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“No, Kane, I haven’t see the goddamn key!” Shouted Kate Bishop without even 
taken her eyes off the laptop “I am one hundred percent sure I left it right h-Oh, nevermid, I found it” Bishop rolled her eyes and turned the attention to her friend. Kate Kane was wearing a black skinny dress, making contrast with her pale skin. Her red hair was short and very stylish.

“Wow, you look great, Kate!”
“Thanks, Kate” She blinked to her friend and took her purse. “I’ve got a date. 
She seems smart, funny and I really hope it works” She was looking nowhere 
clearly daydreaming. 

“Well, if she’s not blind, it’ll totally gonna work” Kate gestures to her friend “Oh, 
one more thing… Try not to change the names again.” 

“Ha ha, que funny. You should get a hot date too, it will make you feel better.” Said Kane 

“You know I’m not ready…” Bishop rubbed her neck and looked down. They could feel the tense atmosphere as they kept both quiet for a second.

“Well, you better get going or you gonna start with the wrong foot. Take care, Batwoman.”

“You too, Hawkeye. Have a nice patrol” Kate Kane blinked to her friend and left 
Kate Bishop alone in their middle class apartment in the heart of Bludheaven. 

Even tough they can afford a mansion each, they felt comfortable in their broken doors and seepage little apartment. There were very nice people in the building, and they were friends with most of them. The apartment was neat and full of hiding spots.

In the living room, right above the sofa, was a batarang Batwoman got from her friend Nightwing for Christmas. Right beside it, there were the bow Kate Bishop earned from Captain America.

They live there almost three years, have been best friends since the worlds collided and the war begun. Justice League vs The Avengers. Something they could never imagine. As the peace between the two different worlds was
sealed, they started to work together to figure out what happened.

But even with the greatest minds working together, they couldn’t find the way home, having to share the same universe, trying to find balance and learn from each earth. 

That’s what happened with both Kates. Those three years was filled with knowledge. They learned patience, compassion and friendship like they never experienced. They learned together that they were two valuable superheroes.

Not a Batman shadow, nor the “other” Hawkeye. 

Kate Kane was Batwoman. 

Kate Bishop was Hawkeye.