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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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You’re gazing out of the kitchen window, down at the streets of Gotham while your tea cools of on the kitchen counter. Not many people are still on the road as the temperatures dropped drastically since last week. Winter is coming and you’re looking forward to it.

You watch a young mother urging her daughter to keep walking as the girl stops and holds her tiny open palm up to the sky; her face beaming with joy. It’s starting to snow and you can’t help but share her happiness as a gleeful smile appears on your lips.

Of course you can’t hear what they’re saying next, but the gesture says it all – the mother dismisses her daughter as she grabs her hand to pull the girl along. The scene saddens you and for a second you wish you could take the girl to play in the snow instead; maybe build a snowman even.

More snowflakes flutter down from the sky and soon the street is covered with a thin layer of white while pedestrians leave their hurried footsteps on it; ruining the illusion. You purse your lips; the snow won’t last long anyway, so no need to get excited.

Suddenly, a pair of long arms embrace you from behind before he presses himself against your back. His body warmth engulfs you as he inhales your scent and exhales with a hum. “Me and the couch miss you, you know?”

You chuckle softly as you caress his forearms and Arthur hugs you just a little tighter. “What’s up, babe? Did anything happen?”, he asks and peers over your shoulder, scanning the street below curiously. “Oh, it’s snowing!”

You can’t help but smile at his enthusiasm . “It is”, you say and watch as the layer of snow thickens second by second. “we should go outside, take a walk.”

Swiftly, you turn around in his arms to face him.

“It’d be so romantic, Arthur, just you and me.”

Arthur looks down at you; green eyes gleaming and a smirk tugging at his lips. “Just you and me.”, he repeats softly.

The snow crunches beneath your boots as you walk through the deserted Robinson Park, arm in arm. Arthur and you put on the warmest clothes you own before you walked out into the cold.

The warm light of the street lamps illuminate the sky as the last sparkling snowflakes of the evening flutter to the ground.

All the sudden, Arthur slows down his steps until you both come to a halt. You look at him quizzically, but he is busy catching snowflakes on his tongue. You nearly tear up at the sight of him, all playful and not afraid to act silly in public. If there was ever a perfect man for you in this world, it’s him.

You use the chance to pull him into a quick kiss. His lips are wet and the sensation of his cold tongue touching your makes your skin tingle; as you pull back your breaths fog up into tiny white clouds.

Arthur smiles at you sheepishly and you’re not sure if his cheeks are rosy from the pinching cold or sudden shyness.

“What was that for?”, he asks you; his voice low and more raspy than usual.

You shrug and pull him closer by the collar of his jacket.

“I love you, that’s all.”

Arthur swallows hard before he responds. “I love you, too, (Y/N). So much.”

A peaceful silence settles between you for a moment, before Arthur starts fumbling in his pocket. “Uh – I brought something”, he mutters under his breath while you watch him curiously. “I thought we might need it.”, he says as he pulls a stumpy-looking carrot out of the pocket of his jacket.


You can’t hide your confusion as your eyes look back and forth between Arthur and the orange vegetable in his hand. “You brought provision? Are we going on a longer journey than initially planned?”, you ask, breaking into a giggle at the end.

Arthur snorts and shakes his head. “No –“ Now he’s the one shrugging his shoulders. “I – I thought we could build a snowman?”

Smiling brightly, you take one of his hands into yours. His skin is cold, just like yours, but you will later have enough ways and time to get warm again. “I’d love to!”, you squeal with excitement; pulling him along as you walk towards the next best spot to build a snowman.

“You start to work on the bottom, I’ll start with the middle part, deal?”, you ask as you peer at him. Arthur gives you a toothy grin and nods eagerly.

“But, Arthur,”

“Yes, love?”

Arthur stops rolling the snowball around the powdered snow and looks up at you.

“Where did you get that carrot? I know we didn’t have any at home.”