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Leaning back against the headboard, Shimazaki takes a long drag from his cigarette, breathing out a smoke filled sigh as Teru rides him slowly, the blond rolling his hips in time with his own lazy thrusts. His hand previously gripping Teru’s slim waist slips down to now rest upon a trembling thigh, squeezing the soft flesh, and leaving goosebumps along every inch of skin he touches.

Teru, delirious from the stretch of Shimazaki’s cock fucking so deep into him, was desperate to try and chase the feeling of heat under Shimazaki’s hands - leaning into his every touch with a slurred moan. He was drunk - they both were. Whether from the cheap alcohol they shared or from each other, it didn’t matter. 

Though with the way Teru feels clenched so tightly around him, Shimazaki thinks nothing could possibly be more intoxicating. And it was moments like these that were most electrifying to them,Teru fucking himself slowly on Shimazaki’s cock on dark hazy nights where they’re both drunk and the smoke from Shimazaki’s cigarette makes them feel like they’re burning. 

Shimazaki tightens his grip on Teru, digging his nails into pale skin and imprinting little crescent shaped marks, then dragging down and leaving a faint trail of red. Teru gasps from the sting, and Shimazaki breathes him in. He reaches out, pulling Teru into a tender embrace, and kisses his boy desperately. 

He bites Teru’s lip, digging his teeth in hard enough to draw blood, the taste of copper swirling into both their mouths. At this, Teru stiffens in Shimazaki’s hold and gasps his name. 


Suddenly picking up the pace, Teru starts fucking himself faster on Shimazaki’s cock, hands reaching out on either side of Shimazaki’s head to find purchase on the headboard as he moves desperately. He whines, finding an angle that makes Shimazaki’s cock hit his prostate with every bounce and, god, it’s all so perfect. 

Shimazaki trembles from the feeling of Teru tightening around his cock and continues to fuck Teru through his orgasm, thrusting in that same slow, torturous rhythm. 

Ryou, Ryou, Ryou.

“Shhh, it’s alright.” Shimazaki supports Teru’s body as Teru collapses on top of him, still chanting Shimazaki’s name. “I’ve got you.”

He thrusts up slowly into his boy because it’s all he can do, he’s weak so weak and it’s all because of Teru. And Teru whines, overstimulated but unable to tell Shimazaki to stop touching, kissing, fucking him. Every soft moan that escapes his mouth is smooth like wine and drips down onto Shimazaki’s body, coating him red.

When Shimazaki comes, he feels his entire body shiver, and everything disappears from his senses, leaving only the golden aura of the boy in his arms. It’s like a spell cast upon him, Shimazaki is completely at the mercy of how Teru makes his body ache.

They share another bloody kiss, passionate and desperate and filled with all the emotions they could never put into words.