“Fuck, you really are hot aren’t you.” Mork says, and Sun feels himself blush across his cheekbones. Then firm hands are on his hips and he yelps as he’s lifted – so easily, my gosh, just how strong is Mork? – and put onto the counter and Mork is stepping closer and taking hold of both their cocks in one large hand.

At the first stroke Sun shivers helplessly and falls forwards onto Mork’s chest, letting the other boy take his weight as he jerks them off ruthlessly. Their cocks are rubbing together deliciously and even more than that is the feeling of Mork – Mork! Strong, aloof Mork with his biceps and his music and his charming grin that turns every girl’s head – it’s Mork who’s holding him tight, supporting his weight and getting him off with determined strokes.

“I think I like this.” Mork says, panting, still stroking their cocks together, and Sun is gritting his teeth not to come so can’t do anything except bite at his shoulder. “Ow! Ha, P’Sun, I never would have figured you for a biter. Better up here then down there though huh?”

“If you’re going to talk dirty to me then talk dirty to me, otherwise shut up.” Sun manages to get out, and feels more than hears the huff of Mork’s amusement next to his ear. They’re braced against each other now, both looking down as Mork strips their cocks. Sun is paler and thinner next to Mork, but a little longer, and shivers every time Mork rubs a palm over the heads.

“You like it when guys do that? Dirty talk?” Mork asks, amusement clear in his voice, and Sun bites him again.

“I like it when you do.” He says, because he can’t not be honest, even in moments like this. Mork goes quiet for a moment, a long, long moment where the only sound is the squelch of his hand. He’s not going to say anything else, Sun realises, and that’s okay – this is so good anyway, so good it’s taking everything he’s got not to come straight away –

“What do you want me to tell you?” Mork asks quietly. He takes a step forward so that somehow they’re even closer together, Sun with his arse perched on the counter and Mork between his spread legs. The move changes the angle of his grip and Sun can only pant raggedly as Mork squeezes down hard. “How hot you are? I’ve never even looked at a guy before you but I can’t take my eyes off you usually P’Sun, and now seeing you like this…fuck.”

“Oh god.” Sun says. He wants to close his eyes, cover his ears. He can’t take this, it’s too much.

“Seeing you on your knees nearly killed me. I dreamt about that the other night, fuck, I got myself off thinking about it afterwards, I’ve never come so hard before, just from imagining your mouth…”

Sun is whimpering, he can hear it. He needs to come, he needs to –

“Fuck.” he moans, and Mork’s hand jerks hard.

“Yes, fuck, make noise for me P'Sun, I want to hear you. God, look at you, you sound so sexy, come on, hurry up, I want to see you come…”

Sun loses it. His hips are jerking and his good hand has grabbed onto Mork’s shirt, twisting up the material as he shudders through his orgasm. Mork’s arm has slid round his waist and pulled him even closer and Mork isn’t wanking himself now, he’s just shoving his hips against Sun’s spent cock, rubbing himself against his sticky thighs and Sun can’t do anything except shiver and let Mork use him.

“Fuck, P’Sun, look at you, you let me make a mess of you huh…fuck, so hot, ah, fuck, P’Sun –”

Mork comes, and Sun shudders all over again when his come splashes hot and wet over his thighs. How on earth did all of their mess end up on him? But – fuck.

It is really hot.

Mork’s looking down at him too and it takes Sun a second to identify the expression on his face: it’s satisfaction. Deep, smug satisfaction as he looks down at Sun’s spread thighs, his shirt pulled up to show far too much pale bare skin, the whole lot covered in even paler come and faint red marks where Mork had pulled him around.

Sun’s cock twitches as though he could go again right now. Damnit, if Mork put a hand back on him he probably could. He still wants to get the other boy to come down his throat.

But instead Mork raises his chin with one hand and gives him a cheery grin and then a quick kiss.

“Hey, P’Sun.”

“What?” Sun asks warily.

“You know we open in three minutes right?”


Two minutes and fifty-four seconds later, Sun is wiped clean and covered up and Mork has been handed three different types of disinfectants and ordered to clean the entire countertop several times – I don’t see why I’m doing this P’Sun, it was your arse that was up there – Because you were the one who put me there!! - and Rain has been ordered to get down here right away so that Sun can have a shower because right now he’s totally paranoid that he smells of come. And then of course Mork is completely right, Tuesday mornings are always slow, and they don’t have a customer for half an hour whilst Sun stands there like a lemon whilst Mork cleans the counters and snickers to himself.

The sound of Rain thumping around upstairs means he’ll be down any second, and Sun finally gathers up the shreds of his courage that he can find underneath the several layers of embarrassment.

“That was okay, right?” He asks. He feels Mork glance at the back of his head and doesn’t need to turn to know his expression – that specific combination of fond and exasperated that Mork only gives to him.

“Yeah, P’Sun, that was great. I look forward to the next specialty coffee you give me.”

Sun only just manages to get his blush under control by the time Rain yawningly appears.

“Rain, I woke up early to do competition practice, can you watch the shop whilst I shower? I’ll let you off early on Friday in exchange.”

“Sure thing bro.” Rain gives a slow wave to Mork as the other boy unpacks inventory. Sun can’t let himself look – Mork’s wearing a thin t-shirt, and the boxes are heavy, and Sun absolutely knows what his shoulders and arms will look like as a result. He swallows hard and moves towards the stairs, trying to ignore the strange look his brother is giving him.


“What, Rain?”

“Why is there whipped cream on your face?”

Oh goshdarnit.