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Tododeku (study)Date

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Izuku was zoning out. Little did he know, he was zoning out at Todoroki. He realized this, but he didn’t take his eyes off him. It wasn’t his fault Todoroki’s was so pretty that he didn’t see his best friend walk over and put her elbows on his desk.

“Nice view, Huh?” She said jokingly.

“Yeah...” Izuku snapped back to reality when he realized what he had said. “No, wait! I mean—“ he slammed his head on his desk an let out an exasperated sigh.

She laughed in her usual sweet tone. Juno Frost was her name. They had been best friends since Middleschool, when they met based on random encounter and she said that she didn’t think he was useless or had no chance. She was very protective of him, and knew his every secret. Even one for all, and especially his huge crush on Todoroki. She tried to be helpful, but her best advice was to use some stupid pick-up line she found on the internet that always was either too suggestive or went right over Todoroki’s head. (For a picture of Juno, look up MoonlarkArt and then click on my gallery. The most recent and accurate picture is literally called “Juno”)

“I’m just joking around.” She said as she flicked her tail in amusement. “Anyways, I think you should set up a study date with Todoroki. That’ll give you a chance to hang out with him more.”

Izuku sputtered and turned red. She actually had a good idea for once.

“Relax, relax. I’m not asking you to make a move on him or anything. Just.. hang out.”

WHY was she such a smooth talker. All of her stupid ideas sounded good when she flicked her tail in an aesthetically pleasing way. It was an okay plan, and they did have a math test coming up, and Ectoplasm is a harsh grader.

“Who are YOU studying with?” Izuku said suggestively. “Hoshi Tanaka?”

Juno sputtered and pinched him lightly in the arm at the mention of the boy from Class 1-B whose golden eyes captivated her whenever she saw them.

“As a matter of fact, yes. I like my plan, so I’m using it myself.” She pouted. “Anyways, go get him!”

Izuku got up and walked over to Todoroki’s desk in the back. He looked over at his best friend, and she offered no support other than a thumbs up and mouthing “you’ll thank me later.”

“Hello Midoriya.” Todoroki said, noticing him standing next to his desk as he packed up.

Izuku flinched and he felt a trace of blush creep up his neck. “T-Todoroki! I was just about to talk to you!”

“I could tell. You’re standing next to my desk.” He monotoned.

“Y-yeah. I was wondering if we could have a study session or whatever.. ya know, with the math test coming up and the huge load of homework ectoplasm gave us or whatever. We don’t have to. This could just be an awful idea I was right. It is an awful idea. I—“ he was in the middle of wishing the ground would open up and swallow him when Todoroki interrupted him.

“No, I think it’s a great idea. It’ll be at my house.” He said.

“It can be at my house, you really don’t have to.” Izuku tried really hard not to turn into a tomato.

“We always go to your house for hanging out with Juno. I want to repay the favor.”

“Won’t Endeavor be there?” Izuku was dying at this point.

“No, he gets home much later than when we get out of school this week. We won’t be bothered by him for a couple hours, but there’s also my siblings. We can study in peace if we go into my room.” Todoroki replied in his usual blank tone, despite Izuku’s rapidly blushing face.

Alone with Todoroki in his room? Could it get any more embarrassing? Izuku was beginning to regret his decision to trust Juno.

“Is today fine? I want to visit my mom on Friday, so we can have tomorrow to study if we really need it.” He continued

“Y-eah. That’s a good plan. I’ll see you after class.” Izuku said, smiling like a fool.

Todoroki said something else but Izuku didn’t catch it because he rushed off to find Uraraka and Juno.

“It’s a date.” Todoroki muttered so softly that it was almost a whisper.

Once the day was over, Izuku was nervously talking to Tsu and Uraraka.

“The time has come.” He inhaled.

Juno has told them about the study date, but they already knew about The Crush™️

Tsu smiled. “Good luck. Remember, don’t do anything stupid.”

Izuku sighed. “It’s easier said than done. Bye guys.”

He rushed over to Todoroki without hesitation. “Todoroki! Are you ready to get going to your house?”

“Yeah, just about.” He replied, putting a couple of papers neatly in his bag.

‘It’s cute how neat he his’, Izuku thought to himself. ‘I wonder if his room this neat.. well, I’m about to find out.’

“Coming?” Todoroki was already by the door. How long had he been spacing out? If Izuku zoned out every time Todoroki did something cute, this was going to be a very long study session.

“Y-yeah!” He headed towards where Todoroki was standing.

They talked a bit on the way to Todoroki’s house, mostly about after-school activities and their studies.

Todoroki laughed at every joke Izuku made, and he tried not to read too far into it. Besides, there was NO CHANCE that his feelings were mutual. Besides, Endeavor would never allow any form of their relationship(much less allow him to be friends with anyone in Class-A since Juno and her hot-headedness had sort of exploded on him for being an abusive parent).

As soon as the pair got to the Todoroki household, Todoroki took off his shoes and said hello to his brother and sister. Izuku took off his shoes, but they looked weirds next to Todoroki’s expensive dress shoes.

He caught up to Todoroki, who was talking to his siblings.

“Hi!” Izuku said cautiously. He didn’t know how to approach them.

“Fuyumi, Natsuo, meet my friend, Midoriya Izuku.” Todoroki said ‘friend’ like it was acid in his mouth, but Izuku passes it off as his imagination working with the butterflies in his stomach to get the best of him.

Fuyumi and Natsuo exchanged mischievous glances and smiled at Izuku knowingly.

“We’ve heard a lot about you!” Fuyumi giggled. Todoroki glared at her

Natsuo elbowed her in the arm. “So, you’re a good friend of Shoto’s?”

“Yeah, you could say that.”

‘But I want more..’ Izuku thought, letting a bit more blush decorate his freckled cheeks as he stole a glance at Todoroki.

“We’re going to go study.” Todoroki grabbed Izuku’s hand and walked down the hallway.

His mind buzzed and his face grew hot as he realized he and Todoroki were HOLDING HANDS.

Todoroki’s room was just as neat and and pretty as he was. He flopped down on his king-size bed in the middle of the room and Izuku cautiously followed.

“Your room is really nice.” He said.

“Thanks.” He replied and stretched his arms out, so his uniform was strained against his torso. “We should get to work.”

Izuku’s heart sunk when he remembered they were here to study. “Yeah, I guess.”

They finished up the day’s homework and went over notes. Todoroki didn’t get a bit of the algebra, so Izuku scooted next to him on the large bed and pointed out parts in the textbook as he explained.

During the explanation, Todoroki gradually scooted in closer, and Izuku stuttered every time they got closer together. An hour later, they were pressed against eachother’s sides. He had finished explaining, and now they were just sitting there and staring at each other.

Izuku’s side started to heat up. Todoroki’s quirk must have been activated.

He quickly lurched away from the heat, but Todoroki looked hurt.

“Ow— Todoroki, you’re hot!” Izuku immediately regretted those words the second they came out of his mouth.

Todoroki didn’t look so sad, but he was definitely red in the face. Wether it was from his quirk or genuine blushing, Izuku didn’t know.

He considered confessing. What was the worst that could happen? Todoroki hates him forever and never talks to him again—or worse, laughs at him. What if a villain attacked at the wrong moment and he had to wait DAYS for a response? He should probably be home soon, and Endeavor would be home in an hour or two, according to Todoroki. This could be the perfect opportunity. If he felt the same way, they could have some time to do whatever, and if it was one-sided, there’s nothing stopping him from going home. Plus, Todoroki didn’t seem like the type to decline rudely. So I guess go for broke?

His heart pounded and his stomach lurched at the thought of what he was doing. Izuku let his face flush and turn bright pink. After this, it wouldn’t matter if he was obviously crushing on Todoroki.

Todoroki turned slightly to face him and looked concerned. “Are you okay?” Izuku swore he saw a trace of blush on Todoroki’s cheeks.

“Yeah.. Uh..” Izuku stuttered. ‘NOW! TELL HIM NOW!’

“Todoroki..?” Izuku asked cautiously.

“Yeah? “ he responded softly.

It was becoming harder and harder to breathe over the loud thumping of his heart. He was actually going to do it.

This study date could transform into a real one, given Todoroki feels the same way.

“I’ve been feeling this way for a while now.. and—“ Izuku was cut off by the loud slamming open of Shoto’s bedroom door.

Endeavor stood in the doorway with disapproval written all over his face.

Izuku felt his face turn so red it was almost purple. What awful timing.

“Who’s this? What are you two doing?” The number one hero boomed.

“This is my friend, Midoriya Izuku.and we were studying for an upcoming math test.

Izuku could tell he was still bright red, so he tried to act cool. It didn’t turn out that way.

“I’lltellyoutomorrowbye!” Was all Izuku has the guts to say as he rushed past Endeavor for the door.

He put on his shoes without tying them, grabbed his book bag, and rushed outside. “Thankyouforhavingmeigottagonowbye!”

This was awful. Could Endeavor have picked worse timing? Maybe it would have been worse if he had popped in after Izuku had finished confessing.

He fished through his pocket and found his phone. He texted his mom that he was coming home soon, and immediately called Uraraka.

“Hey!” She greeted him as enthusiastic as ever.

“I almost fucked up real bad.” He replied, shaken

“Oh my god please tell me what happened. I’m with Tsu and Mina I’m putting you on speaker phone.”

A while ago, Izuku told Uraraka about his crush on Todoroki, and she told all the girls, who dubbed themselves ‘Cupid team’ and had started trying to nudge the pair together. It was kind of annoying, but he appreciated the support.

“Okay. Fine. So I was explaining a math Problem to Todoroki and he started scooting closer, so inner me freaked out and thought it would be a good idea to confess..”

He could hear the girls squeal through the phone. Definitely more than three.

“Go on..!” Mina urged excitedly

“So I just kinda sat there for a moment and then started to confess, but then Endeavor opened the door.”

“Oh my gOD” Hagakure exclaimed. ‘When did she get here?’ Izuku thought.

“He asked Todoroki who I was and what we were doing. I got up and left. I told Todoroki that I would tell him tomorrow.. what am I going to do?!” He was panicking. Attempt 1 at confessing was a total fail, and now he signed up to do it again tomorrow?!

“Just tell him you like him and whatever happens is whatever happens!” Juno suggested.

“It’s not that easy! What if he hates me forever and never wants to talk to me again?!” He whined

“I don’t think Todoroki would do that. He’s not that kind of person.” Tsu commented calmly.

“Fine. I’ll do it. But if he Rejects me, you’re all going to have to deal with me.” Izuku said reluctantly.

“We’ll come after you if you don’t do it by the end of your study date tomorrow. Also, tell us all the details.” Hagakure finished. “See you tomorrow!”

“Bye!” Izuku replied before he hung up.

He looked up and saw that he was already at his apartment. He banged his head on the side of the door before opening it.

“Hello Izuku! Where were you?” His mom asked. “I was wondering when you were going to come home.”

“I was studying with Todoroki. I’m pretty sure we’re prepared for the upcoming math test.” Izuku said, trying really hard to banish the remaining pink on his cheeks.

“Why do you look so uneasy then?” Inko responded, noticing how her son’s face was scrunched and the way he was looking at his feet.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” He exclaimed, a bit sharper than he meant to sound.

Inko didn’t look reassured. “If there’s anything you ever want to talk about, I want you to know I’m always here.”

“Yeah, I know. Thanks mom.” Izuku shoved a piece of bread into his mouth and went to his room.

He appreciated his mother’s support, but this was something that was really awkward to explain. She didn’t need to know EVERYTHING. Some things just had to stay at school.

Izuku flopped face down on his bed and reviewed the day’s events in his head.

A powerful groan escaped his lips and he pounded his fist into the bed.

“I’m an idiot!” He moaned.

Izuku could only wait to see what surprises tomorrow held.

-Todoroki Focus-
Shoto didn’t know what to do. After Midoriya left, his dad left his room and Shoto was left alone to let what happened boil over. He didn’t really need any help with the math, Shoto just liked listening to Midoriya talk. He wondered if he had appreciated it when Shoto scooted closer on the bed. He liked being that close. He wondered if he could do it more. He wondered if midoriya would want to hold his hand. He wondered if Midoriya wanted to kiss him. He wondered if Midoriya felt the same way..

Shoto wanted to hold Midoriya’s hand. He wanted to run his fingers through Midoryia’s soft, messy hair. He wanted to kiss him. Shoto could never tell him this though, because when it came to social interactions, he was a mess.

His dear father didn’t believe that they were really studying, because the textbook was across the room. The bitch said that “that brat” (he was talking about the sweet cinnamon roll known as Midoryia Izuku) was manipulating his decisions and causing him to forget his goal.

Shoto brushed him off and went to go talk to his brother and sister, who were on the couch.

“So..” Fuyumi glanced wickedly at Natsuo. “How did you get him to come over?”

“He.. wanted to study together so I suggested here..” Shoto muttered absentmindedly.

“So.. did anything happen in there?” Fuyumi raised an eyebrow. She could be such a pest.

Shoto turned pink. He could regulate his body temperature, but sometimes a little blushing slipped through the cracks. “No. Midoriya was about to tell me something when ‘dear father’ busted in though.”

“That boy’s smitten for you.” Natsuo looked up from his phone. “He might’ve been trying to ask you out.”

“How do you know?” He asked cautiously. Oh dear god let him be right.

“I can tell by the way he looks at you. Like you’re his world. Kind of like the way the population looks at all Might except with a lot more blushing,” Natsuo continued “It’s probably how I looked before I told my girlfriend how I felt.” He shoved a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

Shoto took a moment to process this. What’s the probability that they were right? He really liked him.

He internally slapped himself when he realized his face was bright red.

“Thanks for the thoughts, I’m going to sleep.” He said.

“Already? It’s only 6:00!” Fuyumi exclaimed.

“I’m exhausted from school today.” In truth, Shoto just wanted to be alone so he could lay on his back and fantasize about dating Midoryia. His favorite imaginary scenario was where they moved in together after UA and eventually got married after many dates where Midoryia got a speck of food on his face and Shoto got to wipe it off.

Yeah, he was hopelessly in love. So what?

-Midoryia focus-

The next day came too quickly, and Izuku was unprepared to try confessing again. A million things could go wrong, but all the girls sent him slightly threatening texts about what they would do to him if he didn’t do it. (They weren’t that bad. The worst one was they’d dump pudding all over him and then tell Todoroki themselves.)

The train ride to school was very nerve-racking, so he decided to go over what he was going to say ahead of time.

Ideas that wouldn’t work were telling him in a crowded area, just walking up and kissing him, writing him a mysterious note- actually, a note might work.

Izuku ripped a page out of one of his composition notebooks(definitely not one of his hero analysis for the future notebooks) and scribbled the words:

“Meet me in the Right hallway next to our classroom after class. I have something to tell you.

—Midoryia 💚”

Adding the heart at the end seemed a bit cheesy, but he thought Todoroki might like it.


After class, Izuku waited where he told Todoroki to meet him anxiously. ‘Where is he? Is he not going to show up and I’ll just wait here forever like an idiot?!‘

A thousand worries were crammed in his head when Todoroki arrived.

‘Oh god. Now I’m gonna do it.’ Izuku’s stomach did a flip.

“Hey.” Todoroki’s casual greeting set him at ease.

“Hey, uh.. remember when i was going to say something yesterday but then Endeavor came in?”

Calling him “his dad” sounded a little too friendly for reality.

“Yeah. I don’t know why he came home early. Anyways, what were you going to tell me?” Todoroki took his hands out of his pocket.

“Well... I uh.. I...” Izuku’s face flushed dark red. THIS IS THE TIME. DO IT NOW. He could hear Juno urging him to just say it from the back of his mind. His heart thumping drowned out all other sounds.

“I.. I like you!” He finally choked out.

Todoroki didn’t respond. A long moment of realization hit him before he put his hand behind Izuku’s head and pulled his waist close with the other. Todoroki didn’t need to respond verbally. His response was by pressing his lips to the green haired boy’s.

Izuku was shocked and sort of squirmed at first, but then tended and leaned into the kiss a little bit more.

Both of their hearts still thumping madly, they reluctantly broke apart after a glorious moment.

Staring into each other’s eyes, they didn’t notice that Kaminari and Mineta has witnessed the whole thing.

“Do you want to come to my house for another study session?” Todoroki breathed. “My dad won’t be home for a while.”

Izuku leaned in and gave Todoroki another quick kiss. “Of course.”

Mineta dropped his soda.