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What's a Nest Without Kacchan?

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On a cold winter's morning, class began without the presence of Midoriya Izuku and Uraraka Ochako, and Iida passed on the information that Midoriya had begun a nesting frenzy to Aizawa.

Uraraka had 'taken one for the team' and stayed behind with him—rather convenient considering Aizawa was fairly certain Present Mic had an English test lined up for them today. But there was nothing he could do but sigh and instruct his students to take turns spending time with the nesting omega—both to ensure no one got behind on schoolwork, as well as encourage their pack to bond with and over their nesting packmate.

Iida texted her Aizawa's instructions, and Ochako chirped happily over the fact that the head of their pack also wanted Deku to be taken care of.

She had offered to stay with Izuku when the rest of the class had seemed unsure of what to do—as a fellow omega she knew just how much the scent of her pack omegas brought comfort to her. It was part of the reason why she and Deku had become such fast friends.

Snuggling with fellow omegas was extremely soothing and cozy. She would cuddle Izuku any day. And she loved how clingy he got during nesting frenzies too. He would hug her tighter every time she moved, his face nuzzling into her neck or her back with a whine that warmed her heart.

"I'm not leaving, Deku," she assured, "just flipping over."

Once he knew that she wasn't leaving him, he would loosen up a bit and chirp at her as they settled into a new cuddling position.

It was cute as hell. 

Later when Todoroki came to switch places with her so that she could get her schoolwork done, Izuku whined and protested until they were both wrapped around him in warm cuddles.

It made Ochako laugh, especially with how straight-faced Todoroki was about it.

It wasn't until Iida interjected that Ochako was finally released from Deku's nest on the condition that she came back again the next day for more cuddles.

Then Iida was pulled into Deku's nest alongside Todoroki and Ochako left Izuku's room laughing.

Most of their entire class got a turn in Izuku's nest, each one of them presenting a nesting gift for the omega. Their gifts made him beyond happy, and he had to scent them to show his thanks.

An omega of a pack entering a nesting frenzy really brought the pack together as the betas, alphas, and other omegas instincts screamed at them to keep their omega happy.

Ochako and Todoroki had mostly taken it upon themselves to ensure Deku's happiness, considering how close they were to the nesting omega. 

So day three into Izuku's nesting, Ochako had Deku in her arms and was alarmed when she heard him sniffling.

"Deku-kun?" she said, trying to lift his head so she can look at him. But he stubbornly kept his face dug into her neck. "Deku? What's wrong?"

Deku shook his head, his sniffles getting louder.

"Deku," she whined, her pheromones urging the other omega to trust her, "talk to me."

It took a moment, but Deku finally tilted his head up so she could look into his puffy red eyes.

She cooed, immediately wiping his tears away.

"What's wrong?"

He sniffled some more, biting his lip but finally asking, "wh-where's Kacchan?"

Ochako blinked, momentarily trying to push her instincts away so that she could think about his question logically.

"Deku," she said carefully, "has Bakugou-kun not visited your nest?"

Izuku began to cry even harder, which was answer enough to her question.

She didn't dare leave Deku while he was in distress, but she quickly sent a message to whoever was at the top of her inbox before wrapping her arms around Deku tightly.


Kirishima burst through Bakugou's door with angry and protective pheromones wafting from him in waves.

"Oi," Bakugou growled, sitting up in bed to tell the other alpha off, "what did I fucking say about coming into my room—?"

"Shut up," Kirishima growled, "and get your ass to Midoriya's nest now."

Bakugou blinked at him in shock.

"The hell—?"

"Now, Bakugou," Kirishima reiterated, baring his teeth. "Or I'll make you."

"Deku doesn't want me in his nest, Shitty Hair," Bakugou reasoned, rolling his eyes, "he hasn't even ever scented me."

"Look," Kirishima growled, shoving his phone into Bakugou's face, "and try and tell me that again."

Bakugou squinted at the phone screen, pushing it away so that he could see better and read the messages from Uraraka.

Ochako-chan (4:32 PM)

Deku's upset

Ochako-chan (4:32 PM)

Bakugou hasn't visited his nest yet

Ochako-chan (4:32 PM)

Deku is crying

Ochako-chan (4:32 PM)

He just keeps saying "Kacchan"

Ochako-chan (4:33 PM)

Please find Bakugou

Ochako-chan (4:33 PM)

And maybe kick his ass for me

That's all she said, but it's enough for Bakugou's eyes to widen and for his heart to fill with guilt.

"Fuck," he said, slumping down, "alright, I get it, Shitty Hair. I'll go right now."

Kirishima stood his ground, "do you have a gift for him?"

"Yes, okay?"

Kirishima's eyes narrowed at him, "it better be the best damn gift ever, or else I will kick your ass for hurting him."

Bakugou was already rifling through his closet for the gift that he'd been too scared to present to the nesting omega.

"It's the best damn gift, don't fucking worry," he reassured as he retreated from the closet with the gift in hand. Kirishima eyed it with approval, stepping out of the way so that Bakugou could pass.


Katsuki didn't even bother knocking on Deku's door, just let himself in. When he walked in, his gift in hand, it was to the sight of a puffy-eyed Deku asleep in Ochako's arms.

Another wave of guilt washed over him—he didn't even care that Ochako was glaring daggers at him.

"I'm fucking sorry, alright?" he said quietly, not wanting to disturb Deku.

"You better make this up to him," she practically growled, holding onto Deku almost protectively.

He offered the thick, fluffy All Might blanket that he'd bought as soon as he heard about Deku's frenzy for her inspection. It was expensive as hell, but worth it for the nerd. It was lavish and soft and extremely superfluous and exactly what an omega would want in their nest.

Ochako eyed it with respect, reaching out to run her hand over it. She stroked her fingers across it thoughtfully, trying hard to keep up her angry facade but ultimately failing as she recognized the thought obviously put into the gift. She chirped happily at how soft it felt, her own omega instincts probably singing at how nice and comfy it felt.

"Can I come in?" he asked carefully, baring his neck to show her that he's serious.

She nodded, carefully scooting to the side so that Katsuki could slide in on Deku's other side.

Once he settled he tentatively threw his arm around Deku, his hand squeezing between where he and Ochako were pressed together. And Deku was warm and inviting and soon he was melting around the omega's back.

"I'm sorry I upset him," he said to Ochako.

"You're here now," she said much more softly than earlier, "he'll be so happy."

Katsuli nodded, settling his nose into green curls and inhaling the soft scent of thunderstorms and peppermint.

He allowed himself to get lost in the scent until he fell asleep.

When he woke up it was because Deku was stirring in his arms and Ochako was cooing to the other omega happily.

"Ochako-chan?" Deku asked sleepily, looking over his shoulder like a cat to see who was behind him. Ochako cooed at him some more, threading her fingers through his hair.

Katsuki bit his lip as Deku's hazy eyes seemed to finally recognize him.

"K-Kacchan?" Deku asked, his eyes already watering as a smile lights up his face, "you're here." He had heard that Deku had been more or less acting on instinct for the last couple of days, only addressing people with chirps and whines. It seemed he was more coherent now, and Katsuki was really kicking himself because the entire lunch period today his shitty friends had been gushing over how cute Deku was when he nested like this. No damned way he would be missing that next time.

"Yeah," he assured, squeezing his arms around the nerd, "sorry I didn't come earlier."

Deku shook his head, somehow flipping over in their mess of limbs so that he could nuzzle into Katsuki's collarbone.

"Can, I, uh," Katsuki started awkwardly, "give you your gift?"

"Kacchan got me something?"

“Mhm," Ochako said, already untangling herself to retrieve the gift from the foot of the nest, "it's really nice too, Deku-kun."

She handed it off to Katsuki, and he was suddenly hit with a wall of gratitude for her. He was happy that Deku had been able to find such good friends.

She hugged Deku one last time before making her leave.

And then Katsuki and Deku were alone.

Katsuki's hands were more sweaty than usual, and he resisted the urge to wipe them off on the fluffy blanket for Deku, not wanting to soil it before he could even give the damned thing to the nesting omega.

They untangled and sat up in Deku's nest, legs crossed and knees touching.

Deku stared up at him with wonder and something soft in his green eyes, waiting patiently for Katsuki to present the gift.

"Here," he grunted, shoving the blanket practically into Deku's face. "It's soft and shit. You can add it to your nerd collection."

Deku's eyes widened even further somehow as he took in his present from Katsuki. Katsuki had to try his damnedest not to blush as the omega immediately stuffed his face into it.

He rubbed his freckled cheeks across the soft surface with an omegan purr that had Katsuki's Alpha preening.

But not too much—he still felt like an asshole for being too chicken to do this sooner.

"M'sorry it took so long for me to visit your nest," he said with averted eyes, staring at the pile of fluffy pillows and blankets and clothing that Deku had organized over the past week, "it's a nice nest."

"You think so, Kacchan?" Deku asked, voice muffled by the blanket that he was still scenting enthusiastically.

"Yeah," Katsuki answered honestly, "it's... cozy."

"It's better now that Kacchan's here," Deku admitted, unfurling the blanket and throwing it over the both of them. Next thing Katsuki knew he was being tackled back into the nest, his arms full with a happy omega.

"I wanted Kacchan here more than anyone else," Deku continued as he settled himself on top of the Alpha. The admission nearly broke Katsuki's fragile heart in half. "I'm glad you're here now."

"I'm sorry," Katsuki repeated.

Deku shook his head.

"It might be my fault in part," he said, rubbing his nose into Katsuki's scent gland on his neck, "we haven't ever scented. The thought of scenting with you made me nervous. More nervous than scenting with anyone else."

Katsuki's arms tightened around him, and he dug his own nose into Deku's  hair. "Why?"

Deku lifted his head to stare at him with open eyes.

"You never scented me either," he pouted, "why don't you tell me 'why', huh?"

"Shitty nerd," Katsuki growled without any bite to it, annoyed that Deku could see through him like that. That Deku was able to turn it around on him so easily.

Then again, that was also what he really liked about Deku.

Deku raised an expectant brow as he gripped at the blanket and curled it around himself more tightly. "I'm waiting, Kacchan."

Katsuki figured he was done keeping the nerd waiting.

"Because I like you, Deku," he said resolutely, "and scenting with you would make me want so much more."

Deku smiled at that, cheeks flushing at Katsuki's admission, and he immediately brought his wrist up to rub it across the Alpha's neck.

"Hm, like this?" he asked cheekily, his scent spiking with unbridled joy.

"Yeah, like that," Katsuki growled, head fuzzy, "you keep doing that and I'm going to kiss you, nerd."

"Oh no," Deku giggled, scenting him still, "what a threat! I better stop!"

Katsuki wrestled them over until he was laying on top of Deku and looking down into his smiling eyes.

"You asked for it," he grumbled, eyes flicking between Deku's just to make sure he wasn't overstepping any boundaries. When he met no resistance from the omega, only giddy chuckles, he leant forward and awkwardly captured his lips.

Deku hummed against him, his hand shyly coming to rest on Katsuki's shoulder.

They parted only seconds later, and Katsuki couldn't help but mirror Deku's bright smile.

"Kacchan kisses so softly," Deku observed slyly, "it's kinda sweet."

"Shut up," he rolled his eyes, taking Deku's lips again but only confirming Deku's observations with his gentle kiss.

"Can you stay with me tonight?" Deku asked when Katsuki finally pulled away. "You're so warm. The perfect addition to my nest. Almost as comfy as Ochako-chan."

Katsuki has cuddled with Uraraka during her own nesting frenzies and now found he couldn't deny his words despite how much of a blow it was to his Alpha.

"But you're a close second, Kacchan," he whispered with a breathy giggle as if he had been reading Katsuki's thoughts, "very close."

"Shut up," Katsuki said again, pressing his lips to Deku's forehead, "I'll show that floaty omega."

"But Kacchan gives the best kisses," Deku insisted.

"Damn right I do!" he agreed, his plans to show up Uraraka already flying out the window.

Deku smiled against his neck, closing his eyes and breathing in Katsuki's scent deeply.

"You're always welcome in my nest. Okay, Kacchan?"

Katsuki nodded, his fingers threading through green curls.

"Got it, Deku."

Deku muttered something about returning to his nap, and Katsuki decided to follow his lead.

He had a feeling Deku wouldn't let him leave for a while.