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Steven couldn't help but be excited, they had finally fixed the galaxy warp and he could easily go to any planet or colony he desired, it was a welcome thing, after trying to herd the diamonds into an at least somewhat compassionate state.
He needed a break, and this would definitely provide at least temporary release from his diplomatic diamond duties.
Steven stepped up onto of the warp pad, letting out a mild sigh of relief.

"Take me somewhere new." He whispered, hoping it would grant his request. The warp pad lit up, lifting him in the air and taking him to a location he had yet to go.

The light dissapated just as quickly as it appeared, providing a less than superb sight. It was definitely a place he hadn't been before, some decrepit looking garden with over grown and dead plants, and broken pillars. It belonged to gem kind and that was all Steven could really glean from the surroundings.

"Hello?" He called, stepping off the pad and down the steps toward the main courtyard. He glanced around once more, it was completely deserted it seemed.


It was a terribly quiet noise, but in the silence of a long dead garden it was deafening. Steven spun around to find the source, some small pink gem that seemed to be embedded to the ground, vines still.growing through her legs like they thrived off the energy from her.

"Oh my-" Steven cut himself off, immediately sprinting toward the pink stranger and dropping to his knees to tear at the grappling vines.

"Are you okay? Have you been here this whole time?!" He was far more concerned with the grass in her feet than her answer, and didn't even take the time to look at her face.
After picking out the last bit of grass from the gem, he finally looked up at her, noticing that very large pink, heart shaped gem on her chest.
His heart sunk. If she was pink, she must have been in Pink Diamonds court, which already made things more gut wrenchingly complicated than he'd preferred.

Steven got to his feet, finally and closely inspecting this new gem, or perhaps, this old gem.

She was small and pink and covered in dirt and grime, her pigtails were frizzled and falling out of whatever style they were meant to be in and she wore a look of complete and utter shock.

"What's you're name?" He asked finally after their moment of awkward silence.

The gem opened her mouth to speak but didn't, instead turning toward some sort of communication device in the distance, still planted in the same spot.

Steven moved past her toward the general location she seemed to be interested in, pointing at the device.

"You're waiting for someone?" He asked, knowing that however long she had been waiting that person likely wasn't coming back.
The gem nodded, and unclasped her hands, her palms visibly lighter than the dirt covered tops, and she did a meager salute.

A pink gem, in a garden of earth flora, waiting for their diamond. Steven couldn't help bit imagine the worst, know the worst.

They weren't coming back for her.

"I don't.." he hesitated, there was no easy way to tell her, and he wasn't even completely sure of the truth himself, all he could do was assume the worst. "I don't think they're coming back."

Steven went out on a limb saying it, hoping that speaking half truths would maybe help but the gem's vacant stare immediately broke its facade and she broke down in tears. Her arms coiled around herself at least three times before they tightly gripped fistfuls of hair as she silently sobbed.

"It's okay, you don't have to stay here alone anymore, you can come back with me!" He quickly interjected, edging closer to her and holding his hand out for her to take.
The pink gem glanced upwards, meeting his eyes and searching for some kind of honesty in them.

"You can make friends, on earth with me and the gems." He offered, placing his hand slightly closer. The gem's eyes flickered down at it, and she hesitated, tentatively placing her hand in his.

Steven smiled, moved beside and then past her, lightly tugging at her hand to goad her into moving. It was almost confounding, he felt, the loyalty gems had for their diamonds. There was no doubt that she too was apprehensive of leaving her place. Things were different now. He glanced back, waiting patiently for her to move.

The gem's eyes her planted on her feet, the place where she had stood so long that the grass had grown into her. She pulled, slowly lifting her foot and flinching as the grass ripped at her soles from the placed Steven couldn't reach. She took a small step forward, but standing in place for ages didn't do anything to help her balance and the legs that once stood straight turned to a wobbly noodle like mess. The gem stumbled forward and Steven reached out, catching her in his arms, grateful of his ease of strength as he propped her up on his shoulder and led her toward the pad. She whinced every now and then from the raw tenderness of her soles as they hit the pavement.

"I'll take you to the palace and we can see what we can do." Steven said softly, feeling her grip tighten just slightly on his jack as she balanced herself on his shoulder once they reached the warp pad.