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A Christmas Flowergirl

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Maggie and dana

“Mom I told you we don’t want anything big. Just family.”

“Oh, Dana don’t you think it would be nice to have even a smaller wedding? You know the cousins will want to come.”

Maggie hands her daughter a wet plate to dry and Scully closes her eyes and counts to ten.

“There are far too many of them. If we invite even one everyone else will want to come. And, honestly, I feel like for most of them will just be there to gawk.”

“That’s a terrible thing to say about family.” Maggie tisks.

“But you know it’s true. I’m not denying that the past few years have been strange or that the situation with Emily is different and I won’t act like Mulder is not a character but I don’t want my wedding to be about that. And I don’t want to expose Emily to all those questions.”

“Can I at least invite my sisters?” Maggie uses the same voice she used when Charlie asked her to drop him off a block from school on his first day of high school.

It worked on him then and it works on Scully now.

She sighs heavily, “Fine mom. But that’s it.”

“What about Janice?”

The mention of Maggie’s best friend makes Scully repress a gag.


“Dana she apologized for-“



The two do dishes in silence for a few minutes and simply listen to the sound of football and conversation in the other room.

“I’m sorry mom, I wish I could be more conventional.” And Scully means it. She knows that her mother must have held many dreams for her and Melissa that would never come true. The guilt begins to well up.

Maggie turns to her daughter, pulls off one rubber glove, and cups her cheek.

“Dana you have nothing to apologize for. You deserve your dream wedding, not mine. I’m just glad that you are happy.”

Scully smiles and pulls her mom into a hug.

“You are happy aren’t you?”
Scully thinks of the spooky man in the living room shouting at the TV and the little girl at his feet coloring.

“I am happy.”

“Good. Then I’ll do whatever I can to make sure your wedding is perfect.”