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fear the teenagers & their shenanigans

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[pray for us]


kiribabe: uh guys just wondering


kiribabe: who gave kami the basket of avocados


acid queen: kiri come on


acid queen: it was obv me who else


kiribabe: y


acid queen: for science


kiribabe: ok well u know how my room’s beside bakugou’s


scotchtape: oh shit


acid queen: oh shit


acid queen: pls tell me he didn’t


kiribabe: oh no he did


kiribabe: i heard him bust bakubro’s door open and yell “free shavacados” and i think he threw them at him


acid queen: oh denki u poor fool


kiribabe: and now he’s running around on our floor like a chicken w/o a head while baku screams bloody murder


scotchtape: alright press f to pay respects to our fallen comrade


acid queen: f


kiribabe: f


scotchtape: @ all the lurkers u 2


to infinity & beyond: f


bad dye job: f


that punk kid in every friend group: f


broken bone boi: f


dark shadow’s alter ego: f


diabetes: f


prehensile tail: f


arms arms arms: f


always tired: f


sparkles: f


susan storm: f


a baby: f


grape stain: f


amphibia: f


precious peach: f


precious peach: oh no wait i was supposed to help kaminari-kun study for math class later today


scotchtape: it’s ok yaoyorozu it’s his own fault


scotchtape: his and mina’s


acid queen: lies and slander


boom boom bitch: mina


acid queen: fuck


scotchtape: well that’s two of the bakugou bodyguard brigade down for the count



[the favorites]


hitoshit: where is he


bakubitch: bound & gagged w sharpie drawings all over his face in the laundry room


hitoshit: k good


hitoshit: i’d hate to have to tell dad his class is suddenly one less


bakubitch: yea yea wtvr he’s lucky u like him 


hitoshit: don’t lie kat he was ur friend before he was my boyfriend


bakubitch: we don’t speak of it



[pray for us]

portable charger: ur all dead to me


portable charger: except for iida bc he wasn’t here and hitoshi bc he’s my savior in all things


portable charger: but the rest of u are traitors to the cause


scotchtape: what was the cause denki?


scotchtape: death by bakublast?


portable charger: do not engage w me heathen


kiribabe: kami u brought it on urself


portable charger: to quote my sister in suffering “lies and slander”


portable charger: i thought we were squad kiri

portable charger: turns out we were just fam


kiribabe: that’s not even how that goes


portable charger: so?


portable charger: it still makes sense


scotchtape: barely


portable charger: and yaoyorozu


portable charger: angel sent from above


portable charger: i thought i’d at least get some help from u


precious peach: my apologies kaminari-kun


precious peach: jirou-san needed some help from me suddenly


portable charger: “suddenly”


portable charger: @that punk kid in every friend group what did i ever do to u


that punk kid in every friend group: dropped my air pods in the toilet


that punk kid in every friend group: or did u forget


portable charger: u have like 8 pairs!!


that punk kid in every friend group: ur argument changes absolutely nothing


that punk kid in every friend group: i would sell u to satan for one corn chip


portable charger: and to think i had a crush on u


that punk kid in every friend group: three things


that punk kid in every friend group:1. u’ve always been a gay disaster kami wbk


that punk kid in every friend group: 2. so am i 


that punk kid in every friend group: 3. If that ever happened it would be incest

portable charger: oh shit u rite


to infinity & beyond: sry u guys know i love to lurk but what


to infinity & beyond: im lost since when are the two of u related


scotchtape: rules of the squad


acid queen: and by that he means bakusquad


acid queen: also ha i really am second fav baku let me out of the dryer after ten minutes


broken bone boi: wait what


to infinity & beyond: hold on izu wait one thing at a time


portable charger: as we were saying


that punk kid in every friend group: the rules of the bakusquad, tho unwritten they may be, all of us are family


portable charger: (u lowkey just busted a phat rhyme i've never been more proud)


that punk kid in every friend group: (thx)


that punk kid in every friend group: and since i was basically absorbed into the bakugou bodyguard brigade after the cultural festival


portable charger: that means i’m her brother and she’s my sister


that punk kid in every friend group: so yea incest


acid queen: can confirm


scotchtape: yea they swore a blood oath and everything


precious peach: that can’t be sanitary


to infinity & beyond: or safe


kiribabe: nevertheless it happened


scotchtape: we witnessed


boom boom bitch: it was disgusting & kyouka shouldn’t have let denki convince her to do it


that punk kid in every friend group: true but i mean it’s like the only dumb thing i’ve ever done so it’s eh


to infinity & beyond: wait but how does that make sense


kiribabe: which part


kiribabe: kami’s brain never makes sense


to infinity & beyond: u guys make it sound like only jirou & kami did it


acid queen: well yea cuz that’s what happened


to infinity & beyond: but wats the point if all of u didn’t participate


scotchtape: yea no none of us were gonna do it, it was dumb


portable charger: rude


that punk kid in every friend group: but very true


precious peach: but then why do it at all jirou-san


that punk kid if every friend group: *sighs* kami started pouting


always tired: understandable


to infinity & beyond: i mean ig i understand??


broken bone boi: great so now that that’s settled


to infinity & beyond: wow izu thx


broken bone boi: sry uraraka-chan it’s just been bothering me


to infinity & beyond: ok ok go ahead


broken bone boi: @acid queen 


acid queen: yes mido?


broken bone boi: u were in the dryer??


acid queen: oh yea kitkat gave me the option of getting tied up like kami & getting drawn on the face or crawling into the dryer of my own free will and staying there for no less than 5 minutes


prehensile tail: that can’t have been comfortable


acid queen: before i tried it i thot the same but it surprisingly was lol


acid queen: twas very cozy


dark shadow’s alter ego: was it dark as well


acid queen: oh yea u’d like it tokoyami


dark shadow’s alter ego: i shall have to try it out


broken bone boi: pls don’t tokoyami-kun


portable charger: wait mina


acid queen: yesss


portable charger: *insert screenshot*


portable charger: what do u mean ur second fav i thot i was second fave


acid queen: oh denki denki denki


scotchtape: how wrong u are


that punk kid in every friend group: blood brother pls


scotchtape: im second fav


that punk kid in every friend group: im second fav


acid queen: im obv second fav


acid queen: wait what


scotchtape: i disagree


that punk kid in every friend group: ditto


portable charger: ur all delusional


portable charger: @boom boom bitch speak the truth and teach my brothers and sisters a lesson


boom boom bitch: i can neither confirm nor deny any such allegations


acid queen: dammit


that punk kid in every friend group: dammit


that punk kid in every friend group: dammit


portable charger:^^


grape stain: wait but then who’s first favorite


that punk kid in every friend group: mineta how out of touch r u


to infinity & beyond: u shouldn’t even need to ask


precious peach: ^^


broken bone boi: ^^




boom boom bitch: ^^


always tired:^^


dark shadow’s alter ego: ^^


acid queen: ^^


prehensile tail: ^^


kiribabe: its me :)


grape stain: makes sense





Iida Tenya: Everyone, I thought we agreed this group chat was only to be used in times of distress or for other more professional matters! Who has changed the group name?


bad dye job: u can’t tell me u actually expected to put all 21 of us in one gc and keep it professional iida


Iida Tenya: I had hope that would be the case, Todoroki-kun.


bad dye job: it was false hope


amphibia: i agree with todoroki-kun, this was never going to be that iida-kun


portable charger: also i changed the name


portable charger: bc lady luck hates us and we’re always getting caught up in villain shit


portable charger: but mostly bc mY GRADES


scotchtape: lol


portable charger: i did not deign to grant you speech judas


scotchtape: good thing i texted then


diabetes: bakugou may i borrow from your ingredient inventory


diabetes: @boom boom bitch i ran out of cinammon


boom boom bitch: yea just buy some more if you use all of it


diabetes: of course, thank you again


acid queen: wait satou r u baking rn


diabetes: i am ashido-san


portable charger: may we have some


acid queen: pls


diabetes: none of u are allergic to cinammon rolls yes?

portable charger: i mean i’m allergic to TRAITORS but other than that no


that punk kid in every friend group: oml kami calm ur shit already that was three hours ago


portable charger: NEVER


that punk kid in every friend group: in case u’ve forgotten satou left u for dead too yknow


portable charger: yes but he’s going to feed me so all is forgiven


that punk kid in every friend group: i regret that blood pact


portable charger: for the third time


portable charger: LIES AND SLANDER


boom boom bitch: jesus stfu already i’m trying to study


portable charger: but-


boom boom bitch: shut up and move on and i’ll make u dinner


portable charger: holy fuck all of u guys come here for a hug ilysm


portable charger: see jirou


portable charger: whereas u would sell me to satan for one corn chip, i would absolve all of u of ur sins for kat’s homecooking


portable charger: bc im NICE and a GIVER


boom boom bitch: denki wtf did i just say


portable charger: sry yes im shutting up now


[the favorites]

hitoshit: i-


bakubitch: calm ur tits ik i’ll make some for u too


hitoshit: have i ever mentioned how glad i am to be ur honorary bro


bakubitch: u mean how glad u are that dad told me to make sure ur ass eats three meals a day


hitoshit: that too

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boom boom bitch: momo take the fucking avocados


precious peach: ah but bakugou-kun, kaminari-kun gave those to u


boom boom bitch: the dumbass knows i didn’t want them then and i don’t want them now


boom boom bitch: got no fucking use for that shit


boom boom bitch: they’re high in lipids anyway so they’re perfect for u ponytail


precious peach: then i accept, thank u very much


boom boom bitch: wtvr


boom boom bitch: ur studying w pikachu again tonight right?


precious peach: yes i am


boom boom bitch: he got a bad score on the last history exam so try and go over that shit too


boom boom bitch: he gets depressed when he falls behind & it’s fucking exhausting


precious peach: i will make sure to do just that 


boom boom bitch: good







[the favorites]

bakubitch: did u use up all my moisturizer


hitoshit: probably y


bakubitch: refill that shit then dumbass


hitoshit: what but u don’t even use it anyway


hitoshit: i thought one of the perks of your quirk was perfect skin


hitoshit: isn’t glycerin moisturizing?


bakubitch: it’s not for me stupid


bakubitch: i keep it there to remind eijirou to use it


hitoshit: does he have really dry skin or smth?


bakubitch: his quirk is skin hardening fucktard


bakubitch: it dries him up like a desert


bakubitch: he goes through lotion like water so he’s always running out


bakubitch: besides with how much time he and the idiot squad spend in my room, sometimes he forgets and it’s uncomfortable asf for him


bakubitch: at least tell me if ur gonna use it too, i’ll just get more next time


hitoshit: shit i had no idea


hitoshit: sorry kat, i’ll go and buy a few bottles after classes end


bakubitch: hn




[the only one i trust with the aux cord]

god on the drums: hanta looked weird in aizawa’s today


main vocal: i think i overheard him say his arms were hurting when we finished with pe 


god on the drums: he’s usually better at not overworking himself, what’s going on


main vocal: it’s not that, he didn’t overuse his quirk or anything


main vocal: ‘m pretty sure it’s just buildup


main vocal: i don’t think he can massage them very well by himself


god on the drums: i’ve given him this lesson at least three times


main vocal: yea but i mean it’s still new, he’s never had to work his quirk this hard before ua


main vocal: he doesn’t have practice at taking care of it


god on the drums: fucking fine i'll deal w it




pink menace: hey so is all might like


handler: istg ashido if ur gonna talk about the percentage of dilf u think he is again


handler: i’m shoving u in that dryer and putting u on tumble


pink menace: omg no i’m still debating on that


pink menace: i haven’t decided on a definitive number yet


handler: jesus


pink menace: anyway


pink menace: do u think him & mido’s mom have smth going on or wtvr


handler: wtf no


handler: auntie would never


handler: he may be my childhood hero but i’d have to beat his ass


handler: deku hasn’t seen his dad in years but his parents r still going strong


handler: i’d need to report the man for homewrecking


handler: the fuck brought that on


pink menace: oh well


pink menace: i mean he favors mido so much ykno? and it’s like, i’m not bothered by it or anything cuz izu’s pretty sweet but 


pink menace: those two seem to talk a lot and i always wondered


handler: aint it just cuz their quirks are similar and deku’s fucking hopeless w his


pink menace: true mido is a hot mess abt it but still


pink menace: it’s incharresting


pink menace: also u kno i luv gossip so if there’s sum there then i wanna kno it


handler: deku’s literally walking scar tissue mina that’s it


pink menace: is it tho?


handler: mina i’m telling u it is


pink menace: idk…


handler: no ashido u don’t get it


handler: i’m TELLING u that’s what it is


handler: let it lie


pink menace: oH


pink menace: ok kat, i’ll stop digging


handler: good


handler: now come to the kitchen u lil shit i made extra okonomiyaki


pink menace: oo yes pls





[constant supervision required]

beyond the best: u and all might need to be more fucking subtle 


professional deku: wait what


professional deku: did smth happen kacchan


beyond the best: mina started noticing how much u guys talk


beyond the best: i nipped it in the bud but ffs from now on be more creative w ur excuses and stop being so obvious


professional deku: thanks again kacchan


professional deku: i’ll try





[pray for us]

Iida Tenya: Everyone! Don’t forget what Present Mic-san said about a test next week! I wanted to remind all of you just in case you want to get some studying in ahead of time like I am.


portable charger: thx class prez but i’m actually good to go on that front


susan storm: really kaminari-kun?


portable charger: ehh that’s mean hagakuuree


susan storm: oh i’m sorry, i wasn’t trying to be rude, i was just a bit surprised is all


scotchtape: don’t sweat it hagakure


scotchtape: kami’s just bizarrely good at english


amphibia: i sometimes forget kaminari-kun’s in the top five for that class


amphibia: so don’t sweat it, u aren’t the only one tooru-chan


susan storm: thanks asui-chan


kiribabe: tbh we're squad but even i forget


portable charger: thx kiri


kiribabe: luv u bro


arms arms arms: has anyone seen tokoyami


arms arms arms: also thank u for the reminder iida


portable charger: u mean @dark shadow’s alter ego


portable charger: y u lookin


arms arms arms: we usually go to the gym together around this time but i haven’t been able to find him


broken bone boi: sry abt that shoji-kun


broken bone boi: he’s w me, aoyama-kun, and todoroki in the basement


broken bone boi: he mentioned wanting to work on controlling dark shadow in the pitch dark and asked for help just in case smth goes wrong


broken bone boi: they’re finishing up rn, i’ll tell him ur looking for him


broken bone boi: we should be back in five minutes


arms arms arms: ah alright then, i’ll wait in the living room


portable charger: oh since ur coming over here, wanna play scrabble w me and mineta?


grape stain: i wouldn’t


grape stain: i agreed to play bc i also had forgotten how good he was at english


grape stain: he’s 200 points ahead


kiribabe: rip


portable charger: i’m amazing


always tired: u are and i’m glad u said it


to infinity & beyond: count on shinsou-kun to reply just to compliment his boyfriend


to infinity & beyond: i love love


grape stain: shinsou u made him blush


always tired: nice


grape stain: oh dude do it again, he’s too distracted to think straight


that punk kid in every friend group: well duh that’s cuz he gay


grape stain: u know what i mean


always tired: nah, i don’t wanna make him lose


always tired: i can always compliment him another time


boom boom bitch: hitoshit says that and it’s probably true but he’s also facedown and dead on his bed from pulling an allnighter training w aizawa-sensei again so who tf knows


always tired: y must u expose me like this


boom boom bitch: bc ur a little bitch


always tired: it’s not my fault the closest convenience store closed bc the store owner’s wife went into labor


always tired: i’ll buy the stuff tmrw scouts honor


boom boom bitch: u were never a boyscout u loser don’t even try


always tired: fine then on my honor as a brother


kiribabe: woo that’s a serious promise there shinbro u sure abt that


scotchtape: ^^


acid queen: ^^


that punk kid in every friend group: ^^


broken bone boi: sometimes i forget kacchan took one look at shinsou that first day he joined our class, called him hellspawn, and claimed him as fam


acid queen: no no mido, u’ve got it all wrong


acid queen: kitkat claimed him as soon as that fight with him & class b


scotchtape: baku was impressed


boom boom bitch: hanta refrain from complimenting the infidel for the moment


to infinity & beyond: u didn’t deny it bakugou-kun


boom boom bitch: uraraka 


to infinity & beyond: yes i understand i’ll shut up now


boom boom bitch: good


boom boom bitch: anyway hitoshit u better be taking this srsly


always tired: yea yea, tomorrow


always tired: just let me crash for tonight


portable charger: sweet dreams hitoshi


always tired: thx babe


portable charger: i-


grape stain: oh sweet i won!


[the favorites]

bakubitch: i left sum okonomiyaki in the fridge


bakubitch: make sure to eat when u wake up asshat


bakubitch: ur too fucking skinny


hitoshit: luv u too kat










[fuck the sports festival]

two-tone: hey bakugou


two-tone: let’s go on a date






one and only: pardon the fck

Chapter Text

[fuck the sports festival]



one and only: half n half 


one and only: are u in danger


one and only: is a villain making u say these things


one and only: who is this


one and only: istg if u don’t give icyhot his fucking phone


one and only: i will find u and i will sic endeavor on u


one and only: do u have any idea what burning flesh smells like


one and only: u will die sCREAMING


two-tone: bakugou i can assure u it is me texting


one and only: i dont believe that for one second u rat bastard who is this


two-tone : * todo_selfie.jpg*


one and only: don’t get all proud of urself now u sick bitch


one and only: that selfie could be from weeks ago


two-tone: bakugou do i really seem like the kind of person to keep pictures of myself on my phone, much less for prolonged periods of time


one and only: ok so maybe icyhot’s not a vain shitstick


one and only: it’s going to take more than that to convince me asshat


two-tone: u saw me leave with uraraka, midoriya, and iida earlier yes


one and only: yea so


two-tone : *dekusquad at a cafe_selfie.jpg*


one and only: icyhot’s such an awkward fuck who even puts up peace signs anymore


two-tone: rude


two-tone: also uraraka says she’s finally gonna beat ur deadlift record soon


one and only: round face wishes


one and only: but fucking fine, i’ll bite


one and only: say i believe u and u are shitty half n half


one and only: what the fuck


one and only: and i repeat wHAT THE FUCK


one and only: are u out of ur goddamn mind


one and only: in what realm of existence did u deem it a sound decision to ask me


one and only: bakugou katsuki


one and only: future lord explosion murder


one and only: on a date


two-tone: it’s my understanding that one typically asks such questions of those they seek intimacy from


one and only: oh my god i-


one and only: did deku put u up to this


one and only: did u eat smth funky


one and only: leave that cafe rn and tell endeavor to sue


one and only: u’ve been poisoned


one and only: we’re not even friends u fuckhead where did that come from


two-tone: but we are friends


one and only: NO WE’RE FUCKING NOT


two-tone: yes we are


one and only: N O


two-tone: i’m confused


one and only: not as much as me bitch


two-tone: u met my family tho??


one and only: I DIDNT WANT TO


two-tone: u asked for my sister’s mapo tofu recipe




two-tone: i merely would like to get to know u more


two-tone: my sister has already stated that she thinks we would be a good match


one and only: IN WHAT FUCKING WORLD-


two-tone: will tmrw be acceptable


two-tone: i have already acquired two tickets to the movie theatre


one and only: i thought u and the loser squad were hanging out


one and only: how tf did u even find the time


two-tone: iida and midoriya have been debating the benefits of caffeine on a hero’s productivity for the past twenty minutes


two-tone: which, i never took midoriya for a coffee fanatic


one and only: the rest of u extras don’t wake up as early as the two of us do


one and only: shitty nerd lives on that stuff, istg those aren’t freckles, those are ground coffee beans and they’ve manifested on his skin


two-tone: i see


two-tone: also uraraka is steadily ordering everything on the menu while they’re distracted


two-tone: i had time to buy the tickets online while observing both these things happen


one and only: ok, that still doesn’t mean i’m saying yes


one and only: i could be fucking studying during that time y would i willingly spend more time with u than i have to


two-tone: i was under the assumption u were very excited to watch the new all might movie


one and only: wait I Am Here is what they’re playing at the theater?


two-tone: yes


one and only: ....


one and only: let me be absolutely fucking clear


one and only: i’m going to that movie and whether u follow me or not it’s up to u


one and only: it is, in no way shape or form, a date


one and only: got that icyhot?


two-tone: i’ll be waiting in the living room tmrw at noon


two-tone: shinsou also told me abt ur pet feline so i found a good cat cafe to visit after


one and only: bitch-






[the favorites]


bakubitch: it’s as if u want me to commit murder


hitoshit: what’d i do this time


bakubitch: u eXpOSed mE hEaTHeN


hitoshit: i dont remember telling anyone u have a height kink

bakubitch: so help me god i will end u


hitoshit: nice, anything to keep me from spar sessions w dad tonight


bakubitch: i hope he beats u into the ground


hitoshit: really feeling the love there kats thx


bakubitch: shitstick u told fucking half n half abt the cats


hitoshit: oh


hitoshit: oh yea


hitoshit: but in all fairness, sekhmet wandered her way from the teachers’ dorm while u were at the gym a couple days ago and i had to wrangle her out


hitoshit: except ur child is just as much of a brat as u and scratched me so many times i had to enlist help


hitoshit: endeavor’s offspring just happened to be in the kitchen when it went down


hitoshit: i don’t see y u need to pitch a bitchfit abt it tho


bakubitch: he asked me out on a date shin


hitoshit: oH  SHI T


hitoshit: i-


Hitoshit: he’s dumber than i expected


hitoshit: HOLY HELL


hitoshit: aw wait fuck dad’s gonna kill him


hitoshit: well i mean is his last night on earth gonna be worthwhile at least


bakubitch: it’s to an all might movie


hitoshit: literally anyone else and i would say he wasted his shot but ur such a fucking nerd so smart choice i guess?


bakubitch: and a fucking cat cafe after what is my life


hitoshit: oke so he’s tryna get in ur good graces first thing


hitoshit: ig he’s srs abt u giving him a chance kat


hitoshit: im guessing ur going??


bakubitch: fml


hitoshit: todoroki’s around 5’9 right? i’ll get his casket made


bakubitch: if u don’t keep this on the dl then we’re no longer brothers


hitoshit: duh


hitoshit: but also


hitoshit: u don’t actually think dad’s not gonna find out


bakubitch: for the sake of icyhot’s pro-hero career, he better pray he doesn’t


hitoshit: rip




[she doesn’t even go here]

hallucinogenic: babe y r my ‘suki senses going off


DIEnamite: fuck u camie


hallucinogenic: we both know u don’t bat for my team sweetheart


hallucinogenic: BUT OMG AMIRITE


hallucinogenic: WHAT HAPPENED BB


DIEnamite: nothing u will ever know about


hallucinogenic: it’s cute how u think that






[specialty: demolition]

energizer bunny: um where’s baku going at noon on a saturday


corrosive bodily fluids: idk y don’t we ask him 


corrosive bodily fluids: where u headed 2 kitkat @supreme leader


energizer bunny: sCRACTH THAT


energizer bunny: @supreme leader WHERE U HEADING AT NOON ON A SATURDAY


energizer bunny: WITH TODOROKI


corrosive bodily fluids: EXCUSE ME WHAT






insert bondage joke: mina pls don’t


rock hard: pls pls don’t


hard rock: do it mina


insert bondage joke: don’t encourage her jirou


hard rock: u have no power here gandalf stormcrow


rock hard: jirou don’t encourage her


hard rock: *sighs* if the first fav says then ig i have to obey


corrosive bodily fluids: I THREW ON A TOWEL IM HEADING DOWN


energizer bunny: IT’S TOO LATE THEY JUST LEFT


corrosive bodily fluids: WELL FUCK U TOO DENKI


energizer bunny: AKSLD WHAT DID I DO


corrosive bodily fluids: U COULDNT STALL THEM DUMBASS??


energizer bunny: kat came down the stairs glaring at me to try and say smth 


energizer bunny: i wouldve been ANNIHILATED


corrosive bodily fluids: pussy


energizer bunny: that is rude and unnecessary and i completely take offense


corrosive bodily fluids: wtvr im heading back to the showers


corrosive bodily fluids: at least tell us what kitkat was wearing


energizer bunny: no ur mean


corrosive bodily fluids: kiri he’s accusing me of grievous misdeeds again


rock hard: i see that


corrosive bodily fluids: ah and yet no defending of my virtues


corrosive bodily fluids: what ever happened to knight in shining armor, paragon of chivalry, kiri


corrosive bodily fluids: i miss him


rock hard: he’s on break rn, im too busy trying not to strangle midoriya


corrosive bodily fluids: *scandalized gasp* a sunshine boi? trying to strangle another sunshine boi?


corrosive bodily fluids: what has become of this world


hard rock: lol ever since aizawa-sensei partnered the two of them up for the latest project, kiri’s discovered just how much of an antichrist mido becomes over essays


insert bondage joke: it’s funny when it’s not u, i’m just glad it wasn’t me this time


rock hard: i’ve seen him drink three pots of coffee and it’s not even 1pm yet


rock hard: i don’t think he’s slept


rock hard: our documents 15 pages long


rock hard: 1 5 


rock hard: i wrote a paragraph yesterday before going to bed


rock hard: he’s literally just rambling for 15 pages someone kill me


corrosive bodily fluids: bite ur tongue eiji we’d never survive without u


corrosive bodily fluids: also this got hella sidetracked, @energizer bunny answer my question


energizer bunny: pay me


corrosive bodily fluids: i won’t tell kat u stole the muffin satou left for him in the fridge


energizer bunny: shit ok now delete that message


-corrosive bodily fluids has deleted 1 message-


corrosive bodily fluids: now speak


energizer bunny: tbh nothing to lose ur shit abt


energizer bunny: jeans, a hoodie, standard face mask


energizer bunny: kinda boring if ya ask me


corrosive bodily fluids: jeans which jeans


corrosive bodily fluids: the best jeanist jeans


insert bondage joke: lmao the one’s u tried to steal cuz they’re branded and therefore expensive


hard rock: the ones that wouldn’t fit her cuz apparently kat’s got the trimmest waist out of all of us?


corrosive bodily fluids: oh kyouka sweet kyouka


corrosive bodily fluids: that wasn’t the reason


corrosive bodily fluids: had they been high-waisted, perhaps


corrosive bodily fluids: but they were not and it’s completely cuz kittykat does more squats than i do


hard rock: ur right he is dummy thicc


insert bondage joke: i luv choking on my water at 12:25 in the afternoon


hard rock: we live to entertain


corrosive bodily fluids: ^^


corrosive bodily fluids: now kami stop ghosting


energizer bunny: sry me and hitoshi are in the teachers dorms petting his cats


corrosive bodily fluids: ur a lucky bastard but answer me


energizer bunny: no they weren’t the best jeanist jeans


corrosive bodily fluids: damn ok so no skinnies, just a hoodie, and the same old mask


corrosive bodily fluids: then it’s not a date laaame


insert bondage joke: what makes u think just cuz he didn’t dress up it’s not a date


corrosive bodily fluids: idk i always thought kat would be more of a thot if he was going on a date w someone


corrosive bodily fluids: especially someone who looks like todoroki


rock hard: u know ur not on private right


corrosive bodily fluids: meh he knows i talk smack abt him on the reg


hard rock: maybe todoroki likes the comfy look


corrosive bodily fluids: to each their own i suppose


corrosive bodily fluids: alright im finna shower, bye for now bitches


insert bondage joke: yuh


insert bondage joke: yo kami


energizer bunny: yessir


insert bondage joke: how r the cats


energizer bunny: :’) top tier fluffballs


insert bondage joke: nice :’)


[pink legion]

ochacutie: oH do i have the teA for u mina


minadorable: i knew i could count on u

Chapter Text

[specialty: demolition]

corrosive bodily fluids: how was ur date @supreme leader


supreme leader: i hope u choke on ur tongue & die


energizer bunny: FCK SO IT WAS A DATE HOLY


hard rock: damn baku get it


insert bondage joke: it’s like u guys r asking for an explosion to the face


corrosive bodily fluids: it’s worth it


supreme leader: mina i swear to fuck


corrosive bodily fluids: swear all u like kittykat i’m not dropping it


supreme leader: devil child


corrosive bodily fluids: u flattererΨ( ̄∀ ̄)Ψ


supreme leader: how tf did u even find out


corrosive bodily fluids: ocha and i keep no secrets from one another


corrosive bodily fluids: she read over todoroki’s shoulder at dekusquad’s outing yesterday


supreme leader: i’m gonna make her eat dirt for dinner that bitch


supreme leader: and it wasn’t a date jesus fuck


corrosive bodily fluids: he took u to a movie and a cat cafe


hard rock: yea todoroki always looked like a slick bastard


corrosive bodily fluids: an ALL MIGHT movie


energizer bunny: dAMN HE WAS SRS


insert bondage joke: is it too soon for a shovel talk


insert bondage joke @rock hard get in here we must discuss


supreme leader: FUCK OFF STUPID EXTRAS


corrosive bodily fluids: OH MY GOD


hard rock: what happened now


corrosive bodily fluids : * baku wearing fluffy black cat ears_jpg *


corrosive bodily fluids: JESUS KAT R U TRYING TO KILL US W THE CUTE


insert bondage joke: oh so when u said cat cafe u meant Meow Town in the mall


insert bondage joke: yea i’ve been there before w my sister they have a policy of making customers wear cat ears when they come in




corrosive bodily fluids: luv todoroki snuck it when u werent looking and then sent it off to ocha cuz she insisted on updates




energizer bunny: idk bakubro aizawa-sensei might get a lil peeved abt suddenly losing a student at the start of the new sem


rock hard: yeah i doubt it


insert bondage joke: !!there u are dude! where were u


rock hard: editing mine and midoriya’s paper, sry


rock hard: (update, we got it down to 5 pages now)


insert bondage joke: (proud of u)


rock hard: (thanks)


rock hard: as for sensei, if he didn't already know baku went on a date


rock hard: well when he finds out...


hard rock: lol shit i totally forgot


energizer bunny: forgot what?


hard rock: kami it’s not just ur boyfriend aizawa took under his wing


hard rock: havent u noticed him paying more attention to kat lately


hard rock: he’s totally been adopted


energizer bunny: oh damn


insert bondage joke: dadzawa abt to go oFF


insert bondage joke: anyone wanna place bets on when it’ll go down


corrosive bodily fluids: pls hanta do u know who ur talking to


corrosive bodily fluids: ive got dibs on tuesday


hard rock: u think he’ll last that long? put it in writing, i’m calling monday tops


energizer bunny: idk guys, with aizawa’s detective skills and freaky scary ability to smell our bs? i feel like todoroki has maybe till sunday night at best


insert bondage joke: i’m with mina for tuesday, todoroki’s pretty good at keeping a secret when he wants to


corrosive bodily fluids: nice, wbu kiri?


rock hard: doesn’t sekhmet usually get especially prickly when she feels smth diff with baku? i feel like dadzawa might already know tbh


energizer bunny: oh holy shit bro ur right


energizer bunny: usually she at least lets me get close to her since kat’s basically claimed all of us


energizer bunny: but earlier at the teachers’ dorms she just hissed at me and hitoshi


energizer bunny: fuck no wonder he looked like he was gonna be sick


corrosive bodily fluids: damn it kiri


insert bondage joke: we really should know by now that he has a sense for this shit


hard rock: glad we nvr gave an actual amnt in cash 


hard rock: also is it just me or has bakugou not been texting for a while


energizer bunny: is there?? going to be a murder???


corrosive bodily fluids: i hope so i was starting to get bored just scrolling through my feed


rock hard: mina he’s gonna go after uraraka first u kno that right


corrosive bodily fluids: she can take him


corrosive bodily fluids: worst comes to worse they both get black eyes


hard rock: ashido i really respect ur dedication to the brand of chaotic evil


corrosive bodily fluids: thx kyouka ( ˘ ³˘)♥








[maybe i respect u maybe i don’t]

explosive edgelord: meet me in the fucking pit shitstick


gravity bitch: if ur feeling up to it headass





[pray for us]

broken bone boi: can someone pls tell me y uraraka and kacchan stepped out of the dorms for a bit and came back with split lips and bruised knuckles


broken bone boi: who started it this time


boom boom bitch: fucking round face did, shitty deku


to infinity & beyond: *supposedly* i did


boom boom bitch: u did u bitch own up to it


boom boom bitch: and come to the fucking kitchen already so i can ice ur face


to infinity & beyond: one sec, i kno i stored sum extra bandages in the living room


portable charger: srsly u two r so weird


portable charger: ur beating each other into the ground one second and then patching each other up the next


acid queen: they’re brawlers kami, it’s how they communicate


broken bone boi: i wish they’d be more careful at least, the two of them always go all out


amphibia: i don’t think u can talk midoriya-kun, given ur relationship w bakugou is very similar


broken bone boi: tsuyu-chan i-


scotchtape: lmao she roasted u good midoriya


portable charger: big oof


acid queen: a wholeass savage


Iida Tenya: Bakugou-kun! Uraraka-san! Please refrain from fighting each other outside of training! It is detrimental to your education and overall class relations!


to infinity & beyond: it’s fine iida-kun, we both know there’s no hard feelings


Iida Tenya: Still! I must insist!


boom boom bitch: yo glasses, don’t u have homework to be doing?


Iida Tenya: I’m afraid I cannot leave to work on that until I am assured you both understand, Bakugou-kun! No more fighting!


boom boom bitch: yea yea wtvr


Iida Tenya: Uraraka-san?


to infinity & beyond: yes i understand iida-kun


Iida Tenya: Then good afternoon to you all, I shall be taking my leave.


boom boom bitch: …


boom boom bitch: is he gone


to infinity & beyond: i think so 


boom boom bitch: thank fuck i can finally say sike


that punk kid in every friend group: lol knew it






[non-biological pains in the ass]

sleep-deprived burrito father: katsuki do i need to have a talk with todoroki


explosion son: fuck no u didn’t have a talk w denki when him and hitoshi started dating


sleep-deprived son: don’t drag me into this pls


explosion son: and me and icyhot aren’t even dating


sleep-deprived burrito father: but the two of you did go on a date yes?


explosion son: it wasn’t a date shit we just saw a movie together and went to pet some cats afterwards


sleep-deprived burrito father: i suppose the intricacies of your relationship can stay between you while you figure it out


sleep-deprived burrito father: but once you do, i’ll be needing an answer then


explosion son: fuck fine wtvr


explosion son: now go back to sleep u eldritch creature


sleep-deprived burrito father: hn




[fuck the sports festival]

two-tone: thank u for indulging me, i had fun


two-tone: would it be alright if we did it again next weekend?


one and only: stop sending updates to fucking round face and yea maybe


two-tone: that’s doable


two-tone: do u have any specific place or activity in mind?


one and only: yea actually i do half n half


one and only: any chance you’ve ever ice-skated to go with that quirk of yours?


two-tone: i can’t say i have


one and only: then next saturday, same time


one and only: and dress nice


one and only: if u get to take pictures of me then u can fucking bet i’m gonna do the same to u


one and only: and i refuse to have tacky bitches in my camera roll


two-tone: of course 


Chapter Text

[pray for us]

susan storm: bow down heathens


susan storm: u all wish u were me


susan storm: i’ve won the lottery of life


susan storm: kneel peasants


prehensile tail: ??


acid queen: ^^ wat happened to tooru


broken bone boi: hagakure-san? did smth happen


to infinity & beyond: i fucking knew it


to infinity & beyond: tooru i’ll give u sum pocky from my special stash if u share


susan storm: i’m sry uraraka-chan i can’t


susan storm: it’s too good


susan storm: i can’t stop eating


dark shadow’s alter ego: i’m confused


arms arms arms: me as well


diabetes: hagakure’s sick


susan storm: yuh midnight sent me to the nurse before class started after i mentioned not feeling well


susan storm: then recov girl sent me to the dorms cuz apparently i had a 41° fever? she cured it but now i'm really tired so she said i need to rest and eat


susan storm: lol who knew


amphibia: pls take care of urself better tooru-chan


susan storm: i’ll try asui-chan


kiribabe: get some rest hagakure, i hope u feel better soon


susan storm: thx kiri


prehensile tail: i am so sorry


susan storm: ?? not ur fault ojiro no need to apologize


prehensile tail: no i’m sorry i didn’t even notice u were missing


susan storm: ah i see


acid queen: damn oji that was harsh


prehensile tail: i’m sorry! u know we sit very far from each other during midnight’s class, i didn’t even think to look


prehensile tail: i’m so sorry


susan storm: lol it’s ok i was just teasing


susan storm: i’m in too much of a good mood to be down rn


broken bone boi: ??


to infinity & beyond: tooru pls


to infinity & beyond: i’m willing to beg


to infinity & beyond: just save me a litttle pls


susan storm: too late ura-chan


susan storm: i just finished


portable charger: i’m so lost


scotchtape: nothing new there


that punk kid in every friend group: isn’t that the case all the time?


scotchtape: jirou turn around and low five me


that punk kid in every friend group: i gotchu


Iida Tenya: Everyone! I would remind you that we are still in class! You should not be on your phones just because Midnight-sensei has her back turned!


bad dye job: iida what does it say abt u that ur on ur phone as well


portable charger: ok todobro going iN


portable charger: also i hope u choke @that punk kid in every friend group @scotchtape


Iida Tenya: I merely used it to issue a warning to all of you!


bad dye job: if ur sure 


broken bone boi: wait hold on


broken bone boi: where’s kacchan?


bad dye job: yes i noticed he was missing as well


to infinity & beyond: HAGAKURE PLS


to infinity & beyond: I HAVEN’T HAD A PROPER MEAL IN WEEKS


susan storm: i’m sorryyyy, it was gone before i even noticed


diabetes: @broken bone boi i got there pretty early cuz i had to talk to her abt a worksheet and i saw bakugou come into class around the same time as hagakure so midnight told him to make sure she made it to recovery girl okay


diabetes: i’m assuming recovery girl tasked him with taking care of her in light of her fatigue


acid queen: W AIT


portable charger: hOLD UP




portable charger: BLASTY COOKED FOR U DIDN’T HE


susan storm: yes omg it was so good


scotchtape: happy for u fam


scotchtape: rip denki and mina


that punk kid in every friend group: looool


acid queen: sero, jirou i swear to fuck


portable charger: don’t gloat it’s not nice :(


kiribabe: its u guys’ own faults for making bakugou mad


broken bone boi: ok so kacchan’s gone bc he’s taking care of hagakure-san 


broken bone boi: but what’s up with ashido-san and kaminari-kun


kiribabe: bakugou took their squad rights to his cooking after kami did some dumb shit again


that punk kid in every friend group: and by dumb shit kiri means he accidentally sat on kat’s homework a couple nights ago


broken bone boi: and ashido-san?


acid queen: confidential info sry mido


broken bone boi: i understand


boom boom bitch: fucking hell i leave to go to the bathroom while invisibitch is eating and u shitty extras blow up my phone


boom boom bitch: headasses pay attention in class 


boom boom bitch: kyouka kami mina hanta u better be able to come back to the dorms and explain what u learned


scotchtape: aight i’m out


that punk kid in every friend group: goodbye all


acid queen: peace fambam


portable charger: that's no fair, call out kiri too


portable charger: he was on his phone as well


boom boom bitch: except unlike the four of u ik for a fact shitty hair’s paying attention


boom boom bitch: cuz i’m the one responsible for tutoring his ass and he knows better than to slack off


portable charger: fiiiine


to infinity & beyond: k so yes ur squad’s cute and all we know that already but can i pls have sum food


to infinity & beyond: i’m pretty sure i’ve eaten enough ramen the past couple weeks that my heart is pumping broth at this point


boom boom bitch: round face u fucking kno what u did


boom boom bitch: y would i reward u


to infinity & beyond: ughhh but we settled that on saturdayyy


to infinity & beyond: i’m desperate here


boom boom bitch: fucking fine but u OWE me


to infinity & beyond: i’ll keep an eye on ur idiots and buy u the ingredients??


boom boom bitch: that’s the least of it trust me


to infinity & beyond: i'll take what i can get












[constant supervision required]

beyond the best: pay attention u dense fuck


beyond the best: u say u want to beat me wtf r u doing slacking


beyond the best: u think ur good enough to do that hah? think just cuz i’m not there i’ve fallen behind or sum shit?


professional deku: sorry kacchan, of course not


professional deku: i’d never disrespect u like that


beyond the best: i fucking thought so


beyond the best: now get ur ass in gear and put the phone down shitty deku


professional deku: alright, see u later kacchan


professional deku: wait do u want my notes on midnight’s lecture later?


beyond the best: no idiot u write too much, i don’t need to know every single thing she said plus ur personal gauges on the seriousness of her expression in relation to the discussed topic


beyond the best: i already texted yaoyorozu for her notes earlier, her’s are more concise


professional deku: oh


professional deku: okay


beyond the best: …


beyond the best: but u can grab me extras of any papers she hands out


beyond the best: i didn’t get the chance to ask her for them earlier


professional deku: i’ll definitely do that!


professional deku: talk to u after class kacchan!


beyond the best: yea yea now pay attention











[immovable, unshakeable]

unbeatable: nevermind abt grabbing midnight’s handouts for me, ei


unbeatable: i got it handled


unbreakable: u sure kat?


unbreakable: i totally don’t mind


unbeatable: yea i’m sure


unbreakable: alright if u say so (^-^)ゝ



Chapter Text

[she doesn’t even go here]


hallucinogenic: *blurry shot of todoroki slipping on the ice and bakugou cackling_jpg*


hallucinogenic: *pic of an ice wall on the side of the rink bc todoroki accidentally set off his quirk_jpg*


hallucinogenic: *bakugou turning red and hugging his middle he’s laughing so hard meanwhile todoroki bows apologetically to some employees_jpg*


hallucinogenic: *todoroki melting his ice wall while bakugou wipes tears out of his eyes_jpg*


hallucinogenic: now this


hallucinogenic: this is just too good


DIEnamite: fuck u i didn’t kno u worked there illusionbitch


hallucinogenic: i only started two weeks ago but man am i glad i never mentioned it


DIEnamite: if anyone




DIEnamite: A N Y O N E


DIEnamite: ever sees those


DIEnamite: i will roast u over a fire and feed u to inasa


hallucinogenic: oh no im so afraid of the angry dandelion


hallucinogenic: im quaking in my gucci boots


DIEnamite: utsushimi camie


hallucinogenic: ah damn full names


hallucinogenic: ugh


hallucinogenic: fiiiine


hallucinogenic: but this one’s my new wallpaper

hallucinogenic : *bakugou skating backwards with a soft look on his face past todoroki where he grips the wall of the ice rink shakily_jpg*



[pray for us]


a baby: help


susan storm: !!


sparkles: oh dear


acid queen: who do i need to kill


to infinity & beyond: what mina said


prehensile tail: koji where r u


arms arms arms: i’m visiting my parents but i can come 


kiribabe: i’m at the gym but same


precious peach: what happened


diabetes: ^^


dark shadow’s alter ego: the darkness comes for us all eventually


dark shadow’s alter ego: but if need be, dark shadow and i are willing to move up any appointments


portable charger: dude who do u need me to go /w h e y/ on 


portable charger: cuz i’d short circuit my brain waves for in a sec if need be


scotchtape: i’ll wrap and dispose of the body


that punk kid in every friend group: assuming there’ll be anything left of it


Iida Tenya: As heroes-in-training, you all should know better than to consider murder as the viable reaction to an offence!


Iida Tenya: That said, I’m more than willing to report a misdemeanor to one of the teachers or the nearby authorities! What has occured, Koji-san?


always tired: im w dad rn what do u need


a baby: i was on my way to the dorms after visiting the park w my rabbit


a baby: and some of the second years were abusing a cat outside 


a baby: and when i tried to stop them, they took Yuki from me instead


a baby: they laughed and ran off with him and i have no idea where they went


always tired: feline abuse oh yeah dad’s gonna want in on this one


always tired: do u remember what they looked like? could u pick them out of a police lineup?


a baby: i think so


boom boom bitch: screw a police lineup 


boom boom bitch: they’ll be scraping the blood and guts from the fucking pavement


kiribabe: dude who even picks on cats bro that’s just messed up


susan storm: and the bunny!! i hope he’s ok


kiribabe: same


to infinity & beyond: where did u last see them koji


a baby: they disappeared near ground gamma i think? i’m still here


boom boom bitch: on my fucking way then


portable charger: ^^


prehensile tail: ^^


dark shadow’s alter ego: ^^


acid queen: ^^


kiribabe: ^^


to infinity & beyond: ^^


boom boom bitch: no, all u bitches go back to the dorms w koda


boom boom bitch: i’ve got this handled


scotchtape: alright i’ll head over and get him


acid queen: they deserve every bit of pain coming to them


amphibia: i’ve found koda-chan, we’re on our way to u sero-chan


scotchtape: oh i see u ok


always tired: kat at least leave enough dna so we can identify them after


always tired: dad said he’ll need it for the paperwork


boom boom bitch: i’ll bring back all the pulverized organs he needs


bad dye job: that’s going to be a problem bakugou


bad dye job: the conductor just said there’s a problem on the tracks and the train has to stop for ten minutes while they fix it


bad dye job: we won’t make it in time


boom boom bitch: shitty fucking public transit these bitchass maintenaince workers this is y u do ur job properly the first time fuck


acid queen: wait so r we going after all??


acid queen: just give us the go ahead baku


boom boom bitch: no i’ve got it


bad dye job: the train


boom boom bitch: shut up abt the fucking train half n half that’s not what i meant


boom boom bitch: @broken bone boi


broken bone boi: sry i’ve been with my mom all day, what did i miss


broken bone boi: did u need smth kacchan?


boom boom bitch: i’m invoking Terrible Toddler Protocol


boom boom bitch: we are a go


broken bone boi: request accepted, message received


broken bone boi: reading u loud and clear


broken bone boi: who am i killing and where can i find them


boom boom bitch: the fuckheads with koji’s bunny, ground gamma


broken bone boi: done and done


broken bone boi: going ghost, will re-establish communications after the mission is complete


boom boom bitch: they’re so fucking dead


scotchtape: holy fuck i just saw green lightning streak past us


scotchtape: was that midoriya i’ve never seen him move that fast


portable charger: i have no idea what just happened but i’m fucking terrified


broken bone boi: mission accomplished


portable charger: it’s only been three minutes what-


always tired: dude mido


always tired: remind me never to piss u off man


to infinity & beyond: wat happend


always tired: freckled disaster delivered them right to the teachers’ dorms with a metal pipe wrapped around them, black eyes and broken noses abound


scotchtape: damn midoriya


scotchtape: wait how did aizawa take it


always tired: midoriya told him they tripped down the stairs


always tired: he just nodded his head and dragged them away to nezu


portable charger: hardcore shit yo


Iida Tenya: May I remind you, Midoriya-kun, that unnecessary violence is not acceptable behavior from a hero student!!


broken bone boi: i know iida


broken bone boi: kacchan invoked protocol tho and we take that stuff srsly


Iida Tenya: Midoriya-kun!


broken bone boi: pls just drop it iida bc i don’t regret it and ur not going to make me feel bad for doing what i did


boom boom bitch: count ur fucking victories where they are glasses, ur lucky he didn’t actually murder them


boom boom bitch: cuz im sure it was a close thing


Iida Tenya: But!


boom boom bitch: no


boom boom bitch: deadass drop that shit now


boom boom bitch: protocol is protocol and deku’s a little shit he’s probably feeling really fucking conflicted rn bc i told him to kill them and he didn’t 


broken bone boi: i’m sorry abt that kacchan


boom boom bitch: it’s fucking wtvr shithead


boom boom bitch: it’ll be worth it to see nezu rip them a new one anyway


broken bone boi: i’ll make it up to u!


boom boom bitch: fuck outta here w that shit


broken bone boi: no kacchan i’m going to make up for it


boom boom bitch: ur not going to let this go r u u punk bitch


broken bone boi: nope!


boom boom bitch: then next time u visit auntie, bring back sum of her curry


boom boom bitch: that shit’s straight fucking fire


broken bone boi: i’ll bring back a tubfull


boom boom bitch: finally some good fucking food


portable charger: ok i’m gonna ask for all of us


acid queen: thx kami


portable charger: yea i got u


portable charger: anyway, what is ‘Terrible Toddler Protocol’?


portable charger: cuz like ik u guys made sum progress w ur relationship after ur big fight but like, i didn’t think u were already at the point where u’d do smth for each other no questions asked


broken bone boi: oh um, kacchan?


boom boom bitch: back when me and shitty deku were kids, we were close asf alright and we did shit like that all the time


boom boom bitch: and after we had our falling out and i was a little bitch, if there was ever a situation where we needed to forget our differences for a sec and help the other person, we used TTP


broken bone boi: kacchan u weren’t a little bitch


boom boom bitch: nah ur right, i was a big one


boom boom bitch: it happened deku don’t fucking make excuses for me


broken bone boi: okay kacchan




portable charger: CAN WE GET ONE OF THOSE


scotchtape: i’m down


that punk kid in every friend group: ^^


bad dye job: the train’s up and moving again


bad dye job: can we have one as well?


boom boom bitch: fucking finally and do wtvr u want idgaf


to infinity & beyond: motion to have one of these kill-first-ask-questions-never protocols for our class? say aye


portable charger: AYE AYE CAPTAIN


kiribabe: that’s manly af bro aye


that punk kid in every friend group: it fits my vibe so aye


prehensile tail: i mean it’ll come in handy at some point i’m sure 


prehensile tail: aye


arms arms arms: aye


dark shadow’s alter ego: aye


amphibia: aye ochaco-chan


susan storm: aye!!


sparkles: why but of course aye


diabetes: couldn’t hurt ig aye


acid queen: A Y E


a baby: i would like that aye


scotchtape: u already kno aye


precious peach: it sounds like a great bonding experience, aye!


Iida Tenya: Nay!


to infinity & beyond: outvoted! motion passed!



portable charger: oh hey btw


portable charger: @boom boom bitch @bad dye job u guys were on a train together? what for?


acid queen: denki ur such a sad fucking soul god this is y ur never in charge of the braincell

[the favorites]

hitoshit: lol so dad says u shouldn’t encourage the problem child 


bakubitch: shitty deku makes his own choices


bakubitch: however fucking questionable they may be


hitoshit: does he tho?


hitoshit: i mean when it comes to u…


bakubitch: the hell does that mean


hitoshit: i luv u and ik ur a born genius but ur srsly oblivious sumtimes




hitoshit: shit don’t yell kat i have a headache




hitoshit: yea but ur in capslock and whenever ur in capslock it’s like i can hear u screaming ur head off right in my ear


bakubitch: sounds like a u problem asshat


hitoshit: wtvr i’m gonna play w the cats 


bakubitch: that’s what i thought



[constant supervision required]


professional deku: it’s been a while since u last used protocol kacchan


beyond the best: yea so? what abt it shitty deku?


professional deku: nothing kacchan


professional deku: ik it was for koji but i’m glad u felt comfortable enough to do it anyway


professional deku: thank u for trusting me


-professional deku has deleted one message-


professional deku: sry i accidentally sent a pic


professional deku: i meant to say thank u for letting me do that for u


beyond the best: whatever it couldn’t be helped and it’s not like the extras need to be doing that shit anyways


professional deku: u call them extras kacchan but we both know they’re friends, u don’t watch out for extras the way u watch out for them


{Would you like to send this message?}   beyond the best: you too idiot, ur a fucking disaster by yourself and ofc i trust u


{Yes} Or {No}




beyond the best: u’ll never get me to admit it