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It was always you

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Avery felt a swarm of emotions inside her. It felt like a lifetime since she had last laid eyes on Bobby. She missed every fibre of him whilst she had been away, in fact she spent most of her time alone or with the girls at the other villa. The boys were nice but they just didn’t compare to him, he had the most amazing auburn eyes, one look from him could tell her everything she needed to know without him ever having to move his lips. One touch from him would send electricity through her body and boy how she loved his laugh, she would do all kinds of crazy jokes and games just to hear that laugh.

Now she was back here, back in the villa getting ready and running through every possibility that could happen that evening. You see the issue in this situation is that when Avery left the villa for Casa Amor she was coupled up with Lucas. Not through choice, but Jacob had set in motion a whole reaction by picking Hope that evening, therefore leaving everything wide open that night. Avery didn’t care if Lucas switched to another girl. Bobby was the one on her mind and even though they weren’t coupled up when she left, she knew in her core that Bobby was it for her, there was no-one else, she just had to hope that she had been enough for Bobby, that he felt the same. Only time would tell.

“I’m so nervous” Hope said “I haven’t seen Noah in days and there was so much left unsaid when I left, what if he has met someone else? You all heard him in that video, what did he mean by doing things on the first night changes everything”

Lottie wrapped her arm around Hope “Hey hun, I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think! I mean this is Noah, it’s always been you and Noah since the beginning. There is no way he would choose someone else”

Priya looked downcast at Lottie’s word. I smiled at Priya in sympathy, noticing the tears pooling in her eyes and her hands shaking whilst trying to apply her eyeliner.

I grabbed the eyeliner and turned Priya to face me so I could finish her make up for her. The atmosphere in the room was tense and I couldn’t wait for the evening to be over.

When the text came though to say that we needed to make our way to the fire pit, we all moved in for a group hug! No one was speaking but we all realised in that moment that no matter what happened we would all be there for each other.

Walking towards the fire pit seemed to happen in slow motion, almost like I could hear everything including the sound of my own heartbeat. You could hear a pin drop it was so quiet.

Marisol stopped me from going any further “So I just wanted to speak to you quickly before everything starts” Marisol looked you in the eye whilst grabbing hold of your hand. She took a deal breath before speaking “So I know what Bobby means to you and we all know that me and him are just a friendship couple. He’s a great friend, well I mean you both are but I have to be true to myself and I feel like I have something with Graham and I have to go with this feeling or I’ll regret it. I know this puts Bobby at risk and therefore puts him in danger of being dumped but I have to go with my heart. I just don’t want you to hate me for this, well for either of you to hate me really”

You looked at Marisol and for the first time you could see all of the insecurities she had tried to hide from everyone. This was the most vulnerable you had ever seen her.

Throwing your arms around her you whispered “Don’t every be sorry for following your heart, I could never hate you, ever. If Bobby is dumped, I would follow him straight out of the villa. We will deal with the outcome, whatever it is but you have my full support in this. Go and get your man.”

Everything passed by in a blur, before you knew it the door was swinging shut and the original boys were making their way back to the villa one by one. You were aware of what was happening around you, aware that Hope, Priya and Noah were having a tense reunion, aware that Lottie was squeezing your hand tightly but you couldn’t look up, not even when you heard his voice. With your eyes squeezed tightly shut, you felt Lottie nudging you, slowly bringing you back to reality.

As you looked up, you could only see Amber eyes and freckles, he was smiling at you, he was alone.

And just like that you could feel the calm envelope you.

You were home....