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Christmas Special 2019 (Nightmare's gang)

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Error frowned slightly as he stared at the picture that Cross was holding up.

"Can we get one? It's so amazing!" Cross said with a bright smiled. "It's Christmas soon and you can't have Christmas without a Christmas tree." He explained.

Nightmare sighed softly. "The only person I'd trust to get a decently sized tree that doesn't pierce a hole into the ceiling is Killer. And even then, only if he goes alone. There's no way I'm sending you four to get a tree." He explained.

Dust was about to argue but one glare from Nightmare had him silent. They all knew that Nightmare was right.

"nighty, if it's sO impORtant tO thEm, wE cOuld gEt a tREE." Error suggested gently.

Fresh's eye lights glowed brightly. "I never celebrated Christmas before!"

And that settled it.


"aRE yOu suRE i shOuldn't just gEt a RandOm OnE fROm a fOREst?" Error inquired as they walked around a Christmas tree sale. They were holding hands and to be fair, Error was enjoying it thoroughly.

Nightmare gave him a teasing grin. "I'm sure. The tree has to be absolutely perfect."

Error smiled and nuzzled Nightmare gently, pulling him a bit closer.

Nightmare chuckled softly, cuddling into Error a bit. "How about that one?" He asked.

Error looked up. "it lOOks pREtty gOOd." He hummed, slowly walking over. He wasn't bothered by the cold air at all, being used to it because of the antivoid. Additionally Nightmare was really cold too. Cuddling with him always felt like this.

He blushed softly at the thought. "lOvE yOu..." He whispered.

Nightmare flushed brightly. "I.. I love you too." He replied.

Error flushed, a bright smile plastered on his face. He cuddled into Nightmare a bit. The sound of their feet crunching on snow was so soothing... It was almost enough to lull him to sleep.

"I found it!" Nightmare said with a grin.

Error looked up. The tree wasn't too small. And not too big. It would fit perfectly into their living room.

"it's pERfEct." He murmured.

Nightmare nodded. "Can you string it up while I pay?" He asked.

Error nodded in agreement.

It went over rather quickly and ended with them shoving the tree through one of his portals.

"Good job." Nightmare praised with a smirk.

Error smiled and gave Nightmare a kiss before hopping through.

Nightmare flushed brightly and jumped after him.