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Second Life

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Chapter (Autumn/Winter January 2004)

It was a busy evening at the club tonight. Brandon had a nice overview of the crowd from up in his DJ Booth. The audience seemed to have a good time. Even though they were all pretty snug together, they found a way to move their body’s to the beats he created this evening. Brandon was the main DJ again tonight. He worked pretty often at VIBE, at least one or two evenings a month. VIBE, although it had a different name back then, was one of the clubs that offered him the opportunity to show what he was worth as a DJ. He felt pretty much at home here. He knew a lot of the regular staff and they always made him feel welcome.

                Brandon glanced to his left while he adjusted some buttons on his mixer. His eyes wandered to a pretty brunette behind the bar whom he wasn’t familiar with. Wavy dark hair danced around her head while she did her job as a bartender, serving people what they asked for. Brandon tried to estimate her age but he couldn’t be sure. Only thing he knew was that she was probably a few years younger than he was.

Focusing on his work again, Brandon noticed one of the blonde bartenders coming towards him with a drink in her hand. He took his headphone from one of his ears so he could hear her. “Thank you Sara.” He gave her a nod.

“All for the hard-working people.” Sara said with a bright smile, placing her hand on his shoulder and giving it a little squeeze.

                Brandon grinned. “Take one yourself than as well.”

                Sara chuckled. “I will, don’t worry, we’ve got plenty behind the bar. You on the other hand are depending on us.”

Noticing the glint in her eyes, Brandon gave her a small push. “You enjoy that way too much.” He said laughing.

Sara shrugged and wanted to walk away but Brandon stopped her, laying his hand on her arm. “Who is that?” He said, nodding to the unfamiliar girl behind the bar.

                “She? That’s our new girl, Faith. She’s okay, knows her way around and is good with the customers. What more can I say?”

                Brandon kept glancing at the new girl, she seemed to enjoy herself while working, joking and laughing with the people at the bar.

                Sara gave Brandon another look. “Oh no Brandon, forget it, she is not your type.” The girl said cautionary.

                “I’m not…I was just…what do you know about my type?”

                “You need a sweet girl, someone who waits at home for you with dinner, who takes the kids to daycare.”

                “What? Am I that boring?”

                “No, of course not. I just mean that she is not the one you want. Looks can be deceiving, she is pretty but she can be a bitch.”

                “But you just said she is okay.”

                “I meant for the work, not for you to try and get your hands on.”

                “If you say so.”

                Sara rolled her eyes and sighed before she left, leaving Brandon to work.


Managing to make her way through the crowd, Sara walked back to the bar and put the tray with empty glasses away. She came to stand next to Faith and spoke to her. “Don’t look immediately, but our DJ has his eyes on you.”

                Faith raised one eyebrow and gave Sara a smirk, waiting a little before she looked towards the DJ, observing him. He had dark hair which had a bit of a curl in it. It was squashed under his headphones while he concentrated on his job. The guy was wearing a dark, plain, long-sleeved t-shirt, nothing special but it looked good on him. “He’s kinda cute.”

                “Kinda cute? Man he is hot!” Jessica had picked up what they were saying and felt the need to mingle in the talk.

                “You want him?” Faith asked while she opened the tap and held a beer glass under it.

                “Hell yeah, I would do him anytime!” She exclaimed while she was juggling with the cocktail shaker.

“But he is not interested in you or me Jess, he is hot for our new girl.” Sara leaned over the bar to take another order.

                Faith tapped a second and a third beer. “If you want him, just go for it. I’ll stay out of your way.”

                “What are you? Deaf? Blind? Or maybe both? The guy has his eyes set on you and he’s the prettiest thing around here tonight. You’re just brushing it off?!” Sara asked incredulous.

                Faith gave the DJ another once-over. “He’s not my type.” She shrugged.

                “That’s kind of beside the point here. He doesn’t need to be your type to have a hot, steamy night with him.” Jessica stated as she poured the cocktail in an ice-filled glass.

                “Jess! The guy is really sweet! Don’t try to set him up with a one-night-stand!” Sara said shocked.

                “Maybe that’s just what he needs.” Jessica put three shot glasses on the bar and filled them up.

                Faith looked amused at her two bickering coworkers but decided to stop them before all sorts of gossip spread around. “Guys, I’m not looking for anything complicated.”

                “Who said it’s complicated?” Jessica asked, shoving a glass towards Faith and Sara.

                Looking into the direction of the DJ Booth, Faith gave the guy another once-over. Back in the day she wouldn’t have hesitated, she would’ve just taken him for a ride, not thinking about any possible consequences. “You said he works here quite a lot, than it’s got written ‘COMPLICATED’ all over.” Faith turned to the register to stack away the money. The three girls all took one of the shot glasses and downed them before they continued their discussion.

                “Maybe you could date him.” Sara suggested.

                “Sara, pay attention, she just said she doesn’t want complicated. Dating a guy is nowhere near that! Especially not when he works here.” Jessica turned back to Faith again, addressing her. “I would know what I would do If I were you.”

                “We got that Jessica.” Sara said glum before she too turned to Faith. “Just take your time and think about it. He will be here on other occasions too, you don’t have to decide tonight.”

                “Okay, okay. Stop it you two. Nothing is gonna happen. I’m not into him. Now can I go back to work?” Faith gave them a stern look, both other girls wisely kept their mouth shut and looked at the brunette, but also sharing a look between the both of them. “Thank you.” Faith said and she bend forward to take a bottle of wine out of the fridge. Jessica made her way to the other end of the bar to help Martin out and Sara gathered empty glasses from the bar before she took another order.

                Faith was relieved that the discussion was closed, although she was pretty sure that both girls would reopen this topic once more. May it not be tonight, or tomorrow, but certainly this month.

Faith gave another glance towards the DJ. Yes, he looked good. Good and very...descent, she wasn’t sure how to describe it any better. Faith hadn’t been lying when she said he wasn’t her type. She usually went for the bad-guys, the wild ones, because she knew she could take them and they would be up for a single, rough night. The sweet, vanilla shit wasn’t her thing and that was exactly what this guy was radiating. She grinned when she noticed he was looking at her and she winked. It couldn’t hurt to flirt just a little…