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Todorokis Christmas Adventure

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Shoto had never celebrated Christmas before. His father had always hated holidays and didn't allow distractions and banned all holidays from their household so he didn't really he didn't quite understand why the dorms were covered in garland and lights while most of his classmates were decorating a tree in the common room occasionally asking for him to hand them some kind of ornament.

 He sat on the couch watching as Bakugou chases Sero and Kaminari while Iida, Uraraka, and Midoriya talked about something he couldn't hear. Momo and Jiro went to make hot chocolate, which he's never tried before, and tea and Ojiro, Hagakure,  Ashido, and Aoyama were all talking about something called Secret Santa while the rest of the class decorated the tree with a wide variety of ornaments, garland and lights that mostly did not match due to each classmates different styles. One style included Tokoyamis who kept trying to put skull ornaments up but Ashido kept taking them down due to them being “ Too emo for Christmas.

Why they had a large tree inside confused him, sure there were plants in the dorms but they were all here before and no one had decorated them so why was this tree so important that they all decorated it? He walked over to where Midoriya, Iida, Uraraka and now Asui who had just joined them in their conversation. 

“Sorry to interrupt you guys but,” he paused pointing to the tree, “why is there a tree in the dorms?” when he said that they all seemed to stare at him in shock like he'd grown two extra heads, Midoriya was the first to speak up. “The tree is for Christmas, on Christmas Eve people put presents under the tree for others to open on Christmas.” Shoto nodded in understanding, though he still didn't quite understand why somebody would put a gift under a tree instead of just giving the gift to them, it would be quicker and more efficient. “So you don't celebrate Christmas?” Uraraka asked with a curious tone, tilting her head slightly Asui seemed curious as well. Shoto just shook his head before responding, “My father doesn't like holidays. He considers them distractions from training.” After he said this, the air seemed to grow tense they all looked at each other like they were having a silent conversation, soon enough they seemed to come up with a verdict. Shoto didn't know it then but at that moment they all silently agreed to make his first Christmas at the dorms one he’ll never forget.