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The Twelve Days of Scorbus

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Albus frowned and tugged at the sleeves of his robes. They were too long and he was uncomfortable and he just really really did not want to go to this party at the Ministry. It was bound to be full of snobby wizards who were just going to look at him with judgmental eyes the entire time and really, he’d rather do anything else. The idea of staying home with Scorpius and watching Christmas films on the couch or drinking his entire weight in hot chocolate sounded much better than a fancy Christmas party.

He was going to do it for his father, though. He’d asked, and Albus had said yes and he wasn’t going to let him down by changing his mind at the last minute. He just… wasn’t planning on having a good time while he did it.

Luckily, his father had allowed him a plus one, so Scorpius was going to be by his side the entire time and if he was looking forward to anything at the party, it was that.

Behind him, Scorpius finished pulling his own dress robes on. They were a much prettier set than Albus’ own – a deep purple, plum-like colour that made his hair so much more vibrant and bright. It looked beautiful all the time, but tonight especially. Albus kept an eye on him in the mirror in front of him, and his lips twitched up from his frown into a smile just a little. He kind of never wanted to stop looking at him and how happy he looked.

Albus spun around. “How come they look that good on you and not on me, huh?”

With a cheeky smirk, Scorpius turned around and looked at his boyfriend. “I think they look really nice on you, Albus. They’re such a nice colour and they match your eyes, too.”

“Scorpius. Really?” Albus looked down at his robes. “These robes are such a dark green they look brown. I look terrible. I should have went with the black ones that I saw in that shop. And I knew you were getting the plum ones all along, so brown doesn’t even match. I don’t even match my own boyfriend. How sad is that?” He shrunk into himself a little as he spoke and then slumped down into the closest chair. “Tonight is going to be terrible. Can I stay in this chair all night? Can you just make an excuse for me?”

Scorpius laughed softly and crossed the room to crouch in front of Albus. He held out his hands for Albus to take and, after, a moment he placed them in Scorpius’ hands – and swallowed them up with the length of the sleeves at the same time.

He couldn’t help but laugh at that.

“You look wonderful, Albus. The colour suits you and they really do match your eyes. I personally believe you are going to be the best looking wizard at this party. And who cares if we don’t match? We’ve never really matched anyway. A Potter and a Malfoy could never truly match, other than when we both wore our uniform.”

Albus raised an eyebrow. “Me, the best looking wizard at the party? Scorpius, have you seen yourself?”

His cheeks reddened. “Stop it.” He paused. “Stop putting yourself down, Albus Potter. It’s Christmas time! This is meant to be a happy time and I am not going to let you be a downer on this night. We are going to go to this party and ignore people’s weird looks and we are going to drink as much firewhisky and butterbeer as we want and then I am going to drag you onto the dance floor and you won’t even be able to protest.”

Slowly, Albus’ lips started to quirk up into a small smile. “Well... what if I drag you out onto the dance floor first? Then can I protest when you drag me out there later because I’ve had enough dancing?” He gave his hands a squeeze. “You really think it won’t be that bad?”

“Even if it is bad, we have each other. And we can go home whenever you want. I know your dad would understand. Let’s just… just go. Just go and then we can say that we did it. And then we don’t have to worry about any Ministry parties for another twelve months. What do you say?”

Albus’ frown had entirely disappeared now and he nodded and smiled softly. “We can go home whenever I want?”

“Yes– but- no, Albus, not as soon as we step in the door.”

He narrowed his eyes, but he couldn’t stay mad at Scorpius for long. “Fine. Let’s go. At least so I can show my boyfriend off if nothing else.”

Scorpius grinned. “Well, I didn’t spend all that money on these robes for nothing, did I?”

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As they walked inside, Albus’ hand stayed firmly holding Scorpius’. There was snow on their beanies and shoulders from the chilly walk they’d just taken out in the cold and it started to melt almost immediately from the warmth of The Burrow – the fire was roaring and the sounds of laughter were still coming from the living room.

“You ready to head back in?” Albus turned to Scorpius with a smile.

It had been a bit of a change for Scorpius – the Weasley-Potter family was a huge one and for his first time spending Christmas with them, it was nothing like his usual family Christmas with Draco and Astoria (who had taken advantage of Scorpius being with his second family and whisked themselves away on a holiday.) Scorpius wasn’t even sure he could name every member of the family currently in the Burrow because there were so many of them. He wasn’t sure how Albus did this every Christmas.

“I think so,” Scorpius laughed. “Thank you for the walk, though. I think I was going to go a little mad if I had to stay in there any longer without some quiet. Your family… they’re lovely, don’t get me wrong, and I’m very grateful to be here… but they’re loud.

Albus grinned. “Don’t let them hear you say that.”

“Oh, I would never.”

Keeping a hold of his hand, the two boys left the relative quiet of the empty kitchen and ventured back into the living room. There were so many people inside that it took a second for them to find somewhere to sit, though they eventually ended up sat near Teddy Lupin and Lily Luna, who, despite her age, was still sat on Teddy’s lap like she used to when she was much, much younger.

Teddy flashed them a grin as they sat down. “Welcome back.”

Just as Scorpius was about to reply, he was cut off by Molly loudly yelling “PRESENTS!” She’d clearly noticed that they’d returned to the room and had been waiting for them to get back so that they could finally start giving out all of the gifts. Scorpius had brought a few along himself for Albus and the other members of the Potter and Granger-Weasley family, but that was no match for the hundreds of gifts underneath the large and intricately dedicated Christmas tree in the corner.

Lily hopped off of Teddy’s lap in an instant and, along with a few of the other younger Weasley’s, hurried over to the tree where they grabbed presents, read the tags and started to hand them out. They could do it magically, of course, but it was always much more fun this way. And they’d discovered, over the years, that the kids loved getting to hand out all the presents themselves.

To his surprise, Scorpius ended up with three presents of his own. He looked down at them and then up at Albus. “I’ve got presents?” He hadn’t expected it at all.

Albus, grinning, nodded. “Course you do. You can’t come to a Weasley-Potter Christmas without leaving with at least something. Open them! Let’s see what you got.”

“Oh, one of them is from you, Albus Potter,” Scorpius lifted up one of the presents which was wrapped in a stripy silver and gold paper – but it wasn’t wrapped very neatly. Albus had, at least, tied a bow around it in an attempt to make it look nicer. It had worked… a little bit. “You know what’s in this one. So you open yours first.”

He narrowed his eyes as he looked at Scorpius for a moment before relenting and tearing into his first present. Albus loved Christmas, and he wasn’t going to waste time opening them carefully. He liked giving more than receiving, but this was nice too. He had five, and he assumed one of them was from Scorpius – perhaps the very nicely wrapped purple and silver one. That wrapping paper kind of screamed Scorpius Malfoy.

Scorpius, however, decided to wait until Albus had finished unwrapping all of his presents to open his. He wanted to watch Albus for every second of it, he didn’t want to miss a moment of joy on his face. This was, after all, their first Christmas as a kind of family. He really wanted to witness as much of it as possible.

Most of the presents he unwrapped were magic related – his parents had bought him a book from Flourish and Blotts, his brother had given him a set of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes Best-Sellers, from Molly he’d been given one of the traditional Weasley Jumpers (this year it was an emerald green colour – Albus assumed it was because it was his first year out of Hogwarts and Molly figured he might be missing the Slytherin green, which he was). He put the jumper on nearly straight away and turned to Scorpius.

“How does it look?”

“It suits you very much.”

He always loved how Molly would make Weasley Jumpers for all of the grandchildren every year. Albus had clearly lucked out with a wonderful grandmother in that aspect – his would never make something like that for him, though he’d learnt not to really let it bother him.

Scorpius’ present to Albus was one he was rather nervous about, but the large smile that covered Albus’ face when he opened it squashed his worries nearly immediately. A brand new notebook, engraved with Albus’ name, and a new set of quills. On the first page of the notebook, Scorpius had written a Christmas message to him and explained what it was. But Albus didn’t even read it before turning to Scorpius, a twinkle in his eye.

“This is for my poems, isn’t it? Since I always fill up my other books so quickly.”

He nodded. “Do you like it?”

“Like it!?” He sat the notebook down on his lap and surprised Scorpius by pulling him into a tight hug. “I bloody love it. Thank you.”

The final present was the one that confused Scorpius the most, but Albus seemed overjoyed. He met Arthur’s eyes from across the room with a grin plastered on his face once more, and then he was on his feet and walking across the room to hug him, too.

Scorpius didn’t think he’d ever seen Albus so happy and comfortable around his family. He didn’t understand how Albus could be so different to the Weasley-Potter family, yet so similar at the same time. Though it was clear, as Scorpius sat in the living room and watched, that this was Albus’ family, through and through. And somehow he, a Malfoy, had managed to make his way into it and feel relaxed and extremely uneasy at the exact same time. The family were a change, but they were Albus’ family. And so they were, by extension, Scorpius’ family too.

When Albus found a seat next to Scorpius once more, he inquired about Arthur’s gift. He’d never seen anything like it before and he found himself quite confused by it.

“This,” Albus began, holding up the device which was small and square, “is what the Muggles call a ‘Portable DVD player’. Grandpa has been fiddling around with it for a while now. I’ve been helping him when I can. It doesn’t work anymore, or at least we don’t know how it works. Might have to ask dad or Aunt Hermione one of these days.”

He looked down at the device in his hands and turned it over.

“Remarkable condition…” He paused, and then looked up at Scorpius, and then down at the presents still on Scorpius’ lap. “Hey! You haven’t even touched your presents. Open them, will you? I want to see what you got!” He sat the device back down in his lap and twisted on the couch to properly look at his boyfriend.

Scorpius chuckled to himself before relenting and picking up one of the presents. He carefully – unlike Albus, who ripped through the paper – unwrapped it and smiled at the sight of a book, much like the one Albus had been given by his parents. It was clearly from Mr. and Mrs. Potter, and considering Scorpius hadn’t expected any gifts, it was very appreciated. He sent them a smile across the room, which they returned.

“Mine now,” Albus picked up his wrapped present from Scorpius’ lap and held it up. “I’m nervous to see what you think about it. I can’t wait any longer and I think I’ll just end up taking it back from you if you leave it till last.”

“Oh, someone’s a bit bossy, aren’t they?” Scorpius raised an eyebrow.

Albus shrugged and smiled sheepishly.

Still careful, Scorpius unwrapped Albus’ gift. Albus nervously watched on, clutching his hands tightly in his lap. There was every chance Scorpius wouldn’t like it. And if he didn’t… well, Albus wasn’t sure what he’d do. He hoped he would like it, though. It wasn’t anything like a notebook and quills… but–

“Albus, this is wonderful!” Scorpius looked up at him, gaping.

“You like it?”

“Like it!? I love it.”

In his hands, he held a simple photo frame. But inside the frame was what really mattered – a photo of the two of them taken by Ginny just before the start of their fifth year. They were standing on Platform 9 3/4, dressed in their Hogwarts robes and both looking a little nervous to go back to school after the year they’d had previously. But in the moving photo, Scorpius smiled at Albus reassuringly, and Albus smiled back. And it was a small moment – the smallest of moments. But somehow, it was everything.

Scorpius, not wanting to draw too much attention to themselves, quickly kissed Albus before getting started on his third and final present. It was a little bigger than the other ones – and softer, too. But he still had no idea what it could be.

He missed the look that Albus shared with Molly as he started to unwrap it.

It was only when he pulled out a dark purple knitted jumper with a silver S on the front of it that he realised what it was.

His breath caught in his throat and tears welled in his eyes as he looked at the jumper in front of him. And it wasn’t just any jumper. It was a Weasley Jumper. One of the jumpers that Albus had received every Christmas at Hogwarts, one of the jumpers that Scorpius had always guiltily envied. He had one in his hands. One of his own.

The tears had started rolling down his cheeks and he clutched the jumper to his chest. So much for not wanting to make a scene, because now he was crying in front of the entire Weasley-Potter family, though he didn’t realise that all of them were smiling at him. There was no malice. No humour found through his tears. Just happiness.

Scorpius found his feet soon after and wandered over to where Molly Weasley was sat. He composed himself and wiped his face before he spoke to her, not wanting to make a fool out of himself anymore than he already had.

“You–you didn’t have to do this, Mrs. Weasley. But I really appreciate it.”

She stood up and wrapped an arm around his waist – he was a lot taller than she was. “Of course I did. You’re one of us now, Scorpius. And all of my grandchildren get one of these jumpers,” she grinned. “It’s tradition. I just hope you like the colours.”

He nodded. “It’s perfect.”

When he returned to sit beside Albus, he was now wearing his new purple and silver Weasley jumper. Albus wrapped an arm around his waist as he sat down and leant in towards him.

“I don’t really need to say this, because you’ve been here for a long time now… but I want to say it anyway… welcome to the family, Scorp.”

They hadn’t noticed Ginny standing up and walking over towards them, nor had they noticed her snapping a photo of them, both in their matching Weasley jumpers, both surrounded by wrapping paper and tinsel and happiness. Their faces only inches away from each other, but smiles on both of them. They lit up the entire room with their joy – and Christmas got ten times brighter because of it.

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Albus could hear the music coming from his shared apartment from the second he stepped out of the elevator. He furrowed his eyebrows and tugged at his scarf as he neared the door, not bothering to get the key out of his pocket and, instead, casting a quiet and sneaky Alohomora, the door clicking open so he could go inside unnoticed.

The music was still playing rather loudly as Albus closed the door behind himself. A smile came to his face as he spotted the source of the music – a speaker on the kitchen island, and Scorpius behind it, twirling and dancing around the kitchen to the sounds of a slow, old-timey and very merry Christmas song. There was a lovely smell coming from the oven, too, but to Albus, all that mattered was how happy Scorpius looked as he danced.

“What’s this, then?” Albus wandered over to him and away from the door, raising his voice so that Scorpius could actually hear him speak.

Scorpius stopped dancing almost immediately and spun around to look at Albus – who looked very cold from the snowy London air outside – yet Scorpius was the one whose cheeks flushed pink at the fact that he’d been caught dancing. “You’re home sooner than I thought you would be!”

He shrugged a shoulder and started to take off his coat – the apartment was warm, unlike London which was freezing cold, and understandably for the time of year. He still couldn’t quite feel his fingers. “I finished earlier than expected. What are you cooking?”

Then, a look passed over Scorpius’ face.

“Never mind what I’m cooking.” He held out a hand. “May I have this dance, Albus Potter?”

Albus raised an eyebrow. “Do we have to? I’m a terrible dancer.”

“It’s a good thing I happen to be a wonderful one.”

And though he seemed reluctant when he placed his hand into Scorpius’, he really wasn’t. He wasn’t a good dancer, that much was true, but seeing how happy dancing made Scorpius… he couldn’t resist, even though he was exhausted from his day at work.

Scorpius was still smiling brightly and beautifully as he spun Albus around and twirled him through the kitchen. It was impossible for Albus to not smile too, as the song carried the two of them throughout the apartment.

He tried his best not to step on Scorpius’ feet, and failed a couple of times, resulting in a lot of laughter from the both of them, and if anyone spotted them through their windows they’d think they were mad. But neither of them thought so – they were just happy.

And Scorpius kept a hold of one of Albus’ hands and the other wrapped around him as they spun through the empty space – or tried to, nearly running into the back of the lounge and then actually knocking over a small side table.

“I told you I really wasn’t good at this,” Albus laughed as Scorpius spun him around once more, holding his hand and then pulling him back towards him until their faces were close together. “I’m surprised I haven’t twisted an ankle yet.”

Scorpius smirked. “Uh, it’s because you’re dancing with me, Albus.”

“Oh, is that right?”


The song started to slowly draw to a close, and Albus and Scorpius stayed together, swaying on the spot, arms wrapped around one another and hands held together tightly.

“Thank you for dancing with me,” Scorpius murmured softly.

In the background, a slightly more upbeat song began to play, but neither noticed.

“I would have relented anyway, even if you hadn’t forced me.”

Scorpius rolled his eyes playfully. “Forced you?”

“Oh, yeah,” Albus nodded, and then grinned. “I’m kidding. But you’re going to have to teach me how to dance properly one day. I’m afraid that without proper technique we might lose more than a side table to my clumsiness next time.”

His lips twitched up. “I think we’ll be able to do something about that.”

“Good.” Albus pecked Scorpius’ lips. And then… he sniffed. “Do you– do you smell that? What is that smell?”

Scorpius’ eyes went wide. “I’ve burnt the gingerbread.”

He let go of Albus and sprinted around to the oven, pulling it open and then wincing at the blackened gingerbread men sitting in it. Albus wandered up beside him and, with a flick of his wand, turned the oven off.

“It’s only early. We’d better get started on baking more, then.”

Scorpius looked up. “Really?”

“Absolutely. But I’m a terrible baker too… so you’ll have to lead the way.”

Smiling, Scorpius stood up. “I’m lucky to have you, aren’t I?”

Albus flashed him a grin. “Extremely.”

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“Merlin’s Beard!” Albus exclaimed, rather loudly and drawing the attention of several passerby Muggles who stared at him with looks of confusion and disgust on their faces. “Merlin’s Beard, when did it get this bloody cold?”

He hugged his arms closer to himself and stared at Scorpius, who was desperately trying not to laugh. “I did tell you to bring a jacket, Al. It’s your fault you’re stubborn.”

Albus threw him a glare as they walked out of the busy street and down a side alley. Scorpius was leading them to a store he’d researched where they were going to search for Christmas gifts for their mothers, and Albus hadn’t realised just how cold London had gotten over the past few days. He’d finished work for the year and hadn’t really left the apartment since he’d gotten home four days ago.

“Can I at least borrow your scarf?” Albus grumbled.

Scorpius side-eyed him and then, a little reluctantly, unwrapped his scarf from around his neck and stopped. Albus stopped alongside him and happily allowed Scorpius to wrap the scarf securely around his neck. It was warmer already.

“I’ll have you know,” Scorpius finished, “that it doesn’t match your outfit.”

And with that, he started walking off again, leaving Albus gaping on the pavement after him. It took him a second, and then he started jogging after his boyfriend.

“You can’t just– you can’t just say that and leave it!” He huffed. “I’m sorry– I should have worn a jacket. And I’ll give you the scarf back if you’re cold. I’m sorry I’m stubborn. I’ve learnt my lesson.”

Scorpius stopped again, and he was glad that they were no longer on an incredibly busy street and that this little alley was nearly empty, save the random Muggle every now and then. He took a breath and then looked at Albus.

“Are you mad at me?” Albus cringed, scrunching up his nose and refusing to meet Scorpius’ eyes as he stood beside him, even though Scorpius was staring intently at him. He really didn’t want Scorpius to be mad at him. It would make sense if he was.

But then he laughed softly, instantly throwing Albus off guard.

Mad at you? No, Albus. I’m not mad at you. I’m just… concerned.”


Scorpius nodded. “I don’t want you to freeze out here. But I’m annoyed at myself for not insisting you wear a coat, and now you’re cold and I’m mad at me for thinking that it would be all right and that you’d learn your lesson soon enough. But now you’re freezing cold and I’m regretting my decisions.”

“Oh, Scorpius,” Albus crumbled, and then laughed. He placed his hands on Scorpius’ shoulders and finally met his eyes. “It’s nobody’s fault but mine that I’m not wearing a jacket. Don’t torture yourself about that. Please.

He kept his cool on the outside – rather literally – but on the inside, Albus was utterly cringing. How Scorpius was the one feeling bad about Albus not wearing a jacket when it was his fault all along… Scorpius had one of the biggest hearts out of anyone he knew, and he loved that about him, but sometimes, it was one of the things he found himself disliking the most.

“I know… I’m sorry– I can’t help it but–”

Without hesitation, Albus pulled Scorpius into a hug, and the warmth was more than comforting for the both of them.

“Can we find that shop now, though…?” Albus muttered. “It’ll be warmer there.”

Scorpius snorted, and then pulled away from the hug, his gloved hand finding Albus’ and squeezing it tightly. “Yes, we can find that shop. I really can’t let you stay out here and freeze much longer. And my neck is cold without that scarf.”

Albus grinned. “You better hope this shop has a cool new scarf I can buy you, then.”