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Is this it?

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Beth walks into her room and leaves the door cracked. It’s a habit, she thinks, for when the kids are home. But this time they are not. She’s home alone and she relishes in the peace and quiet.

The kids were at Dean’s mom’s house for the weekend. Dean on a golf retreat with some of his dealership buddies. At least that is what he claimed. She’d been too busy with other work to investigate if this was the truth. And if she was truly honest with herself, she didn’t give a damn what Dean was doing.

She places her glass of wine on the nightstand and threw her book on the bed. She prances over to the window by her bedroom french doors. It was an unusual hot fall day in Detroit and sometimes she liked to crack the windows open to let the cooler night air in. Thankful for the screens she made Dean put on the widows while she was pregnant with Danny. They’d just bought the house and the AC unit went out a month later. It was during the latter part of the recession so business at the dealership was slower. They simply didn’t have the money for a new unit. So she convinced screens on their older Cape Cod house would suffice until the market bounced back.

The cooler fall air hits her skin as she slides the window open. She lets out a long sigh as this week’s burdens wash over her. Between soccer practices, swim meets PTA meetings and still continuing her drops she had with.... she shivers at the thought of his name.

Her body aches and she’s insanely tired. She tries to usher the thought of him out of her head. She massages her neck with her eyes closed as she walks back to the bed. Sometimes she feels like she was barley keeping her head above water. The feeling of almost drowning, only to get enough air to keep her surviving for the next day. She had been like this for a while now. Ever since the night at his loft.

“BETH STOP IT” she yells at herself as she clenches her eyes and fist shut almost drawing blood on her palms. She takes a long deep breath and counts down from 10-1.
This was a technique she had been using when the drowning feeling would overwhelm her. A technique she picked up in therapy. Her breath stabilizes by the time she is at 3.

“2—1” she breathes and opens her eyes. Her blue eyes land on her glass of wine and she is thankful to see it. She picks it up and finishes the contents in one gulp. Loving the all too familiar sting it gives the back her throat. She remembers her therapist telling her to have healthy coping practices and drinking alcohol every night was not one. She shews her therapist judgmental looks out of her head and she puts the glass back down. Then sliding out of her matching pajama set pants and climbing under the covers.

She fiddles with book she threw on to the bed earlier. Skimming the cover page with her fingers. “When the soul cries “was the name of the book. Her therapist had assigned it to her. She was to read a new chapter before their next session.

She chuckles at the thought of a book club about her own drama.

She was prepared to start reading but between the weight of her covers, the wine in her belly and the heaviness of her eyes. She knows this wouldn’t do any good. She puts the book on the night stand before turning off the side lamp. Wrestling with her pillow until she found the right spot to drift and sub-come to her sleepiness.

Beth’s hands fishes to find her night lamp. When she finally finds the switch a small glow warms the side of her room. She touches her phone that was charging by lamp and sees its 3:30 am.
“So much for a full night of sleep.” She mummers. She stammers out of bed to go to the bathroom. The cold hardwood floors hitting her feet and giving her chills. Opening the window had done its job. Her room now cooled by the night air .She walks to the window and shuts it closed with a thud.

Being a mom of 4 has not been kind to her bladder. Her one glass of wine before bed (and the 2 she had with dinner) was ready to be released. She hurries to the bathroom, flicks the light on and does her business . When she done, she looks at herself while washing her hands. Her cheeks rosy from laying against her pillow. Her messy bun almost undone. Her eyes, while half open, she notices how puffy and red they are. She’s thinks to herself -was I crying in my sleep?

This wouldn’t be the first time she did but it has been awhile. This happening the most the days after THAT night. Her dreams,- no nightmares -so vivid she would wake up screaming and crying reaching out at nothingness. The sound of gunshots echoing in her ear, her heart racing as she pulls the trigger. The sounds he made as he lay chocking on his own blood.

Most of the time, Dean was there beside her to calm her down. Busting into their bedroom when he could hear her ear shattering screams from the living room or wherever he passed out at for the night. Beth still didn’t allow him to sleep in their bed. Nevertheless he would swoop in, laying in bed next to her. Holding her tightly and letting her know it was okay. Sometimes even cuddling her back to sleep. As repulsed as she was by Dean 99% of the time she was thankful for him on those nights. She shakes her head at the last time this happened.

Ruby and Annie were over for bachelorette night. She’d fallen asleep on the couch tney finished a bottle of wine. Ruby on the recliner and Annie sprawled out on the floor.

Her nightmare has her back in the loft. Her hands sweaty from holding the gun at Rio.

“Shut your mouth bitch and “ he yells.


The first gunshot rips through the space. He stumbles back and looks down at the hole in his shirt before peaking up at her through his long eye leash. He lets out an angry growl lunging towards her. She pulls the trigger again but nothing happens. She starts pulling the trigger over and over but all she can hear is the click of the gun NOT shooting. He comes at her with evil look in his eye. She’s backing up while still trying to shoot. Until her back reaches the cold exposed brick of the loft. He’s in her space within seconds. He takes the gun from her, ripping it out of her hands. She makes a small whimper from how rough he yanks it out. He points the gun to her forehead and looks at her in her tear filled eyes.

He breathes “its okay ma, you did your best.”

In slow motion she sees him pull the trigger, she yells out “RIO PLEASE “before the bullet hits her in between the eyes.

She jumps up from the couch in a cold sweat. Her voice hoarse from her screams. Ruby and Annie are right beside her instantly. Ruby sits next to her on the couch wrapping an arm around her back. Beth latches to Ruby’s arms, digging her nails into her. Panting and trying to catch her breath. Tears running down her face. Annie stands in front them with an all too worried look. She looks at Ruby and mouths “what do we do now”. Rudy shrugs, eyes wide while rocking Beth back and forth.

Annie reaches over to pat Beth on the head ,smoothing out her messy hair from her restless sleep.

“Beth ... are you okay?“ Annie stumbles out. Ruby shoots her a look. Obviously Beth wasn’t okay. Annie starts up again. “ I mean , you’re okay. We’re hear. Just breathe “
Annie sits on the other side of Beth and grabs her hands with a reassuring squeeze.

“ Do you always have nightmares like this? “You know ....“ She pauses “about him?” Ruby asks while running her hand up and down Beth’s back. Beth doesn’t respond. Only sniffling and wiping her tears away. She wiggles out of Ruby’s grasp to stand up and walk to the kitchen. She grabs a glass from the cabinet and fills it with water from the sink. She gulps it down as it cools her sore throat.

Annie and Ruby followed her quietly to the kitchen. She puts the glass in the sink and turns to look at them. Annie perched on the stool on the other side of the island and Ruby standing beside her.

“Every night.” Beth whispers

Ruby glides over to Beth, arms wide to embrace her for a hug. Beth snuggles her face on top of Ruby’s shoulder fighting back tears. They sit in silence for a few minutes.

Annie still at the stool, fiddling with her oversized hoodie sleeves. “ ya know Beth, I hate to sound like annoyingly cliché but maybe you should talk to someone about this.”
She smiles at the end hoping not to offend Beth.

Beth lifts her head from Ruby’s shoulder, breaking their embrace. Shifting back against the kitchen sink .
“ And say what Annie? “Raising her arms to cross them in front of her chest. “

“Hi yes! My name is Beth Boland. I need therapy because I shot and killed my boss, my partner, the pain in my ass for the last year, the guy ive been casually hooking up with in between drug drop offs and PTA meetings, my lover if you will ...” She stops after saying lover. The word hitting her chest like a brick. She turns to look at Ruby trying to hold back more tears but they already prickling at her eyes.

“ Okay “ Annie huffs, rolling her head “ well not quite what I was thinking. Maybe something like, I don’t know, buddy got bit by a rabid raccoon . You shot him to protect the kids. Like in self-defense or something “ Annie says eyebrows raised.

Beth and Ruby look at Annie in disgust. Annie catching on, adds “and I know that’s shitty to say. I LOVE buddy as much as you do. But hey, I mean that is better than admitting you shot someone. Let alone a guy that you had been screwing “ her arms wailing in the air .

Beth and Ruby looked at each other before busting into laughter. Shaking their heads at Annie’s crazy ideas. They spent the rest of the night drinking more wine and getting too drunk. The Three of them thinking of more ideas as an excuse for therapy . They eventually settled on the dog idea. As crazy as it sounds. It was partially true in a sense. The part of shooting him to protect her family . At least that is what she tells herself. And it’s not like buddy was really dead.
Beth doesn’t remember falling back to sleep that night.

She turns the bathroom light off and steps back into her bedroom. She gets chills again and looks back at the window. It was open. A puzzled look sprawls across her face. She questions herself if she ever closed it in the first place. Not sure of herself she begins to walk over to close it when in her peripheral vision she sees a shadowy figure move from the corner of her room. She freezes in front of her bed when she makes out the figure. It was him. Rio.

If looks could kill she would be dead. The darkness in his eyes was something she’d never seen before . His eyes always had some light in them. It made his eyes a warm beautiful brown. Even when he was making fun of her or harping on her for not doing something right. He always had that warmth in his eye. That reached his smile. But not tonight. There was no light, just pure sad and darkness.

A loud gasp leaves her mouth before she covers it with her hand. He takes 3 steps towards her and she closes her eyes tightly beginning her countdown.
“10, 9 , 8 , 7 “she begins

“ Elizabeth “ He says. She shuts her eyes tighter concentrating on her counting

“ 6, 5 , 4” . She can feel him closer to her even with her eyes closed.
“3....2... 1” she takes a long breath and let’s it out before opening them again. And he was still there. In arms reach looking as beautiful as ever. She begins to feel her eyes swell up again but decides to immediately swipe away her tears.

“This- this isn’t real” she stutters out. “I’m dreaming ... you’re dead. You’re not really here “

He steps closer and his sent feels her nose. His cool breath hitting her face. They stare at each other for what seems like an eternity. Before she speaks again,

“How do I know this is real?” She breathes, shaking her head hoping she would wake up soon.

He steps closer, as if he couldn’t be any closer. He lifts his hand , and as he does, she flinches. Not knowing what to expect him to do. She knows deep down he would never hurt her but given what happen during their last interaction, she wasnt so sure. He runs his fingers down her cheek, wiping more tears away that she didn’t feel before. He tucks a lock of her hair behind her ear. He drops his hand to hers and grabs her wrist. His rough finger felt so warm against her cool skin. She gets goosebumps.

He leads her hand over his chest and stops, to let her hand hover over his heart. Right where she shot him. She swallows thickly staring into his brown eyes before laying her hand on his chest . He freezes underneath her . Almost as though he has stopped breathing. She instantly can feel the raised skin beneath his dark green button up. Her eyes meet her hand that laid there. Running her fingers slowly over his gunshot scars. Her eyes travel from his chest up to his neck . Taking in every detail of him. His eagle tattoo spread across his throat. Up more to lips, that were lightly parted. They looked wet from him licking them over. Up more she looked, to his glossy cheekbones , his straight nose before they landed on his eyes. The look in his eyes cracked her heart in half. He looked tortured , pained and lost.

“How” she croaked. Breaking the silence

“How, what Elizabeth?” he shifts beneath her as her hand still lays on his chest

“How are you here Rio?” she searches his eyes

He bites his bottom lip. “ Your friend Turner called 911 after you left. Rushed me to the hospital. I was dead on arrival . “ his raises an eyebrow. “But they brought me back-twice. Hell, they aren’t even sure how I’m still alive “

What was left of her heart shattered into a million pieces in that moment . The thought of him actually being dead on a hospital bed made her weak in the knees. Hearing his account of everything was too much to bare. Thinking of how scared he was during all that mayhem. Thinking of not being able to see Marcus again. She couldn’t imagine it.
You would think she had no tears left to cry but down her face they came. She leans into him, her head landing softly on his chest. Her hands move down to his waist and she bunches his shirt in her fingers. Drawing him closer. His chest was hard from his muscular physique. She can hear his heart beating. It was racing. He doesn’t move beneath her for.

They stand there quietly for a few minutes. He lifts his arms and wraps them around her soft body. His hands roll over back gliding up before landing and twisting into her hair. She breathes him in again while her head is still on his chest. God she had missed the way his hands felt on her. She thinks back to the day in the bathroom at the bar. That seemed so long ago now. How hot his touch was when he slid his hands up her thigh to pull her panties down. The way he leaned into her, while palming her breast. His lips on her neck as he held her against the wall slamming into her from below. Her flashback was suddenly interrupted when she felt his grip in her hair tighten.
He yanks her hair hard so that her head is no longer resting on his chest but angled to look up at him. She yelps at the pain of his grip. She winches. She about to say something but he cuts her off
“Tell me why you did it?” he says in low whispered voice. His jaw clenches hard.

“You’re hurting me “she cries out softly looking into his dark eyes.
He grips her hair harder tilting her head back more. His eyebrows furrowed.
“Rio stop! This hurts”. She tries to wiggle away but his grip gets tighter.

“Elizabeth! “ He yells. Startling her that she freezes. His hand still wrapped in her hair. She swallows .

“You didn’t give me a choice Rio“ she says in a hush tone.
A small sarcastic chuckle escapes his mouth. He breaks their stare but returns his eyes back to her. It instantly pisses her off. She raises her hands to his chest to push him off. He stammers back a little releasing her hair from his grip.

“ You kept pushing and pushing and pushing . Pushing me to do more. More than what I was comfortable with. I would tell you and you didn’t listen. YOU NEVER LISTEN. Tell me to put my big girl panties on. Be a boss bitch. “she says mockingly.
“ You fuck me at a bar and in my house. Only to tell me I’m just work! “ Her breathing has picked up. She’s starting to get angry thinking about all the shit that had happen over the last year. He steps closer to her , invading her space. She continues “ When I did handle all the shit you piled on me . It wasn’t good enough for you. “ Her arms are wailing at this point “You wanted me to handle it your way. And you knew I’d never do that. Shooting Boomer ,Mary Beth, Agent Turner...”

“But you could shot me?” he cuts her off, rolling his shoulders. His hands by his side balled into a tight fist.

She freezes and whatever warmth was in her body drains. Her legs feel like they have sprouted roots. Trapping her where she stands. In front of him. In front of their truth. Their truth being their relationship was so fucked up that she felt like she had no other choice but to shoot him.
She committed armed robbery, robbed him, laundered money, got him arrested. He’d threaten to kill her more times she could count. He asked her to kill, multiple times. He shot Dean. She’d become a drug dealer. Buried bodies, broken all kind of laws. She almost lost her family because of all of this. And when she tried to quit, he sent her body parts to get her back. Then you add sex on top of that. Fucked Up was the only way to describe what they had.

She told him before she could never kill anyone

I’m not a sociopath. I can’t just murder someone.

Yeah she’s held a gun to people more times than she was comfortable with. But she never thought she’d be able to do it. Until she did. And the last person she thought she would. To the person she had a tornado of emotions for.

All the pent up stress and crap over the last year spilled out that night when she pulled the trigger.
She closes her eyes” Rio. I’m..... I’m so sorry” her voice cracks. Tears returning down her cheeks. And before she knows it he’s directly in front of her. Their bodies inches apart. Her eyes fly open as he towers over her. He raises both hands and wraps them around her throat. His thumbs brushing her jawline. She parts her lips at his touch. It’s almost an instant reaction. He brings his face so close to her. His nose slightly grazes hers. Hes looking at her mouth as he runs his thumbs on her bottom lip
He speaks “I came here to kill you Elizabeth “ Applying pressure with his hands around her throat . His eyes are traveling up her face before they land on the sea of blue in her eyes “but I can’t “ he stops to breathe her in as his lips crash into hers.

She kisses him back softly but his lips and tongue are wild in hers. He kisses her hungrily. Like he had been starving and she was the food he’d been longing for. His hands release from her throat and slide down her sides of her body. Moving to her back and then to her ass pressing her harder against him. She lets out of moan which releases their kiss. He buries his head into her neck. Kissing her there hard that busies are sure to appear.

Their bodies are in sync again like no time has passed at all. His hands all over her. And her hands all over him . He breaks there passionate kiss and stares into her eyes. Beth is trying to catch her breath from the kiss but it can’t stabilize with the look he’s giving her. His hands travel to the bottom of her pajama shirt . He tugs at the hem. She can feel his knuckles ghost the skin of her waist . Right above her panties. She begins to feel a warm sensation between her legs. He starts to pull the shirt up , to take it off of her. She raises her hands and she lays them on his forearm to protest. She feels his muscles clench under her hands.
He runs his eyes over hungrily before barking out “Off”
She releases his forearms and raises her arms above her head without a beat. She still wasn’t use to the way her body reacts to him.

He slides the shirt up and over her head and tosses it to the floor. Leaving her topless and only in her black panties. As an instant reaction she covers her exposed breast with her hands. Her cheeks and chest blushing. He looks at her for second before a small smirk reaches his mouth.

“Rio , I don’t think “ she begins

“I want you“ he says. Licking his bottoms lip. His eyes filled with lust.“ Now” His eyes rolling over her exposed body . Landing at her hands cupping her breast.
Her blush spreads across her chest. She rubs her thighs together, the warmth between them rising under his gaze.

He lifts his hand and places it on her wrist, still cupping her own breast and he tugs at it. Her hands fall, letting them go with a soft bounce. He cups her left breast and rubs his thumb over her nipple. She lets out a moan and closes her eyes. She could not believe this was happening. Despite everything that has happen. He still wanted her. And so she let him have her.

Her body naturally reacts when he begins to roll his thumbs over her nipples. She falls into him and they begin to kiss passionately. He moves her back until she backs into the bed. He breaks their kiss and he pushes her down. She lands harder than she would like to admit. He towers over her between her legs. Looking down at her. She feels like she can’t move. He runs his hands up her thighs to her panties and begins to pull them down. She lifts her hips up so he can slide them off with ease. As soon as they hit the floor she tugs at his hands to pull him on top of her and they begin to kiss again. Their tongues colliding forcefully. He bites her bottom lip ,hard. Before sucking at it to sooth it.
Her hands begin to fiddle with the top button of his shirt. She wants to feel him. His skin on hers. But before she can unbutton it he grabs her wrist and pins her hands above her head.
“Nah“he scowls
She swallows thickly as the pain of his weight on her wrist come to the front of her mind.
“ Don’t move “he spits out as he sliders off of her. Towering over again. He beings to undo his belt. Not breaking any eye contact with her. Her hands above her head begin to fidget and she moves under his stare. He stops unbuttoning his pants and his eyebrows going furrowed.
“What did I say Elizabeth” in his raspy tone.

She stops moving immediately . She couldn’t tell if she was intimidated or more turned on by his commands. He slides off his jeans and then his boxer. He holds his cock ,already hard, in his hands giving it a few pumps. Her legs part to invite him in and he willingly accepts the invitation. He climbs on top of her resting one arm by her side and his other hand still holding his cock. He rubs it slowly on her wet folds. She lets out a small sigh at the feeling. He rubs his cock against her a few more times before sliding into her wetness. His hips bouncing into hers
“Oh my god” she lets out as her back arches from the bed, her hands still above her head. Her breast rise into his face and he welcomes them with his hot lips biting her nipples. He pounds into her hard and slow. She feels every inch of him and it’s overwhelmingly satisfying. GOD she had missed this feeling.
“Fuck “ he moans as he switches from one nipple to the other, letting it slip between his lounge , his teeth and lips.
His pace starts to pick up and she begins to wind herself against him with every stroke entering her. His lips begin to travel away from her breast, up her chest and to her collarbone before it reaches her neck. Her hands flinch because she wants to wrap her arms around him , pull him closer . If that was even impossible to do, but instead she steadies them. Hushing the urge to do so. afraid he may stop this pleasure if she didn’t obey his commands.
His lips are on hers again, as he takes one of his hands and runs them in between her thighs. He spreads her legs open more, so much that it looks like she’s doing the splits on her back. He tightens his grip on the inner part of her thigh. Pressing her harder into the bed. He breaks their kiss to lean back up, while still relentlessly pounding into her. Looking deeper into her eyes. She tries to steady her breathing but it’s no use. The room is filled with their breathless moans.
He watches as her breast bounce at the same pace of him grinding into her. His other hand slides up her other thigh and rolls over her already swollen clit. Her hands jerk above her head and begin to clinch the sheets. She keeps them there, above her head . He breaks his eye contact from watching his fingers roll over her clit and stare at her hands. Almost as if he dares her to move them one more time she won’t like what will happen next. She closes her eyes to focus on not moving her hands and savor the feeling of his fingers circling her. His pace quickening, his pumps becoming harder. Her senses are so heightened at this point . She feels her self-clenching around him. His knees buckle a bit feeling her getting tighter.

“Cum for me.“ he lets out. And her body obliges at his command. She shutters as she lets herself go. Crying out in pleasure. Her muscles are pulsating around him as he cums immediately after her . He falls on-top of her with most of his weight on his forearms at the sides of her. It’s quite for a while only their heavy breathing cutting through the air
Shes looking up at him through half open eyes. And he was looking back down at her. She wants to touch his face and to kiss him. Tell him it will be okay. Even if she didn’t believe that herself.

She swallows as she thinks the idea away. He wedges his hand between them to pull his throbbing cock out of her. He does it slowly, letting her feel it all. Right before he pulls all the way out, he pumps into her one more time. So deep she thinks she can feel it in her stomach. He lets out a deep moan from the back of his throat before pulling all the way out. Her eyes flutter shut as his weight falls on her. His head lands on her chest. Her hands release from their position. One landing at the back of his neck and the other on the top of his head. She scratches his head in small circular motions before drifting asleep


Her eyes fling open and try to adjust to the darkness of the room. Her breath picks up as she begin to search beside her, hands roaming next to her. Trying to feel him. She feels nothing but her cold sheets. Her breath hitches at the feeling of nothingness.
Was that a dream - she sits up in the bed and fiddles to turn in the side lamp.

SHIT ! She yells.

There he was , sitting in a chair next to her dresser across the room . Looking right back at her. She blinks to adjust to the light in the room from the lamp.
“ I -I thought you left “she beings. “Well, that’s a lie actually. I thought this was all a dream” she says with a half-smile. He doesn’t respond and doesn’t break his stare.

She clears her throat and begins to glance around the room. Anything to break his hold on her. His stare was making her uncomfortable. She shimmy’s under her sheets and brings them up higher to hide her chest.
“ Can I get you anything?” She says warmly hoping that would break his jarring stare. No luck.
She rolls her eyes with annoyance. “How long have you been here ? “

“ A while “ he answers back. Nodding his head slowly. Cocking an eyebrow
The response takes her back again.

“Well are you just going to sit there? Are you leaving?” She can hear the annoyance in her voice.

No response again .But his hand does twitch letting her know her words are at least reaching his ears.

She’s starting to get pissed off at his silence. He never answers her questions. I guess some things never change. His lack of responding was making her restless. She had so many things to ask but couldn’t find a way to say it. Especially with his lack of communication.

“ Rio we need to talk” she says sternly . As soon she lets out the last word he springs from the chair and takes 3 long strides towards her. He’s on the side of the bed she at in seconds. She reacts by swinging her legs over the edge of the bed. Almost like her body is telling her to run. But she knew he would never hurt her.

She looks up at him. His eyes still dark. She’s about to speak but he bends down to kiss her to cut her off.

As he kisses her his hands slide up her shoulders to her throat lightly wrapping his fingers around it. He gives her throat a small squeeze while he deepens the kiss. His kiss getting harder, knocks them backwards on the bed. His fingers still around her throat applying more pressure.

She tries to break their kiss to get air, but his grip tightens more. Her eyes go wide “ Rio” she croaks out between catching small breaths through their kiss.
The pressure of his grip gets tighter. His head hovering above hers . His breath ragged and stealing whatever air left between them. He’s staring into her eyes again. He squeezes harder and her hands come up to his instantly trying to pry them away.
“Rio” she chokes “Stop” her fingers scratching at his, still wrapped around her. His grip tightening more.
“Ahhhh” she lets out a noise of pain. She is scratching at him harder. Digging her nails into the back of his hands. He’s doesn’t let go . Only tightens his grip.

She begins to panic. No air entering her throat . The pressure crushing her larynx. She begins to hit his arms . Scratching and clawing at his forearms . It’s no use against his long sleeve shirt. She begins to wiggle under him to get lose. But the more she moves the harder he presses her into the bed with his hands still getting tighter
“ Rio “ she pleads out softly, her last breaths slipping slower from her mouth. He leans back , straitening his arms. This allows him to apply all the weight of his body on her throat. She’s gasping for air. Kicking her legs under him frantically. Scratching again at his hands. Her eyes go as wide as they can. She sees him staring back at her. The sweat on his golden forehead. His eyes dark but glossed over .he’s biting his bottom lip so hard he’s leaving teeth marks .

She lets out more small noises to capture what little air she can but it’s no use. Her legs begin to feel like quicksand and their movements slow down. Her fingers fall from his hold collapsing on her chest. Her body going limp. The darkness starts to swallow her vision. The last thing she sees is a single tear rolling down his cheek. It splashes on her now pale white lips from the lack of oxygen.
“I’m sorry “she mouths.

He lets out a loud hollowed growl as his hands tighten so hard around her neck it may snap her in half. She tries one last time to grasps for any air but none is there to fill her lungs. Her vision goes dark as the last breath leaves her body.