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The Twelve Days of Scorbus

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Albus frowned and tugged at the sleeves of his robes. They were too long and he was uncomfortable and he just really really did not want to go to this party at the Ministry. It was bound to be full of snobby wizards who were just going to look at him with judgmental eyes the entire time and really, he’d rather do anything else. The idea of staying home with Scorpius and watching Christmas films on the couch or drinking his entire weight in hot chocolate sounded much better than a fancy Christmas party.

He was going to do it for his father, though. He’d asked, and Albus had said yes and he wasn’t going to let him down by changing his mind at the last minute. He just… wasn’t planning on having a good time while he did it.

Luckily, his father had allowed him a plus one, so Scorpius was going to be by his side the entire time and if he was looking forward to anything at the party, it was that.

Behind him, Scorpius finished pulling his own dress robes on. They were a much prettier set than Albus’ own – a deep purple, plum-like colour that made his hair so much more vibrant and bright. It looked beautiful all the time, but tonight especially. Albus kept an eye on him in the mirror in front of him, and his lips twitched up from his frown into a smile just a little. He kind of never wanted to stop looking at him and how happy he looked.

Albus spun around. “How come they look that good on you and not on me, huh?”

With a cheeky smirk, Scorpius turned around and looked at his boyfriend. “I think they look really nice on you, Albus. They’re such a nice colour and they match your eyes, too.”

“Scorpius. Really?” Albus looked down at his robes. “These robes are such a dark green they look brown. I look terrible. I should have went with the black ones that I saw in that shop. And I knew you were getting the plum ones all along, so brown doesn’t even match. I don’t even match my own boyfriend. How sad is that?” He shrunk into himself a little as he spoke and then slumped down into the closest chair. “Tonight is going to be terrible. Can I stay in this chair all night? Can you just make an excuse for me?”

Scorpius laughed softly and crossed the room to crouch in front of Albus. He held out his hands for Albus to take and, after, a moment he placed them in Scorpius’ hands – and swallowed them up with the length of the sleeves at the same time.

He couldn’t help but laugh at that.

“You look wonderful, Albus. The colour suits you and they really do match your eyes. I personally believe you are going to be the best looking wizard at this party. And who cares if we don’t match? We’ve never really matched anyway. A Potter and a Malfoy could never truly match, other than when we both wore our uniform.”

Albus raised an eyebrow. “Me, the best looking wizard at the party? Scorpius, have you seen yourself?”

His cheeks reddened. “Stop it.” He paused. “Stop putting yourself down, Albus Potter. It’s Christmas time! This is meant to be a happy time and I am not going to let you be a downer on this night. We are going to go to this party and ignore people’s weird looks and we are going to drink as much firewhisky and butterbeer as we want and then I am going to drag you onto the dance floor and you won’t even be able to protest.”

Slowly, Albus’ lips started to quirk up into a small smile. “Well... what if I drag you out onto the dance floor first? Then can I protest when you drag me out there later because I’ve had enough dancing?” He gave his hands a squeeze. “You really think it won’t be that bad?”

“Even if it is bad, we have each other. And we can go home whenever you want. I know your dad would understand. Let’s just… just go. Just go and then we can say that we did it. And then we don’t have to worry about any Ministry parties for another twelve months. What do you say?”

Albus’ frown had entirely disappeared now and he nodded and smiled softly. “We can go home whenever I want?”

“Yes– but- no, Albus, not as soon as we step in the door.”

He narrowed his eyes, but he couldn’t stay mad at Scorpius for long. “Fine. Let’s go. At least so I can show my boyfriend off if nothing else.”

Scorpius grinned. “Well, I didn’t spend all that money on these robes for nothing, did I?”