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Christmas Special 2019 (BNHA)

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Jirou leaned onto her girlfriend with a small frown. They were sitting on the soft bed in Yaoyorozu's dorm room.

"Damn, I wish Aizawa wouldn't have forbidden Christmas trees." She whined. After Bakugou had burned down the one they'd gotten while he fought with Todoroki and Midoriya, Aizawa sensei had banned all Christmas trees.

Even the cactus that Kaminari had brought.

Yaoyorozu looked down and pulled her girlfriend closer. She knew she shouldn't do this... but that expression on Jirou's face...

"Close your eyes." She hummed softly.

Jirou looked up at her, a bit flushed but decided to comply. She closed her eyes, trusting her girlfriend fully. She leaned into her, breathing deeply.

Yaoyorozu smiled softly and got to work. When she was done, she placed a kiss on Jirou's lips.

Jirou blinked confusedly before melting into the kiss. She would never get tired of this...

"You don't have to make me close my eyes to kiss you." She joked with a small grin.

Yaoyorozu just glanced at something just outside of Jirou's line of sight.

She looked over, taking in a soft gasp. That had to be the tiniest Christmas tree she'd ever seen!

"It's adorable." She mumbled.

Yaoyorozu smiled and kissed her girlfriend's cheek gently. Since she couldn't make organic matter, it was a tiny plastic tree with a few ornaments.

"I love it..." Jirou mumbled softly as she touched one of the ornaments. She grinned brightly and gave her girlfriend another kiss.

"Thank you!"

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Hitoshi stared at the beat up calendar they had.

"It's almost Christmas." He mumbled softly, still not used to talking loudly. Or at a volume that was appropriate for a kid his age.


Dabi raised a brow at him in confusion. "Yeah. It is almost Christmas."

Izuku looked up from his spot next to Dabi on the couch, a notebook in his hands. "You like Christmas Toshi?"


Hitoshi nodded.

"Yeah. Christmas is nice." He mumbled. He remembered celebrating Christmas with his family. Everything had been so peaceful.

He missed it...

Hitoshi stared at the floor, tears welling up in his eyes. He quickly wiped them away. They had given him away. He shouldn't be sad.


Dabi straightened up when he saw the tears and with once glance, yup, Izuku had that calculating look in his eyes.

Izuku closed his notebook as he looked at his brother. "What do you like about it?"


Hitoshi sniffed quietly.

"I just like how peaceful it is." He mumbled, wiping some more tears to look up at Izuku.

He must look so pathetic...


Izuku slid off the couch and walked over to his brother, wrapping him up in a loose hug. "Is it the food? Or the decorations? Or presents? It's okay to say it."


Hitoshi hugged Izuku close, hiding his face in his shirt as he sobbed quietly.

"I just like the atmosphere..." He mumbled between soft sobs. "And cookies..."


Izuku hugged him close, gently rubbing his back in small circles. "Cookies are good. Christmas cookies are better right? Cause they're special?"


"Yeah..." Hitoshi whispered out, slowly relaxing in the embrace. His breath was hitching with quiet sobs.


Izuku held his brother loosely. He wanted to comfort his brother and make him smile. Toshi deserved to smile.


Hitoshi clung close to Izuku as he slowly calmed down. He still felt bad...


"It's okay Toshi. We can celebrate Christmas." Izuku said softly.


Hitoshi looked up at Izuku.

"Really?" He asked quietly.


Izuku nodded with a smile. "It won't be the same but we can still have Christmas."


Hitoshi hugged him tightly.

"Thank you." He mumbled quietly.


Izuku hugged him back with a smile, meeting Dabi's eyes who caught on what he was thinking and nodded.




Hitoshi woke up slowly. He was still very sleepy but happy because he didn't need to go to school. It was winter break!


He walked into the living room with a tired yawn before he blinked.

The small apartment they lived in was suddenly decorated in green and red. Various crumpled up papers and plastics hung from the walls with a few stray white paper snowflakes.


Hitoshi gasped softly. It looked so amazing!!!


There was even a tiny tree made out of green plastic bottles that seemed to be cut into strips and decorated with more crumbled paper and tissues.

"Toshi?" Dabi called and leaned out from the kitchen. He smiled at the young boy. "Come here. We're going to decorate the cookies."


"Cookies!" Hitoshi cheered, his voice a normal volume as he sprinted to the kitchen happily. "Yes!"


Dabi chuckles as a purple blur ran into the kitchen. Izuku looked up from his chair, just finishing setting out the cookies and tubes of frosting on the table.

If a certain bakery was confused at the sudden loss of cookies and ingredients, they could not trace it to who or how.


"Awesome!" Hitoshi gasped happily.


Izuku smiled and handed Hitoshi a bag of purple frosting. "Let's decorate these cookies Toshi!"


Hitoshi smiled brightly. He'd do nothing rather than that.

He gently took the bag of frosting and carefully applied it.


Dabi smiled and stood behind his brothers as they frosted the cookies. Izuku had given him a blue one so he could join in so he decorated a few cookies as well.


Hitoshi smiled, all his worries disappearing as he just had fun with his family.


Izuku giggled and lifted up a snowman shaped cookie which he had drawn his own curly hair on its head. "Look! I'm a cookie!"


Hitoshi gasped in amazement.

"Awesome!" He cheered.


"Oh yeah?" Dabi smirked and held out his tree cake but it was frosted with blue frosting that looked like flames. "How's this?"


"It looks so cool!!" Hitoshi said with a bright smile.


"You bet it does." Dabi smiled.

Izuku pouted playfully. "Let's see who can make the coolest cookies!"


"Yes!" Hitoshi cheered. He gave a star sunglasses.


Izuku gave a snowman a tie and a button down shirt.

Dabi made spirals on a tree.


They worked mostly in silence, occasionally interrupted by Hitoshi pointing out how amazing the cookies were.


It was nice. A happy moment shared between the three of them. Rare and happy.

Eventually they ran out of cookies and decided on voting which one looked the best.


Hitoshi stared at the cookies thoughtfully.

"They all look amazing." He mumbled.


Izuku nodded in agreement. "I guess everyone wins. Now we get to eat cookies!"


Hitoshi smiled brightly.

"Awesome~" He murmured.


"Let's eat!" Izuku cheered and picked up a cookie, taking a bite happily.

Dabi chuckled and did the same. It wasn't too bad.


Hitoshi took a cookie, a bright smile on his face. He ate it happily, thoroughly content.


Izuku smiled at his brother and hugged him. "Merry Christmas, Toshi."


Hitoshi hugged Izuku happily.

"Thank you! Merry Christmas!" He mumbled.


Dabi hugged both of them gently with a smile. "Merry Christmas."

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Shouta yawned softly as he stepped out of the bedroom. They had a day off but Hizashi hadn't stayed in bed like usual. He just wanted some more cuddles.

Not that he'd say that out loud.

"Zashi?" He called out, his voice rough with sleep. Despite the fact that he knew that his husband should be home, he couldn't help but worry a bit.


"In the kitchen Shou!" Hizashi's cheerful voice rang throughout the house like bells.


Shouta couldn't help but smile a small bit. He loved his husband's voice.

He went to the kitchen slowly, his eyes still half closed.


Hizashi walked over and stopped him under the kitchen doorway before pressing a kiss to his cheek. "Merry Christmas."


Shouta felt his face heat up. As much as he didn't like how loud Christmas could be, he loved spending it with his husband.

"Thanks. Merry Christmas, Sunshine." He murmured, still a bit sleepy.


Hizashi smiled at him lovingly. "Oh Yeah, I put a few mistletoes around the house just for this occasion."


Shouta rolled his eyes good-naturedly and looked up.

Sure enough there was mistletoe right above them.

He wrapped his arms around Hizashi's shoulders and tugged him down gently, giving him a soft kiss. He was satisfied to feel the same electrifying feeling he'd felt each time they'd kissed.


Hizashi leaned into the kiss wholeheartedly, his hand tangled in Shouta's hair while the other landed on his lower back. He hummed softly into his kiss, eyes closed in bliss.


Shouta opened his eyes when he pulled back for air.

"I love doing that." He murmured softly, staring up into his husband's beautiful eyes.


Hizashi smiled. "Good. Because I put them up everywhere."


Shouta chuckled softly. "Sap." He murmured before kissing Hizashi again.


"Only for you." Hizashi mumbled softly.


Shouta smiled into the kiss. There was nowhere he'd rather be.

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"Are you sure we should be doing this?" Izuku asked, really wobbly on his skates.

"Yeah, it's fun!" Shoto replied with a mischievous grin. He was already on the ice, slowly skating in circles.

Izuku watched him, in awe at how easily his boyfriend could skate. He couldn't even imagine himself doing something like that. Probably because he'd never skated in his whole life. He rubbed his arms a bit when a cold wind blew over the open space.

"Come on, Izu, you'll get warm when doing sports!" Shoto called out.

"But I can't skate!" Izuku called back, sounding a bit scared.

Shoto skated over to him, a small smile on his face as he held out his hand. "Then I'll teach you." He murmured softly.

Izuku blushed brightly. He hesitantly reached out and grabbed Shoto's warm hand.

Shoto smiled and gently pulled him onto the ice. "Don't you worry. I've got you." He murmured.

Izuku stumbled a bit but Shoto was by his side, keeping him upright easily.

"You're doing well." Shoto hummed, pulling him closer.

Izuku flushed. "You're just saying that." He gasped as they both pitched forward, sprawling on the ice.

Shoto chuckled softly and Izuku couldn't help but join. While he wasn't all that good at ice skating, it was fun doing it with Shoto.

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Mina grinned as she slammed a stack of crafting paper onto the community table.

"We might not have enough money to pay for fancy decorations but we can make our own!" She cheered.


"Make our own?" Sero asked. " Like our own decorations?"

"Sounds like fun!" Kirishima said brightly.


Mina nodded with a grin.

"We can make some paper snowflakes!"

It took some convincing but eventually everyone gathered around the table and helped.


"Why?" Todoroki asked in confusion.


"Come on, it'll be fun." Midoriya said with a bright smile.


"But why?" Todoroki asked in confusion.

"Silly! To make our dorms beautiful of course!" Mina said. "Gotta make it festive!"


Shinsou eyed them sceptically.

"You don't have to join if you don't want to but it might be fun." Midoriya explained.


"No, I want to join." Todoroki said and walked towards the table. "How?"


Midoriya smiled brightly.

"Come on, I'll show you." He said with a bright smile.


Todoroki nodded and watched Midoriya as he taught him how to fold and cut the paper.


Midoriya smiled brightly as he helped Todoroki.


The others started to make other decorations with the papers Mina had brought them.

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Hawks was dressed in multiple warm layers, a coat, scarf and beanie.

And he still clung onto Dabi, shivering as if his life depended on it.

"Why did we even have to go outside..." Hawks complained.

"We have to stock up on groceries." Dabi reminded with a sigh. He took off his long black coat, leaving him in only a shirt. He laid it over Hawks' shoulders and pulled him a bit closer. He was always exuding some warmth because of his quirk.

Hawks stared at him for a moment. "That's unfair." He grumbled, cuddling into Dabi.

Dabi looked down at him. "I think it's pretty fair considering how miserable I get in summer." He replied.

Hawks sighed. "I know. I'm sorry." He mumbled, cuddling closer to him.

Hawks sneezed when something landed on his nose.

Dabi blinked and looked down at him. He let his quirk warm his hands more to keep his boyfriend warm.

"Are you doing alright?" He asked, an undertone of worry in his voice.

Hawks nodded a bit and looked up before smiling widely. "Dabi. Look up." He whispered.

Dabi was confused for a second. He trusted Hawks though.

He looked up and couldn't help the smile on his face. It was snowing.

"I love it." He murmured, pulling Hawks a bit closer.

Hawks smiled softly.

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Yaoyorozu made another string of Christmas lights with a frown. It was complicated and this was the eight one.

"How many more?" She sighed.


"Three more!" Ashido said brightly.


"It's exhausting." Yaoyorozu sighed.

"You're almost done." Jirou said, watching her closely to make sure she wouldn't overdo it.


"Do you need some food?" Uraraka asked as she floated the lights up with her quirk.


"When I'm done, yes." Yaoyorozu replied. "Maybe something sugary."

She placed down the second last string of Christmas lights. One more.


"You think Aizawa sensei will get mad if we do this?" Asui asked as she hung up the lights with her tongue.

"He'll love it." Ashido assured brightly. 


"Let's hope so." Jirou said with a grin.


"And done!" Uraraka smiled once the final lights were hung. Asui jumped down from the wall.


Yaoyorozu sighed in relief.

"Good job." She said.

Jirou grinned. "Let's get inside. I wanna see sensei's reaction from the window." She hummed.


All the girls agreed and rushed inside the dorm rooms to wait for Aizawa.




Aizawa held the shopping bags close with a frown.

Why was the dorm building so bright?

Oh no...

He stared at the building, looking shocked but a bit amused.


It was covered in festive lights from the bottom up. Lighting the dorms in green and red. There were even shapes on them like reindeer, snowflakes and snowmen.

Those kids…


Aizawa sighed good-naturedly and walked inside, schooling his expression into a frown.


Ashido giggled as she put down his phone which had new pictures inside of their teacher.


"Why?" Was the only thing Aizawa asked.


Somehow the only answer he was given was from a smiling snowman.

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"How did you manage to convince Aizawa sensei to let us keep the tree?" Kaminari cried out when he saw the giant Christmas tree standing in the middle of the dorms.

Shinsou smirked. "Did you forget about my quirk?" He asked.


Mina giggled.

"No, I didn't. It's just fun messing with you." Shinsou said with a grin and pointed at Midoriya. "You have to thank him for that. He somehow wore Aizawa down."

Midoriya smiled brightly. "Uraraka helped."

Uraraka smiled. "The only thing left to do is decorate!" She cheered.

Iida skidded into the room, clutching a box close. "My parents allowed us to use these!" He called out, gingerly placing down the box before rightening his glasses with a grin.

"Awesome!" Mina called out excitedly. "But what exactly are those?"

"They're Christmas tree ornaments." Iida proclaimed proudly. "My family sent them this morning."

"You had so much faith in me?" Midoriya asked, touched by the gesture.

"Of course I- Oh no, please don't cry!"

Todoroki who'd been silent the entire time hugged Midoriya. "He's crying happy tears."

Midoriya could only nod as he hugged back, crying loudly.

Iida stared at them awkwardly.

"Let's start decorating!" Mina said in an attempt to salvage the situation.

Kaminari grinned brightly. "Let's!" He cheered.

Shinsou sighed and got up. He quite liked Christmas.

They all helped together, Midoriya and Todoroki helping halfway through. They weren't a big help though since they started flirting.