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A Guards Child

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Felix's p.o.v

I smiled to myself, thinking about how today I was going to be headed to the Cullen residence to check up on Edward and Bella's daughter, she fascinated me, always showing me her most treasured memories and secrets. It was always a pleasure to spend some time with her, I've envied the couple for their ability to be parents since I first seen the kid.

As I packed, Alec sat on my couch, swinging his legs. He was my little buddy when ever his sister was sent out somewhere else with another guard, I often wondered why he prefered me over anyone else here, but I didnt mind it one bit, he was a sweet kid when he was with me alone.

"So where are you headed this time? To take care of a wolf infestation?"

I smirked

"No Alec, I'm going to the Cullen's residence to check up on Bella and Edwards daughter, no wolves this time. Hopefully"

"Do you think..... maybe I can tag along with you? It beats sitting here with nothing to do and I won't have you to sit with"

I thought for a moment, he could be useful in keeping those damned horrible smelling mutts off of me every time I try to even approach the home. Hell maybe he could take away my smell so I wouldnt have to smell those mutts either, I chuckled at the thought.

"Go ask Aro real quick and see if you can come, id rather have you incase those nasty mutts get out of hand"

He laughed and took off. I smiled at the thought of having him with me, he might be mature but he's still a kid, he was still a bit of fun. He was also more helpful to me since he also didnt mind the Cullens as much as his sister, so there wasnt much tension either.

He came back with a large smile on his face.

"Aro said I can go with you!"

"Well go get what you need, we will be leaving soon" I said and watched him speed out of my room.