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three's a crowd

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12 hours ago

[ Group - Galar Pokemon League ]

galar champion (Leon): wAKE UP KINGS AND QUEENS


galar champion (Leon): *CHALLENGE

galar champion (Leon): IM H


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): its 6am in the morning u himbo 


galar champion (Leon): so


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ur train isnt until 8am tf


stow-on-side gym (Bea): Congratulations, Leon.

stow-on-side gym (Bea): Give your brother my best regards. I’m looking forward to battle with him.


galar champion (Leon): thx bea ur the best

galar champion (Leon): unlike SOMEONE


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): wow


turffield gym (Milo): oh!!! congrats to your lil bro leon!!!! 


galar champion (Leon): milo my lad!!! thank u 

galar champion (Leon): hows ur bro doing


turffield gym (Milo): oh. uh

turffield gym (Milo): he’s 

turffield gym (Milo): vibrating 


stow-on-side gym (Bea): Oh dear.


turffield gym (Milo): he’s been excited all mornin’ and scaring the wooloos 

turffield gym (Milo): imagine the day he starts his gym challenge

turffield gym (Milo): hoo boy 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): o yea hes gon vibrate into the stratosphere 


galar champion (Leon): wow didnt know u can spell 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): eat arse


motostoke gym (Kabu): Leon’s right. I’m quite surprised myself considering that I’ve seen a lot back in my days. 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): WOW


galar champion (Leon): KABU!!!!! AYYYYYYYYY


stow-on-side gym (Bea): Morning, Mr Kabu! 


turffield gym (Milo): hey good morning mr kabu!! 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): old man y


motostoke gym (Kabu): Good morning, it’s a pleasant day and I hope you’ve eaten your breakfast. 

motostoke gym (Kabu): I apologise, but I do not understand what you are saying, Raihan.

motostoke gym (Kabu): Or typing, to be accurate.


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): w

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): y r u like this old man


galar champion (Leon): u just spelt stratosphere u can type in proper grammar


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): eat my arse


galar champion (Leon): :///

galar champion (Leon): why are u offering something u dont have


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): h

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): excuse me


galar champion (Leon): you are excused


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): eat dirt

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): i assure u i have an arse n u r just jealous


galar champion (Leon): doubt


motostoke gym (Kabu): Raihan, to have a firm bottom requires you to do daily squats. 

motostoke gym (Kabu): I very much doubt that you do that enough, or even exercise.


galar champion (Leon): HFHDJFHSJJFK



hammerlocke gym (Raihan): WOW

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): MR KABU SIR WHAT DID I EVER DO TO U


motostoke gym (Kabu): Spending all your time on your phone instead of exercising.


turffield gym (Milo): @raihan do you need nessa to bring you some burn heal?


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): MILO BLEASE

8 hours ago

circhester gym (Gordie): jfc why are you all up so early

circhester gym (Gordie): @leon hey congrats to your brother! hope he’ll enjoy his time in the challenge

circhester gym (Gordie): uhhhh mom says hi and good luck too


galar champion (Leon): GORDIE MY BOY

galar champion (Leon): THANKS

galar champion (Leon): AND SAY HI TO MRS MELONY FOR ME TOO


circhester gym (Gordie): shes reading over my shoulders 

circhester gym (Gordie): are you otw to your hometown rn?


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): hes typing in caps what do u think


circhester gym (Gordie): oh shit u right


galar champion (Leon): and what about it

galar champion (Leon): u wanna go


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): u can’t even reach my face 


stow-on-side gym (Bea): ur toes

stow-on-side gym (Bea): hand them over 


galar champion (Leon): h


circhester gym (Gordie): wh


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): w


hulbury gym (Nessa): um


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): holy shit


stow-on-side gym (Bea): I’m so sorry!!!!!! Allister’s Mimikyu got my phone!!!

stow-on-side gym (Bea): Excuse me!


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): Idk whats scarier 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): allisters pokemon knowing how to type 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): or seeing that sentence from beas name

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): o hey @nessa!!! Sis!!


hulbury gym (Nessa): what’s up bastard

hulbury gym (Nessa): @leon hope ur lil bro does well in the upcoming days! 

hulbury gym (Nessa): better not cry when i smash his team tho


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): o shit


galar champion (Leon): LMAO U WISH

galar champion (Leon): I bet u 10 bucks that he’ll kick ur arse in 1 round


hulbury gym (Nessa): u got it

hulbury gym (Nessa): that 10 bucks is mine


galar champion (Leon): ;))))))

galar champion (Leon): o shit brb got found out at the station


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): cant believe leon got murdered by fans in motostoke 


galar champion (Leon): eat ur nonexistent arse

galar champion (Leon): u wish i was dead so u can be champion


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): >:o


5 hours ago 

hulbury gym (Nessa): this year’s gym challenge has a surprisingly good amount of trainers tho

hulbury gym (Nessa): think it’ll be fun


turffield gym (Milo): boy howdy i sure hope it will


hulbury gym (Nessa): dont u have to herd ur wooloos even more 


turffield gym (Milo): even better! more workout for the wooloos

turffield gym (Milo): they’ve been getting too fat :(((  millie in particular has been begging me for treats 

turffield gym (Milo): she’s gotta make up for it


motostoke gym (Kabu): Milo, I think you should stop feeding them so much.


turffield gym (Milo): but mr kabu… 

turffield gym (Milo): [my_sweet_lil_gal.jpg]

turffield gym (Milo): how could i say no to this face


hulbury gym (Nessa): milo no!!!!


turffield gym (Milo): :’((((

turffield gym (Milo): milo yes

turffield gym (Milo): ness you feed your goldeens treats too they’re fatter than i remembered when i visited last week


hulbury gym (Nessa): !!!!!!

hulbury gym (Nessa): I MEAN


hulbury gym (Nessa): they’re not as fat as ur wooloos :(((


turffield gym (Milo): lies and slander

turffield gym (Milo): mr kabu feeds his centiskorch too much strawberries too 


hulbury gym (Nessa): …wasn’t it apple slices


turffield gym (Milo): oh?


stow-on-side gym (Bea): One time I saw him giving his pokemon a sip of apple juice.

stow-on-side gym (Bea): Directly from the juice box.

stow-on-side gym (Bea): It was in the locker room after last year’s tournament. 


hulbury gym (Nessa): omg


motostoke gym (Kabu): L

motostoke gym (Kabu): [this message was deleted]


hulbury gym (Nessa): bea we owe you


turffield gym (Milo): mr kabu there’s no shame in giving your pokemon treats in secret 

4 hours ago

ballonlea gym (Opal): Personally, I would recommend mixing some treats with your curry occasionally to make your pokemon happier.

ballonlea gym (Opal): But of course, there’s nothing wrong with self-indulgence here and then.


turffield gym (Milo): @kabu 


hulbury gym (Nessa): milo omg

2 hours ago

galar champion (Leon): [look_at_my_boy_go.jpg]

galar champion (Leon): [scorbunny_fistbump.jpg]

galar champion (Leon): [first_battle.jpg]

galar champion (Leon): LOOK AT MY WEE LAD BEING COOL

galar champion (Leon): [battle_2.jpg] 

galar champion (Leon): [bbq_with_fam.jpg]


circhester gym (Gordie): bro cant believe you’re having bbq without us :(((


galar champion (Leon): LMAO rip 

galar champion (Leon): i’ll think of u as i eat 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): tf y ur moms cooking always look so good

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): whos that other kid btw


galar champion (Leon): oh yeah that’s our neighbour! 

galar champion (Leon): hop grew up with them since they were little

galar champion (Leon): forgot to mention they’re both starting their journey 2day tgt 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ooo i smell rivalry


galar champion (Leon): BOY listen here

galar champion (Leon): this kid is going places 

galar champion (Leon): kicked hop’s arse in their first battle today 


hulbury gym (Nessa): oh no there goes my chance


galar champion (Leon): u wish

galar champion (Leon): theyre both doing great tbh they push each other and grow tgt

galar champion (Leon): im so proud


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): whats this 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): r u going soft


galar champion (Leon): know that i’m eating more of these delicious bbq and youll never get some


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): :(

40 minutes ago

galar champion (Leon): [tired_kids.jpg]

galar champion (Leon): theyre tired out and im so

galar champion (Leon): [cat_hearts_meme.jpg]


hulbury gym (Nessa): how many photos did you take today


galar champion (Leon): let me indulge ness :((( 

galar champion (Leon): after tmr i have to return to my championish duties and cant see hop again


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): u know that u can always call him yea


galar champion (Leon): its not the same :(((((


spikemuth gym (Piers): cute kid


galar champion (Leon): u know how rose has me running around doing things


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): o shit cryptid


galar champion (Leon): HEY PETERSON


spikemuth gym (Piers): DON’T

spikemuth gym (Piers): call me that

spikemuth gym (Piers): bloody hell that’s a lotta messages


hulbury gym (Nessa): idk how much more of a nutter leon can get after today


spikemuth gym (Piers): i mean, i don’t blame him

spikemuth gym (Piers): my lil sis is starting her challenge today too

spikemuth gym (Piers): been busy helping her out


galar champion (Leon): oh? 

galar champion (Leon): u got a sis?


spikemuth gym (Piers): ...yes

spikemuth gym (Piers): why


galar champion (Leon): is she pretty


spikemuth gym (Piers): you better watch your mouth and think carefully before you speak

spikemuth gym (Piers): but yes of course she’s pretty. what kind of question is that 


galar champion (Leon): bet u that she’s not prettier than hop

galar champion (Leon): [new_jacket.jpg]


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): leon i s2g


spikemuth gym (Piers): h

spikemuth gym (Piers): ok 

spikemuth gym (Piers): your bro looks good in that but my sis rocks leather jackets

spikemuth gym (Piers): [marnie_first_day.jpg]


hulbury gym (Nessa): oh! love the jacket

hulbury gym (Nessa): that’s a p good brand


spikemuth gym (Piers): she picked it out herself 

spikemuth gym (Piers): i’m so proud


galar champion (Leon): oooooh

galar champion (Leon): your sis is v pretty in it i agree


spikemuth gym (Piers): you better


galar champion (Leon): a solid 6/10 


spikemuth gym (Piers): 6

spikemuth gym (Piers): 6/10???? 

spikemuth gym (Piers): excuse me


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): leon oh my god


galar champion (Leon): leather jackets look better on Hop 

galar champion (Leon): i give him a 10/10 

galar champion (Leon): your sis will catch up soon tho ;)))


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): this just in leon found dead in an alleyway


hulbury gym (Nessa): why are you like this

10 minutes ago

[Private Message: Piers > Leon ]

Piers: you

Piers: come to spikemuth and say that to my face 

Piers: cunt


Leon: ;p 

Chapter Text

6 hours ago

[ Private Message: Leon > Piers ]

Leon: y werent u at the ceremony this morning

Leon: n here i was waiting for u to kick my arse

Leon: :(((((

Leon: :(((((((((((((((

Leon: so does this means u agree that hop looks better than ur sis 


Piers: I’ll make sure no one finds your corpse.


Leon: :o

5 hours ago

[ Group - Galar Pokemon League ]

hulbury gym (Nessa): so

hulbury gym (Nessa): it begins

hulbury gym (Nessa): @milo @kabu where’s my house arrest squad at


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): stop being so dramatic


hulbury gym (Nessa): says you, an e boy


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): u mean THE e boy


hulbury gym (Nessa): terrible


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ;)


hulbury gym (Nessa): but seriously

hulbury gym (Nessa): julia darling 

hulbury gym (Nessa): i know i have to stay here in case a challenger shows up early

hulbury gym (Nessa): but i doubt they will within three days 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): u gotta step up ur escaping game sis


hulbury gym (Nessa): you talk as if your trainers can’t just track you down simply by your pokegram posts


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): but they didnt

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): :^)


hulbury gym (Nessa): piss off

hulbury gym (Nessa): at least milo gives me a warning 

hulbury gym (Nessa): @milo thanks btw bb


turffield gym (Milo): @nessa you’re welcome

turffield gym (Milo): i’ll try to push more of them back this year though


hulbury gym (Nessa): nah it’s ok

hulbury gym (Nessa): we’ve got to let kabu ambush them


turffield gym (Milo): hahaha 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): am i witnessing a heist 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): is this why everyone says that old man is 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): the firewall

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): haha get it


hulbury gym (Nessa): you disgust me


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): u kno im right


turffield gym (Milo): nessie and i have to figure out how to keep them on their toes somehow 

turffield gym (Milo): plus, mr kabu feels bad every time someone cries after losing to him 


stow-on-side gym (Bea): That is kind of cute. 


hulbury gym (Nessa): i know


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): oh my god

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ive never heard this story n i demand to know it


hulbury gym (Nessa): what, did u think he enjoys??? making someone lose so hard they cry?


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ...


hulbury gym (Nessa): oh my god 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): in my defense he has one hell of a poker face


turffield gym (Milo): does he?


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): yes????

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): he always look so angry 


turffield gym (Milo): hahahahahahaha 

turffield gym (Milo): i guess... he really does look like that to the others


hulbury gym (Nessa): i cannot believe this

hulbury gym (Nessa): listen one time he made a wee lass cry after she lost to him

hulbury gym (Nessa): felt rly bad about it

hulbury gym (Nessa): he took her to the breakroom and gave her some apple slices 


circhester gym (Gordie): when i decided to open my phone up this afternoon i wasn’t expecting to read this


hulbury gym (Nessa): why do you think he’s got so many snacks in his gym kitchen now


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): OH

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): is this y he never runs out of chips and soda even tho he doesnt eat them


circhester gym (Gordie): why are u so familiar with his fridge


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): im not

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): but leon is


circhester gym (Gordie): im


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): hes rly stumped by it

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): more snacks 4 me tho so im not complaining


hulbury gym (Nessa): btw kabu wants me to tell u that it’s not good to judge a book by a cover


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): what


hulbury gym (Nessa): he also says that you should stop raiding his gym kitchen whenever you stop by


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ??

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ARE YOU TWO TOGETHER RN


hulbury gym (Nessa): milo is here too

hulbury gym (Nessa): 1 sec

hulbury gym (Nessa): [group_selfie.jpg]

hulbury gym (Nessa): we’re having our annual pre-circuit lunch date before being banished to our respective cities for the next couple of weeks


circhester gym (Gordie): oh wow i miss kabu’s cooking 


turffield gym (Milo): it’s alright we all feel the same way 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): IS THAT HIS CENTISKORTCH

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): IS HE GRILLING MEAT ON HIS POKEMON

4 hours ago

[ Group - Tri Attack ]

Kabu: Do I truly look that angry most of the time?


Nessa: what


Kabu: I was... admittedly curious from what Raihan mentioned earlier in the other group chat.


Nessa: why are you typing in the group old man

Nessa: we’re literally less than 10 feet apart


Kabu: I would prefer not to raise my voice.


Milo: well

Milo: i don’t think you look angry

Milo: but you do look intense all the time 


Nessa: i mean 

Nessa: you are a fire specialist so 


Kabu: I suppose that is true.

Kabu: Nessa, did you have to tell him about the apple slices?


Nessa: this is payback for all those dad jokes

Nessa: btw we’re out of meat


Kabu: I’m on it.



3 hours ago

[ Group - Galar Pokemon League ]

circhester gym (Gordie): btw @leon is this ur lil bro

circhester gym (Gordie): [purple_boy.jpg]

circhester gym (Gordie): ok fine they have purple hair but i’m just making sure


hulbury gym (Nessa): i bet u 5 bucks he is


circhester gym (Gordie): i admit i am stupid but not that stupid


hulbury gym (Nessa): there goes my plans of robbing u blind


circhester gym (Gordie): i cannot believe they have the exact same smile

circhester gym (Gordie): minus the beard though


hulbury gym (Nessa): thank god for that


galar champion (Leon): HHKFKFKKDKCKDLCF


hulbury gym (Nessa): there he is


galar champion (Leon): THATS MY BOY 

galar champion (Leon): ROTOM PIN THIS PIC

[ Sure thing, Mr Champion! ]

[ A message was pinned to this group ]

circhester gym (Gordie): ????

circhester gym (Gordie): what thw fuck 


galar champion (Leon): THANK YOU ROTOM 


circhester gym (Gordie): since when did this chat have this function


hulbury gym (Nessa): o yeah its raihans rotom


circhester gym (Gordie): somehow i don’t think i should be surprised at things like this


hulbury gym (Nessa): i think it has access to our chat via his phone so

hulbury gym (Nessa): its basically his pr manager 


circhester gym (Gordie): rotom, what else can you do in this chat


[ As I am essentially the acting admin of this group chat, I am able to access all functions available to said position ]

[ Tasks that I am able to do include: voice to text; nickname editing; deleting and recovering messages ]


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): did someone just mentioned me


circhester gym (Gordie): what are you, some kind of sensor 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): wait

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): did u say u can change nicknames


hulbury gym (Nessa): ...


circhester gym (Gordie): how do u not know when rotom is literally  your pokemon


[ Yes, that is one of the functions available to me as well ]

[ As per Chairman Rose’s request however, all changes shall revert back to the defaults within a day to prevent confusion ]


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): :)

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): u know what im thinking rotom


hulbury gym (Nessa): no


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): but ness

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): :(

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): :(((


hulbury gym (Nessa): no


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): how can u say no to this face


hulbury gym (Nessa): i can and i just did


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): how can u say no to this face

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): [selfie.jpg]


circhester gym (Gordie): nasty


hulbury gym (Nessa): disgusting


stow-on-side gym (Bea): Absolutely terrible.


galar champion (Leon): u look like a rat that has sunburn


hulbury gym (Nessa): ^^^


circhester gym (Gordie): ^^^^^


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): all of u wound me 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): did bea just srsly pop in to say that


circhester gym (Gordie): she’s not wrong tho


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): WOW

54 minutes ago

[ Group - Galar Pokemon League ]

ballonlea gym (Opal): My evening tea has finally kicked in, so I suppose we should get started on the betting pools for this year.

ballonlea gym (Opal): Place your bets, children. Rotom, dear, would you be so kind as to keep the score?


[ It’ll be my pleasure, ma’am! ]


ballonlea gym (Opal): Wonderful.


circhester gym (Gordie): is it time for our annual ‘who makes the most trainers quit’ pools again

circhester gym (Gordie): somehow i think i should feel bad for the new challengers


hulbury gym (Nessa): lmao its not like we’re doing it on purpose tbh


circhester gym (Gordie): ok fine u r right

circhester gym (Gordie): i’m betting on kabu for most


turffield gym (Milo): nessa for me!


hulbury gym (Nessa): aw @milo ilu too

hulbury gym (Nessa): my money’s on opal tho


stow-on-side gym (Bea): As am I.


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): O SHIT FINALLY

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): YEAH

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): I bet on myself ;)))


hulbury gym (Nessa): how big is your ego


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): HEY NOW

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): some1 has to weed out the kids before letting them get to leon 


circhester gym (Gordie): he’s got a point

circhester gym (Gordie): mom says she’s betting on kabu too


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ur mom picks whatever u do nerd


circhester gym (Gordie): NOT ALL THE TIME


ballonlea gym (Opal): Very good. Now for the second: pick a number from this year’s list of gym challengers and how far do you think they’ll manage in the circuit.

ballonlea gym (Opal): As always, the last fellow still standing buys us all a drink. 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): 69 and kabu kills them in one shot


hulbury gym (Nessa): ^^^


turffield gym (Milo): hahahahaha


stow-on-side gym (Bea): I can’t

stow-on-side gym (Bea): Say I disagree.


galar champion (Leon): HFJSJFKSJFJSJFJKSKD


circhester gym (Gordie): raihan that was big brained of u


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): listen i saw the list

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): were getting both 69 and 420 this year

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): both

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): imagine the ODDS

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): if he doesnt then ill personally treat the madlads to drinks when they get to me


circhester gym (Gordie): iconic


galar champion (Leon): i call bagsy on 420


circhester gym (Gordie): not if i get to them first 


hulbury gym (Nessa): HA

hulbury gym (Nessa): u wish

hulbury gym (Nessa): 420 on kabu because it’ll be ironic


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): u right


galar champion (Leon): kabu u have to say blaze it when u do


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): U RIGHT


motostoke gym (Kabu): Why that phrase specifically?

motostoke gym (Kabu): And I doubt I would ‘kill’ a gym challenger just because of a number they chose…


hulbury gym (Nessa): no u gotta show no mercy


motostoke gym (Kabu): I do not understand...


stow-on-side gym (Bea): If Mr Kabu cannot take down number 69, then we shouldn’t pressure him to do so.

stow-on-side gym (Bea): But I suppose it’s no surprise that his age is catching up to him.


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): HHhooLY FUCK


hulbury gym (Nessa): i need to screenshot this


galar champion (Leon): BEA GOING IN FOR THE KILL


stow-on-side gym (Bea): I shall take responsibility in… "annihilating" number 69 in his place.


galar champion (Leon): BEA GOING IN FOR THE KILL


circhester gym (Gordie): that shouldnt sound as funny as it should

circhester gym (Gordie): every year it’s just us betting on when 69 and 420 disqualifies in the gym challenge 


hulbury gym (Nessa): more like if kabu kills either one of them before the rest of us do


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): thats what makes it so funny


motostoke gym (Kabu): I do not understand...

motostoke gym (Kabu): But I shall take up your challenge, Bea…


stow-on-side gym (Bea): Pardon me but why does this sound so ominous.  

14 minutes ago

[ Private Message: Raihan > Nessa ]

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): psssssst

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): how come you never invite me to kabus bbqs

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): :(


hulbury gym (Nessa): why


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): even gordie did 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): :(((


hulbury gym (Nessa): r u jealous you can’t have any of his hot meat


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): HHJKGKFKFJDJFJJDJFJDF

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): FJFJJFJSJFKSKDK

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): DID U HAVE TO MAKE ME READ IT WITH MY OWN 2 EYES


hulbury gym (Nessa): so r u jealous


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): NO




20 minutes ago

[ Group - Cheeky Nandos and the lads ]

wooloo.rights: @victor hey u good bruv? didnt see u during the opening ceremony today :(((


Cheeky Nandos: nah hes still alive

Cheeky Nandos: just camera shy

Cheeky Nandos: @victor can i call u big baby 


wooloo.rights: hhgkkfjfkdjfjf


victor: you already call me that 

victor: all the time


Cheeky Nandos: u kno im right


victor: i want to die


wooloo.rights: oh mood


Cheeky Nandos: tbh lucky u skipped on it 

Cheeky Nandos: it was p noisy 

Cheeky Nandos: huge crowd

Cheeky Nandos: me @ chairman rose: thanks i hate it


victor: oh thank god


Cheeky Nandos: theres this lady who screamed when leon and that tall dragon man walked onto the field

Cheeky Nandos: i can still hear the ringing


wooloo.rights: i want to say you have my consolations 

wooloo.rights: but now at least you understand how i feel whenever i had to pick up lee at the station


victor: it be like that sometimes


wooloo.rights: six years, vic. six years of squeezing through his crowds of fans


victor: was there a ton of people at the station when he visited yesterday tho

victor: i wanted to say hi but the pecha berries sale was ending in 10 mins and i can’t risk mum killing me


Cheeky Nandos: can i have ur cds if u died


victor: i’m changing my will and making munchlax my sole inheritor just to spite you 


Cheeky Nandos: bold of u to assume i wouldnt fight him for it

Cheeky Nandos: also nah dw about it i told leon

Cheeky Nandos: same old same old

Cheeky Nandos: he says hi too


wooloo.rights: btw gloria you sure you dont want your starter 


Cheeky Nandos: i banished him to the shadow realm

Cheeky Nandos: why


wooloo.rights: i mean 

wooloo.rights: you already battled with him against my scorbunny

wooloo.rights: u might die in the wild


Cheeky Nandos: do i look like the sort of person that can die


wooloo.rights: o shit u right


Cheeky Nandos: im kidding but i mean i can always kiss sobble whenever i run into v again

Cheeky Nandos: plus he needs him more than me lmao

Cheeky Nandos: babyface mcbaby


victor: your proficiency in the english lexicon astounds me


Cheeky Nandos: thank u


victor: @hop she’ll be fine. i’ll help her catch a pokemon otw

victor: cant have her dying this early during the challenge 


wooloo.rights: u right she owes me nachos

wooloo.rights: wait

wooloo.rights: why didn’t u two catch it before the ceremony we literally had to go through the wild area


victor: because SOMEONE

victor: got too distracted by every berry tree we came across 


Cheeky Nandos: its free berries v


victor: you know how many skwovets chewed thru my hat


Cheeky Nandos: worth it


victor: you have 48 oran berries in your bag

victor: how much curry do u plan to make 


wooloo.rights: oh my god


Cheeky Nandos: i’ll share half of them with u


victor: ...fine


Cheeky Nandos: also i want a rookidee


victor: beggars cant be choosers


Cheeky Nandos: i want a rookidee

Cheeky Nandos: vicky i will die


victor: then die


Cheeky Nandos: btw ur uniforms in the hotel closet


8 minutes ago



victor: @GLORIA


victor: @GLORIA WHY


wooloo.rights: haha blaze it


Cheeky Nandos: haha blaze it




Cheeky Nandos: if it makes u feel better i lost to hop in rock paper scissors 

Cheeky Nandos: so i got 69



Chapter Text

Last Tuesday at 2:04 PM

[ Private Message: Piers > Marnie ]

Piers: once again

Piers: you got this, i believe in you, good luck

Piers: love u


Marnie: oh my god

Marnie: piers shut up you send me this every time i go on a trip 


Piers: you wound me with ur words

Piers: my dear baby sister


Marnie: PIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marnie: SHUT UP



Piers: clutches chest

Piers: marnie i’m dying


Marnie: i’ll order roses for your tombstone and i’ll make sure they’re expired 


Piers: thank you 

Piers: my only dying wish is for you to become champion

Piers: also if u see challenger 189 please kill him


Marnie: no!!!!!!


Piers: marnie please


Marnie: murder is illegal


Piers: not if you ain’t caught



3 days ago at 5:24 PM

[ Group - Galar Pokemon League ]




hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ur only complaining bc ur losing


galar champion (Leon): IF I HAD TO LOOK AT ONE MKRE 



circhester gym (Gordie): im too afraid to ask 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): its not spaghetti in crocs u heathen

hammerlocke gym (Raihan):


galar champion (Leon): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


circhester gym (Gordie): eh

circhester gym (Gordie): its… not that bad tbh

circhester gym (Gordie): my sister shows me worse things


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ikr 


galar champion (Leon): WHERE DID U EVEN FIND THESE


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): funny that you ask

[ Raihan added Allister to the group! ]

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): meet my dealer :)


spikemuth gym (Piers): are 

spikemuth gym (Piers): you srsly calling the kid your dealer


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): you know im right 


spikemuth gym (Piers): how do u even know him

spikemuth gym (Piers): is bea aware of this


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): LMAO SHE KNOWS 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): she asks me 2 babysit him occasionally like rn

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): we play DnD n minecraft tgt 


spikemuth gym (Piers): can’t believe someone would let u babysit


galar champion (Leon): DnD???????? 

galar champion (Leon): arent kids these days wild on fornite or smth 


Allister: fortnitw is 2 overrate d


galar champion (Leon): ????? 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): u heard the little man


spikemuth gym (Piers): im

spikemuth gym (Piers): stop being a bad influence 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): BLS

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): where do u think i get most of my pics from


galar champion (Leon): u????? expect me to believe u dont collect cursed pics on ur own?????


circhester gym (Gordie): ^^^


spikemuth gym (Piers): ^^


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ... i hate to admit this but yall have a point


galar champion (Leon): good to kno u have some brain cells left


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): WOW

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): BUT OK FINE lets play a game 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): 10 pics from ghost boy 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): if u last thru them ill treat all of u to pizza 


galar champion (Leon): squints


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): @allister if u make them crack ill buy u that giant gengar plush


Allister: 👀👌


circhester gym (Gordie): i mean i won’t say no to free pizza


spikemuth gym (Piers): no wait

spikemuth gym (Piers): how much pizza exactly


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): idk??? as much as yall want lmao order until ure full


spikemuth gym (Piers): i saved a screenshot of this

spikemuth gym (Piers): don’t u back out 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): bls i never disappoint

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): aight kiddo let it rip


circhester gym (Gordie): how bad could it be tbh



galar champion (Leon): @raihan i hate this already but i’m going on just to spite u


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ;o


circhester gym (Gordie): its 

circhester gym (Gordie): its ok

circhester gym (Gordie): a waste of good cheese tbh




galar champion (Leon): 😬


circhester gym (Gordie): HM

circhester gym (Gordie): dont like that 


spikemuth gym (Piers): eh not too bad i’ve seen ppl eating worse things behind the dumpster


circhester gym (Gordie): did u mean urself


spikemuth gym (Piers): dont call me out like this



circhester gym (Gordie): W

circhester gym (Gordie): wtf


galar champion (Leon): I HATE THIS


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): tapping out? ;)


galar champion (Leon): HHHHHHHHHHHHNO


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): :)))


circhester gym (Gordie): if my mum sees this shes murdering someone



Allister: bone app the teeth


circhester gym (Gordie): hWAT THE FUCK


galar champion (Leon): FUCK

galar champion (Leon): F U CJ


circhester gym (Gordie): ????????????


spikemuth gym (Piers): mate what the absolute FUCK

spikemuth gym (Piers): what the fuck is this


circhester gym (Gordie): ive never felt so violated looking at a pic 


hulbury gym (Nessa): I have 7 battles lined up today and i am here looking at this cursed group chat 

hulbury gym (Nessa): @raihan what the FUCK


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): IM NOT THE ONE SENDING THE PICS


hulbury gym (Nessa): YOU STARTED IT 




galar champion (Leon): IM OUT IM OUT I HA T W THIS


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): psh, you called that cursed?

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): watch this

hammerlocke gym (Raihan):


spikemuth gym (Piers): im 


turffield gym (Milo): i do not like this :(


hulbury gym (Nessa): STOP

hulbury gym (Nessa): HWAT IS THIS


galar champion (Leon):


spikemuth gym (Piers): im coming over to hammerlocke to beat your ass

spikemuth gym (Piers): you’re so cursed you summoned everybody in here to cry


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): its a talent


spikemuth gym (Piers): STOP SENDING FEET PICS


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): fine

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): @allister


Allister: 👌


circhester gym (Gordie): HHHFHDHFHDJFJFJFK


galar champion (Leon): STOP WERE ALREADY GIVING UP



circhester gym (Gordie): OH MY FUCKING GOD


hulbury gym (Nessa): i despise this picture with very fiber of my being


circhester gym (Gordie): WHAT IS THAT

circhester gym (Gordie): WHY


turffield gym (Milo): no…


spikemuth gym (Piers): i


turffield gym (Milo): that is… not how you use beans...




hammerlocke gym (Raihan): NO DONT CALL KAB


galar champion (Leon): @kabu

galar champion (Leon): @kabu


hulbury gym (Nessa): @kabu @bea


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): N O


spikemuth gym (Piers): @kabu throw him in babyjail 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): HHJFGDSGKDKGDJFG

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): LEON IM COMING FOR UR ASS


galar champion (Leon): @kabu


turffield gym (Milo): @kabu


motostoke gym (Kabu): What

motostoke gym (Kabu): Is going on.


galar champion (Leon): @kabu NOT IF KABU GETS URS FIRST

galar champion (Leon): HA HERE HE COMES


stow-on-side gym (Bea): ALLISTER

stow-on-side gym (Bea): WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK


Allister: hhdkhlffjgk



stow-on-side gym (Bea): AND R A I HAN


Allister: 🏃🏃🏃


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): OH SHIT SCATTER 


stow-on-side gym (Bea): Oh NO YOU DONT


circhester gym (Gordie): here comes the police


stow-on-side gym (Bea): Someone help me corner raihan I’m going after him once I catch allister


turffield gym (Milo): @bea i’ll help! i’m done with my matches for today so ;)


spikemuth gym (Piers): jesus christ he’s dead


stow-on-side gym (Bea): thank you milo!


hulbury gym (Nessa): get his ass bb!!!!

3 days ago at 7:48 PM

circhester gym (Gordie): u know what i usually dont do this but

circhester gym (Gordie): 20 on raihan outrunning milo


hulbury gym (Nessa): lmao

hulbury gym (Nessa): 10 on bea n milo catching the eboy


circhester gym (Gordie): dont u usually bet high on milo


hulbury gym (Nessa): yeah but

hulbury gym (Nessa): have u seen raihan’s legs

hulbury gym (Nessa): i love milo but one step for rai is probably milo’s 5


circhester gym (Gordie): HFGKHLFHLF


spikemuth gym (Piers): tenner on bea catching them both


ballonlea gym (Opal): A bill on Raihan and he will be caught in an hour’s time.


hulbury gym (Nessa): WOW OPAL


circhester gym (Gordie): that’s oddly specific

circhester gym (Gordie): why tho


ballonlea gym (Opal): I have eyewitness reports on his whereabouts together with Bea and Milo.

ballonlea gym (Opal): And recently, someone just mentioned seeing Kabu at the Hammerlocke Train Station.


hulbury gym (Nessa): oh fuck he’s dead

3 days ago at 7:48 PM

stow-on-side gym (Bea): [babyjail.jpg]

stow-on-side gym (Bea): Arrested for his crimes.


circhester gym (Gordie): oh no 


hulbury gym (Nessa): “i procrastinated and send memes instead of doing my homework”

hulbury gym (Nessa): bea im crying 


stow-on-side gym (Bea): I’m framing this forever.

3 days ago at 8:18 PM

turffield gym (Milo): [timeout.jpg]

turffield gym (Milo): :D


spikemuth gym (Piers): i have no sympathy for this criminal.


hulbury gym (Nessa): is

hulbury gym (Nessa): is that kabu’s coat??????

hulbury gym (Nessa): how the hell did you tie him up in it


turffield gym (Milo): ask kabu 

turffield gym (Milo): all i did was to hold him down haha


spikemuth gym (Piers): nice touch with the signboard tho

spikemuth gym (Piers): this is the best thing i’ve ever seen


hulbury gym (Nessa): this is great blackmail material


turffield gym (Milo): leon wanted to post this on his pokegram so we had to make do :)))


stow-on-side gym (Bea): We’ll let him go after he helps Allister finish his Maths and English quizzes. 


Last Tuesday, 2:38 PM

[ Private Message: Marnie > Piers ]

Marnie: piers no i’m not killing anybody


Piers: i know some guys who can get rid of bodies 

Piers: just give me a call when the deed is done


Marnie: im not killing 189!!!!

Marnie: ...but if he’s a pervert or something i know how to do it myself 


Piers: im so proud of you


Yesterday at 3:56 PM

[ Group - Galar Pokemon League ]

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): aight lads

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): say aye if we should add ice mama since we already got allister

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): lol jk im adding her either way


spikemuth gym (Piers): why did you even ask


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): its called being polite didnt ur mama teach u manners


spikemuth gym (Piers): cunt


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): love u too


spikemuth gym (Piers): did you not learnt from the previous incident


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): we dont talk about that


stow-on-side gym (Bea): I was under the impression that she’s already in this chat?


spikemuth gym (Piers): no bc this dumbass spilled water on his rotom 


stow-on-side gym (Bea): :o


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): SHSHUSH


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): I REMADE THE GC DIDNT I 


spikemuth gym (Piers): oh right

spikemuth gym (Piers): i forgot you have exactly zero braincells

spikemuth gym (Piers): my bad


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): piers why must u call me out like this

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): @gordie ay gimme yo mama’s number 


circhester gym (Gordie): no


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): aight

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): @everyone whos got mama’s number


circhester gym (Gordie): nobody tell him if you do i’m personally coming for your bones


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): :(


circhester gym (Gordie): u can’t just add ppl just bc the holy trinity is gone 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): listen sometimes a man just gotta fill the empty hole in his heart


spikemuth gym (Piers): do u have a kink for getting roasted by kabu n nessa

spikemuth gym (Piers): old men and tan ladies huh


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): HHFHDHXHSHFHAHDHS

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): HWAT THE FUCK

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): NEVER SAY THTA AGAIN


circhester gym (Gordie): why are u booing him hes right


spikemuth gym (Piers): ofc i am


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): I WILL SNAP UR NECKS


spikemuth gym (Piers): how many times must i remind you to leave me out of your kinks


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): mOVING ON

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): also 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): @gordie r u still embarrassed that we walked in on that argument you had w ur mum


circhester gym (Gordie): HHJGKFJGJKDKGK

circhester gym (Gordie): U SHUT UR FILTHY MOUTH


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): LMAOOO


spikemuth gym (Piers): eyes emoji


circhester gym (Gordie): LIES AND SLANDER



hammerlocke gym (Raihan): u gotta admit tho 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): it was hilarious


stow-on-side gym (Bea): I still have the photos if you’re interested


spikemuth gym (Piers): eyes emoji


circhester gym (Gordie): HHGFHDJFJFJJF

circhester gym (Gordie): HJFJFJFJSK

circhester gym (Gordie): TRAITOR

circhester gym (Gordie): BEA NO


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): bea yes


spikemuth gym (Piers): bea yes


circhester gym (Gordie): N O


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): pls tell me u still have the vid

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): the one where melonys pokemon beat his ass


stow-on-side gym (Bea): Actually I do

stow-on-side gym (Bea): One moment 


circhester gym (Gordie): BEA


stow-on-side gym (Bea): [christmas_battle.mp4]


circhester gym (Gordie): B E A

circhester gym (Gordie): ROTOB DELETE THIS


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): BEA I OWE U MY LIFE


spikemuth gym (Piers): im saving this


circhester gym (Gordie): AAAAAAAAAAAAA


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): IM SOBBING

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): FROSMOTH FINISH HIM!!!! 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): UR MUM LEGIT YELLED THAT IM 


stow-on-side gym (Bea): I think I still have more vids of that christmas dinner

stow-on-side gym (Bea): Good times

stow-on-side gym (Bea): Do you want them?


circhester gym (Gordie): bEA YOURE KILLING ME


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): YES BLEASE

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): IM TEXTING KABU FOR HER NUMBER


circhester gym (Gordie): NONOONONONONONONO O


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): FUCK HE ISTN REPLYIGN 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): A

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): @opal PLEASE 


spikemuth gym (Piers): how desperate are you to make a deal with Opal


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): THIS IS WORTH IT


ballonlea gym (Opal): I must say I agree with Piers.

ballonlea gym (Opal): Fortunately, I am in a good mood so I shall entertain you.

ballonlea gym (Opal): I do not give out favours freely, however.


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ILL DO ANYTHING


circhester gym (Gordie): RAI YOURE MAKING A MISTAKE


ballonlea gym (Opal): Very well. I shall accept the deal.

ballonlea gym (Opal): [shared a contact: Melony]


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): THX GRANDMA I OWE U MY LIFE 

[ Raihan added Melony to the group! ]

circhester gym (Gordie): RAI I WILL STEAL ALL YOUR LEFT SOCKS


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): jokes on u piers got to them already

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): i have no socks left


spikemuth gym (Piers): piss off im not into feet like you do


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): IM NOT

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): STOP SAYIGN I HAVE A FEET KINK


circhester gym (Gordie): that’s right drAG HIM


spikemuth gym (Piers): arrested for feet crimes 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): YOURE SUPPOSED TO BE ON MY SIDE!!!!!!!


Melony: Oh my.

Melony: Well, aren’t you kids an excited bunch!

Melony: @Bea I’d love a copy please!


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ITS MAMA


Melony: Gordie deleted all the copies from the house and I’ve been meaning to get a back up!

Melony: @raihan :D


stow-on-side gym (Bea): Of course, ma’am. I’ll compile them and send them to you in a bit.


Melony: Thank you!

Melony: It’s too bad I lost the pictures of Gordie in that nice sweater :(


circhester gym (Gordie): mother why must you forsake me so


Melony: Come now 

Melony: Can’t a mother keep some pictures of her dear son? 

Melony: I wanted to frame them!



circhester gym (Gordie): im dyinh

circhester gym (Gordie): someone can just deal me one more blow and i’ll perish on the spot


Allister: [gordie_christmas_sweater.jpg]

Allister: @melony


circhester gym (Gordie): A


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ROTOM PIN THIS

[ Of course! ]

[ A message was pinned to this group ]

circhester gym (Gordie): GOPDBYE


Melony: Oh!!! This is wonderful!

Melony: Thank you, Allister :)


Allister: ur wlcomw


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): i cant belieb gordie is dead

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): @everyone press f to pay respects


spikemuth gym (Piers): f


stow-on-side gym (Bea): f


galar champion (Leon): f


Allister: alexa play despacito 


circhester gym (Gordie): im banning all of you from the christmas party this year


spikemuth gym (Piers): bold of you to assume that will stop us


circhester gym (Gordie): BLOCKED


spikemuth gym (Piers): sorry but your mum’s eggnog is too good to pass up

Yesterday at 6:03 PM

motostoke gym (Kabu): Why did my phone started playing a song?

motostoke gym (Kabu): What’s going on?


Yesterday at 11:12 PM

[ Private Message: Marnie > Piers ]

Marnie: btw i’ll start giving away your rare league cards if you continue encouraging team yell and their antics

Marnie: the ones where you’re a cute teenager


Piers: NO 


Marnie: love you too 


Today at 12:42 PM

[ Group - Galar Pokemon League ]

turffield gym (Milo): howdy 

turffield gym (Milo): so

turffield gym (Milo): @leon’s little brother just bested me :D


circhester gym (Gordie): ohhhh shit


Allister: 👀

Allister: 👀👀👀


galar champion (Leon): NHGH

galar champion (Leon): HHGJGF

galar champion (Leon): IM FUCKIN G


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): JFC thats fast


galar champion (Leon): I FUCKING TOLD YALL

galar champion (Leon): @PIERS 

galar champion (Leon): @PIERS 

galar champion (Leon): @PIERS U OWE ME MONEY



spikemuth gym (Piers): you shut your slutty mouth


galar champion (Leon): HA


spikemuth gym (Piers): I’m not paying you yet they still have kabu to get through

spikemuth gym (Piers): this doesnt prove anything


galar champion (Leon): salty bc im right arent u


spikemuth gym (Piers): cunt

spikemuth gym (Piers): @raihan how much do i pay you to jump leon


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): to mess with the himbo? 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): for free


galar champion (Leon): HEY NOW


spikemuth gym (Piers): great i’ll send you the details




spikemuth gym (Piers): :)))


turffield gym (Milo): also

turffield gym (Milo): challenger 420 just entered my gym


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): aYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


circhester gym (Gordie): YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): @EVERYONE PLACE UR BETS SLUTS