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Christmas Special 2019 (BNHA)

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Jirou leaned onto her girlfriend with a small frown. They were sitting on the soft bed in Yaoyorozu's dorm room.

"Damn, I wish Aizawa wouldn't have forbidden Christmas trees." She whined. After Bakugou had burned down the one they'd gotten while he fought with Todoroki and Midoriya, Aizawa sensei had banned all Christmas trees.

Even the cactus that Kaminari had brought.

Yaoyorozu looked down and pulled her girlfriend closer. She knew she shouldn't do this... but that expression on Jirou's face...

"Close your eyes." She hummed softly.

Jirou looked up at her, a bit flushed but decided to comply. She closed her eyes, trusting her girlfriend fully. She leaned into her, breathing deeply.

Yaoyorozu smiled softly and got to work. When she was done, she placed a kiss on Jirou's lips.

Jirou blinked confusedly before melting into the kiss. She would never get tired of this...

"You don't have to make me close my eyes to kiss you." She joked with a small grin.

Yaoyorozu just glanced at something just outside of Jirou's line of sight.

She looked over, taking in a soft gasp. That had to be the tiniest Christmas tree she'd ever seen!

"It's adorable." She mumbled.

Yaoyorozu smiled and kissed her girlfriend's cheek gently. Since she couldn't make organic matter, it was a tiny plastic tree with a few ornaments.

"I love it..." Jirou mumbled softly as she touched one of the ornaments. She grinned brightly and gave her girlfriend another kiss.

"Thank you!"