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25 Days of Adrien (+ 6 of Marinette)

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Marinette walked down the common, overlooking the many shops that were decorated of Christmas scenes, holiday décor, and sale signs; each store trying to entice shoppers to come in and purchase something for their families. It is the Christmas season after all. 

The common was also filled with busy shoppers. They all had ideas buzzing in their heads, quickly filling the cold December air with laughter and conversations. It was dull and gray out; the skies filled with heavy clouds that were ready to pour with precipitation.  

Marinette smiled to herself. Even as Ladybug and getting to see Paris in a light not many get to, she enjoys watching the craziness of the people around her. It makes her appreciate what she has a little bit more. 

And she knew she had to make this Christmas the best one yet. 

“Ready, Marinette?”  

She turned around to the voice that called for her. Adrien smiled as he walked out of the shop, holding a bag from his shopping in one hand, and holding out his hand for her with the other. She intertwines her fingers with his as she smiled and ducked her head hiding a blush forming on her cheeks. “I’m ready.”    

This was their first Christmas season together as a couple. Ten months ago, Adrien asked her out on a Valentine’s day dinner date. The romantic in him couldn’t justify not having their first date on the “day of lovers” as he called it and she couldn’t deny that she loved that part of him either. When the date had gone so well, he revealed how much she meant to him allowing her to reveal the same.  Since then, they enjoyed each other’s company – stealing kisses in between classes, holding hands every moment they could, and spending almost all available time with each other. It was the best thing that happened to her.  

She soon realized how much all those moments together meant to him too. She noticed how touch-starved he was and how unloved he had been feeling since his mother passed away. She knew his home life wasn’t all that amazing, but being with him really made her understand how alone he really was. Marinette decided that she would do everything in her power to make this one of the more memorable holidays he has had in a long time. 

She spent the afternoon walking alongside him, holding onto his arm in a close embrace while her hand remained intertwined with his. The cold December air aided in their closeness which allowed her to bask in his warmth. He was always so warm.  

She leaned her head against his shoulder as they conversed over what they would like to see over the next year. They will both be attending universities in Paris; Marinette studying fashion while Adrien studies Physics. They also slightly covered the topic of his living arrangements and if he thought he was ready to be on his own yet.  

“Let’s focus on the now, Adrien.” She said with a reassuring smile. She could see this conversation was one that he didn’t particularly like talking about, but they both knew it was something that he needed to do for his own mentality.  

They focused on walking along the Seine. The gray clouds darkened around them, the sun slowly setting in the afternoon sky. As they made way to their favorite restaurant, Adrien turned to the beautiful blue-eyed girl and moved his free hand to her hair. He loved that she constantly wore it down, allowing him to unravel the tangles with his fingers. He slowly thumbs her chin, lifting it ever so slightly to place a chaste kiss to her lips. She lingers a bit as she inhaled his cologne, making her dizzy from the sensation. As he pulled away, a smile crept upon his lips before gravitating back towards her placing another longer kiss that melted her soul. 

“That was nice.” She said with a smile.  

Before he could answer, a wet droplet fell on her cheek. He giggled a bit as he wiped it off her face. As they looked up, they could see the gray clouds finally releasing their full bodies. Snowflakes slowly coming down around them, making the evening a bit more beautiful. 

Adrien smiled wide at the sight. Marinette giggled as she looked at his goofy face which caused him to look down at her. “Well, excuse you princess.” He said with sarcasm. 

“What? You have this cute dorky grin on your face. I couldn’t help but laugh at it.”  

He lowered his face until he was eye-level with her. “Your dork.” 

“My dork.” She kissed his nose. 

Adrien stood back up, and turned his back to her. “I was just thinking that this is our first snowfall together. I was just relishing in the moment.” “He looked behind to her with his lip curled up to a half smirk. 

Marinette walked around to face him, grabbed his jacket, and pulled him towards her. “I love you.” She kissed his cheek. “I wouldn’t ask for a better way to spend our first snowflakes together.” 

Adrien kissed her lips. “I love you too.” 

As they walked towards the restaurant, Marinette noticed a pretty ornament hanging in a storefront’s window display. An idea popped into her head. 

She stopped in her tracks before placing a hand on his chest. “Wait here, hot stuff.” 

Adrien looked puzzled but complied. As he watched the buzzing of people in the streets, he thought of how this time of year was already turning out better than most. He had Marinette this time, but not as the friend he always considered her to be. She was his, and he couldn’t be more ecstatic.  

“I’m back.” Marinette said with a smile. “Here. This is for you.” She hands him a small red bag with white and silver polka dotted tissue paper peaking from the top. 

“What’s this?” Adrien asked, a little shocked. 

“I wanted to make this day memorable for the both of us. Open it.” 

Adrien looked at Marinette while holding back some tears. She always spoiled him, but he could never get used to it. Living 18 years and not having much in the way of gifts or recognition from his father really made him feel like he didn’t deserve much. If his own father couldn’t give him a meaningful gift for his birthday or Christmas, then why would anyone else would. Marinette definitely changed that outlook for him, but each gift she gave him also came with tears. 

As he carefully removed the tissue paper, he noticed a red box. He took the box and handed Marinette the tissue and bag so he could look at the surprise gift. When he opened the box, a stray tear fell down his face. An acrylic 3-D snowflake laid in the box. On the center of the snowflake, there was a little flat plaque that read, “Our First Snowflake Together 2019”. 

Marinette looked over to him with a smile filled with love. She grasped his cheeks reminding him that she was still there.  

“Thank you, Marinette. You are the best girlfriend, ever. I love you” 

She kissed his cheek. “I love you too. Come on, I’m hungry.”