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three's a crowd

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12 hours ago

[ Group - Galar Pokemon League ]

galar champion (Leon): wAKE UP KINGS AND QUEENS


galar champion (Leon): *CHALLENGE

galar champion (Leon): IM H


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): its 6am in the morning u himbo 


galar champion (Leon): so


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ur train isnt until 8am tf


stow-on-side gym (Bea): Congratulations, Leon.

stow-on-side gym (Bea): Give your brother my best regards. I’m looking forward to battle with him.


galar champion (Leon): thx bea ur the best

galar champion (Leon): unlike SOMEONE


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): wow


turffield gym (Milo): oh!!! congrats to your lil bro leon!!!! 


galar champion (Leon): milo my lad!!! thank u 

galar champion (Leon): hows ur bro doing


turffield gym (Milo): oh. uh

turffield gym (Milo): he’s 

turffield gym (Milo): vibrating 


stow-on-side gym (Bea): Oh dear.


turffield gym (Milo): he’s been excited all mornin’ and scaring the wooloos 

turffield gym (Milo): imagine the day he starts his gym challenge

turffield gym (Milo): hoo boy 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): o yea hes gon vibrate into the stratosphere 


galar champion (Leon): wow didnt know u can spell 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): eat arse


motostoke gym (Kabu): Leon’s right. I’m quite surprised myself considering that I’ve seen a lot back in my days. 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): WOW


galar champion (Leon): KABU!!!!! AYYYYYYYYY


stow-on-side gym (Bea): Morning, Mr Kabu! 


turffield gym (Milo): hey good morning mr kabu!! 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): old man y


motostoke gym (Kabu): Good morning, it’s a pleasant day and I hope you’ve eaten your breakfast. 

motostoke gym (Kabu): I apologise, but I do not understand what you are saying, Raihan.

motostoke gym (Kabu): Or typing, to be accurate.


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): w

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): y r u like this old man


galar champion (Leon): u just spelt stratosphere u can type in proper grammar


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): eat my arse


galar champion (Leon): :///

galar champion (Leon): why are u offering something u dont have


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): h

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): excuse me


galar champion (Leon): you are excused


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): eat dirt

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): i assure u i have an arse n u r just jealous


galar champion (Leon): doubt


motostoke gym (Kabu): Raihan, to have a firm bottom requires you to do daily squats. 

motostoke gym (Kabu): I very much doubt that you do that enough, or even exercise.


galar champion (Leon): HFHDJFHSJJFK



hammerlocke gym (Raihan): WOW

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): MR KABU SIR WHAT DID I EVER DO TO U


motostoke gym (Kabu): Spending all your time on your phone instead of exercising.


turffield gym (Milo): @raihan do you need nessa to bring you some burn heal?


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): MILO BLEASE

8 hours ago

circhester gym (Gordie): jfc why are you all up so early

circhester gym (Gordie): @leon hey congrats to your brother! hope he’ll enjoy his time in the challenge

circhester gym (Gordie): uhhhh mom says hi and good luck too


galar champion (Leon): GORDIE MY BOY

galar champion (Leon): THANKS

galar champion (Leon): AND SAY HI TO MRS MELONY FOR ME TOO


circhester gym (Gordie): shes reading over my shoulders 

circhester gym (Gordie): are you otw to your hometown rn?


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): hes typing in caps what do u think


circhester gym (Gordie): oh shit u right


galar champion (Leon): and what about it

galar champion (Leon): u wanna go


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): u can’t even reach my face 


stow-on-side gym (Bea): ur toes

stow-on-side gym (Bea): hand them over 


galar champion (Leon): h


circhester gym (Gordie): wh


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): w


hulbury gym (Nessa): um


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): holy shit


stow-on-side gym (Bea): I’m so sorry!!!!!! Allister’s Mimikyu got my phone!!!

stow-on-side gym (Bea): Excuse me!


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): Idk whats scarier 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): allisters pokemon knowing how to type 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): or seeing that sentence from beas name

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): o hey @nessa!!! Sis!!


hulbury gym (Nessa): what’s up bastard

hulbury gym (Nessa): @leon hope ur lil bro does well in the upcoming days! 

hulbury gym (Nessa): better not cry when i smash his team tho


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): o shit


galar champion (Leon): LMAO U WISH

galar champion (Leon): I bet u 10 bucks that he’ll kick ur arse in 1 round


hulbury gym (Nessa): u got it

hulbury gym (Nessa): that 10 bucks is mine


galar champion (Leon): ;))))))

galar champion (Leon): o shit brb got found out at the station


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): cant believe leon got murdered by fans in motostoke 


galar champion (Leon): eat ur nonexistent arse

galar champion (Leon): u wish i was dead so u can be champion


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): >:o


5 hours ago 

hulbury gym (Nessa): this year’s gym challenge has a surprisingly good amount of trainers tho

hulbury gym (Nessa): think it’ll be fun


turffield gym (Milo): boy howdy i sure hope it will


hulbury gym (Nessa): dont u have to herd ur wooloos even more 


turffield gym (Milo): even better! more workout for the wooloos

turffield gym (Milo): they’ve been getting too fat :(((  millie in particular has been begging me for treats 

turffield gym (Milo): she’s gotta make up for it


motostoke gym (Kabu): Milo, I think you should stop feeding them so much.


turffield gym (Milo): but mr kabu… 

turffield gym (Milo): [my_sweet_lil_gal.jpg]

turffield gym (Milo): how could i say no to this face


hulbury gym (Nessa): milo no!!!!


turffield gym (Milo): :’((((

turffield gym (Milo): milo yes

turffield gym (Milo): ness you feed your goldeens treats too they’re fatter than i remembered when i visited last week


hulbury gym (Nessa): !!!!!!

hulbury gym (Nessa): I MEAN


hulbury gym (Nessa): they’re not as fat as ur wooloos :(((


turffield gym (Milo): lies and slander

turffield gym (Milo): mr kabu feeds his centiskorch too much strawberries too 


hulbury gym (Nessa): …wasn’t it apple slices


turffield gym (Milo): oh?


stow-on-side gym (Bea): One time I saw him giving his pokemon a sip of apple juice.

stow-on-side gym (Bea): Directly from the juice box.

stow-on-side gym (Bea): It was in the locker room after last year’s tournament. 


hulbury gym (Nessa): omg


motostoke gym (Kabu): L

motostoke gym (Kabu): [this message was deleted]


hulbury gym (Nessa): bea we owe you


turffield gym (Milo): mr kabu there’s no shame in giving your pokemon treats in secret 

4 hours ago

ballonlea gym (Opal): Personally, I would recommend mixing some treats with your curry occasionally to make your pokemon happier.

ballonlea gym (Opal): But of course, there’s nothing wrong with self-indulgence here and then.


turffield gym (Milo): @kabu 


hulbury gym (Nessa): milo omg

2 hours ago

galar champion (Leon): [look_at_my_boy_go.jpg]

galar champion (Leon): [scorbunny_fistbump.jpg]

galar champion (Leon): [first_battle.jpg]

galar champion (Leon): LOOK AT MY WEE LAD BEING COOL

galar champion (Leon): [battle_2.jpg] 

galar champion (Leon): [bbq_with_fam.jpg]


circhester gym (Gordie): bro cant believe you’re having bbq without us :(((


galar champion (Leon): LMAO rip 

galar champion (Leon): i’ll think of u as i eat 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): tf y ur moms cooking always look so good

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): whos that other kid btw


galar champion (Leon): oh yeah that’s our neighbour! 

galar champion (Leon): hop grew up with them since they were little

galar champion (Leon): forgot to mention they’re both starting their journey 2day tgt 


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): ooo i smell rivalry


galar champion (Leon): BOY listen here

galar champion (Leon): this kid is going places 

galar champion (Leon): kicked hop’s arse in their first battle today 


hulbury gym (Nessa): oh no there goes my chance


galar champion (Leon): u wish

galar champion (Leon): theyre both doing great tbh they push each other and grow tgt

galar champion (Leon): im so proud


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): whats this 

hammerlocke gym (Raihan): r u going soft


galar champion (Leon): know that i’m eating more of these delicious bbq and youll never get some


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): :(

40 minutes ago

galar champion (Leon): [tired_kids.jpg]

galar champion (Leon): theyre tired out and im so

galar champion (Leon): [cat_hearts_meme.jpg]


hulbury gym (Nessa): how many photos did you take today


galar champion (Leon): let me indulge ness :((( 

galar champion (Leon): after tmr i have to return to my championish duties and cant see hop again


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): u know that u can always call him yea


galar champion (Leon): its not the same :(((((


spikemuth gym (Piers): cute kid


galar champion (Leon): u know how rose has me running around doing things


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): o shit cryptid


galar champion (Leon): HEY PETERSON


spikemuth gym (Piers): DON’T

spikemuth gym (Piers): call me that

spikemuth gym (Piers): bloody hell that’s a lotta messages


hulbury gym (Nessa): idk how much more of a nutter leon can get after today


spikemuth gym (Piers): i mean, i don’t blame him

spikemuth gym (Piers): my lil sis is starting her challenge today too

spikemuth gym (Piers): been busy helping her out


galar champion (Leon): oh? 

galar champion (Leon): u got a sis?


spikemuth gym (Piers): ...yes

spikemuth gym (Piers): why


galar champion (Leon): is she pretty


spikemuth gym (Piers): you better watch your mouth and think carefully before you speak

spikemuth gym (Piers): but yes of course she’s pretty. what kind of question is that 


galar champion (Leon): bet u that she’s not prettier than hop

galar champion (Leon): [new_jacket.jpg]


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): leon i s2g


spikemuth gym (Piers): h

spikemuth gym (Piers): ok 

spikemuth gym (Piers): your bro looks good in that but my sis rocks leather jackets

spikemuth gym (Piers): [marnie_first_day.jpg]


hulbury gym (Nessa): oh! love the jacket

hulbury gym (Nessa): that’s a p good brand


spikemuth gym (Piers): she picked it out herself 

spikemuth gym (Piers): i’m so proud


galar champion (Leon): oooooh

galar champion (Leon): your sis is v pretty in it i agree


spikemuth gym (Piers): you better


galar champion (Leon): a solid 6/10 


spikemuth gym (Piers): 6

spikemuth gym (Piers): 6/10???? 

spikemuth gym (Piers): excuse me


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): leon oh my god


galar champion (Leon): leather jackets look better on Hop 

galar champion (Leon): i give him a 10/10 

galar champion (Leon): your sis will catch up soon tho ;)))


hammerlocke gym (Raihan): this just in leon found dead in an alleyway


hulbury gym (Nessa): why are you like this

10 minutes ago

[Private Message: Piers > Leon ]

Piers: you

Piers: come to spikemuth and say that to my face 

Piers: cunt


Leon: ;p