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Countdown to Christmas

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"It's time for a Christmas party!" Jack had insisted a week ago.

So here they were: Rose, the Doctor, Jack, Jack's friends, and some people Rose was certain had just shown up out of nowhere. Packed into a building Jack had provided for them to party in. Did any of these aliens even know what Christmas was?

Somehow or other the Doctor and Rose had gotten split up and a drink and plate of fruitcake shoved into their hands. Rose spotted Jack amidst a small group of aliens, laughing and talking the night away. She forced her way through the little crowd until she was next to Jack.

"Jack have you seen the Doctor? I can't find him anywhere."

"Dunno, love. You tried the fruitcake yet?"

Rose looked at him suspiciously but took a bite. She immediately spit it out, tasting alcohol. Strong alcohol. "What the fuck was that?"

Jack smiled at her. "Hypervodka! Makes everything better."

She stared at him for a moment before a noise behind her drew her attention. Suddenly her arms were full of Doctor.

"Rose! Hav I ever told you," he paused a moment. "Have I ever tol you how much I like you? Casue I like you. I liek you lot."

He gave her forehead a sloppy kiss and started sliding down as his legs gave way.

"Oh my, Rose! Looks like-"

"Who brought the fruitcake, Jack?" Rose asked innocently as she tried to keep the Doctor upright. "I just want to talk to them."

"I think that was meant to be my piece, now that I think about it. Used half the bottle."



She smiled.

"It was you, wasn't it Jack?"


The Doctor kissed her cheek wetly before sliding down again.

"Merry Christmas?"