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"P’Arthit krap," Kongpob pulled at his boyfriend's shirt, trailing after him like a lost puppy, "P', come on. Don't be so angry, our friends didn't mean to be rude."


"Who said I'm angry?" Arthit sneered at the window, opening up two buttons on the top of his shirt. The room felt hot despite the cold draft outside that stirred the trees. The clock read 11:02PM. He had work tomorrow. Kongpob had class, and had to study for his finals. 


“P’Arthit krap,” Kongpob whined, but let go of Arthit’s shirt to untuck his own. Arthit saw a slip of smooth skin, and his annoyance simmered down. He felt an urge to touch the skin there. Kongpob continued obliviously, “Was it the comment about you being my wife? I take it with a grain of salt. We know we’re both men, you don’t have to be embarrassed,”


“Just get ready for bed, Kongpob,” Arthit sighed, “It’s late.”


Kongpob’s eyes widened, and he smirked teasingly, “Get ready for bed? P’Arthit is being very forward today,” He licked his lips when Arthit’s ears flushed red, “Not that I mind,”


“Kongpob! Just get in the shower!” He made a face and shoved the junior into the bathroom. Kongpob went without resisting, laughing.


Arthit fell back on the bed, scrolling through his facebook feed on his phone but not really looking at anything. Swiping up the endless cat videos and over-saturated pictures of food, his attention fell on the picture Knot had uploaded of their gathering at Bright’s bar tonight. He double-tapped the picture, his eyes lingering on Kongpob. Even in the dim and unflattering lighting, his boyfriend was unfairly photogenic and looked like he was the male lead walking straight out of a lakorn.


Kongpob was right. He was annoyed at how his friends, and even Kongpob’s friends, kept referring to him as a wife. He scowled at his phone and put it down, sulking with his eyes closed.


The sounds of the shower stopped. 




Kongpob’s muffled voice reached Arthit’s ears. He heard the bathroom door being cracked open.


“What?” He asked back, still lying on the bed.


“P’Arthit, I forgot to bring a change of clothes. Will you hand me something?”


“It’s your fault. Take it yourself,” Arthit said.


“But P’, you shoved me into the bathroom-”


“Get it yourself,” Arthit snapped, “I don’t feel like getting up.”


Arthit was already very exhausted and had half a mind to just sleep in these clothes, he didn't want to get up at all. Unexpactedly, he heard the bathroom door close. Then open. Was that idiot really roaming their apartment naked?!


He opened his eyes. Kongpob stepped out of the bathroom, and Arthit’s eyes widened. Kongpob’s hair was wet, sprinkling droplets of water down his face. His defined muscles and lean body glistened in the warm lighting. The trail of hair down his navel was plastered into the skin, and disappeared into the hem of a fluffy red towel. The towel itself hung precariously from his torso, like it could fall easily. His long legs dripped water down on the slick floor. His bare feet made the scene look somehow more erotic.


Arthit’s throat was suddenly dry. He needed a drink. He looked around to make sure the curtains were closed.


“Kongpob! You’re dripping all over the floor!”


“And whose fault is that, P’?” Kongpob countered with his arms crossed, but his face was red too. “What do you say I do about it? Join you on the bed?”


On a normal day, Arthit would have yelled his name again and told him to fuck off, and then resign to hiding under his blanket. Today wasn’t one of them. The word ‘wife’ kept repeating in his mind again and again, and suddenly he had an idea.


“Yeah, come here.”


Kongpob hadn’t been expecting that, and he grinned happily. Not the one to look a gift horse in the mouth, he quickly fell on the bed, where Arthit caught his chin and kissed him. 


Kongpob’s excitement radiated off him, and he quickly climbed on top of Arthit to kiss him better. Arthit let his hands roam the expanse of Kongpob’s back as he kissed him, feeling the water turn cold on his skin. Kongpob shivered. His back muscles moved under Arthit’s hands. Arthit angled his head and deepened the kiss, slotting their mouths together. The feeling of Kongbop’s cool lips, the heady scent of his soap sent tingles down his body. 


He flipped them around. Kongpob made a surprised sound as he landed on the bed. Arthit held himself between Kongpob’s legs, his arms on either sides of Kongpob’s face. They panted, staring at each other. The towel around Kongpob’s hips was still somehow in place, but in this position it was hardly covering anything. Arthit could see Kongpob’s erection making a tent in them, the base peeking out under the soft fabric. 


He sat back, admiring the view and simultaneously feeling like he should look away. It looked too lewd! Kongpob’s wet hair was plastered to his forehead, and his chest rising and falling with quick breaths. Laying bare beneath Arthit, he looked like he had miles of skin. Arthit felt warm all over, and his pants felt too tight.


“P’, take off your clothes too,” Kongpob pleaded, a request that Arthit had no intention to follow. Now Kongpob could finally understand how being flustered felt. Arthit could get used to this.


He smirked, feeling bold, “Do you like this? Not what I would expect from the ex-Head Hazer and the golden boy of the University. Does this turn you on?” He put his palm on the towel, right along Kongpob’s dick.


Kongpob gasped a guttered groan in lieu of a response. His hips bucked, and Arthit put his other hand flat on his hips to still him. He curled his fingers along the happy trail, gently scratching the skin there. Kongpob was getting frustrated of the teasing. 


Arthit undid the towel, dropping it on the floor. Kongpob looked up at him, his cheeks a deep red. “P’, please hurry up,”


Arthit fetched the lube from a drawer in the bedside table. He slicked his hands with a generous amount. Kongpob was still staring at him as he rubbed his palms together to warm the liquid up, careful not to get it on his clothes. Arthit knew that him initiating things made Kongpob excited, and maybe he even had a thing for it, but he didn’t know it could reduce Kongpob into this mess. 


He hesitated. They had tried switching before, but Arthit always ended up being too rough on him. Seeing Kongpob limp and wince the next day had, to his immense guilt, made him feel even more aroused and smug. He stilled at the reminder.


“Kongpob, are you sure you want to do this?”


Kongpob gave an incredulous expression. He reached forward, grabbed Arthit’s wrist, and pulled his hand flat between his legs. Instantly, both of them blushed, and Kongpob’s legs flinched.


“Arthit, make me your wife,” 


Arthit’s first reaction was to pull his hand away, but Kongpob’s grip was tight. But then Kongpob said those words that sent his blood straight into his dick, overpowering arousal clouding his thoughts, the words affecting him more than he could imagine. He curled his fingers almost subconsciously, rubbing circles around Kongpob’s hole. 


Kongpob tensed further, his muscles pulled taut. He moaned, his other hand reaching to his wet hair and pulling. Arthit couldn’t look away. The scene made his dick strain painfully against his trousers. He bent down, kissing Kongpob’s jaw. 


“Kongpop, your wife looks jealous,” “Yeah Kongpob, is your wife not satisfied with you?”


Arthit sneered. Recalling the comments had flipped a switch in him. He wanted nothing more now than to bite and mark Kongpob, take him roughly so every time he tried to walk or sit tomorrow, he would remember who the wife was.


He slid two fingers inside his boyfriend, and swallowed Kongpob’s moan in a kiss, pulling his bottom lip and biting down softly. Kongpob groaned into his mouth, his free hand coming up to grab Arthit’s hair so he could chase the kiss.


Arthit broke away despite it, gently scissoring Kongpob’s hole and letting his thumb massage his inner thighs. He bent down to suck on his neck. When the skin had blossomed into a nice rosy red, he bit down.


Immediately Kongpob bucked his hips again, forcing Arthit’s fingers in. He threw his head back, and both his hands came to grip the sheets. 


“Oi, Kongpob,” He said near the junior’s ear, his voice sounding rough and scolding, “You’ll hurt yourself. If you keep doing this, I won’t be able to hold myself back.”


“T-then don’t,” Kongpob begged. He crossed his ankles around Arthit’s waist and pulled him down. Arthit’s fingers automatically slid into him with barely any resistance, and suddenly he was buried in Kongpob to the hilt.


“Kongpob! You-”


Kongpob kept talking, “P’Arthit, don’t hold back with me! I p-promise I will take it. Please be rough w-with me.” He stuttered, as if each word wasn’t making Arthit’s dick ache more. His eyes closed tightly, “Be so rough that I can feel it until next week. That the whole week I keep thinking of how good you made me feel. P’Arthit, please.”


Arthit felt his cheeks flush. His instinct to hide fought with the urge to flip Kongpob onto his front and take him like an animal. The mental images were too scandalous. He thought of Kongpob thinking about him in class, in the basketball court, in the canteen, always missing him and wanting Arthit to take care him no matter who was there with them, of him proudly proclaiming himself as Arthit’s wife. His husband. 


Arthit suppressed a deep groan by biting into Kongpob’s chest. He sucked and licked the drops of water off the smooth chest, feeling Kongpob’s lean muscles tense and relax under his lips. By the time he had reached one nipple, he had left an impressive amount of hickeys along the golden skin. Arthit pumped his fingers in and out of the slick hole. He added a third finger slowly, curling his fingers to brush the tips against the front.


Kongbop’s legs tightened around Arthit. 


“Hnng- Arthit, please hurry up. I can’t take it anymore,”


“Kong, you aren’t ready,” Arthit said reasonably, straightening his back. He stopped to admire his work. Kongpob looked violently handsome like this, with fresh and vibrant bruises on his chest. His neglected dick was wet with the sheer amount of precome he’d been leaking. Arthit flattened his three fingers inside him, and watched Kongpob arching his back. The movement of his abs and ribs were mesmerizing. Delicious.


“I’m ready- I’m ready, please take me, ai‘Oon-”


Arthit stilled. Kongpob stilled too, and blinked up at Arthit looking panicked.


“P’ I’m sorry-”


“Who said you could call me that?” Arthit didn’t really mind it that much, but Kongpob’s expression made him want to tease him even more. He let his Hazer voice seep through, and scowled down at him like he was angry.


Kongpob shivered with his eyes downcast, biting his lip. Arthit’s eyes followed his movements.


“P’ I’m really sorry,” He was trying really hard to sound sincere even through his state of arousal, but he couldn't hide the excited twitch of his dick.


“Should I make you take responsibility for your mistake?” Arthit said nonchalantly, noting his reactions in his mind, “By taking you in here?” He thumbed Kongpob’s hole, and slipped the digit in. He pressed it up into the bundle of nerves again, watching with pleasure as Kongpob gasped. “Should I take you right now without mercy?”


“Yes! Yes-” Kongpob moaned in happiness, and Arthit felt he really should’ve given him a ‘punishment’ different from what he obviously wanted. 


Pushing his hesitation away, he smirked down at his boyfriend. “Why don’t you do the work for me then, 0062”


Kongpob scrambled up. Not wanting to wait any longer, he unbuttoned Arthit’s pants with clumsy hands. Arthit stopped him when he got the zipper down. He moved to sit against the headboard, and pulled Kongpob down to kiss him fiercely. He freed his dick from his pants, giving it a few leisure strokes as Kongpob leaned over him with shaking thighs. 


“P’Arthit… Arthit… let me ride you today, let me make up for my mistake,” Kongbop said. He unbuttoned Arthit’s shirt as fast as he could, then ran his hands down his senior’s chest. His forehead was now shining with sweat. Arthit looked up at him skeptically.


“Kongbop, are you sure you won’t hurt yourself?!” 


“I’m- I’m sure- Arthit, let’s do it without a condom today, please? You can come inside me if you want, Arthit,”


That declaration was… so shameless! Arthit blushed more. His dick didn’t listen to reason, and got unbearably hard at the thought of his come leaking out of Kongpob’s hole. He shifted, and hoped Kongpob would not be too rough with himself.


“Fine, 0062, do what you want.”


Kongpob kissed him again, thumbing Arthit’s nipples to make him shudder. His hair was a little less damp, and went up in every direction. The marks on his chest rippled with every movement, and Arthit felt himself be mesmerized by it.


Kongpob grabbed his dick, giving it a few lazy pumps. The cold touch made Arthit fist the sheets. Kongpob lined it up, and Arthit could feel Kongpob rubbing his hole on the slit of his member. He grunted, his hands automatically grasping Kongpob’s hips and trying to press him down.


“Are you ready, P’?” Kongpob asked breathlessly. As soon as Arthit nodded, he sank down instantly, and took Arthit up to the hilt in a few seconds.


“K-Kongpo-hnngh!” Arthit’s voice tapered off to a loud moan. Kongpob was impossibly hot inside, his walls clenching hard around his dick. The velvety insides made him feel like he would lose his mind in pleasure. Kongpob gasped, breathing loudly. Arthit couldn’t believe his reckless boyfriend.


Kongpob’s hand on his shoulder gripped him so tightly he could feel his nails digging bloody crescents into his back. He felt Kongpob trying to rise, and grabbed his thighs tightly so he couldn’t move. 


“0062!” He hissed, “Y-you- you’ll hurt yourself!”


“I can take it, please,” The idiot said breathlessly.


“...” Arthit tried another way, “Stay still for me. If you go on, I’ll come too early,”


Kongpop nodded, still breathing heavily. Arthit felt Kongpob’s thighs relax, and his hole clench around his dick. It wasn’t technically a lie; if this went on he could come in seconds. He shifted a little. 


Kongpob suddenly took a shuddering breath. Arthit looked up, and his heart jumped in his throat. 

Kongpob’s eyes were wet, and when Arthit looked up, he closed them. Tears collected at the edge of his eyes, and one drop slid down his cheek. 


“Kongpob?” Arthit asked, concerned.


At the sound of his tender voice, Kongpob sobbed. More tears slipped down his face, painting his cheeks. He made a desperate sound in his throat, and linked his arms around Arthit’s shoulders.


“Kong, are you alright? Are you hurt? Should we stop?!”


Kongpob sobbed harder, shaking his head frantically. His lip wobbled as he tried to form words that were drowned by his cries.


“Kong, I need-” Arthit felt his dick twitch inside Kongpob at the lewd sight of him, messy and flushed with his eyelashes clumped together with tears and his mouth open. Why was he like this?! He pushed his arousal aside, “I need you to talk to me. Do you w-want to stop?” Kongpob clenched around him harder, and Arthit had to fight the strong urge to buck his hips up.


“No- no stopping,” Kongpob said, his voice trembling, “This just- hurts - hurts so good- feels so good, P’Arthit, you feel so good inside me. You feel so full inside me.” He sniffed, “P’Arthit, I love you, I love you a lot,”


Arthit felt his throat close up, “I love you too, Kong,”


Kongpob’s breath hitched at the nickname, and he gave a watery grin, “Then P’, please fuck me right now, I really want to come.”


Trust Kongpob to ruin the moment and be completely shameless about it! Arthit blushed again, snapped his hips up in revenge, making Kongpob gasp. Kongpob laughed, more tears streaming down his face. He gladly started to rock himself up and down. His toned thighs strained as he lifted his hips almost completely off Arthit’s cock, and then slammed them back down. The sound of skin slapping skin filled the room along with their moans, but Arthit couldn’t care less at this moment. He knew the walls were thick enough to only send the sound back to his own ears. His nails scratched Kongpob’s thighs, leaving raised streaks that would bloom later. 


Kongpob’s hole was tight and slick, his walls soft and pliant. Arthit felt his skin break out in goosebumps, his head swimming with pleasure. Kongpob was getting tired of riding, his rhythm breaking into something slower as he panted and gasped for breath. 


Arthit surged up, catching his lips in a kiss that Kongpob, worn out, could barely respond to. He pushed Kongpob back into the bed without breaking any contact. Hovering over him, he sloppily kissed Kongpob as he kneeled between Kongpob’s thighs. He lifted one leg over his shoulder, and pressed his dick fully into Kong’s hole.


The hole was beautifully rosy and swollen now, wrapped neatly around Arthit’s pulsing dick. Arthit could only stare at it for so long before he had to look away, flustered. He thrust in again, trying different positions until Kongpob suddenly arched his back and cried out.


Happy with himself, he bent down to kiss Kongpob again, sucking and biting his lips and then moving down to his neck. His thrusts kept getting faster, synchronizing with their moans. He was careful to keep hitting on that angle that made Kongpob cry more tears, lips and chin glistening with saliva. Arthit had done this to him.


“A- Ah-Arthit, hnnng- Arthit- fa-faster,” Kongpob moaned, his nails scratching Arthit’s back as he tried to search for leverage. The scene with Kongpob lying completely naked, being ravaged by his mostly clothed boyfriend sent spurts of precome slipping out of his cock.

Arthit just grunted loudly, chasing pleasure and beyond any coherent thoughts. His other hand gripped Kongpob’s member tightly, pumping it. His mind flashed an image in front of his head, of Kongpob with sticky eyelashes saying ‘ Make me your wife, p’Arthit, come inside me, ’.


“Kong,” Arthit gasped as he felt his orgasm washing over him. Instinctively he thrust in and spilled his seed. Arthit bit down on Kongpob’s neck to stop the sound building up in his throat, and felt his boyfriend inhale sharply. Kongpob keened as he orgasmed, his dick spurting white fluid onto their stomachs and Arthit felt his walls spasm around him, milking his dick. He bit down harder, until he had to let go to breathe, and licked the blood beading at the wound apologetically.


They stayed like that, catching their breath. Arthit felt weariness crawl up his bones but didn’t fall on top of Kongpob, afraid of making a bigger mess. They looked at each other, and Arthit reached up to gently wipe away the last of Kongpob’s tears.


Then he finally  pulled out, wincing at the feeling. He rolled on to the side and lay on the bed. He looked up at the dim yellow light above.


Beside him, Kongpob laughed breathlessly. Arthit looked at him, “What’s gotten into you?”


Kongpob turned towards him, using his arm as a pillow, grinning while he basked in the afterglow, “If you wanted to fuck me this badly, you should have just said so. Too bad I have to take a shower again.”




“P’Arthit… I can feel your come inside me. Does that make you feel good? Does it turn you on? Do you want to help me get it out in the shower? We can go for a second round there if you want~”


“Kongpob! Stop talking!”


“P’Arthit… honestly, you never fail to surprise me. If I knew that a simple word, ‘wife’, would lead to such amazing sex I would’ve used it sooner-”


“KONGPOB! Get out! You’re sleeping on the floor tonight!”