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Deep in the Woods

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“Oh what’s this?” Wei Ying asks as he flings himself onto Nie Huaisang’s bed. 

“Wei-xiong!” Nie Huaisang yelps and retracts his limbs like an injured spider, curling defensively around the book he’s holding. His friend’s pathetic reaction adds fuel to Wei Ying’s motivation for mischief. Narrowing his eyes Wei Ying shamelessly invades Nie Huaisang’s personal space, grabbing at his flailing arms and legs to get a better look at the treasure he is trying to hide.  

“Please stop, I give up I give up,” Nie Huaisang begs breathlessly and goes limp in the hope Wei Ying will lose interest. 

Wei Ying cries triumphantly and holds the mysterious book above his head, uncaring of Nie Huaisang wheezing underneath him.  

“Would you shut up,” Jiang Cheng growls from where he’s sitting upright in his own bed reading the talisman book Wei Ying had snuck out of the Lan library yesterday despite Lan Zhan’s watchful presence. “Stop beating up Huaisang.” 

“I wasn’t hurting him, I was just giving Nie-xiong a hug,” he pouts, shifting so he lies across Nie Huaisang like he’s a chaise lounge. “Just say you’re jealous and big brother will give you a hug as well.” 

Jiang Cheng’s look of absolute disgust only makes Wei Ying burst into laughter and launch himself at his brother.  

He doesn’t stop laughing even when he’s thrown to the floor in a heap. Instead he shuffles away from Jiang Cheng and reaches into his sleeve to pull out the safely hidden book he had claimed from Nie Huaisang. It was just as he had guessed. It’s pornography.  

“Wow is this by Madame Liu?” The slanted calligraphy and images of dominant women are easily recognizable as the infamous Madame Liu’s style. Due to the controversial nature of the erotica Wei Ying had only ever caught glimpses of her work, never reading a complete book like the one in his hands. “I didn’t know you were into this type of erotica. Where did you get this? I thought all her writings were banned within a thousand li of any cultivation sect.”  

“It was a gift, please give it back.” Nie Huaisang covers his red face but doesn’t move to challenge Wei Ying to another wrestling match as he’s still recovering from Wei Ying’s earlier brutal affections.  

The author’s name gains Jiang Cheng’s attention. “Don’t read that illegal trash while I’m in the room,” he shouts, throwing the healing salve they used for the last time their playful flighting ended up with more than a couple of bruises at Wei Ying’s head with deadly accuracy.  

Without looking away from the book Wei Ying easily catches the projectile, his eyes widening with interest at the image of a muscled woman sitting on a man’s face. “You’re so boring Jiang Cheng. You say you want a sweet submissive wife but I think what you really need is a woman to boss you around like this,” he replies and holds up the intriguing drawing. 

Wei Ying is out the door the moment Jiang Cheng’s foot hits the floor, leaving behind outraged yelling and Nie Huaisang’s pleas.  

He tucks the erotica and salve away and goes in search of a nice quiet place where he won't be scolded for enjoying alternative literature.  



The woods behind the Cloud Recesses are not only a great place for pheasant hunting, they also act as the perfect secluded spot away from prying eyes. Over the months Wei Ying has spent in the Cloud Recesses he has built a small hideout to take refuge away from all the strict rules that loom threateningly over his head every moment he’s within looking or hearing distance of a Lan disciple. Despite how fun it is to drive Lan Zhan crazy with his antics sometimes Wei Ying need to get away to be himself without repercussions for a while.  

His hideout is more of a stone outcrop then a cave. It offers enough shelter that he can stand and roll around a little without hitting the jagged walls and is open enough that sunlight streams into entrance during the majority of the day. Wei Ying has collected moss and soft grass for the ground so he can lie down without getting too filthy since last time he tried to creep back to his room after a satisfying nap in the woods Lan Zhan punished him for being covered in dirt.  

Panting from his swift escape Wei Ying quickly strips off his outer robe for an extra source of comfort, bunching it up against a strategically positioned rock so he can recline with his back to the outcrop’s entrance for a source of light to read his book. Wei Ying settles in for what promises to be an enjoyable read.  

Madam Liu lives up to her wild reputation as an author. The novel simply titled ‘The Adventures of Pan Xia’ follows the plot of Pan Xia, an ambitious female general who disguises herself as a man. Her success in warfare captures the attention of the matriarch of the world’s most powerful sect, who tasks Pan Xia with teaching her spirited heir, Bai Hong, cultivation. Wei Ying laughs out loud as he reads the endless amount of trouble Bai Hong manages to get himself into while night hunting as he searches for freedom away of his overbearing mother. The heroine’s serious attitude acts as a solid foil to her love interest’s flighty demeanor as she rescues him countless times from kidnappings, fights, and grievous injuries.  

The sex scenes are especially unique. Wei Ying has never read or seen anything like it before - the way Pan Xia takes complete control over Bai Hong when they duel cultivate. It’s really a learning experience to read about Pan Xia using Bai Hong to seek her own pleasure, riding him while he’s tied up until she has come multiple times. Her teaching Bai Hong how to use his mouth on her correctly. And the most interesting of all she shows Bai Hong new positions to duel cultivate together.  

One position leaves Wei Ying shocked to his very core. It starts with a minor plot: Pan Xia and Bai Hong talk with a male courtesan about a series of kidnappings involving local men, all of whom had purchased the courtesan’s services. The couple eventually solve the mystery, fighting off a fox demon that had fallen in love with the courtesan and killed all of his customers in a jealous rage. After the night hunt Pan Xia and Bai Hong retired to their room and as usual Bai Hong had carelessly commented how cut sleeve sex didn't seem like something worth paying for. Pan Xia interpreted his words as a challenge.  

The image accompanying the risque sex scene is transfixing. It depicts Bai Hong on all fours, his ass presented to a smirking Pan Xia as she guides a strapped-on jade phallus inside of him.  

Wei Ying had no idea it was possible to stick anything up there. But Pan Xia managed to coax Bai Hong into opening up for her jade pillar through oil, her fingers, and filthy taunting as he cried out in pleasure under her skillful hands.  

This out of anything he read in the book causes his temperature rise, making Wei Ying squirm as the heat travels lower down his body. He prided himself for his self-control as he hadn’t touched himself the entire time he leisurely read the forbidden novel, instead getting immersed in the surprisingly interesting plot and its willful characters. But now he can’t hold back from palming at his growing erection. 

He puts the book aside with the image of Bai Hong and Pan Xian still visible, Wei Ying has a feeling he will need both hands to explore this sudden curiosity. His stares down at where the jade phallus pushes at Bai Hong’s stretching entrance. The fictional man’s teeth are clenched, his muscles bunched as he challenges himself to be still for Pan Xian. The story did mention that it hurt a little before Bai Hong relaxed enough for the pleasurable sensations to start.  

Would it feel good for Wei Ying if a maiden touched him in such an intimate spot? Would it hurt at first but then become so good that Wei Ying couldn’t help but moan despite how demeaning the position is? The thing is despite all his flirting Wei Ying couldn’t imagine having sex with any of the girls he knows, let alone them ever being willing to do such a thing to him. Where would he even get a jade phallus? It isn’t the sort of thing you can find at a normal town market, even in a place as big as Gusu.  

Wei Ying’s laugh at the thought of him buying such a perverted item so close to the Cloud Recesses is a little breathless as he slips his hand down into his pants to hold his length. He can’t help but imagine Lan Zhan catching him in the act of buying such a suspicious item. The hilarious image of a stone-faced Lan Zhan listening to him as he explains exactly what he is buying and what he plans on doing with it makes Wei Ying shake with laughter.  

He jolts as his fingers trail further down from his growing erection to his hole. He lightly traces around the wrinkled edges which are slightly wet from the sweat he’s built up from sitting in the humid cave. It’s still pretty dry and hurts a little when he slowly edges his index finger inside up to his first knuckle.   

“Hmm,” Wei Ying hums at the sensation of himself clenching around the intrusion. When he fails to get any further in he huffs in frustration before being hit with inspiration. In the novel Pan Xia had used oil so maybe Wei Ying could use something similar to make things more wet. Leaving one hand clenched tight around his erection he pulls his finger out and reaches into the sleeves of his outer robe handing from the rock. “Hah!” Wei Ying crows as he clutches at the healing salve Jiang Cheng had thrown at him earlier.  

Wei Ying spreads open his inner robe and pulls down his pants so his front is completely bare. The sound of the wind chasing around autumn leaves outside his sanctuary reminds Wei Ying how exposed he is but it isn’t enough to stop him from generously coating his fingers in the cool smooth paste. The silky texture of his inner robe causes Wei Ying to slip slightly as he brings his legs towards his chest so his hole is easier to reach. This time his finger goes all the way in, helped by the new position and the salve. 

“Oh.” Wei Ying is starting to see the appeal of this type of sex.  

Wei Ying’s inner walls are ridged and so warm and soft as they pulse in time with his heart beat. Since it feels so good for his finger it’s not hard to believe it would feel even better around someone’s dick. His eyes trail back to the image of Bai Hong and Pan Xian. It’s too bad for Pan Xian that she is only using a jade phallus so she can’t feel what it’s like inside of Bai Hong.  

All these thoughts about jade makes Wei Ying’s think of Lan Zhan, who he often compares to pure white jade. He giggles a little even as he tries to fit his middle finger alongside his other one. Lan Zhan would be so mad to know Wei Ying is thinking about him while shamelessly touching himself like this. Just imaging his face makes Wei Ying’s breath quicken with adrenaline. Lan Zhan is so pure - he would never degrade himself to even think about such indecency until marriage. Wei Ying wouldn’t be surprised if Lan Zhan had a jade phallus of his own that he can remove and put on just for that type of occasion. It would explain a lot about why Lan Zhan was so mad that time he showed him pornography in the library.  

“Ha, ah,” Wei Ying pants as he finally manages to stretch enough to fit both fingers all the way inside. He curls them like he’s beckoning someone and just like it’s described in the book he pushes against a sensitive bundle of nerves. His swear of surprise is shockingly loud in his ears. His other hand that had been pulling at his erection stills as clear liquid leaks out from the head, drippling down onto his fingers.  

Wei Ying decides to leave that incredible spot alone so he can explore some more until he’s ready to come. However, adding another finger makes pain shoot up his spine. The pleasure is still there but the sharp bite of the stretching distracts him from it. It’s hard to believe cut sleeves actually manage to deal with the pain enough fit larger things inside of themselves. Wei Ying debates with himself whether to just give up and go back to playing with the sensitive spot.  

The ache of the pain kind of reminds him of the punishment he received when he pushed Lan Zhan over the Cloud Recesses wall. His erection twitches as he shoves his third finger in deeper despite the hurt. Would Lan Zhan think that the pain and embarrassment of the position is a worthy punishment for the things Wei Ying has done? Would Lan Zhan discipline Wei Ying with his own jade pillar, forcing Wei Ying onto his knees and pushing in without mercy, not even stopping when Wei Ying begs for mercy.  

“Please,” Wei Ying whispers immersing himself into the fantasy. Lan Zhan’s pillar would be big to fit the crime, stretching Wei Ying wider than he’s ever been before. He brutally thrusts all three fingers in, moaning when they scrape along his pulsing walls. He wants to go deeper. 

Wei Ying takes his hand off his erection and rolls over, pushing himself onto his knees and carefully keeping his balance by leaning his chest and arm on the rock he had been using as a back rest. The entire time he manages to keep his fingers inside of him.  

His inner gloating at the successful maneuver is halted when he looks up right into the eyes of Lan Zhan.  

For a moment Wei Ying thinks he’s so horny he’s hallucinating. But Lan Zhan has the most blatant look of shock on his face that not even Wei Ying could have dreamed up with all his endless creativity.  

“Lan Zhan! Wha-” Wei Ying scrambles to remove his fingers, wincing at the empty feeling, and fumbles to pull his inner robe closed. He stands up in a rush, swaying a little on unsteady feet from the sudden movement. All his blood still seems to be located in his groin. He tries to casually position his hands to cover his erection from Lan Zhan’s golden gaze. “What are you doing here?" He finally asks the frozen man across from him.  

Lan Zhan quickly gathers himself together, his normal blank face wiping away his previous expression as if it had never been there. “I heard...” He trails off as if he can’t bear to continue the condemning statement. His eyes scan down Wei Ying’s body, easily reading him for all his sins. When he looks back up he doesn’t meet Wei Ying’s eyes, instead staring blankly to the side of his head. “You are indecent.” 

For once Wei Ying cannot find a clever reply to the frank statement.  

“You are not allowed in this part of the woods without permission,” Lan Zhan continues recovering from the shocking scene he caught Wei Ying in, “you will return with me to the Cloud Recesses to be punished.”  

“No way!” Wei Ying protests, stepping back and almost slipping on his outer robe on the ground. Lan Zhan narrows in on him, easily reading Wei Ying’s plan to escape. He moves sideways so he’s completely blocking the only exit.  

Wei Ying shifts on his feet as he searches for an opening. He notices Lan Zhan still isn’t properly looking at him, choosing to track Wei Ying’s movements from the corner of his eye. A smile brightens Wei Ying’s face as a plan comes to mind. Even on a good day Lan Zhan is hostile to touching and right now Wei Ying is partially naked and aroused, so there is no way Lan Zhan can stand to have a hands-on fight with him while he’s in this state.  

With that in mind Wei Ying advances towards Lan Zhan, chuckling when he takes a step back at Wei Ying’s predatory behavior. “How about you let me go Lan Zhan... Unless you want to fight me right now.” 

The moment Lan Zhan reaches to unsheathe his sword Wei Ying pounces. He manages to grab Lan Zhan’s sword hand stopping him in the process but underestimates just how angry the other cultivator is as Lan Zhan doesn’t hesitate to latch onto the pressure point on Wei Ying’s shoulder with his other hand. Wei Ying yelps and attempts to step back out of Lan Zhan’s reach, pulling them both further into the outcrop. He takes advantage of Lan Zhan’s unsteadiness to swing his left leg around to push at the back of Lan Zhan’s knee. Realizing he’s about to fall Lan Zhan skillfully uses his greater weight to bring Wei Ying down with him, causing them to land with a mighty thump onto the moss-covered ground.  

Wei Ying scrambles up Lan Zhan’s body to pin his hands down either side of his face. Even now the only evidence of how close Lan Zhan is to his breaking point is the slight furrow in the middle of brow and slightly downturned lips. Knowing Lan Zhan’s considerable arm strength can allow him to break out of his hold at any time Wei Ying uses his most effective attack. He talks.  

“You can’t tell anyone Lan Zhan. Do you know how badly Jiang Cheng will scold me for getting caught like this? And what if your uncle tells Uncle Jiang and Madam Yu? They’ll make me go back home to kneel in the ancestral chamber for an entire week. And that’s only after Madam Yu beats me until she gets her pound of flesh for embarrassing the sect. I’ll do anything. You can punish me however you want, just don’t tell your uncle.”  

He almost loses his mind to all the horrific consequences as Lan Zhan processes his babbling. “You will take your punishment,” he finally says. 

Despite the ominous words Wei Ying can’t help but think back to the fantasy he was imagining before Lan Zhan interrupted. Panicking at the sudden arousal shooting up his dick Wei Ying fails to stop Lan Zhan from sitting up. Wei Ying automatically wraps his arms around Lan Zhan so he can’t push him off, leaving him perched in Lan Zhan’s lap.  

“Oh,” Wei Ying breathes, “just how long were you watching me Lan Zhan?”  

The erection underneath him twitches at Wei Ying’s words. “Get off,” Lan Zhan growls through his teeth.  

Wei Ying ignores the unspoken threat and grinds down. “Wow, you’re so big.” 

“Wei Ying!” 

This time when Lan Zhan tries to get up Wei Ying is more prepared. Ignoring Wei Ying’s protests Lan Zhan pulls himself into a crouch before Wei Ying adjusts his arms higher underneath Lan Zhan’s arms and wraps his legs under Lan Zhan’s butt. Clinging like a limpet all he needs to do is let gravity do the rest of the work and once again they topple down, right onto Wei Ying’s outer robe. This time Lan Zhan is on top, the only thing keeping him from fleeing is Wei Ying unyielding limbs.  

Wei Ying smiles until he notices that all of the moving around has opened his hastily tied robe, allowing Lan Zhan to look directly at Wei Ying’s now uncovered erection.  

“Don’t look!” Suddenly shy under Lan Zhan’s staring Wei Wing pulls his legs still wrapped around Lan Zhan inwards, aligning their hips. They moan in sync. Forgetting his momentary shyness Wei Ying grinds up against Lan Zhan, chasing the heady jolts of pleasure.  

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying moans again.  

“Stop moving.” 

Wei Ying’s hands clutch at the back of Lan Zhan’s robe as he tries to pull him even closer, feeling Lan Zhan’s shoulder muscles bunch as the other man struggles to stay upright. Curious, Wei Ying slides his hands down to Lan Zhan’s bulging biceps and looks up. Lan Zhan manages to look even more flustered then when he caught Wei Ying masturbating, his lips are pursed in a straight line and his brows point down to his tightly shut eyes.  

Pouting Wei Ying whines, “look at me Lan Zhan.” When he’s ignored Wei Ying gives a stronger trust upwards, his erection sliding deliciously along Lan Zhan’s silk covered abs. “What will you do if I don’t stop?” He teases, thrilled at how undone Lan Zhan is. “Is Lan Er-gege going to punishment me like you said you would? We’re all alone, you could do anything to me right now and no one would hear me scream.” 

In a great show of retribution Lan Zhan bites Wei Ying’s shoulder.  

Wei Ying screams. “I didn’t mean it like that! Are you a dog!? Let go, let go!” he cries, trying to wiggle out of Lan Zhan’s brutal grip. When his struggles prove fruitless he reaches up to pull at Lan Zhan’s hair until his fingers catch on silk, tangling himself in the ribbon until it falls away from Lan Zhan’s head. 

Instantly Lan Zhan unlatches his jaw. Wei Ying’s heavy sigh of relief turns into a yelp when Lan Zhan lies himself flat against him and starts to use his freed-up hands to tie his ribbon around Wei Ying’s wrists. “What sort of punishment is this?” Wei Ying questions before his mind drifts to the nearby abandoned pornography book which featured a similar situation in which Bai Hong was intricately tied up by Ban Xia. 

Any hope of an answer is completely forgotten when Lan Zhan kisses him.  

Wei Ying cannot say he has ever given much thought to how Lan Zhan would kiss other than holding the belief that it would always be pure, brief, and chaste, and probably only ever done with his future wife while trying to supply his sect with an heir.  

But Lan Zhan continues to blow Wei Ying’s expectations out of the water by biting and sucking at his lips like he’s eating his favorite food after practicing inedia for a hundred years. Wei Ying can only weakly kiss back under the onslaught of brutal affection. His moans send vibrations through their joined lips as Lan Zhan’s tongue slides alongside his own. It probes further tracing along his teeth before twisting back inwards to lick at the drool pooling at the edge of Wei Ying’s mouth. The wet sounds and amount of spit they’re both producing should be gross but it only drives Wei Ying higher with desire. Lan Zhan bites Wei Ying’s swollen bottom lip, almost splitting the skin with his enthusiasm, before he pulls back. His hot breath ghosts over Wei Ying’s overheated face.  

The borderline violence of Lan Zhan’s actions makes it really seem like Wei Ying is being taken advantage of. In encouragement Wei Ying spreads his legs wide. “Lan Zhan is so rough with me. Is this my punishment? I’ve broken so many rules you’re going to have to do a bit more than that to teach me a lesson.” 

Lan Zhan looks at him with heavily lidded eyes, his face somehow remaining blank. The only evidence that he’s effected by Wei Ying is his deep red lips and the straining erection pressed into Wei Ying’s upper thigh.  

“I’ve broken so many rules,” Wei Ying repeats and with each one he lists he presses a kiss to Lan Zhan’s face, “leaving the Cloud Recesses without permission, obscene acts in public, excessive noise, running, seducing Lan Qiren’s nephew, reading indecent literature...”  

Lan Zhan frowns in inquiry at the last one and looks around to spy ‘The Adventures of Pan Xia’, still open on the page that inspired Wei Ying so much. He looks back at Wei Ying. “You-” 

Wei Ying doesn’t give him the chance to get distracted. “Are you going to do that to me – bend me over and put your jade pillar inside of me?”  

Red bleeds into Lan Zhan’s eyes at the challenge. Wei Ying wishes he could untie his hands to help as Lan Zhan frantically starts striping. Watching Lan Zhan pull off his multiple layers is like slow water torture, leaving Wei Ying straining with frustration by the time Lan Zhan’s gets down to his inner robe. The level of distraction Wei Ying has managed to achieve is shown by how carelessly Lan Zhan leaves his robes pooled on the ground.  

Wei Ying takes the initiative to lie down in his stomach on top of the abandoned clothes. He tilts his hips upwards and flutters his eyelashes coyly at Lan Zhan over his shoulder. “I’m ready to receive my punishment Lan Er-gege.” 

Lan Zhan’s hands cups Wei Ying’s behind, spreading the globes apart to peer at Wei Ying’s hole. Goose bumps prickle along his skin at Lan Zhan’s determined touch. He can feel his opening delicately fluttering open and shut at Lan Zhan’s appraisal. Nervous at being so exposed Wei Ying pushes back into Lan Zhan’s warm hands in encouragement for him to get a move on. Getting the message Lan Zhan’s finger traces a similar path that Wei Ying’s own ones did just moments earlier. Only this time impatience takes a hold of them both. 

“Lan Zhan didn’t you see earlier that I’m already prepared for you,” Wei Ying’s complains and moans when Lan Zhan sticks another finger in. “More, give me more Lan Zhan. You can put it in right now, can’t you feel how wet and open I am.” 

“Wei Ying.” Lan Zhan sounds wrecked as he finally shoves in three fingers, pushing Wei Ying’s rim wide over the digits.  

“Your fingers are bigger than mine,” Wei Ying says arching his back in an attempt to alleviate the pain and get Lan Zhan to go deeper. “Did you know I was thinking about you when I fingered myself? I was imagining how hard you would give it to me when you fucked me with your big jade pillar.” 

Lan Zhan curls his fingers, stealing the words from Wei Ying’s mouth. “It’s real.” 

Struck dumb with pleasure it takes Wei Ying a moment to understand. “Good, I don’t want a fake jade toy, I want the real deal. I want you to feel what it’s like inside of me Lan Zhan, how soft and tight and warm it is. It’s all for you.”  

Fingers are swiftly replaced by a larger blunt object. “Mine,” Lan Zhan grunts as he breaches Wei Ying and pushes in with a harsh trust.  

“Ah! Yes, yours!” Wei Ying pants like he’s run a hundred li. Lan Zhan is a hot iron rod inside of him, making him fuller than anything he has ever experienced. “I can feel you in my stomach,” he tells Lan Zhan like a secret.  

Lan Zhan pushes in further, grinding down on the last inch until he completely surrounded by Wei Ying. “Take your punishment,” he says, his voice deep with foreboding promise, “fifteen strokes for every infraction.” 

“Are you sure that’s enough, I’ve been very naughty Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying gloats. 

“Mn, count them or I will start again.” And with that Lan Zhan drags his dick out and slams it back home. He pauses and demands again, “count.” 

“O-one,” Wei Ying barely manages to stutter. Pleasure drips from his gasping lips as he tries to count in time with Lan Zhan’s merciless strokes, each one ending with an obscene slap as Lan Zhan’s hips clap against Wei Ying’s ass. “Two, ah ah, three, please.” 

He only gets to ten before he gave up and decides to go back to teasing Lan Zhan instead. “I can’t go on Lan Zhan, you’re just too cruel. Ah! Be gentle it’s my first time... Who knew you were secretly like this? Is this what you imagined every time I was forced to kneel as punishment - bending me over and taking me until I apologized? I would have been so much more obedient if you did this to me whenever I broke the rules.” 

“Be quiet.”  

Despite his protests Wei Ying can feel the length inside of him grow even harder. His laughter at the reaction hitches on a particularly harsh thrust. “Hah, so you want me to be quiet now but before you were demanding I count. Lan Er-gege should find another way to occupy my mouth if he wants me to shut up. Like in the library. Instead of casting the silencing charm on me you can make me suck you. I can't tease you so much if my mouth is full of Er-gege’s co- Ah!”  

Finally having enough of Wei Ying’s chatter Lan Zhan pulls out and flips his grinning lover over. This time Wei Ying is filled both below and above as Lan Zhan kisses him silent. Wei Ying’s length twitches from where it hangs over his stomach, bouncing in time with Lan Zhan’s steady movements. His back strains from the angle as Lan Zhan fuck into him like is trying to push deep enough to reach Wei Ying’s throat. His legs hang uselessly over Lan Zhan’s elbows, his toes curling every time Lan Zhan brushes against the extra sensitive part of Wei Ying’s walls.  

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying sighs blissfully when he finally comes, liquid shooting all the way to his chin from the powerful orgasm.  

He can only lay back and take it as Lan Zhan chases his own finish. His thrusts losing all rhythm as he pushes in one last time. Wei Ying helpfully clenches, milking Lan Zhan of all his spent. “Don’t pull out, I want to keep it inside me.” 

Ignoring Wei Ying’s request Lan Zhan pulls back and watches in fascination as his essence leaks out of Wei Ying’s abused hole. “Was I punished good enough?” Wei Ying asks the spell bound man. 


“Are you going to do this every time I break the rules from now on?” 

Lan Zhan doesn’t reply as he grabs his inner robes and starts to clean Wei Ying.  

Still quite happy to talk Wei Ying continues, “how did you even find me here? I go hunting out in these woods and hang out in my hideout pretty much every day but I’ve never even seen you in this area before.” 

“Every day.” 

Wei Ying pauses in bafflement. “What?” 

“To make up for all the rules you broke we will do this every day,” Lan Zhan explains as he undoes the knots in his ribbon around Wei Ying’s wrists. 

“E-every day... For how long?”  

Lan Zhan keeps a hold on Wei Ying’s wrists, gently rubbing at the red lines bruising his pale skin. “For as long as you want,” he says it like a promise. 

Overjoyed Wei Ying’s smile spreads across his face. “Good. I hope you’re a man of your word because I think I want it forever. I like you a lot Lan Zhan and now that we’re so close I don’t want to lose this. We are close right? You did just take my virginity so you should take responsibility.” Wei Ying can’t help but hesitantly question. 

Lan Zhan threads their fingers together alongside the ribbon, tangling them up so much Wei Ying’s a bit concerned they won’t be able to pull themselves apart ever again. “We’re close,” he says and kisses Wei Ying just as chastely as he first imagined. “I like Wei Ying to.”  

“Really?” Wei Ying asks as he leans into the kiss. 


Wei Ying basks in the lovely movement. 

“Still have to go back to the Cloud Recesses for real punishment.” 

Nevermind. Wei Ying groans at the agony of liking such a fuddy-duddy.