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It was a crisp autumn morning the day Ed decided to finally return to the office. It took six long months after gaining his brothers body back for him to finally make the decision. At first his mind was set in stone, but as the months wore on, and Al became more independent, Ed found himself getting stir crazy. His life up until the promised day had been so chaotic it felt strange and out of place to settle down. At first he considered looking into restoring his own limbs now that Al was secured into his own body, but decided against it. After an over abundance of tossing the idea back and forth, he came to the realization that the automail was more practical for him, and he still wouldn't know what to do with himself after he finished that. He began to fear his life becoming stagnant.

That is why at this very moment he was walking up the large stone steps of Central Command, a letter in his hand. He didn't expect to be nervous, but as he approached the large double doors, he felt a chill run down his spine. Was he truly making the right decision? Inhaling and exhaling deeply through his nose, he stepped into the building, head held high. It looked exactly as he had remembered it, without a stone out of place. The halls were silent, save for the echo of Ed's boots on the floor, sending another wave of uneasiness cascading down his spine.

"Hey Chief! You're back!" A voice startled him from behind. He spun quickly to see Jean Havoc, a cigarette between his lips, walking towards him with a grin on his face. "Didn't think i'd be seeing you again, at least not this soon." They fell into step next to each other, Ed secretly thankful for the company in the eerie hallway.

"Yeah, Al is recovering alot quicker than we had anticipated, so i decided to hand this in." He lifted his hand with the letter in it, a small smile spreading across his lips. "I think its time." Havoc's smile faded.

"Oh, right your resignation letter. It's too bad, we are all going to miss having you around." Ed laughed to himself, lowering the letter to his side once again.

"Well, you won't miss me too much. I've decided to renew my contract." Havoc's mouth fell open, the half gone cigarette almost falling to the floor. Before he could get another word out, they were pushing the doors open to the office. Everyone inside looked up, their eyes lighting up slightly at the sight of the young alchemist.

"Ed! It's so good to see you!" Feury beamed, leaving his desk and walking over to the two men. "How is Al? Recovering well?" Ed smiled, suddenly feeling right at home.

"Al is doing great! That's why I'm here."

"I see you brought your letter." Breda said, his smile fading. "That's too bad."

"Yes, you were quite the asset to our team here." Falman chimed in. Everyone began asking questions at once, Ed looking from one face to another, his head spinning.

"Gentlemen, get back to your paperwork and stop smothering Ed!" A stern, familiar female voice demanded from the back of the room. As the men dispersed, he spotted Riza standing by the entrance to Roy's office. She smiled warmly at him, motioning for him to come over.

"It is great to have you back Edward, even if it is only for this brief moment." Ed returned her smile, his eyes trailing down to the letter in his hand.

"Yeah, I've missed you guys, life has been pretty dull since everything ended." He admitted, feeling his cheeks grow pink. Riza placed a hand on his shoulder, giving it a light squeeze.

"The Colonel is in his office, I'm sure he will be happy to see you." Ed's eyes traveled to the door behind Riza for a brief moment before smiling wide at the stern woman.

"Thanks! I doubt this will take long so I will see you all in a moment." Ed slowly knocked on the door, exhaling slowly as he turned the knob to enter the office. Roy was sitting at his desk, a stack of paperwork sitting to his left in a semi neat stack. He looked up, surprise crossing over his face.

"Fullmetal, You are here to turn in your letter of Resignation, is that correct?" He said flatly, his usual mask firmly in place. Ed frowned, tossing his letter on the desk.

"Gee, it's nice to see you too Colonel Bastard." He grumbled, folding his arms. "Also, I've done alot of thinking the past few months, and I've decided i'm not quite ready to leave yet." For the second time in the short period that Ed had been inside the small office, a look of surprise replaced the mans stoic mask.

"Are you serious? That's wonderful news. What made you change your mind?" He motioned for Ed to sit as he opened the envelope on his desk.

"Well, you see, at first I couldn't wait to get out of here for good..." He paused, looking at his hands which were folded in his lap. "But as time went on, I realized that just because I got Al's body back doesn't mean my job is over. There is an entire country that needs protecting, especially now that Hakuro has been appointed the new Fuhrer. I can't just walk away from what we are all working for, making this country as corrupt free as possible." Roy quickly scanned the paperwork Ed had filled out to renew his contract. Taking a pen off the desk, he signed his name on the last line and looked up into Ed's golden eyes.

"I am surprised and honestly a little relieved you have come to this decision. It really isn't the same around here without you causing some sort of trouble." He smirked at the blonde, who in turn glared at his commanding officer.

"At least I don't slack on my paperwork, asshole." Roy snorted, shaking his head.

"Still the same Ed, that's also a relief." He opened his mouth to ask what the older man meant when the door to the office swung open with such force it crashed into the wall. Three Soldiers stood in the doorway, guns raised.

"Can I help you?" Roy asked smoothly, his eyes narrowing at the men pointing guns at himself and his subordinate.

"Put your hands in the air and exit the room." The tallest man barked, his finger twitching on the trigger.

"Like hell I will!" Ed growled, raising his hands to clap. Before he had a chance to connect his palms, however, a bullet sped past his head within inches of his ear. He froze in his spot, his heart pounding in his chest.

"Don't make us tell you twice." The man said, using his gun to point to the door. "Now move." Roy and Ed exchanged worried looks before lifting their hands and making their way back out into the main office. There were more soldiers there, their guns pointed at the rest of the team who were along the wall, their hands on their head.

"Join the others." One of the other soldiers commanded, to which Ed and Roy complied without a word. After a few moments of tense silence, a General stepped forward, a piece of paper in his large hand. Roy sucked in an annoyed breath, staring the bearded man in the eyes.

"What is the meaning of this General Rickert?" He asked, trying to keep his voice from shaking.

"Roy Mustang," He started, ignoring his question, "Edward Elric, Riza Hawkeye, Heymans Breda, Jean Havoc, Kain Feury and Vato Falman, you are hereby under arrest for the assassination of Fuhrer King Bradley, outstanding acts of treason, and conspiracy to overthrow the Amestrian government. Anything you say can and will be held against you." The bearded man wickedly smiled, while his men worked to handcuff the team, save Ed and Roy, who were put into stocks to prevent them from using their alchemy. The team was roughly led through the building towards the entrance, whispers and gasps echoing down the hall as they passed. Only when they were outside did Roy finally break the silence.

"The jail is in the basement of this building, surely you would know that." As they approached the large black vehicle, Rickert roughly grabbed a fist full of Roy's hair, roughly shoving him through the door.

"That's because you aren't going to the jail Mustang." Rickert laughed, watching as the others were roughly and painfully loaded into the truck as well. Ed wiggled between Havoc and Roy, trying to avoid sitting in one of the mens laps.

"Where the fuck are you taking us then?" He snarled, wishing his hands were free so he could strangle the life from the general. Rickert took Ed's cheeks between his thumb and first finger, getting way to close to Ed's face for comfort.

"Well Fullmetal, you and the rest of this so called 'team Mustang' you have created are going to be loaded on the next boat out of here." Roy looked over his team, none of which were trying to hide the concern in their eyes.

"So, you are banishing us from Amestris?" He asked sternly. Rickert exited the truck, standing in the doorway to deliver one last quick message.

"Of course not, you and your team are on the first boat out to traitor island, where we know you will never escape until the noose forces the soul straight from your worthless bodies."

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The drive to the docks was silent, save for the occasional cough or grunt from General Rickert. The prisoners mostly kept their eyes down, too nervous to provoke the large man driving the truck. Ed dared to raise his eyes for a brief moment, catching Rickert's gaze in the overhead mirror.

"You look a little scared Fullmetal." He sneered, his eyes watching the teen in the mirror. "You might be the youngest inmate in the history of the island. Seems to be a trend with you." His eyes darkened. "I'm sure they will have some special plans for you." Ed felt a chill run down his spine, his eyes returning to the fists sticking out through the stocks around his wrists. He wanted to yell, wanted to kick and scream and cause a crash. He wanted to get himself and Mustang and everyone else being kidnapped out of there. But for once, he was truly afraid. He knew how serious the charges against them were. Even if he did cause an accident there was no guarantee that they weren't being followed by armed soldiers, let alone a guarantee that they would make it out alive or conscious. For once, Ed was at a loss for words, a loss of the will to fight. He tightened his fists, closing his eyes tight to try to ignore the burning he felt in his heart.

"Well, Fullmetal," Rickert started with a snort. "Here's what the island is like. First, you all sleep in the same room. You undress in the same room, you shower together, you even take a shit in front of each other." Ed squeezed his eyes together even tighter, until he could see the spots dancing behind his sore eyelids. "Then there's the mess hall. Nothing too bad happens there, if by chance your food isn't moldy or spoiled. Then, of course, there's my favorite room. the interrogation room." Rickert paused, taking a brief moment to look into the mirror, this time not at Ed, but at Roy. "Mustang, why don't you explain what that room is like? You are a high enough rank to know of the island and its routines." All eyes trailed over to Roy, who looked to each member of his team, his eyes drowning in defeat.

"They try to get information out of you." Roy said quickly and quietly, avoiding the golden eyes that were searing into his soul. General Rickert half sighed, half laughed.

And what about if you don't give us the information we are looking for?" Roy, like Ed had before, squeezed his shackled hand into a tight fist, his nails digging into his palm. "Come on Mustang, tell the kid so he's not so nervous about your little vacation." Roy swallowed hard, finally bringing his eyes up to stare daggers at the eyes staring at him through the mirror.

"They use highly unethical means to try to get said information, even if that information is false and the person is innocent." A small smile spread across his lips, pleased at the angry look in Rickert's deep brown eyes.

"If you want to call it that, sure. It's going to be nice to see the almighty Roy Mustang bowing on his knees begging for mercy, knocked down lower than the flea you are." Roy closed his eyes again, ending their tense conversation in favor of the silence that had filled the vehicle before.


After a long, uncomfortable two hour drive, the men finally reached the docks. A fine rain had begun falling about thirty minutes before, leaving the earth around them shining in moisture, Roy almost laughing to himself at the irony of the weather matching the mood. Even as he stared at his bound hands, listening to General Rickert taunt and terrorize his team, he couldn't wrap his mind around what was happening. Only a week prior did he restore his eyesight, and the week before that Havoc had his spine fixed. And Ed, poor Ed, way older in spirit than his short eighteen years on this earth, who shouldn't have been dragged into military business in the first place, was sitting between himself and Havoc in the same binds. He looked so small and helpless, and it made Roy's stomach sick. He'd been through enough, he didn't need the threat of torture and execution hanging over his head as well. If any of them didn't deserve any of this, it was Ed.

The vehicle slowed to a stop, the sound of the crashing waves the only noise above the quiet breathing of the team. A smaller vehicle was parked next to them, but before Roy had a chance to see what it was, he was roughly snatched by the arm, the stocks holding his wrists apart behind his back painfully causing his shoulder to slightly dislocate. They were lined up horizontally in front of the dock leading to the ship, a slim, older man with the eyes of a snake standing a few feet in front of them. Roy made eye contact with the man, swallowing hard when the realization of who he was looking at finally sunk in. He was the warden of the vessel of prison ships that delivered their breathing cargo to their new hells, and he was absolutely brutal.

"When i say your name, I want you to respond clearly with Present, Sir." He shouted over the roar of waves crashing on the shore. "You will not speak unless spoken to, and you will only address me as sir. If you so much as breathe out of line i will beat you within an inch of your life. Do i make myself clear?" in unison the team let out a strong yet fearful "Yes sir!" before continuing to stare blankly ahead.

"Roy Ezra Mustang." He shouted. Roy swallowed the sick lump in his throat quickly.

"Present Sir."

"Riza Cessily Hawkeye."

"Present sir." She kept a straight face, but Roy could physically feel her shaking next to him. He discretely moved his hand to her arm, softly rubbing it with his thumb in a weak attempt to comfort her.

"Jean Thilo Havoc."

"Present Sir."

"Vato James Falman"

"Present Sir." A loud clap of thunder shook the air around them as the rain began to pour down in sheets.

"Kain Felix Feury."

"Present sir."

"Heymans Gunther Breda."

"Present Sir."

"Edward Van Elric?" Roy looked at the teen out of the corner of his eye, and even with restricted sight he could tell how angry and afraid he was.

"Present." He semi grumbled. The warden looked up from his clip board, his eyes tunneling into Ed. Roy closed his eyes, wishing his youngest subordinate hadn't picked now of all times to gain back some of his defiance. One of the armed guards standing behind them crashed the butt of his gun into the back of Ed's head, knocking him forward into the dirt. Roy watched helplessly as he struggled back to his feet, blood trickling down the corner of his mouth.

"Present...sir." He said, eyes trailing down in defeat. The warden nodded his head quickly, a smile creeping at the corners of his mouth.

"You would do well to start following orders boy." He sneered, his eyes narrowing. "They will eat you alive on the island." He laughed to himself before looking at the clipboard. "That would appear to be all the prisoners on this transport." He motioned for the guards to approach the prisoners. "Get them loaded into the brig with the other one, We set sail in thirty minutes." Without another word, the team was briskly and roughly led out of the rain and into the giant ship. The foul odor of old blood, body sweat and human excrement assaulted their nostrils with such a force Roy had to level his breathing to avoid vomiting, and he noticed Feury's face go from pale to a sickly shade of green in a split second. As they were led down the steps to the lowest portion of the ship, they passed many large cells. Other humans, both male and female, were chained to the walls inside, each grimly awaiting their fate. With every floor they descended the smell grew more and more potent, an offensive reminder that the lower they went, the more dangerous the criminal. Roy kept his head bowed, trying to ignore the cat calls coming from some of the less stable prisoners, specifically the ones using vulgarities against Riza.

"Hey Mustang, Your whore officer is pretty, but she's not the only fine piece of ass walking down this hallway." A voice yelled out from inside a cell. "There's always the small blonde boy beside you or that baby faced boy with the glasses. I'm sure their bodies would really give a man a work out." Roy saw Ed and Feury look at each other in fear, both asking the silent question, are they really going to do that? The man kept yelling after them, shouting about how Ed must have been down on his knees for his commanding officer to receive such a position at his age, but as they descended the last set of stairs leading into the very bottom of the ship, the sound of his voice became nothing more than a muffled slur of sounds.

They approached a set of large, rusted iron doors with a small, barred window on each one. The air was at its worst down there, the smell only intensified by the hot moisture hanging around them like a damp sheet. One of the guards, slipped the key into the lock, the metal groaning in protest as the heavy doors slowly swung open on their stiff hinges. They were ushered inside, and the door closed behind them, leaving them partially blinded by the dark. Roy looked around, taking note of the fuzzy black shadow sitting on the bench in front of them.

"We will be taking your cuffs off and securing you to the wall of the ship." One of the guards said as the rest of them began quick work of chaining them all to the wall like dogs. "It will be a twelve hour journey to your new home, so get comfortable." He laughed, stepping aside as yet another man came walking into the room.

"Tsk Tsk gentleman..." The smooth as silk voice purred, getting closer to the middle of the room. "You must have beat the poor man about the head too much, he still has yet to wake." It took a moment for Roy to register what the faceless voice was saying, but once it clicked he looked over to the fuzzy shadow next to him and as his eyes focused through the dark it took all of his strength not to cry out.

There, sitting next to him unconscious with his wrists bound above his head was none other than his best friend, Maes Hughes.

"I see you finally noticed your traveling companion. He was unfortunately out of the office today so we had to grab him at home." The velvet voice crooned, keeping his face hidden in shadow. "He had gotten slightly defiant, and we couldn't have that happen, now could we?"

I know that voice...

"It really is a shame to see such a waste of potentially useful skills..."

Whose voice is that?

"Two powerful alchemists, the best sniper in the military, a photographic memory, a stealth heavy lockpick, two highly intelligent officers, and a genius in technology."

Whose voice is that?

"They are going to wipe the floor with all of you."


"Kimblee!" Ed gasped, squirming in his restraints. "I...this isn't possible." Kimblee laughed to himself, finally stepping away from the shadows to reveal himself.

"In the flesh, fullmetal."

"But...I..." Kimblee approached Ed, placing his chin between his thumb and first finger, giving it a firm squeeze.

"You watched me die? You helped murder me? You and this little freakshow put an end to me?" He brought his face close to Ed's, their lips almost touching as blood began to seep from the soft flesh of Ed's chin. "Your brother wasn't the only one fixed by a stone." He threw Ed's face back, swiftly punching him in the stomach with all the strength he could muster. The cell went silent, save for Ed's harsh, staggered breathing. "I'm sure you want to know why I am here."

"You...are our interrogator." A weak voice almost whispered, taking Roy by surprise. "Too be around the normal...human population, you are also banished to this island...but not as a prisoner." Hughes struggled to lift his bloodied head, a small, heartbroken smile spreading across his lips as he looked at Roy.

"I guess the flames favorite dog is just as smart as everyone said he was." He taunted, walking up to Roy and grabbing his throat gently. He began rubbing the thumb with his finger, soaking in the uncomfortable fidgeting with sick satisfaction."However, will he be smart enough to talk or keep his mouth shut?" Kimblee tightened his fingers around Roy's throat, cutting off his air supply.

"Consider this payback for the hell you put me through. I will make sure you suffer to the greatest extent possible without bringing on death. Just mark my words, Mustang, you are going to regret surviving the promised day." He threw Roy's head back, stepping back towards the doors.

"Enjoy your ride my friends, we arrive at Chinui Island at dawn." A sharp, piercing laugh escaped from his throat as he walked back towards the doors, stepping on the other side of them and slamming them shut with a loud bang, leaving the shell shocked and terrified team alone to their own thoughts.