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Winter Holiday Bingo 2019

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The large dining table in the Stark cabin was filled with various colorful items when Nebula walked in with Kraglin. Morgan sat in a chair concentrating on the paper in front of her. The tip of her tongue was in the corner of her mouth and she held a bottle upside down against it as she pressed various items onto the paper.

Nebula looked around for Pepper then cleared her throat so as not to startle the child. “Hello, Morgan.”

“Auntie Nebula!” The small girl exclaimed and jumped up to run over to them.

Nebula didn’t say anything when her legs were caught in a small bear hug or when she lifted the child into her arms. Morgan settled on Nebula’s hip and traced one of the metal plates on the side of her head.

“Do you want to make Christmas stuff with me?”

“Ain’t that the Santa Claus holiday?” Kraglin asked as he studied the things on the table where Morgan had been sitting.

Morgan rolled her eyes and giggled. “Yes, silly.”

“Morgan, who are you talking to?” Pepper walked into the room and smiled when she found Nebula and Kraglin there. “Hi. I didn’t realize you two were here already.”

“We just landed a few minutes ago.” Nebula set Morgan back on her feet and the little girl grabbed her and Kraglin’s hands and pulled them to seats at the table.

“Honey, they might not want to make Christmas crafts.” Pepper looked at the two of them. “Do you?”

Kraglin shrugged. “Why not? I used ta help Quill make stuff when he’s a kid after Cap’n kidnapped him fer Ego.”

Pepper looked slightly stunned. Morgan to her credit was pushing construction paper, glitter, and glue over to Nebula and totally missed what Kraglin said.

Also, Nebula had covered Morgan’s ears with her hands while glaring at Kraglin.

He scratched the back of his neck again and sat down as Morgan pushed more construction paper, glue, water-based paints, and macaroni to Kraglin. “Uh, sorry, Pepper.”

“I don’t think she noticed.” She looked at the three of them with a smile on her face. “Do you need me to stay and help?”

“No. I can supervise them.” Nebula replied, her eyes focused on Morgan drawing a tree on her paper. “What are you doing?”

Kraglin wisely chose not to say anything about needing supervision.

Morgan moved to her knees on her chair and continued to draw, while Nebula held onto the chair frame when it looked like it might topple. “I’m drawing a tree to cover with green glitter and then decorate with macaroni ornaments.”

“I got all the macaroni though.” Kraglin looked between the pile of uncooked noodles in front of him and Morgan’s drawing.

She looked up with a toothy grin. “Silly, you have to draw something to decorate with the macaroni and when you’re done, I’ll decorate my tree with what’s left.”

“What if he uses it all?”

Morgan looked up at Nebula, “Mommy has more in the cabinet.”

Kraglin had already started gluing macaroni to his paper.

“Auntie Nebula, you can just draw a tree like mine and use a different color glitter for it.”


An hour later Pepper walked back into the room and had to put her fist to her mouth to stifle the laughter.

Kraglin had pieces of macaroni stuck to one of his cheeks and on top of his fin. His other cheek, neck, and fingers were streaked with burgundy paint and he had tinsel over one shoulder.

Nebula however, seemed to be covered in glitter of various colors and there was a red bow on top of her head.

Morgan, however, was glitter and macaroni free, but she also had a red bow on top of her head.

“Ah…are you three having fun?”

Kraglin smiled and held up a piece of construction paper covered in macaroni that he was painting. It looked like a rendition of the spaceship she’d seen them fly.

“I do not know how to have fun.” Nebula retorted.

“That’s not true, Auntie Nebula! You’re lots of fun.” Morgan picked up the paper in front of Nebula and held it up, spreading more glitter over the table.

There was a glittery silver tree with a gold star on top and multi-colored round balls scattered over the tree on the paper.

Morgan set Nebula’s back down and held up her own paper. It was a glittery green tree with more of the same multi-colored glitter ornaments on it. “Auntie Nebula helped me with the ornaments.”

“She did? Well, aren’t they pretty?” Pepper mouthed ‘thank you’ to Nebula and started collecting the craft supplies on the table. “It’s time to clean up so we can get ready for dinner. The others will be here in less than an hour.”

“Is it soup?”

Nebula shook her head and tossed a piece of macaroni at him which just stuck to the front of his leathers. “Idiot.”