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25 Days of RWBY Shipping

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Prompt Number One: Our friends keep putting mistletoe up everywhere because they know that we are secretly in love with each other. (Solarflare)


Yang Xiao Long sighed deeply. Staring at the ceiling above her, Yang silently swore to get back at her team for this. Why was she getting agitated? Because the blonde brawler had found yet another of those accursed green plants.


It was obvious what her team was angling for. Someone had been planting the decorative plant everywhere since Team SSSN had arrived. It was obvious that Yang and Sun had been spending more time with each other. Blake had clearly been feeding them ideas. 

Yang reached up and snapped the mistletoe down, clenching it in her hand. At that moment, Sun walked in, monkey tail carrying a roll of gift wrap. He was clutching something in his fist.

“Hey Sun.” Yang said, deciding not to add a wink. 

“Hey there.” Sun said, with a hint of agitation in his voice.

“Something wrong?” Yang asked, taking a step closer.

“Neptune being a little shit.” Sun said curtly, uncurling his fist, revealing a crushed mistletoe, “I swear, its like he’s trying to get me with someone-.”

Sun looked away, a slight blush creeping across his face, prompting a matching one to appear slower on Yang’s. 

Oh god, oh shit did I give away too much , Sun thought, panicking. 

Why’s he blushing? Why!? Yang thought as well.

There was a rustling over near the couch and Weiss’ head popped up, looking extremely agitated.

“JUST KISS ALREADY!” Weiss shouted, “Me and Neptune have wasted this whole weekend trying to get you two together!”

Neptune’s extremely frightened face also popped up and he hissed, “Weiss are you trying to get us killed!?”

Sun and Yang’s blushes deepened. They turned and looked at each other, both alternatingly stammering out embarrassing nothings. Eventually, Yang had enough and stepped forward, pulling Sun towards her, which was easy, considering Yang was not lacking in strength. Their lips meet in a brief kiss, that quickly deepened. But, they pulled away quickly, evil smirks adorning their faces.

“So…,” Yang said, her irises turning red, “You two have been putting those mistletoe everywhere?”

Sun said nothing, only smirking and clasping his hands together, glowing golden.

“OH SHIT!” Neptune cried, before grabbing Weiss and throwing her over his shoulder, sprinting away, despite Weiss’ protest.

Sun’s aura simmered down and Yang’s eyes returned to their normal lilac. Yang and Sun turned to look at each other again, and immediately began blushing again. Yang pulled out the mistletoe she’d taken down, hanging it back up and smirking.

“Let’s try that again Monkey Boy.”

“Anything for you babe.”

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Sun woke up cold, and he knew what that meant. Looking over, Sun found that Blake was indeed missing. Pushing himself up Sun squinted at the calendar. December 25th. Christmas.
Climbing out of bed and quickly dressing, Sun walked downstairs, ignoring the christmas tree. Grabbing a blanket, Sun stepped into the backyard, breathing in the garden air as he made his way through the plants, before eventually finding Blake sitting on one of the benches, staring into the pond.
“I know Menagerie is warm and all, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not chilly Blake.” Sun chuckled, putting the blanket around her shoulders.
Blake didn’t respond, and Sun at down next to her. Sun pat Blake’s back gently before saying quietly, “You had that nightmare again, didn’t you?”
Blake said nothing, only quietly leaning against Sun.
“He’s dead ya’know. You and Yang killed him.” Sun ran his hand throw Blake’s hair.
“I know.” Blake responded.
Sun frowned slightly, before putting a grin back on his face, “Hey Blake.”
“What Sun?” Blake murmured, still leaning against him.
“Merry Christmas.”
Blake giggled, “That’s your best attempt?”
“Is it working?”
Blake giggled one more time before conceding, “Okay, maybe it is.”
Sun smirked, before hugging the cat faunus, “Good. Let’s go ahead and get back inside, presents are waiting.”
“You’re so immature.”
“But you love me.”
“Yes ...yes I do.”
“Merry Christmas Blake.”
“Merry Christmas Sun.”

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Blake sprawled out across Yang’s lap, enjoying the heat coming from both the blankets, and her girlfriend. Yang ran her hands through Blake’s hair, and the cat faunus purred.

“You’re so much like a cat.” Yang laughed, as the next movie began to play.

Blake threw a deadpan stare in Yang’s direction, before asking, “What’s the next movie?”

“A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

“That’s a cute movie.”

“Yeah.” Yang shoveled more popcorn into her mouth. 

“Your getting butter in my hair,” Blake whined. 

Yang only smirked and switched to using her other hand. Blake snuggled down further into Yang’s lap, smiling contently. 

The movie passed quickly, and Blake fell asleep soon after. Yang smiled, before picking her up and moving towards their bed. Yang tucked Blake in, before quickly cleaning the living room and washing up. Yang climbed into bed and laid down next to Blake, placing a quick kiss on her forehead. 

“Goodnight Blake. I love you.”

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Blake sighed heavily, scratching her head beneath the woolen elf hat. The tight green outfit and tape on elf ears were itchy and heavily annoying for Blake. One set of ears were tapped to hell with plastic hanging off of them, and the other was tucked beneath an impossibly hot wool hat, but she had volunteered for the charity, so she had to deal with it. 

“Looking good Blake.” A voice chuckled, and Blake turned, seeing Yang standing there, their two children clinging to her.

“Hi Mommy.” Hu waved, although Shizi didn’t leave behind Yang’s leg, only murmuring, “It’s warm here.”

Eventually, the twins wandered off (read: Hu dragged his sister off to go to the playground), leaving Blake and Yang alone. 

“How’s your day been?” Yang said, moving closer to her wife. 

“It’s been fine,” Blake sighed, “Just a lot of standing around and waving.”

“Better than spending a day alone with the twins,” Yang laughed, “Hu’s been a nightmare ever since he unlocked his semblance.”

Blake smirked, “Wanna trade roles?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Thought so.” 

“Your adorable, ya know,” Yang said, bringing Blake into a hug, which the cat faunus returned. 

“You’re not half-bad yourself,” Blake smiled, “Especially for someone taking care of twins all day.”

Yang chuckled and deepened the hug. Blake nuzzled under Yang’s chin, before a voice suddenly called out.

“Blake!” Lie Ren ran up, causing the couple to break out of their hug. The ninja was dressed in an elf outfit as well, as all of the Beacon Staff had been volunteered for the event.

“What is it Ren?” Yang said exasperated, “We was having a moment here.” 

“Next set of kids is coming in soon,” Ren explained, “Blake should get ready.”

Ren walked off, and Yang and Blake looked into each other’s eyes again.

“See you this evening,” Yang whispered before quickly kissing her wife. The kiss was brief, and they broke apart soon enough. 

“I love you Yang,” Blake said as she left, making her way to the chair the aging Peter Port, dressed as Santa Claus, sat in. 

“I love you too,” Yang echoed, before turning just in time to see a yellow blur zip deeper into the mall, laughing maniacally.

“HU XIAO LONG-BELLADONNA!” Yang shouted after her son, “GET BACK HERE!”