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Wish Upon A Floating Lantern

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Magnus was bored out of his mind that day in particular. It was soon going to be his birthday and all that he really wanted for his birthday was a day in the outside world, but he knew that it was going to be difficult to make his father see that he was old enough to go out by himself. Asmodeus was a bit of an overprotective parent, though the word overprotective was kind of an understatement as Magnus was pretty much limited only to their castle, which was pretty well hidden from the other world and the young warlock, who was wishing to see the outside world, was dying to explore it a little bit more. But, his father would always say that the outside world was dangerous and too unpredictable for the young warlock. But, this was kind of a bullshit as Magnus was soon turning 19 and he was pretty sure he could handle himself well outside. 


It wasn’t like he couldn’t go out, but it was just his father always following him around and in the past he didn’t mind it too much. But as he grew older, he just decided to not bother leaving the castle grounds as his father was always there to keep him company and it was getting at this point a bit ridiculous and very embarrassing. Asmodeus was still hands on father and Magnus just wanted to breathe properly a little bit. But, well, there wasn’t much that he could do. 


Magnus did try sneaking out every now and then, but the magic that Asmodeus had put around the castle always told the man if his son wanted to sneak out, so by his tenth attempt, Magnus just stopped trying as his father would always find him. So, there he was, bored out of his mind, looking through the window of his room and was just gloomily sighing under his breath. It truly was a perfect day to be outside, but no. He was pouting and he then looked around his room. 


Magnus understood that his father was trying to keep him safe - they were both warlocks and warlocks were quite rare in the world. Some of the people weren’t really favourable to them and tended to hunt warlocks down and keep their warlock marks as trophies, which scared the hell out of Magnus. They were called Shadowhunters and to that day, Magnus didn’t meet one, but he heard enough stories that he didn’t even want to meet one. They were described as monsters by his father, enough to keep the young warlock still confined in the walls of the castle. Still, he wanted to see more of the outside world - he was really conflicted if he was being honest and he just sighed again.


“Alright, Raphi, what should we be doing this morning?” asked Magnus happily and clasped his hands together. He glanced down on the window stall and saw his little friend - Raphael, who was a chameleon. One of his rare friends if he was being honest and he then sighed, but nodded. “How about I dress you up very prettily?” asked Magnus, who loved creating outfits and Raphael quickly started backing away. Oh, no he wasn’t going to put him into dresses again! Raphael had quite the character and he didn’t let anyone mess around with him. Magnus snorted and then just sighed sadly. “Okay, then none of that,” said Magnus and glanced around the room and found the books.


“How about reading?” asked Magnus and Raphael stuck out his tongue. Yeah, the warlock felt him - all he did was read these days and he had read pretty much everything that he had in his room. He’d go out and buy more books, but well… He sighed and then leaned against the wall. “Well, if you’re so smart, then what do you reckon we should do?” asked Magnus as it seemed that Raphael knew better - they he should propose with something!


Raphael nodded and turned around, facing the outside world and he then pointed at it. Magnus crossed his arms on top of his chest when the chameleon pointed outside and Magnus only shook his head. “You know how much I wish to go out as well,” said Magnus and then picked up his little friend and carried him over to the bed. Raphael didn’t seem too impressed and Magnus chuckled a little bit. “I can’t just go out, dad will notice and then again send his search party after me,” said Magnus and shuddered when he remembered what happened the last time. “Do you even remember how embarrassing that was for me?”


Raphael nodded, but still insisted on going out. Instead, Magnus found another book and the little lizard whined and tried to prevent Magnus from reading as he started marching up and down the book cover, so that Magnus couldn’t open it up. Magnus snorted and then folded his arms on top of his chest. “Listen, Raphi, I’m really sorry I can’t go out with you on adventures,” said Magnus and then shook his head. “Though I’ve had an idea,” said Magnus and Raphael perked up. “You know how it’s soon gonna be my birthday in a few days?” asked Magnus and Raphael happily nodded. “I thought that maybe I would ask my father for permission to go to the Kingdom,” said Magnus and glanced up at the sky through the window. There was an event that happened every year that he’d love to see more up close.


Each year, on his birthday, Magnus would see something that he called floating lights above the kingdom and he always wished to go see them, but Asmodeus strictly forbade from ever setting a foot inside of the Kingdom of Alicante and Magnus was quite saddened by that. Unfortunately the place was where the Shadowhunters lived and he just shook his head. Maybe if he asked nicely enough, then the man would allow him to do so though. If he asked really nicely? Magnus then looked at Raphael, who liked the sound of that and he nodded happily. 


“Amazing,” said Magnus and winked, looking at the book and he then shook his head. Yeah, Raphi was correct, he really wasn’t in the mood to be reading, but something else caught his attention on the desk that was on his room and he pointed to it. Raphael cocked his head to the side a little bit and walked closer to Magnus. “How about a game of chess?” tried Magnus again and Raphael blinked a few times and then hunched his back down, getting into his competitive mood - the game was on! 



Alec was running - the royal guard was right above him and he needed to find a hiding place. Yes, the guard was after him with a very justified reason - he had stolen a crown , but in his defense he really needed the money. He didn’t come from a wealthy family and they needed the money, so while he didn’t really like doing what he did, he got desperate. Somehow he managed to creep into the castle and the royal crown was his . All that was left to do was for him to sell the crown and then the money was going to be his! If only the plan would really be that easy and he yelped when he heard the sounds of royal horses getting louder and he shuddered - yep, he needed to find a place to find quick!


Alec ran off the track, getting deeper into the woods, thinking that that way he would be able to get them off of his trail and for a second he actually thought that he managed to do that, but he heard screams again and he groaned, quickly climbing onto the tree and then he waited. His new plan was to knock one of the guards off of his horse, steal the horse and then ride away. That way he would be quicker, much quicker than only going by his feet. He put the crown into the small bag that he had with him and then waited for the guards to show up.


It seemed that he managed to get quite a lot of them off his trail before as there was only one guard that he had seen and he quickly snuck up on him and climbed onto the branch. It wasn’t too high, so he could easily knock the guard off of the horse and thus completely startled him. As the man was trying to figure out what had just happened, Alec grinned and then slapped the horse’s behind and startled it. The horse let out a loud neigh and then started galloping through the woods, running much faster and Alec grinned because they would never be able to catch him now! He grinned and then cheered. 


“See you, suckers!” said Alec and as soon as he spoke up, the horse suddenly stopped running and Alec narrowed his eyes, trying to make it run again, but it would budge. “Come on, forward, fleabag,” he said and thus completely pissed the horse off. The horse turned around and narrowed his eyes, glaring at Alec and his eyes travelled down, until he saw the bag in Alec’s hand and the horse came to the conclusion that there was where the precious crown had to be. The thief was going down! And he was going to be the one to bring him down! As the man royal horse, Jace was quite proud of himself just then!


“Hey, what the hell are you doing?” whined Alec as Jace was trying to knock him off and thus succeeded. As Alec flew off of him, so did the bag and Jace quickly started running towards Alec, who was in a desperate attempt to run away, but the horse wasn’t giving up. “Just what kind of a horse are you? Are you mad?!” shrieked Alec and then hid the bag behind his back, but Jace tried to kick him. He didn’t really succeed - what he did succeed was tripping Alec and the horse seemed really proud with him, taking the bag away from Alec and attempted to run back to the others, but Alec ran after him.


“Oh, no you don’t,” said Alec, who couldn’t believe that he was fighting with a horse. “Give it back!” shrieked Alec and somehow managed to snatch the bag away from him. Alec started running and Jace started running after him. Pissed off, Alec finally managed to jump into the nearest bush and started cackling. “You dumbass, you’ll never find me in here,” said Alec, but little did he know - the horse was in the bush with him and Alec yelped when the horse grinned and waggled his brows, almost as if he was saying boo, I found you!



Asmodeus was back and Magnus was pacing around the place. He was about to ask his father about his birthday present - for what he truly wished for and he was quite nervous. His father's reply was probably going to be a loud and clear no, but Raphael was encouraging him and in the end Magnus realised that it wouldn't hurt to ask. His father was a kind and a nice man so Magnus really shouldn't fear too much and he just nodded to himself and looked at the table. He had prepared a nice breakfast for his father while the man was out on the farmer's market and he smiled. Despite being warlocks, Magnus and Asmodeus didn't use magic a lot as they didn't want to seem suspicious to others. So, the Mundane lifestyle was what they were living.


Magnus prepared a nice soup and as soon as he heard the door opening, Magnus perked up and made the table quite quickly, hoping that his father was going to like the little surprise. Maybe he would say yes after this - Magnus also swept up the whole place and dusted it! Just because he wanted to get on his dad's good side and he then rubbed his palms together. "Magnus, Papa is home," announced Asmodeus as he stepped through the door. "I hope you didn't miss me too much, but it was such a long line today at the market, it took me a while to collect everything," said the older warlock and then stepped into the kitchen, where he found his son. "My boy!" exclaimed Asmodeus and Magnus smiled brightly.


"Welcome back, Papa," said Magnus happily and Asmodeus started looking around. Oh, he could smell that something delicious was on the stove and he came closer to it, Magnus hurrying to him and then he pointed to the pot. "I made you breakfast while you were out," said Magnus and Asmodeus smiled proudly - his boy was really amazing, wasn't he? "I also swept up and dusted the whole place," said Magnus and his heart was hammering a bit faster - he was getting close to asking his dad the important question.


"Magnus, my wonderful boy," said Asmodeus and pinched Magnus' cheek. "You're amazing. But something tells me that you're up to something," said Asmodeus and Magnus chuckled. His father really did know everything about him and Magnus clasped his hands together and looked towards Raphael who gave him thumbs up.


"Well, actually," said Magnus and Asmodeus chuckled - as expected. "It's about my birthday," started Magnus and swallowed thickly. He was quite nervous and Asmodeus nodded. Of course, he could never forget about Magnus' birthday and he just fondly sighed and smiled.


"Very well - what do you wish for this year?" asked the man and Magnus chewed on his lip.


"It's nothing much, Papa," said Magnus and the man nodded. It didn't really matter, he would give anything to his precious boy. "It's nothing material," said Magnus and Asmodeus arched a brow but allowed his son to continue. "You know how every year there are lights on the sky for my birthday?" asked Magnus and Asmodeus visibly tensed up, but nodded. "Can I please go see them this year? And I don't mean only from here, but I want to go out there," said Magnus and pointed to the direction of Alicante. "You could with me because I know that the Kingdom isn't safe. I just think-"


"No," said Asmodeus and Magnus felt his heart sinking to the pit of his stomach. It wasn't easy for the man to say no, but it was for the best. He knew that he was being unfair to his son for not allowing him to go out of the castle on his own, but he loved and worried about his son to let anything happen to him. And going to Alicante wasn't going to happen. Especially that place that was the home of Shadowhunters. No!


"But," said Magnus who had a whole speech remembered. "It would be both of us - we have magic. If they would try to do anything-"


"The answer is still no."


"But, dad, you're being unfair," said Magnus and Asmodeus' eyes darkened with sadness and he just pressed his lips together, but said nothing. "You would be there even. So why the fuck I can't go?"


"You don't know the Shadowhunters the way I do," said Asmodeus. "No. The answer is no. Trust me, I know the best."




"Enough about that, Magnus!" said Asmodeus and raised his voice at his son for the time first time ever and Magnus flinched. "Sorry. I didn't mean to yell," said Asmodeus and then shook his head. He felt horrible, but he wasn’t going to allow his boy to be anywhere near that horrible place. Especially not on his watch and he was putting his foot down. Though he felt quite guilty as Magnus looked upset and he didn’t mean want to make his boy look like that, so he was meaning to make it up to him. He’d buy him literally anything he’d ask instead, in the hope that it would cheer Magnus up. ‘’But,’’ said Asmodeus and Magnus looked his way. ‘’If there’s anything else that you would like,’’ said Asmodeus and Magnus’ face fell even a bit more, but then he forced himself to appear happy at least.


‘’Oh, okay,’’ said Magnus sadly and then looked down. He looked at Raphael, who was red instead of green, showing that he was mad at Asmodeus. He upset his friend! ‘’Then, how about, um,’’ said Magnus and started looking around the place. There was a new potion book that had just recently come out, so maybe that? Magnus sighed and then just decided to go with that. ‘’How about a new potion book?’’ asked Magnus and Asmodeus smiled, quickly nodding.


‘’And how about I add in a few extra ingredients to that as well?’’ asked Asmodeus and Magnus cheered up even more. Oh, that sounded amazing, but he still felt down. ‘’Trust me, Magnus, it’s for the best, okay?’’ asked Asmodeus in the end and Magnus only nodded, trying to show to his dad that he was okay. ‘’Papa knows best, right?’’


Magnus smiled. ‘’Papa knows best,’’ he mumbled back and then sighed. His mood only worsened when his father announced that he’d be on the road for the next couple of days. The book was quite far, and he had some other business to take care of, but he promised to be back until Magnus’ birthday. Magnus only nodded and then went back to feeling sorry for himself. The next few days were going to suck so much.



No matter what Alec did, he couldn’t seem to get rid of that fucking horse. He was going everywhere, so now he was finally free - or so it seemed and he needed to find a real hiding place this time! He still had the crown and he was running through the woods, running faster than his legs could carry him almost and he soon came to the end of the woods and his jaw dropped when he noticed that in the middle of it, there stood quite a large castle. Nowhere near as large as the one in Alicante, but still! He had no idea that there lived somewhere in the middle of the forest, but he didn’t really have the time to think and he just hurried up to it, hoping that whoever lived in there would give him the opportunity to hide. Though he was a wanted man and he hoped that they wouldn’t recognise him.


Alec hurried down to the castle, which for some reason didn’t have door. At least he couldn’t find one and in the end he decided to climb up at the side of it as there was a window open - maybe it was for the best as coming through the front door would give him more chances of getting caught, but coming through the window would give him the perfect opportunity to sneak in and hide! Just for a few hours until the horse would chill the fuck down and Alec didn’t even bother thinking too much. He took two of his bows and used those to start climbing up the wall. It helped kind of that the castle was in a shabby condition - it gave him a good grip and soon he was finally up, somehow managing to get himself through the window and he proudly smiled. 


He was finally a free man! Alec rubbed his palms together and then opened up the bag, taking a little peek and he grinned. ‘’Ah, here you are my precious!’’ he said and cracked a smile when he saw the reflection of himself in the crown and he then waggled his eyebrows. Oh, yes, he was amazing! And the stupid horse had no clue where he was! Though, he looked like a mess and Alec shook his head, but then started combing through his messy hair with his fingers and then looked himself again in the crown and chuckled. Ah, he looked much better and then he winked to himself. Truly, he looked amazing!


Alec continued checking himself out for a few more moments until he saw something coming closer to him from the back. He could see a shadow and he heard footsteps. He turned around, but before he knew what was going on he was smacked across the back of his head and he just let out a gasp and then landed on the floor.


There was a stranger suddenly in his room and Magnus started freaking out because he had no idea who this was! So, he decided to protect himself with the first thing that was on his reach. It was a frying pan of all things, but it didn’t matter - he acted quickly and just smacked the guy across the back of his head and the other ended up landing on the floor. Magnus shrieked and then shook his head. ‘’Oh my God, I killed him!’’ shrieked Magnus and Raphael grumbled next to him. ‘’I killed a… wait, it was self defense! He came into my room and-and-’’ muttered Magnus. ‘’Oh what did I do?!’’


‘’Okay, I have to calm down,’’ said Magnus and then started walking around the room. ‘’Yes, it’s just… what if this is a Shadowhunter?!’’ shrieked Magnus. Oh, it could be! Did he come to collect his warlock mark?! And kill him?! Magnus grabbed the frying pan tighter and then came closer to the man that was now unconscious on the floor and he poked him. ‘’I really killed him!’’ shrieked Magnus. But then Alec groaned and Magnus huffed oh thank God. 


Magnus didn’t know what to do! He decided to tie the guy up before he came back to his senses. He quickly lifted him up onto the chair, then tied him up and then hid behind the wardrobe, but kept his eyes on the man and he couldn’t look away. If this was a Shadowhunter, his father was wrong because he didn’t look like monster at all. He looked more like an angel because… damn. His long eyelashes and those cheekbones and Magnus felt his heart fastening a little bit.


Oh no. He was hot. Magnus gulped and then got ready because the guy opened his eyes and Magnus was freaking out - what to do, what to do?!



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Alec’s head hurt as he opened his eyes - he had a splitting headache and he let out a loud groan. He didn’t know where in the world he was, it needed him quite a while for him to remember everything that went down before he was attacked and he just shook his head. He soon remembered about the horse chasing him, him finding a castle in the middle of the woods, then climbing up it, getting inside of the castle and then- darkness. Someone crept up from behind him and attacked him ever so rudely. Alec shuddered and then shook his head again, trying to make the headache disappear. Whoever hit him, they hit him pretty hard and Alec whined. He tried touching his head, but only then noticed that he couldn’t actually move his hands. Nor legs after further inspections and he started freaking out because he didn’t understand - was he captured and the guard got him after passing out? Oh, that would be terrible news and he tried to get free, but it was no use. He was bound to that chair way too hard and he then whined - well, now what?


Magnus, who was still hiding behind the wardrobe sighed in relief, because it seemed that the guy was okay, but he was still pretty freaked out about the guy coming over to their home - was he there for his magic. He had to be! Magnus grabbed onto the frying pan tighter, but he still had his magic ready just in case, snapping his fingers because he was going to fight back if the fucker tried to get anywhere near him. Asmodeus tried telling him that they shouldn’t be using magic, but frankly, he wasn’t going to let a stranger attack him in his own home. So, he stepped a bit closer and Alec looked at his way as he could hear something shifting and he shuddered. That was the end for him! He was going to get caught and-


“You can struggle all you want, but it won’t help you,” said Magnus and didn’t sound scared at all. No matter how you looked at it, he was at the advantage even if this idiot was a Shadowhunter - he wasn’t scared of him. Though, he was pretty sure that this wasn’t a Shadowhunter; Shadowhunters probably had fangs and claws based on the description that his father gave him. It had to be a Mundane and Magnus finally gathered enough courage to step a bit closer and Alec narrowed his eyes when he could see a figure in the shadows. “I know why you’re here, by the way, but you’re not going to get anywhere near me or my magic, Mundane ,” said Magnus and Alec narrowed his eyes - what was going on?


“What?!” snapped Alec and then tried getting free again. What kind of a magic was he supposed to be after? Alec just wanted to get the crown and get back home. He didn’t want anything to do with someone’s magic. Ugh. What a terrible day it was and his head was still killing him, moaning out in discomfort.


“Don’t play dumb, I know you’re here to kill me and collect my warlock mark,” said Magnus and then finally dared to step out of the shadows. Then and only then did Alec see who his attacker was and his eyes grew huge because damn. Inside of the room, stepping out of the shadows, there stood a tall man, dressed up quite nicely - one could definitely tell that he was from a wealthy family. His hair was spiked up, he was wearing makeup (which Alec didn’t mind at all) and even his nails were painted. He was shiny , that was the best way Alec could describe him and he just couldn’t look away because he was hot as hell and he swallowed thickly. He just hoped that he wasn’t drooling way too obviously, but he couldn’t really help it and he then only grinned a little bit. Now, now… he did not mind being attacked and pushed down by someone like that. At all. Maybe it was his lucky day - he could score the crown and the hot warlock! If he played his cards right! Also, why was there a frog sitting on his shoulder? Weird.


“Literally I have no idea what you’re-”


“I won’t repeat myself again - who are you and how did you find me?” asked Magnus and then stepped closer to Alec, so that he could see him better and then he swallowed thickly. Oh, the warlock wasn’t just a snack, he was a three course meal and he bit into his lip. Magnus was still holding onto the frying pan and he lifted it up again, trying to show to Alec that he wasn’t playing games. “Who the fuck are you and why are you here? Come on, speak , I don’t have the whole day,” grumbled Magnus finally and Alec finally snapped out of admiring his hotness and then he cleared his throat.


Alec knew he was born lucky - with a handsome face, that was and that he had quite a lot of fans around the area. Not that he really got serious with any of the guys, but he usually used his good looks to get out of bad situations and that was exactly why he decided to use them this time as well. He was pretty sure it was going to work, flirting his way out usually helped and Alec then waggled his eyebrows. “I don’t know who you are or how I came to find you,” said Alec, trying to sound very collected and charming and it was working, kind of. Magnus felt his cheeks reddening a little bit as he wasn’t used to be in the company of hot people and Alec then carried on. “But may I just say damn, boy ,” said Alec. “How are you doing? The name’s Alec Lightwood, do you want some of this?” he asked, trying to point to himself, but couldn’t as his hands were bound behind his back and Magnus frowned - what the hell was the other doing? “How do you say you untie me and I show you a great time. Then again, you can keep me tied up if that’s one you’re into.”


Magnus rolled his eyes and then gagged - oh, okay, fine. The guy was a sleaze bag to top it all off and he just rolled his eyes. He might have been hot, but Magnus wasn’t falling for it and he just scoffed, but wasn’t backing down. “Nice try,” said Magnus. “Tell me, who else knows my location? Who did you send after me, Alec Lightwood?” asked Magnus and Alec whined because it wasn’t working ?! But how?! It usually did - he always got out of situations like this one with flirting. Ugh. He sighed and then stopped flirting because Magnus brought the frying back close to his face and he shuddered - not the face, anything but the face!


“Okay, listen to me, warlock. I have no idea-”


“Magnus,” said Magnus as he didn’t like being called warlock. 


“Fine, Magnus ,” said Alec and tried not to be too sarcastic about it. “Listen, I’ve been through a lot today. First I got chased by the guards, then a fucking horse stalked me down to…wait, hold on a second,” said Alec and quickly started looking around. “Where’s my bag, where-” he started, but then he soon found it not too far from him on the floor and he sighed happily. “My precious, come to daddy!” said Alec and tried to reach for it with his foot, but it wasn’t working. Instead, Magnus got curious and he picked the bag up, Alec shaking his head. “No, no, give it back to me!”


“This bag is important to you, is it?” asked Magnus and Alec nodded. He was planning to do literally anything to get it back, because a lot depended on it and he shuddered, eyes focused on the bag and Magnus narrowed his eyes when he reached inside and pulled out a crown. “Oh, it’s a crown? Are you some kind of a prince or?”




“Where did you get this?” asked Magnus as he was quite in awe. He had never held a royal crown in his hands and he was spinning it around, letting out a loud yelp when he saw the angelic rune on the front. That was one of the only runes that actually knew about - his father warned him about them and told him to stay away. They were evil and Magnus swallowed thickly. “I-is this a crown from Alicante?” asked Magnus and Alec rolled his eyes, but nodded. “Where in the world did you get it?”


“I, um, borrowed it?” asked Alec.


“You stole it.”


“Stealing is very subjective, it depends on how you look at it,” said Alec and Magnus shuddered - he was dealing with a thief. “Look, how about we make a deal. I’m prepared to do anything for that crown,” said Alec and Magnus perked up - a deal? He narrowed his eyes and glanced at the crown, putting it back inside of the bag and he was prepared to listen. He didn’t mean to make deals with thieves, but an idea popped into his mind - what if he would ask this guy to take him to see the floating lights? He could sneak him inside of the Alicante Kingdom and he then hummed. His father was going to be away from home for quite a while and if he used his magic to disarm his wards, he could actually get out of the castle and- Mangus let out an excited gasp and he looked at Raphael, who was sitting on his shoulder.


“So,” said Magnus. “You say you’re really not after my magic or my eyes,” said Magnus and Alec quickly nodded. Hmm, maybe Magnus believed him and he then looked at Raphael. “And you’re telling the truth?”


Yes! ” whined Alec and Magnus hummed again. It was time for Raphael to take matters into his own hands and he climbed up onto Alec’s shoulder and stared at him, sitting there for quite a while - vibe check. He needed to see just what kind of a guy this was, but as he continued to sit there, he decided that he was indeed telling the truth. Raphael returned back to Magnus, who was now thinking. Okay, so if he really wasn’t lying about that maybe he could make a deal with Alec. Magnus’ eyes then fell onto Alec’s face, going a bit down and he saw something on the side of his neck. A black tattoo - a rune. Magnus yelped and quickly got his frying pan ready again.


“You are not a Mundane, you are a Shadowhunter!” accused him Magnus and Alec sighed and then nodded - well, obviously!




“But!” said Magnus and then lowered the pan again. “He doesn’t have fangs or claws, Raphi,” said Magnus, speaking very seriously to the frog and Alec was just confused. Why would he have… it didn’t matter. “I know, he’s a thief, but I really want to see the lights. I’ll make a deal with him. Papa won’t know, he won’t be back for days,” said Magnus, who was now talking to the chameleon and Alec was just shaking his head - yep, he needed to get out from there. Magnus was hot, but… weird. “Well, maybe Papa was right. Maybe he’s different from others, he seems like a nice Shadowhunter. And you’ll be there. Plus I have magic, so if he tries to hurt me, I can just blast his away with my magic.”


And that was how Magnus decided on it - making a deal with the Shadowhunter. He’d give him back the bag after Alec would take him to the Kingdom to see the floating lights. “Okay, I’ll make a deal with you, Alec Lightwood. If you ever want to see this bag again,” said Magnus and with a swift snap of his fingers the bag was gone. Alec shrieked and started looking around, but the bag was gone. The crown was- “If you want to see your… precious again, you’ll have to do something for me,” said Magnus and Alec whined. Okay, fine, what was it?




“Take me to the Kingdom to see the floating lights,” said Magnus. 


“The floating what? ” asked Alec. “Oh you mean the lanterns that are released every year on the festival?” asked Alec and Magnus sighed happily - oh, there was a festival!


“Yes. That. So, in a few days they’ll release them and it’s exactly on my birthday. So my deal is - if you ever want to see your precious bag again, you’ll take me to see these lanterns and then take me back home. And only then you’ll be getting back your bag,” said Magnus and Alec whined. What? No! That was going to take days and did he not hear the part of him stealing the freaking crown?! The kingdom was after him - he was a wanted man and Magnus wanted him to be the one to take him to kingdom?!


“No can do,” said Alec. “I’m a wanted man in the Kingdom, so I’m not gonna be taking you anywhere,” said Alec and Magnus looked down at Raphael, who gave him a clear look - finish him. Magnus nodded in agreement and then stepped really close to Alec, who narrowed his eyes, but didn’t say anything.


‘’Something brought you here, Alec Lightwood,’’ said Magnus, who didn’t believe in coincidences. Everything happened for a reason and he was half convinced that he was destined to leaved with Alec. And maybe it was the way those big hazel eyes were looking up at him that he almost trusted Alec. Magnus didn’t know what it was, but he felt something and he couldn’t let it just go. Alexander was a thief, yes, but something about him made him want to trust him and usually he was a pretty good judge of character. He found it hard to trust others, so he was going to go what his gut was telling him. ‘’You can call it a destiny, faith-’’


‘’Or a horse,’’ deadpanned Alec, but Magnus didn’t listen to him.


‘’And I’ve made a decision to trust you.’’


‘’A horrible decision really,’’ said Alec completely unimpressed and couldn’t believe that he couldn’t get rid of this guy. Or at least that he wasn’t falling for his good looks - this really wasn’t his day, was it?


‘’You’re not getting your precious bag back until you promise to take me to see the lanterns,’’ said Magnus and Alec whined - fuck, he was a stubborn guy and he shook his head. ‘’If you don’t agree to these conditions, you’ll never see your stolen crown again,’’ said Magnus. ‘’I can promise you that - only I know where it is,’’ he carried on and Alec looked him into his eyes and then started thinking. And he was thinking for a long time, looking into Magnus’ eyes and he could see that Magnus’ cheeks were getting kind of red. Ah, ha! So maybe that would be his perfect chance to seduce the warlock and leave with the bag! There was still hope, of course. He was Alec Lightwood, of course!


Magnus’ heart was again racing when he was looking into Alec’s eyes and he couldn’t look away - they were just too beautiful and he swallowed thickly. It was such a shame that the guy was such a major douche, because he was exactly his type and he just stared back. He wasn’t giving up. He was going to be seeing those lanterns! ‘’Look, I didn’t want to do this, but here comes the look .’’


‘’The what?’’ asked Magnus, confused.


‘’You know,’’ said Alec and winked, biting into his lip and Magnus continued staring at him. Alec then knitted his eyebrows together and sent Magnus a wink - still nothing. Alec tried winking again, but Magnus just cocked his head to the side. 


‘’Something wrong with your eyes?’’ asked Magnus and Alec whined again.


‘’Today really isn’t my day… this is awkward,’’ said Alec as he couldn’t believe that his moves weren’t working at all and in the end he just bowed his head down and admitted defeat - fine, he was going to agree to his conditions. That was the only way that he was getting the crown back as it seemed and he was pissed off at himself. If only he didn’t climb the castle and sneak inside. This was karma, wasn’t it? ‘’Okay, fine, I’ll take you to see the fucking lanterns. Just untie me for fuck’s sake,’’ said Alec and Magnus happily clapped, snapped his fingers and just like that, Alec was free.


Oh, Magnus was beyond excited as he couldn’t believe that this was finally happening! Raphael seemed excited as even if he didn’t trust that Alec guy too much and he kept a careful eye on him. In the meantime, Magnus was getting ready to cast a spell that would disable his father’s wards around the castle and he quickly rubbed his palms together. The truth was, he was much stronger than Asmodeus himself, so he had no difficulties with disarming the castle. He clicked with his fingers, the sparks of blue magic pooling underneath his hands and Alec watched in awe how the magic started lifting up from the ground and then a swilf of it washed over the castle, his hair swooshing as the magic flew over him and he giggled. The magic tickled and he looked around, then back to Magnus, who was beyond excited - it seemed that this was a big deal for the warlock. Didn’t he leave the castle much?


‘’Now Papa shouldn’t notice that I’m gone,’’ said Magnus to Raphael and then looked down at his clothes - maybe he should have changed? Magnus nodded because he loved dressing up and he just used magic for that as well. Asmodeus wasn’t home so he could do whatever he wanted! Another wave of magic hit Magnus and he giggled when he was all ready - he was wearing tight black fitted jeans and a blue button up shirt with a low cut. He made sure to add all of the right accessories and he was impressed. And ready. Alec was drooling yet again. ‘’Are we all set?’’




‘’Alec, are you okay?’’


‘’Oh, I’m lovely, just peachy, I… yes, let’s gay… I mean go. Let’s go!’’ said Alec, stumbling over his words and Magnus snorted, but it was kind of cute the way Alec was when he was flustered. It was pretty clear to Magnus that Alec liked what he saw, but Magnus was going to make Alec work for it. Then again, his personality wasn’t too… great. Magnus was smiling as he created a portal through the castle and soon he was standing outside, taking in a deep breath. 


Meanwhile, Alec had to climb back down and he kept cursing under his breath. ‘’I’ll be a freaking babysitter, this is just fantastic. Ugh, I just… I… fuck my life. I’m tired,’’ he kept on chanting over and over again. He found Magnus by the flowers that were blooming by the castle and his heart throbbed yet again. Magnus plucked one flower and gave it to Raphael, while he tucked one behind his ear and looked… adorable. Too. Freaking. Adorable. Alec was a weak man and the lord was testing him. Maybe… maybe the trip wasn’t going to be that bad.

Chapter Text

Magnus was completely in awe when he was walking around the place – it wasn’t his first time out, but it was the first time that he was alone out there. For the first time in a long time. He would sneak out every now and then when he was still a younger teen, so a lot has changed in the last few years, so the warlock was taking all the time he had to take everything in. The beauty of nature has always intrigued and amazed him, so he was completely in awe as he was walking in front of Alec. For a moment he didn’t even remember that Alec was there with him as he was completely immersed into the beauty of nature. It was completely and utterly stunning and he was sighing happily, the birds’ singing welcoming him as he stepped under the tree and then looked up.


There were a lot of different birds sitting on the tree and Magnus waved up to them and then giggled because it looked like they were singing back to him as a greeting. He looked over to Raphael, who was beyond happy to see Magnus finally leaving the castle and he was happily humming along. He liked the outside world, but wouldn’t get out much since meeting Magnus – he wanted to be there for his friend, but now freedom was finally there and his tail was happily waving behind and he almost seemed like a dog, whose tail was waggling with happiness. Raphi was adorable and Magnus was shaking his head and then he looked around him, the castle slowly, but gradually disappearing in the distance and he happily sighed. Ah.


Magnus felt a little bit of guilt slipping through the cracks, but then he shook his head – no. This was finally his moment and he was going to let his conscious to get to him. While he did promise to his father to not bring it up again – going over to the Kingdom – he also wanted to do it. But he was breaking a promise that he made to his father and that he had never done. He had never broken a promise that he made to his dad and he then pressed his lips together. Asmodeus would be crushed if he came back early and wouldn’t see Magnus back there. He would be sick with worries and Magnus’ heart fell into the pit of his stomach.


“Raphi,” said Magnus and then looked at the chameleon, who perked up when he was spoken to. “Do you think that Papa would be mad if he came back home early and saw that I wasn’t back there?” asked Magnus and Raphael quickly shook his head because he knew that Magnus was having second thoughts, but he wasn’t going to let his friend do this to himself – he needed to do this, so he just shook his head and then pointed over to the world out there and Magnus pressed his lips together. “You’re right, I have to do this, I’m old enough to make my own decisions,” said Magnus and then nodded. “Besides, Papa won’t even find out,” said Magnus and Raphael nodded. As he nodded, Magnus happily giggled and then went back to observing the woods.


“Aw, look Raphi, there’s butterflies,” said Magnus and his voice was getting a little bit high pitched because the excitement was getting the best of him and he really couldn’t help himself because this was just too exciting and Magnus giggled when he tried catching the butterfly, but then it ran away and he pouted. “Oh, come on, let me take a closer look at you,” he said and started chasing the butterfly around the place, which was flying from one flower to the other and he was just in heaven basically. And while Magnus was running around the place excitedly, Alec was leaning against the tree and just shaking his head.


At this rate, it would take them a whole week to reach the Kingdom. It’s been about an hour since the two of them had made their way outside, but they haven’t really gotten far as they were still by the castle – Magnus was just taking too much time! But then again – he was so freaking adorable. When he was chasing around the butterfly and wearing that flower in his hair – he was just too precious, feeling his heart fasten a little bit because it was just really unfair. It was unfair that the warlock was so adorable yet hot. And not to mention his smile – now that shit was contagious and Alec found himself smiling way too widely even if he tried not to smile, but it was impossible. Magnus was too much for him to handle as he was literally sunshine and rainbows. Alec bit his lip and Magnus turned around, finding remembering that he wasn’t alone and he grinned, waving Alec to come and join him by the lake.


“Alec, come on,” said Magnus and then plucked up a flower for his guide as well. He hid it behind his back and he was grinning, but in the end Alec just rolled his eyes, making his way to Magnus. He was about to tell him to stop stalling and just get going, but then Magnus pulled out a flower from behind his back and then handed it to Alec, who didn’t know what to do with it. (a) he wasn’t a big fan of flowers and (b) yeah what the hell? He wanted to laugh, but then the sheer look of excitement in Magnus’ eyes made him keep it. Also, it made his heart throb a bit more and he then pressed his lips together. “For you as well,” said Magnus and Alec clicked with his tongue, trying not to show that he was a bit taken back. Maybe he was even flushing a little bit.


“Thanks,” said Alec and then tucked the flower behind his belt and Magnus happily smiled. “But, listen, we should really get going. I want to get this over with as quickly as possible,” said Alec and Magnus only rolled his eyes – where the hell was his sense for adventure? For a thief he sure was pretty plain and boring and Magnus only rolled his eyes.


“We have three days before the festival happens, so you’ll let me enjoy this,” said Magnus and then crossed his arms on top of his chest. “I’ve never been out of the castle without my father and I want to savour this few little moments I have,” said Magnus and then looked again towards the castle and then felt guilt creeping in again. Alec didn’t get what his whole problem was, but as he was picking up, Magnus had a pretty over-protective father. Alec continued thinking for a little while and then another idea popped into his mind – maybe he could somehow use that against Magnus and try to convince him into staying at the castle after all? Alec was desperate at that point and as much as he liked what he saw, he also wanted to go home because he was tired as hell.


“An over-protective father, huh?” asked Alec and Magnus nodded, feeling his heart sinking in a little bit more because he knew that Asmodeus was doing it out of love and not because he wanted to harm him. Then again, Magnus really wanted to do this so that he could prove to his father that he was old enough to be living on his own. Or at least have access to the outside world and he just clicked with his tongue. Still, he made a promise and Magnus never broke promises. He shuddered and Alec shook his head. “Ah, yes, yes,” said Alec and Magnus glanced at him. “I mean I can’t blame your old man for trying to want to keep you safe. It’s a dangerous world out here,” said Alec and then nodded. Magnus rolled his eyes.


“I mean I know he’s been doing it for my own good. Keeping me safe from Shadowhunters you like yourself,” said Magnus and his eyes pierced Alec, who just rolled his eyes again. “But I also have to do this. I can’t keep on living like this forever. I want to experience the world on my own. I promised that I wouldn’t sneak out again, but-”


Ouch,” said Alec and interrupted Magnus, who glanced at him and then he cocked his head to the side – what was that supposed to mean? That ‘ouch’ sounded like it was a way to make Magnus feel guilty and the warlock wasn’t wrong because that was exactly what Alec’s plan was all along. “And you just went ahead and broke that promise you made to your father, huh?” asked Alec and shook his head. “That’s cold, Magnus, cold. Ice cold,” said Alec and then shook his head. Magnus flinched and then glanced at Raphael, who was shaking his head and he saw right through Alec’s bullshit. “I mean I hear it – you have to do this, right? Be rebellious and stuff, but,” said Alec and clasped his hands together.


“But?” asked Magnus.


“You’ll hurt your old man’s feelings,” said Alec and shook his head. “You know,” said Alec and then pressed his lips together. “It’ll completely crush his soul when he comes back to your home and finds out that you aren’t there? Can you even imagine how worried he’s going to be?” asked Alec and Magnus wanted to tell him that he was being ridiculous, but then he didn’t say it because it a way, Alec was completely right. He broke a promise that he made to his father and he then looked down. It would crush his father’s soul? Did he really have to word it like that? That sounded like Magnus didn’t care about his dad at all and that couldn’t be further away from the truth as Magnus loved his father. But- And he didn’t even leave him a message!


“I’m a despicable human being,” said Magnus and threw himself into the grass. Alec grinned and then rubbed his palms together – his plan was working perfectly.


“Yep, you are,” said Alec, making Magnus’ mood sink ever lower. “If I were you, I would pack my things and return back home before your old man finds out that you’re missing,” said Alec. “Look, I’ll even be as kind as to help you out. Here is your frog,” said Alec and took Raphael into his hands as he was on the floor after Magnus laid down in despair and placed him on top of Magnus’ head. “I would hurry up and just-” started Alec, but then it finally clicked and Magnus glared at him. So, he was still trying to get out of the deal?! Pissed off, Magnus grumbled and then finally snapped out of it and he just snapped his fingers, the frying pan reappearing in his hand and he then pointed it at Alec.


“You’re not getting out of this, Pretty Boy,. I’m not afraid to use this again” said Magnus and Alec lifted his hands up when he was threatened by that… why was the warlock even using the frying pan as his weapon of choice? Though, Magnus was cute with it as he was hunched down a little bit – even when Magnus was threatening him, he was adorable and Alec clicked with his tongue. He was really no match for Magnus and in the end he admitted defeat and then just rolled his eyes. Raphael, who was back on Magnus’ shoulder kept an eye on him and glared – one day he was going to bite his ass if he wouldn’t stop acting so annoying!


“Yeah, yeah, I get it,” grumbled Alec and finally decided to give up fighting it. Warlock was stubborn as hell. Ugh. “Let’s get going then,” said Alec and Magnus nodded, following Alec into the woods and thus leaving the safety of his home for good… for now. He was going to be back soon though.



It was about three hours later and Magnus and Alec were still wandering around the forest – without a horse or any other means of transportation, it was really difficult to get anywhere on feet, mainly because Magnus was taking forever as he would inspect every fucking stone that was on that road and Alec was getting really pissed off. A part of him just wanted to smack Magnus and just snap at him, but the freaking frog kept an eye on him and if he did as little as roll his eyes, he would inform Magnus about it and Alec would again be threatened by that frying pan, which gave him great trauma – his head still hurt like a bitch and he was getting more and more grumpy. His legs hurt, he was cold and hungry.


“Ugh, why do you keep on stopping all of the fucking time,” whined Alec. “I’m tired and we haven’t even gotten anywhere,” said Alec and Magnus started cracking up because it seemed like someone was being a little bit whiny and they lacked Stamina, which was hilarious for a Shadowhunter.  “Not to mention I’m fucking starving,” said Alec and continued complaining because he was so pissed off and he didn’t really care if he would hurt Magnus’ feelings or not. Truth be told, Magnus felt getting hungry himself as well, but he didn’t really mind it as he was so in awe. The newly gained freedom really was something else and he just sighed, but then nodded. Okay, they could stop on the way for a picnic or something.


“Okay, I guess I’m feeling a bit peckish myself as well,” said Magnus and then rubbed his palms together. “What shall we be having?” he then asked and looked towards Alec, who was just.. lost for words. Did he look like someone who had food on him? Yep, Alec was grumpy and angry and he was hungry to top it all off – what a horrible day it was. He just wanted for it to be over and wanted to return back to normal. “Alec?”


“Does it seem like I have food with me?”


“Um, no?”


“Then why in the world are you asking me such useless things?!” asked Alec and shook his head. “This is officially the worst day ever. I just want to go back home,” said Alec and was already regretting the decision of stealing the crown even if it was to pay out his family’s debt to the Kingdom. It wasn’t worth all of the suffering he was being put through at the moment and he then just whined and looked at Magnus, who was now looking at him rather offended, but then decided not to let get Alec’s bad mood get the best of him. He was free and he was going to enjoy the freedom whether the grumpy Shadowhunter was going to like it or not. Alec was just so tired.


Magnus felt kind of bad for Alec even if he was kind of a douche and a dick. He looked really tired and he then looked around – they seemed to be completely alone and he then decided to perform a little magic thing for Alec. A little spell that would allow Alec to eat up something and maybe he would stop bitching by then. Magnus didn’t really want to use magic outside of the castle because his father made him believe that the Shadowhunters were always watching, but Alec was a Shadowhunter as well and he wasn’t interested in his magic at all. He wasn’t even interested in him  - apart from trying to get into his pants, but that was a different matter – and Magnus was just very much so confused. Was his father lying to him, or was he being just paranoid? Probably the latter and without thinking too much he summoned two pieces of bread – something that no one would really notice missing and Alec’s jaw dropped when he saw food.


“You have food!” shrieked Alec and pointed to the thing in Magnus’ hand and the warlock only nodded and then rolled his eyes. “Wait, if you have indeed magic, why don’t we just portal over to the Kingdom and why do we have to walk?” whined Alec. “You could literally create a portal to there and we could call it a day. Why-”


“That’s not how the portals work, Shadowhunter,” said Magnus and decided to not hold it against Alec because it sounded like he really didn’t know a lot about warlocks and their magic. As much as the portals were powerful, they were also very limited in their use. “I can only open portals to the places I’ve already visited,” said Magnus and shook his head. “And as I’ve never really been there, that wouldn’t be really useful now would it?” asked Magnus and as soon as Alec’s hope came, it was demolished into thin air and he was again feeling sorry for himself. “Still, I can offer you a piece of bread, if you want.”


Alec grumbled, but in the end, he took that piece of bread ate as he kept on cursing under his breath.



‘’Finally, we’ve made it back to civilization,’’ whined Alec as soon as he saw the familiar path and he was smiling. Ugh, finally someone else to hang out but Magnus. Not that he disliked his company, but still. Magnus was kind of hilarious and every single rustle in the bushes that they would stumble upon, the poor guy would get really freaked out and it made Alec laugh at him. It pissed Magnus off a lot and now he wasn’t talking to Alec because in his mind Alec was very much what he considered a traitor – so he was giving him silence treatment as that was what Alec deserved in his humble opinion. There was one situation that more than embarrassing. A squirrel suddenly jumped onto the path and the sound that Magnus let out was out of this world – it made Alec laugh so hard because he couldn’t believe that Magnus was scared of such an innocent animal.


Alec knew that he needed to stay low as he was a wanted man, so he decided to go to a pub that not many people went to – Hunter’s Moon. It was a place where usually Downworlders hung out, so not many Shadowhunters would go there. It was more than perfect because it was evening already and the two of them needed to find some proper meal, which they also had at the Hunter’s Moon and Alec felt his stomach rumbling. But, as the two of them made their way inside of Hunter’s Moon, Magnus gradually forgot all about his anger as he was in awe, because he had once been to this place when he was younger. But now it was completely changed and his eyes were wide, taking everything in. Alec rubbed the back of his neck and decided to make it up to Magnus – by buying him dinner. He didn’t have much money on him, but it would be enough for now.


‘’This still doesn’t mean I like you,’’ said Magnus as he was eating. He didn’t want to, but his stomach betrayed him and he allowed Alec to treat him to some food and he was grumbling under his breath when he watched Alec, who was staring at him. ‘’Now what?’’ grumbled Magnus because he didn’t like how Alec was looking at him.


‘’I was just thinking,’’ said Alec. ‘’You’re a screamer, when that squirrel attacked you, you really-‘’


‘’Okay, shut the fuck up,’’ said Magnus and glared at Alec. He was really tempted to portal Alec off to somewhere where the sun wouldn’t shine but then he was reminded that he needed him. So, he was stuck with Alec and he just kept feeling sorry for himself. But still, even if that was embarrassing as hell, he was still happy. Being out like this was truly freeing. Magnus then looked back up at Alec, his mouth full with food and Alec started laughing – Magnus looked like a hamster storing his food and he found him even more adorable. Thinking that Alec was still making fun of him, Magnus kicked Alec’s shin under the table.


‘’Ouch, that hurt – what was this for anyway?!’’


‘’You were staring at me!’’


‘’I didn’t mean to!?’


‘’You were making fun of me!’’


‘’Nuh-huh, I just thought you were cute,’’ said Alec without really holding back and Magnus felt his cheeks reddening and he then looked down. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out and Alec grinned – oh, so his charms were working? He couldn’t tell and that was what was driving him insane. He just couldn’t seem to read Magnus. He was a challenge and Alec liked a challenge. Though, Magnus was an annoying challenge, too so-


‘’Stop it, it’s annoying,’’ said Magnus.


‘’I’ll stop when you stop being cute,’’ said Alec and leaned back in his chair and then winked.


Magnus said something that Alec couldn’t really make out what it was, but for now it didn’t matter.  He was having far too much fun making Magnus flustered like this! At least he’d get something out of this fun road trip. Still – ugh!


Chapter Text

Magnus yawned as he made his way down the stairs - he and Alexander had spent the night at the Hunter’s Moon. The owner had a few empty rooms upstairs and as it turned out, Magnus did have money on him! Alec wished he knew that earlier, before he spent all of of his money on their dinner last day and he just whined sadly. Alec didn’t get it - everyone seemed to like Magnus and he didn’t know how in the world the warlock managed to do that. It had to do something with his personality because the last evening was pretty lively. Magnus had quite a lot of fun with others that he didn’t even know and Alec was just shaking his head - unlike Magnus, his social skills sucked and he was just feeling sorry for himself. Alec didn’t know a lot about Magnus, but he knew that he wasn’t out much. Yet, someone who was so sheltered from the outside world, he still had better communication skills than Alec. Now Alec felt really pathetic. 


Alec was already sitting by the table, feeling his stomach rumbling and he then huffed under his breath. Yeah, he headed upstairs last evening earlier than Magnus, because he just didn’t see the point of trying to mingle with the others. Everyone snapped at him - mainly because he was the only Shadowhunter in there - but still. He was just feeling down, so he made his way up and just tried to put in all behind. He didn’t have to be liked - as long as his family was taken care of, he was okay. And, yes, some even recognised him as the one who stole the crown, but no one really did anything. They didn’t send the royal guard after them, because they didn’t want to deal with more Shadowhunters, so that was a plus. At least in Alec’s book. He huffed and then started sliding down his chair. 


Alec could easily run away back to the castle now, Magnus wasn’t there - but what was the point? The crown wasn’t probably even there - maybe he portalled it off to a completely different land and Alec was whining and sighing. He was truly in a terrible mood since yesterday, his head still hurting from the smack he received with that frying pan and he just shook his head. It wasn’t his week - it really wasn’t and he then pouted a little bit, looking up and saw that Magnus finally decided to join him down there. Ah, yes, finally - it was time to finally get going on the road again, but Magnus didn’t look too hot, slowly making his way down the stairs and he hiccuped, blinking a few times and he then stumbled over to Alec, needing to sit down. He felt terrible.


Oh, Magnus had quite a wild evening the last day, after Alec was out of the picture, he finally stopped worrying about it and he just… had a lot to drink. A lot and as someone who had never gotten drunk before - well, maybe he had, but not to this extent - Magnus was now suffering from his first ever hang over and he didn’t like it. Raphael was sitting on his head and was trying to make sure if his friend was okay, but he didn’t know what to do. He had never seen Magnus acting that way and he was pretty worried. He hoped that he didn’t get sick or anything and he gently tapped Magnus’ head, who whined.


‘’Raphi, not now, my head is killing me,’’ whined Magnus and then finally sat down, Alec looking at him and he knew that condition very well. Someone was hungover and it was glorious. Alec was holding back his laughter, trying not to show Magnus just how much this was all entertaining to him. Magnus smacked his lips and then whined. ‘’I’m so fucking thirsty, what the fuck?’’ he asked and then looked at Alec, who was biting on his lip as he was really trying not to be a dick, but this was hilarious. ‘’Alec, help me,’’ whined Magnus and Alec cocked his head to the side. ‘’Get me something to drink,’’ said Magnus as he really didn’t feel like going over to the bartender and Alec only nodded and got Magnus a glass of water.


‘’Had a wild night, huh?’’ asked Alec when he was back and Magnus rolled his eyes, but then nodded. Oh, it was pretty wild, though he couldn’t remember most of it. He remembered meeting some young woman, a vampire maybe, that went by the name of Camille and they danced… or something. He couldn’t really remember as he blanked out pretty much after his fifth glass of whiskey and he then just held his aching head. ‘’Ah, yes, hangovers are really something, aren’t they?’’ asked Alec loudly on purpose and Magnus whined and hissed because Alec was talking way too loudly for his liking.


‘’Keep it down, will you?’’ grumbled Magnus.


‘’Ah,’’ said Alec and then shook his head. ‘’How can I when it’s such a pretty morning?’’ asked Alec and then pointed outside the window. Magnus narrowed his eyes and then quickly looked away. The light was blinding and he didn’t like it. He’d much rather spend the whole day here and never leave the place. He was tired and everything hurt. 


‘’Fuck you,’’ said Magnus and Alec winked.


‘’Maybe leave that for another day, I can’t see you climbing me in this current state of yours,’’ said Alec simply and Magnus’ face reddened from anger. Oh, how much he wanted smack him, but he didn’t feel like doing that either. ‘’Look, I can take you back to your castle, my offer still stands,’’ said Alec and Magnus’ mood was getting worse. ‘’I’ll even carry you back, you won’t even have to lift a finger. Hmm?’’ asked Alec, trying to still grasp on the every little hope he still had, but Magnus wasn’t backing down.


‘’I’m seeing those lanterns even if that’s the last thing I ever do,’’ said Magnus. It sure felt like it was going to be - he felt horrible and he then felt his stomach turning. ‘’Oh, I think I’m gonna be sick,’’ whined Magnus and Alec perked up. Just how much did he have last day? Alec didn’t feel like laughing anymore because it made him feel like a dick and he then just pressed his lips together. ‘’Ugh, help me,’’ said Magnus and Alec nodded, helping Magnus onto his legs and then dragged him towards the toilets because he could very much see that Magnus wasn’t in a good condition. At all. And after emptying his stomach, Magnus felt better. A little bit. 


‘’Are you feeling okay?’’ asked Alec softly after he helped Magnus back to the chair and Magnus nodded. ‘’Hangovers suck,’’ he said and then shook his head. ‘’Just how much did you have?’’


‘’Have no idea, stopped counting after five rounds,’’ said Magnus and then shuddered. ‘’I’ve never had a hangover this bad,’’ he said and Alec sighed softly. Magnus really lacked real life experiences, didn’t he? He kind of felt sorry for him and he then looked down a little bit. ‘’I don’t even remember what all went down. I met a vampire, she was stunning quite. Camille,’’ said Magnus and then hummed. ‘’And I think we’ve danced or something, but,’’ he said and then shook his head. ‘’I can’t remember much. I think we’ve lost gotten into a fight. Have no idea,’’ he said and then held his head again, Alec feeling a little bit confused and he then scooted closer.


‘’Oh, you’re into women?’’ asked Alec and Magnus looked up at him. ‘’Ouch, sorry. And here I was trying to hit on you. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable or-’’


‘’Oh, no I swing both ways, darling,’’ said Magnus with a smile and Alec perked up.


‘’Oh,’’ said Alec and then smiled again. ‘’ Oh ,’’ said Alec. ‘’I still stand a chance then!’’


‘’Keep on wishing,’’ challenged him Magnus and then started laughing, but quickly stopped because he felt his head being split in half and Alec smiled as well, but then sighed.


‘’I like a challenge, Magnus,’’ said Alec and Magnus rolled his eyes, but didn’t say anything. ‘’But for real - should we stay here for today? You look like shit.’’


‘’Thanks,’’ deadpanned Magnus. ‘’And no. I’m not spending my time out in freedom in this joint. You and I will hit the outside world,’’ said Magnus and stood up, head spinning and he sat back down. ‘’Soon,’’ he added to that and Alec shook his head. Very well then.



A few hours later and Magnus was feeling a lot better. The hangover was still there, but it was gradually disappearing and he was glad - he didn’t want to feel like that ever again. There was no way in hell that he was drinking again and he sighed happily because it was finally time to get going in the road again. Raphael was patiently sitting there on the table and was carefully observing his friend, while he was still keeping a careful eye on Alec. Even though he helped Magnus before a little bit, he still wasn’t trusting the Shadowhunter as he was pretty well aware that he was kind of a dick. And wasn’t so kind before when he and Magnus first met, so one good deed didn’t make him good in the chameleon’s book. He was going to protect Magnus in case something happened. 


‘’Okay, I think we can get going,’’ said Magnus as he was getting ready to stand up and Alec pressed his lips together, but in a way he was glad to get moving. He didn’t like that place too much anymore as he could see others glaring at him and he just wanted to get on going. He didn’t like the unwanted stares and he just sighed and then stood up as well. Magnus was actually quite surprised (and impressed) that Alec didn’t start bitching again about being the babysitter and they were about to leave in complete silence until the door opened very abruptly and Magnus flinched a little bit as did Alec - that was never a good sign.


‘’He’s in there,’’ he heard someone say and then Alec’s blood froze up when he heard a horse and people talking. He started backing away and he glanced at Magnus because he just hoped that this wasn’t what he thought it was. If this was really the royal guard, they were pretty much screwed and he just pressed his lips together and tried not to panic. ‘’Come in here - we have Alec Lightwood,’’ he carried on. It was one of the werewolves and Alec shook his head.


There was something in the werewolf’s hand - it was a flyer. It was a flyer with Alec’s face plastered over it and now he saw that there was a reward for getting him captured. He flinched and then looked at Magnus - ah, crap, now what were they supposed to do ? Alec started panicking because the guards suddenly barged in and he looked at Magnus, shaking his head. That wasn’t good - it meant nothing good and he started running to the back of the pub, Magnus quickly grabbing Raphael and he followed Alec. Both of them needed to get out of there unnoticed, but it wasn’t going to be easy! Alec suddenly grabbed Magnus’ forearm and dragged him behind the corner, trying to control his breathing and hoped that something or someone would come to their help. But who would come to help to a thief like him? Alec whined and shook his head - they were done for. At least he was!


‘’Lightwood, where the hell is Lightwood?’’ asked a voice and Magnus peeked from behind the corner. There came a guard, dismounting his horse and then he started looking around. He was tall, blonde and curly and Magnus quickly hid behind the corner again, trying to come up with a plan. Unlike for Alec, he was pretty well liked around the Hunter’s Moon (since last evening), so maybe he could ask someone to help them out. He was searching and searching and… nothing. He looked at Alec, who was trying to look all collected, but it wasn’t working out at all and Magnus was getting even more nervous. There went his chance of ever seeing those lanterns. Not to mention in how much trouble Alec was going to be and he pressed his lips together. 


Somehow, he didn’t want to see Alec behind bars. Sure, he stole the crown, but he also was pretty sure that Alec had a pretty good reason for stealing. He didn’t seem like a bad guy - well, he was a douchebag, but he didn’t seem like a stealer and a liar. Sure, a sleazebag, but… Yeah, okay, Magnus didn’t really know where he was going with that. Right - it was his eyes. They hid something, he couldn’t tell what it was as of yet, but he saw a good man behind them and he was panicking as well. Other members of the royal guard started filling the Hunter’s Moon and Alec’s head started spinning - like actually spinning.


‘’Search around the place,’’ said the main guy and Alec started shaking his head. How about they didn’t? He heard a horse letting out a loud neigh and he just had to wonder - was that the same stalker of a horse that followed him the last time? Just what kind of a horse was it? He acted more like a watchdog not a horse and Alec only rolled his eyes. Knowing his luck, it was him probably and he already saw himself behind bars. There was no way that his family could pay for bail and-


‘’ Magnus, we need to get the hell out from here ,’’ whispered Alec and Magnus glared at him.


‘’ Don’t you think I know that? ’’ asked Magnus back and then shook his head. ‘’ I’m trying to think of something. If you weren’t a thief maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess, huh? ’’ he then snapped because he was panicking and Alec rolled his eyes.


‘’ Oh, sure, this is all about me, isn’t it? ’’


‘’ Did I steal the crown? ’’


‘’ No ?’’


‘’ So, you see, this is your fault! ’’ whispered Magnus back. He was yelling-whispering and he was about to jump down Alec’s throat when someone whistled at them and Magnus turned around. There stood a young vampire, who signed them to come closer. Alec had no idea who in the world that was, but Magnus did! He remembered him from yesterday - it was Marcel, he was one of the bartenders working in there. As Magnus was getting hammered, the two of them became quite good friends, actually. In his intoxicated state, Magnus told him all about his father, how he wanted to see the lanterns and how Alec was taking him to see them. Marcel was touched and fascinated by his story, so he decided to help him out!


‘’Come quick you two,’’ said Marcel and signed the two to come closer. Alec didn’t need to be told twice and they followed Marcel, who showed them the way to the back. Then he opened a door, under which there were stairs. There were a lot of stairs and Magnus gulped. Alec looked at him. ‘’This will take you down to the tunnels, can easily find your way out by the old mine,’’ said Marcel and Magnus had no idea where in the world that was. Alec, on the other hand, did and he nodded.


‘’I know where that is,’’ said Alec.


‘’Perfect,’’ said Marcel and winked. ‘’Just leave quick, they’re coming! Go and make your wish come true,’’ said Marcel and then smiled. Alec nodded.


‘’Thank you, I will.’’


Marcel clicked with his tongue. ‘’I wasn’t talking to you - I don’t even know you. I meant Magnus,’’ he said and then rolled his eyes, but smiled again. 


‘’Thank you, I owe you,’’ said Magnus and Marcel only waved it off, wishing them good luck and then he quickly closed the door as Magnus, Alec and Raphael left through the door because right in the next moment, came in the royal guards and he froze - oh, fuck, he hoped that they didn’t see him smuggling Magnus and Alec out!


Chapter Text

“Where did they go?” asked the tall and blonde royal guard and Marcel flinched as he slowly turned around and tried to laugh it off and he then cleared his throat, clasping his hands together and he then took in a deep breath. The one in charge of the guard was Theodore William Underhill and he was quite very well known for his ways - nothing got past him. That was why he was put in charge and he then just narrowed his eyes. He was chasing after this Lightwood idiot for days now and he was just desperate to finally bring the crown back to its home. He knew that if he wouldn’t he would be in a lot of trouble. He wasn’t even on duty when it was stolen, but as the one in charge, he would have to take the blame again and he was officially sick of it. But much to his luck, his horse was quite the detective! So, he hoped that together they would track Lightwood down and they’ve got a tip, but somehow Alec slithered past their hands again because as he barged inside of the back room, there was only one person in there and he then narrowed his eyes. But Jace pointed to there… and Jace, the horse, was never wrong. So, Underhill was quite frustrated and he then sighed, but still decided to ask the vampire a few questions. 


“Hey, you!” said Underhill and then made his way to the vampire, who then slowly turned around. It pissed Marcel off to be addressed like that - like he had a name. Well, it was true that the other didn’t know his name yet, but still… it was rude of him to address him like that. He wouldn’t really mind if it was someone else, but this was a Shadowhunter and the vampire really didn’t appreciate a hunter walking into their bar. Hunter’s Moon was supposed to be free of Shadowhunters until Lightwood came along, but then again, they all knew that the Lightwoods didn’t like associating with other hunters. They had their very well justified reasons, but that was why Marcel didn’t mind Alec staying at their place, but he very much minded the royal guard and he was getting ready to snap at him. That was until his eyes fell upon the Shadowhunter and the vampire was taken back a little bit, because somehow all of his anger faded away and he blinked a few times. 


Oh, could Shadowhunters be this handsome? The guard was tall - a lot taller than Marcel, who was always on the shorter side - so their height difference was quite astonishing. Marcel then blinked a few times, but managed to snap back to reality. Sure, he could look all he wanted, but he wasn’t giving away where his friend went. Magnus seemed like a nice guy even if they knew each other for like half a day. It didn’t matter. Underhill, on the other hand, needed quite a little long to come back from drowning in those green eyes. Ah, yes, those were the greenest and purest eyes he had ever seen to this day and he then shook his head, trying to remind himself that he was there professionally. But the flush upon his cheeks didn’t lie and Marcel noticed it right away.


No freaking way! “Y-you!” said Underhill and then marched towards Marcel, who was again greeted by the rudeness and he was immediately turned off. Yep. It lasted a few minutes, but now he was back. “Did you see Alec Lightwood in here? We’ve got a tip from one of your customers that you’ve been hiding him in here and all leads point that he was last seen running away with you,” said Underhill, but sounded a lot softer than usual. All of his professional spirit had flew out of the window as he stared back into those eyes and Marcel saw that. And decided to use it into his advantage - then again, what was a little bit of innocent flirting?


“I do have a name and it’s Marcel,” said the vampire and then rolled his eyes, but then smiled. “And I really have no idea who you’re talking about, really,” said Marcel innocently. Maybe too innocently? He cleared his throat and then pressed his lips together, pretending to be thinking really hard. “Oh, is that the one that stole the royal crown?” asked Marcel, lying his ass off and the other one was eating everything right up. Oh, this was kind of hilarious if he was being quite honest and Underhill nodded.


“Yes, that’s him,” said Underhill. Oh, maybe the vampire didn’t know how Lightwood looked like? There were a lot of flyers about him everywhere, but he was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. “We’ve just gotten a tip that he was here, would you happen to know anything about it? I mean he was last seen running away with you back here,” said Underhill and then started looking around, because it didn’t really make sense. Even if he did follow him to the back, where would he go? There was a door in there, though, but it looked like they led to a storage room. At least that was what it said on it, but still… maybe he could check it out.


“Now, now,” said Marcel and then smiled. “How could this Lightwood person be in here with me?” asked Marcel and then innocently batted his eyelashes and clasped his hands together. Maybe he should turn on his puppy eyed look too? “I mean it’s just little old me in here,” said Marcel and then started panicking when he saw that Underhill was approaching the door and he cleared his throat.


“Where does this door lead to?”


“Oh, that… that is just a storage room,” said Marcel and quickly hurried over to it, leaning towards the door and then he started giggling. Underhill tried to shove him away, but as he was about to grab his shoulder, Marcel held out his hand and then studied it. “My, my, what a strong hand you have. I bet you have such a strong grip, huh?” asked Marcel and winked up at the other. Underhill was again caught off guard - he wasn’t used to being flirted with and he just choked, swallowing thickly and tried to remember how breathing worked.


“I-I do?”


“Oh, yes,” said Marcel happily. He wasn’t really opposed to be flirting away because he was having quite a lot of fun watching the other trip over his words. It was kind of cute. “I bet you would have no problems lifting me up, pinning me against the wall and-” he carried on, Underhill’s flush deepening but before he was able to completely overheat, the door barged open again and in the room came a very pissed off looking horse, thus ending the moment. The horse was a fucking cockblock! Marcel hissed and then grumbled because he was this close to making Underhill completely go off track and give up on finding the other two. But no, the horse ruined everything! Underhill finally snapped out of it and then withdrew his hand, clearing his throat.


“Yes, okay, everything is clear here. It was a false report. I did a very throughout search, there’s nothing to see in here, Jace. We should head back to the Castle and try searching somewhere else,” said Underhill, stammering like crazy and Marcel was smiling all the way up to his ears. But Jace only neighed and shook his head. That made Marcel freeze up and the horse simply made his way to the door, moved Marcel out of the way and opened the door. And behold - there was a stairway, leading down… deep and Underhill looked at Marcel, who then just nervously laughed.


“Oh how did that get in there?” said Marcel and Underhill narrowed his eyes, trying to be angry. “Would you look at that. Ah, yes, storage rooms are down there and-” he tried to lie his ass off again, but it wasn’t working. They’ve found a lead and he bowed his head down. 


“Guards, over here!” yelled out Underhill and Jace looked all smooth, making Marcel want to… just… ugh. He didn’t like the freaking horse one bit and he just folded his arms on top of his chest. And now he was going to be in trouble as well. He had just lied to the head of the royal guard. Ugh. How fucking amazing! “He’s escaped through there,” said Underhill and then glanced at Marcel, who was still glaring at the horse. Just let him wait for the sun set. Marcel was going to track him down! “Move, move, go. Before he runs away,” he said and the others came running through the door, Underhill telling them to follow Alec down the stairs through the tunnels and Marcel whined.


“So, will you arrest me?” asked Marcel after it was just Underhill and him in there. Underhill was heading through the door as well, but he then turned around and simply shook his head. “No?”


“I’ll put in the report that you tried to stop him, but he ran away. Anyway, gotta go,” said Underhill simply and then just abruptly left and Marcel was left standing there, wondering… what in the world did just happen?!



It was dark in the tunnel, but luckily, Magnus had magic for that, keeping the place lit up with his magic that was sparking from under his fingers and Alec couldn’t look away. He had never really met a warlock before as he was pretty sheltered, so seeing magic like that amazed him and he was just in awe. Maybe he was being a bit ridiculous, but the magic looked beautiful and he couldn’t keep his eyes away from it. Magnus was walking slowly so that they could both see where they were going, silence falling in between them. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of their shoes walking across the wet floor and Magnus then took in a deep breath. Alec didn’t like the silence too much, so he decided to break it.


“Hey, how are you doing now?” asked Alec and Magnus glanced at him. “The hangover.”


“Oh, um, much better,” said Magnus and smiled softly. The blue magic illuminating Magnus’ facial features made him look even more beautiful and Alec looked away. “And your head? Still hurts?” asked Magnus and Alec reached to the back of his head and then shrugged.


“I’ll live,” said Alec and then grinned. “Though that pan makes quite the weapon, huh?” asked Alec and then looked at Magnus’ other hand that was carrying the weapon with him. 


“Oh, yes,” said Magnus and then they both laughed, but silence fell between them again and Magnus clicked with his tongue. “So,” said Magnus and Alec perked up. “Alec Lightwood,” he said and Alec cocked his head to the side. “As far as I can tell, you’re not really fond of other Shadowhunters,” he said and Alec shrugged. “At least not the Alicante Kingdom, so what’s your story?” asked Magnus, wanting to get to know Alec a bit better, but Alec quickly started shutting down as he didn’t really like sharing his personal story with anyone. Especially not someone who he had just met a day ago. “Are you a single child, or is there-”


“Okay, okay, hold up a little bit,” said Alec and Magnus glanced at him. “You’re asking way too many questions,” he said. “And am not telling you anything, it’s better if this stays purely a business transaction,” said Alec and Magnus felt his heart falling a little bit. “No strings attached,” said Alec and Magnus then bowed his head down. Oh, was still all about the crown to Alec, was it? Magnus didn’t know why he was so bummed out all of the sudden, but he felt that maybe they were starting to become friends. Well, he guessed not after all. 


“Oh,” said Magnus and stopped walking. Alec turned to him and then his eyes widened when he saw that Magnus was looking pretty down. “I thought… never mind,” said Magnus and then shook his head. Magnus didn’t have many friends, so he wanted to make more. But he guessed Alec wasn’t interested in that. Before Alec could say something, Magnus walked past him and Alec felt like a huge idiot. Because he was and just as he was about to chase after him, they heard voices behind them. 


“Oh, fuck, the guards are onto us,” shrieked Alec and Magnus’ eyes widened because he thought that Marcel got them covered, but something had to go wrong and he looked over at Alec, who was already running after him. “Move, Magnus, run ,” said Alec, urging Magnus to start running and the warlock did just that, Raphael holding onto him. “Fuck, can’t you create a portal?!”


“Remember, I can’t-”


“Then use your magic to stop them!” shrieked Alec because they were getting closer and Magnus shook his head again. 


“I-I… I don’t know,” muttered Magnus because he didn’t want the others to see his magic. He was fine when it was just Alec, but that was the royal guard that they were talking about and Asmodeus led him to believe that they would be after him if they ever found out about his magic. “I-I can’t, Alec, I’m sorry… but they-”


“Never mind then, just keep on running,” said Alec, running in front of Magnus and then he took his hand, trying to get him to run faster, Magnus’ heart fluttering when he realised that they were holding hands, but was sure back to reality. The two of them saw light in the distance and ran towards it - it was the end of the tunnel, thank God! But their happiness soon faded away when they ran outside and almost fell from the cliff. Magnus froze and grabbed Alec from off of the edge and he then pressed his lips together because the guard was soon there with them and Alec flinched.

“We’re trapped,” muttered Magnus.


“I-I know,” stammered Alec and was going closer to the edge as well. “Magic, Magnus, use-


“I. Can’t.”


Okay, okay, everything was going to be okay. Alec was looking around and he shuddered when he looked down. Now that was way too high, but the mines continued on the other side of the canyon and they could have easily escaped past of the tunnels there. The only problem was how in the hell were they going to get to there?! Alec shuddered and then turned to Magnus, who was backing away as well.


Magnus was having a battle with himself - at this point he was forced to use his magic, if he liked it or not - that was the only way that they would ever get free and he then hummed, feeling his heart hammering against his ribcage because he was scared. Papa would be so disappointed if he would see him using magic, but Magnus’ inner instinct was telling him to use it. His magic was calling out, seeking out to him and that was when he made up his mind - it was now or never. 


“Oh, man, I’ve been looking forward to this for days now, Lightwood,” said Underhill and took out his Seraph blade. “Hand over the crown, or you’re getting it,” he said and Alec shook his head. “No? Well, then I’ll have a lot of fun kicking your ass. Guards, arrest him,” said Underhill and Magnus made up his mind. He was going to save them and he knew just the way how!


“Alec, hold this,” said Magnus and handed him the frying pan. Alec didn’t really have the time to react as Magnus snapped his fingers, creating a long whip with his magic and he just watched Magnus binding the end of the whip on a wooden plank and then nodded. Alec didn’t know what to do, so he just watched how Magnus ran off of the cliff and flew across the sky onto the other side of the canyon. Alec’s jaw dropped because holy shit, Magnus was just so amazing. And oh wow. But sadly he didn’t have the time to think as he was attacked from the back and he had to defend himself with the only thing he had on him - the fucking frying pan!


“Stay back, I’m not afraid to use this!” he announced, but others didn’t listen and Alec hit one of the guards, making him fall onto the ground and he let out an excited cheer. Oh, that thing wasn’t bad after all! “Who’s next?!” he asked happily and then managed to knock out the other three guards until it was just him and Underhill. Alec didn’t really see Underhill coming from the back as he was bending over to pick up the frying pan and Underhill would have gotten to him if it wasn’t for Magnus, who sent a ball of blue magic flying from across and Underhill let out a loud yelp and then hit the ground, but didn’t pick up. Oh, Magnus knocked him out too! “Magnus, that was incredible!” cheered Alec.


“Well thanks and… watch your back! ” he shrieked as the horse was now coming closer to Alec. Alec turned around and saw Jace, the horse, standing there, holding a sword in between his teeth and Alec arched a brow. What in the… he yelped when the horse tried attacking him with the sword and he just tried to fight back with the poor pan, which ended up flying from his hands, off of the cliff and Alec gulped. 


“How about two out of three?” asked Alec, but then the horse pointed the sword against his chest and he just lifted up his arms. “Magnus, a little help here?” whined Alec because it looked like the horse wasn’t playing around at all and he started backing away against the edge of the cliff again and Magnus turned around because Alec was standing dangerously close to the edge and the horse wasn’t stopping at all. Now, Magnus was going to help Alec out, of course, but he also didn’t want to hurt the horse. While he had no troubles hurting Shadowhunters, he couldn’t hurt a horse. He was an innocent animal and he then just took in a deep breath. But, before he could somehow get Alec over to his side, Jace took a few steps closer to Alec and the Shadowhunter was trying not to lose his balance and fall off. Jace didn’t even notice just how close they were and he shuddered. 


Alec wanted to slide by the side and get away, but that was when he lost his balance. He wasn’t being careful enough and before he could actually get away, he was pulled back and he yelped because he was trying to grab onto anything, but all he could grab on was emptiness and he let out a loud yelp. Everything seemed to slow down for Alec as he was in a hurry to reach for his Stele. Maybe a rune would help him ease the fall or something, but there wasn’t enough time and it really was as they said - his all life did flash in front of his eyes and he didn’t like what he saw. He didn’t want to go out known as a thief, it would only bring his family more shame and his heart was about to give out, the ground was fast approaching and just before he hit it… he was stopped by a swirl of blue magic that suddenly started lifting him up. 


Magnus. Alec looked Magnus’ way, who was standing on the edge of the cliff on the other side and was working his magic to bring Alec up to him. Seeing Alec fall like that made Magnus terrified and he almost froze, but then he remembered that it was up to him to save Alec and the Shadowhunter was shaking all over when he was finally on the ground again, Magnus’ magic keeping him safe all the way up and when he was next to Magnus, he needed to sit down because his knees gave out on him and his head was spinning. He looked pale and Magnus was on the floor next to him quickly. 


“Alec! Alec, are you-”


“O-oh that was so-so close… I… I’ll throw up… oh, fuck,” was chanting Alec because he was shaken up pretty bad. Magnus couldn’t blame him really and he was sitting there next to him, rubbing his back, trying to get Alec to calm down a little bit. “Oh, fuck, you saved my life. I-I freaking owe you, Magnus, I really… fuck, ” he carried on talking and he was all over the place. Magnus gave him a little sigh and then shook his head.


“It’s okay, you’re safe now,” said Magnus and Alec nodded. “Or not,” he then said when he saw that the guards were coming back to their senses and the horse already found a way to come through to the other side. There was a long log of wood that he somehow managed to kick down and thus created something that looked like a bridge to the other side. Alec was too shaken up to notice that, but Magnus sure did. “Hey, Alec, I know you’re still coming back, but we need to get going. The horse is coming,” said Magnus and pointed. Alec looked up and then shuddered.


“Crap, right, I’m okay, I- yes. Okay let’s get going,” said Alec who was back on his feet, still feeling weak, but he was also helpless. How would they get out of this one? “Magnus, how-”


“I have a plan, follow me,” said Magnus as the horse was coming closer and Alec nodded, following Magnus to one of the tunnels and then his eyes widened because Jace had reached the other end. However, before any of them were able to reach them, Magnus pushed Alec back. “Stand back,” said Magnus and Alec nodded - he didn’t need to be told twice. With awe in his eyes he watched Magnus summoning rocks upon rocks to cover the entrance of the tunnel and thus completely blocking the path. For good. “There, this should keep them away for a little while,” said Magnus and then turned to Alec. “What?”


“You’re so amazing!” said Alec loudly and Magnus’ cheeks reddened. “Like oh my fucking God! I can’t believe you! And your magic, like damn! It’s so powerful!”


Magnus smiled sheepishly. Oh, he felt awesome - to be using magic was everything and even though he didn’t use it a lot in the past, he had a surprising control over it. And he was also surprised how strong he was even though he knew that he was stronger than his father. Still, he was shaken up by his own magic and it was thriving. He could feel his magic flowing through him and he had never felt so alive. “Man, that felt so good!” said Magnus happily and Alec came closer to him.


“You were so badass!”


“I know, right?!” asked Magnus and clasped his hands together. “I saved your ass and kicked all of theirs. I’m so impressed! And we’re finally free!” said Magnus and in the heap of the moment threw himself around Alec’s neck, who wrapped his arms around him and spun them around. Both of them were laughing, but the laughter died out when they realised they were hugging and Alec quickly released Magnus. “I-I’m sorry, I get carried away when I’m excited,” said Magnus and his cheeks were red, heart pounding.


Alec was in the same state and he shook his head. “I-I don’t mind,” said Alec and silence fell between them and Alec cleared his throat. “How about we continue our way to Alicante?” he offered and Magnus quickly agreed. They spent the next few hours walking in silence, but Raphael was observing everything and was shaking his head - what was going on between them?!

Chapter Text

“Are you sure we’re going off the right path?” asked Magnus and Alec was biting on his lip. The two of them were still in the tunnel and had just made their way to the right when the main tullen split in two parts and Alec wasn’t so sure anymore that he was in the right because they should have reached the ending of it by now. They’ve been wandering in the dark for what felt like hours now, Alec feeling cold and tired and Magnus wasn’t doing too hot either. Both of them were tired from the long day, needed a place to rest for a little bit and Magnus was grumbling under his breath and he was just shaking his head. His intuition was telling him that they should have turned to the left before, but he didn’t want to say anything. He had never been here before and Alec looked like he knew what he was doing, but in reality he didn’t know where the hell they were. He had never walked through the tunnels before and he just shook his head. At least they were free from the evil guards, but he really didn’t want to spend the night in the cold and wet tunnel. He shuddered and then looked over to Magnus.


“Yes, yes, I’m pretty sure, just trust me,” said Alec quite sure of himself and Magnus narrowed his eyes. Okay, if he said that he knew where they were going then it was okay, right? Magnus looked at Raphael, who was sitting on his shoulder and the chameleon only shrugged. “I’m a Shadowhunter, you just leave it all to me,” said Alec and Magnus narrowed his eyes. Again with the arrogance? He kind of missed the Alec from before - he was soft and kind and not arrogant at all. But Alec’s shock of almost dying wore off and he was getting more arrogant again. It was really a shame, because Magnus was starting to see that arrogance was just a facade, not the real Alec. He wanted to know the real him more and he bit into his lip. 


“Okay, whatever you say, Mister Shadowhunter,” said Magnus and then shook his head, trying not to roll his eyes and then he just giggled when he heard Raphael complaining on his shoulder. “I know, he’s kind of arrogant and stubborn,” said Magnus and Raphael tried to let Magnus know that he did not like this Shadowhunter. “Well, he’s not all bad, he’s quite sweet when he wants to be, but yes, I totally see your point, Raphi. If only he wasn’t so arrogant all of the time,” he said and Alec was only glaring at them because didn’t they realise he was just there?! And they were talking about him like that! How dared they?!


“You two know that I’m right here, right?” grumbled Alec and Magnus turned, nodding.


“Yep, we’re very much aware of your Shadowhunter presence,” said Magnus simply, shrugged and walked past Alec, who was then rolling his eyes, but he started walking closer. He was watching Raphael and Magnus chatting up and he began to wonder - did Magnus know how to speak to the lizard?! So, it was a magical lizard? Alec really didn’t understand and he then hurried to them, having a lot of questions and he was intending to find out what was the deal with Raphael!


“So, you and the frog are friends?” asked Alec and Raphael hissed.


“Raphi is a chameleon,” deadpanned Magnus and then looked at Raphael. “Pay no attention to him, dear, he knows not what he’s talking about. Shadowhunters aren’t very bright, remember what Papa said,” said Magnus and Alec felt his cheeks getting red with embarrassment. He knew it was a chameleon, but he refused to call him one because he could see how Raphael was glaring at him and he didn’t like him. So, until further notice, he was a frog! “And yes, we’re friends,” said Magnus happily, petting his friend’s head, who was happily enjoying the attention. Alec had more questions.


“How did that happen?”


“My, my, don’t you have a lot of questions?” asked Magnus and rolled his eyes. “Yet, when I wanted to ask more about you, you refused to speak,” said Magnus, but Alec’s puppy eyed look got him to talk. Crap, those hazel eyes were really way too bright and pleading for him to say no! “Fine. We’ve met when I was just a boy,” said Magnus and then pressed his lips together, taking a little bit of a time to continue because it’s really been such a long time since then. Raphael was his one and only friend for years now and he then just sighed. There were Catarina and Ragnor too, but thanks to his father he hadn’t seen them since he was fifteen. It’s been too long and he then bit his lip. “As you know my father doesn’t allow me to go out much, so,” said Magnus and then smiled. “Raphi is literally the only friend I have at the moment and I have to say that we have quite a lot of fun, don’t we?” asked Magnus and Raphael happily nodded.


“Just what kind of fun can you have with a lizard?” asked Alec and started cracking up. And thus, he earned himself a nice and hard slap on his cheek. From Raphael, who slapped him with his tongue and Alec shrieked because that this was disgusting and he started wiping away his cheek. “Did you see that?! He attacked me!”


“Quite rightfully so,” said Magnus angrily. “You’ve insulted him,” said Magnus and then smiled when he looked at Raphael. He was grinning because he finally got what he wanted to do since yesterday - slapping the hunter! “And we have a lot of fun! We play chess, read books, we even bake and cook!” said Magnus, carrying on boasting about Raphael and the chameleon was glowing with pride and happiness there on Magnus’ shoulder. Yes, he could do all of that with him and the hunter was just jealous of their friendship! It all made sense to Raphael, who was happily humming and Alec was just narrowing his eyes. 


“That sounds… interesting,” said Alec in the end and Magnus happily nodded.


“You should see this one when we do our fashion shows!” said Magnus and Raphael suddenly froze because he didn’t want the Shadowhunter to hear about that! That bit wasn’t what he liked and he just wanted to make Magnus stop talking and Alec was having way too much fun listening to Magnus talking about all of the different outfits he had for Raphael. He was laughing under his breath and if looks could kill, Alec would drop dead right at that very moment because Raphael was pissed. 


“Oh, when I take you back home, you just have to show me all of these outfits!” said Alec happily, not really because he was interested in them, but because he wanted to see Raphael suffering while modelling in them. But, Magnus let out an excited sigh and he looked at Alec.


“Oh! Are you serious?” asked Magnus and turned to Alec, face-to-face and the hunter flushed. Magnus was way too cute and he just nodded. “Oh, we have a deal, Shadowhunter, I’ll present to you all of the outfits I’ve made for Raphi after we come back to my castle!” said Magnus and then happily clapped. Alec grinned when Raphael looked back at him and then just winked to him. Raphael grumbled and then showed his tongue to Alec.



“Oh, I think this could be it!” said Alec. Half an hour later and they finally made their way somewhere. It was a wall, a dead end and Magnus wanted to smack Alec, until the hunter pointed out that he heard something on the other side of the wall and he narrowed his eyes, but decided to give Alexander a try and when he came closer, he could also hear something! It was the sound of water and not only that, but there was cool breeze coming from the other side of the rocks and Magnus cheered up - so Alec was right before! Oh, he knew he could trust him! “See, I was right before, I’m amazing.’’


“You are!” said Magnus happily and then pushed up against the rocks. “How about I use my magic to get rid of these and then we can finally rest a little bit?” asked Magnus and Alec excitedly nodded because he was so ready to get out of these tunnels. They were creepy and made him feel trapped. Magnus snapped his fingers and then signaled Alec to move back a little bit as he was about to blow up the rock wall and Alec just watched Magnus in awe because he loved when he used his magic. Magnus was so strong and badass! Alec was literally drooling as he watched Magnus gathering his magic and without even knowing it himself, he was getting closer to him, even though he was supposed to stand back and Magnus didn’t really pay attention to Alec as he was far too busy working on the spell, focused and then he snapped his fingers, the wall literally blowing up.


Magnus managed to protect himself and Raphael from the rocks, but he totally didn’t see Alec there next to him and the hunter let out a loud yelp when some of the rocks fell onto him. He tried protecting himself with shielding himself with his arms, but it didn’t really do much to protect him and he let out a loud yelp when a rock almost hit his head. He managed to move back, but it still ended up scratching him right above his eye and Magnus’ jaw dropped, quickly looking around and thus putting a protective shield around Alec as well and they waited a little bit for the rocks to settle down. When things calmed down, Magnus hurried over to Alec’s side. The hunter was holding onto his head and Magnus quickly removed his hand to see the wound. Alec was bleeding, but it didn’t seem that serious. 


“Alec, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there!” shrieked Magnus and Alec only waved it off, trying to pretend to be badass and completely unaffected by everything, but it stung like hell and he groaned in pain. He would have to get his Stele for that once they would be out of this tunnel and he just shrugged.


“I’ll live,” said Alec and then stepped out, going to the edge of the cliff and then smiled when he saw the river and then forest. He knew where they were. “Oh, Alicante is really near now!” said Alec and then turned to Magnus, who happily sighed.


“Just one more day and I’ll finally see the lanterns,” said Magnus. Alec smiled and then shook his head - Magnus’ wish was so simple and innocent. Pure. Unlike Alec and he just looked away. “Come, I’ll get us down there,” said Magnus and Alec nodded. That time, Magnus could finally create a portal that lead them down to the forest and Alec happily took in a deep breath - ah, fresh breeze! How he missed it! He smiled and then glanced at Magnus, who was looking around. It was already evening! They really were in the tunnels for hours! 


“Let’s set up a fire to warm up,” said Alec and Magnus nodded because it was kind of chilly out there!


“Ah, much better,” said Magnus when he and Alec finally found a spot, started a fire and Alec nodded. He sat down next to Magnus, still holding onto his head as he didn’t get the chance to get out his Stele to heal himself. “Oh, you poor thing, you’re still bleeding. You’re not okay at all,” muttered Magnus and shifted closer to Alec, who forgot all about his Stele and he then just blinked a few times. Forget the Stele, he could just stare into Magnus’ eyes forever and not feel a thing! “Let me heal you,” said Magnus and reached closer to Alec’s face, who pulled back a little bit. He didn’t mean to, his body moved on its own!


“Is okay, I have a Stele that-”


“What’s a Stele?” asked Magnus and that just showed how out of touch Magnus was with the outside world. “Funny little word won’t heal you. Come, I have magic for this,” said Magnus before Alec could really explain it to him and placed a hand above the wound, going really close to Alec’s face and the hunter looked down when he felt his hot breath against his cheek. “I won’t hurt you, I promise,” said Magnus when he saw Alec trembling. It wasn’t fear that was making him tremble though.


“I know,” said Alec and Magnus smiled.


“Good,” said Magnus and then magic slowly flew from under his fingers, healing Alec up in a second. Alec’s eyes fell closed when he felt the warm sensation of Magnus’ magic flowing through him and he gasped, slowly opening his eyes and he flinched when he found himself back looking into golden cat eyes. So that was Magnus’ warlock mark? “All better,” said Magnus and then smiled. “What’s wrong?” he asked when he saw that Alec looked quite shocked.


“I… your eyes,” said Alec and Magnus eyes’ widened.


“Oh, dear,” said Magnus and closed his eyes. “I suppose I’ve been using my magic a lot today and I really lack in stamina,” he said and then turned away from Alec, shaking his head. “I’m sorry you got to see them, my glamour will be restored once I-I recover a little bit. But until then, I’ll just keep facing around because I imagine that my eyes are quite off-putting and-”


“That’s a lie, they’re beautiful,” said Alec quickly, too quickly and Magnus perked up and slowly turned around. Alec thought that his eyes were beautiful? “I-in my humble opinion, your eyes are stunning,” muttered Alec and didn’t even mind the flush that came upon his cheeks when Magnus’ golden eyes found his and Magnus let out a nervous chuckle. 


“No one had ever called them beautiful,” said Magnus and shyly smiled. “Father says that I should always keep them hidden and-”


“Well, I’m sorry, but I disagree with your father,” said Alec quickly and Magnus chuckled a little bit. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude or-”


“It’s okay,” said Magnus softly. “Papa doesn’t mean anything bad by it, he just wants to keep me safe,” muttered Magnus and then sighed. “I mean Shadowhunters were hunting him down because he didn’t agree with their policies and stupid laws, especially not after they’ve heard he had a child,” said Magnus and sighed sadly. “That’s why he doesn’t let me out much. Hates Alicante too,” said Magnus and then pressed his lips together. “But, I mean it’s okay. I’m used to it.”


“He’s not the only one who hates Alicante,” said Alec quickly. “Just a bunch of narcissistic snobs,” spat Alec and Magnus cocked his head to the side. Right, Alec mentioned that he didn’t like Alicante much and it made him wonder just what in the world went wrong with Alicante and Alec. It had to be pretty serious, clasping his hands together. But, he wasn’t going to ask Alec too many questions as it was pretty sure that he was not comfortable talking about it, so there wasn’t much he could do about that. But Alec, on the other hand, felt rather talkative. Maybe he was caught up in the moment, sitting by the campfire with a handsome warlock, whose eyes were glowing golden… it seemed almost romantic and his tongue was getting untied. Little by little and he just sighed. “I used to live in the kingdom with my family when I was younger,” said Alec and Magnus perked up. That was the first time that Alec actually shared something about himself on his own and he nodded. 


“That didn’t work out?”


“Quite obviously it didn’t,” said Alec and then sighed, looking down. “It’s a long and not very interesting story,” said Alec. “Unlike yours, it doesn’t involve any magic or mystery,” said Alec and then smiled sadly. “It’s kind of sad, actually,” he then said and then just shook his head. “Will not spoil the mood with it. Besides, no one is really interested in hearing about me,” said Alec and Magnus pouted, because that wasn’t true. He was very much interested in learning Alec’s story and he scooted really close to Alec, got himself comfortable and he then sighed happily, looking adorable as hell. 


“I’m ready to listen,” said Magnus.


Alec cleared his throat. “You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?” asked Alec with a smile and Magnus hummed, but then cocked his head to the side. He wasn’t sure what Alec was talking about, so he just innocently giggled and Alec’s heart was a puddle of goo at that point.


“Doing what?”


“Being so cute, stop it. It’s… very bad for my heart, you see,” said Alec and Magnus sheepishly smiled. He apologised and Alec only grinned, but then shook his head and then looked up at the sky and then back at the fire. If he was ever comfortable to talk and share about himself it was then and he didn’t even know why he was willing to open up to someone that he knew barely two days. Maybe it was because it was easier to open up to someone that you have just met. “Well,” said Alec and then hummed. “I could start by sharing my full name with you, I guess,” said Alec and Magnus perked up. “It’s actually Alexander Gideon Lightwood,” said Alec and Magnus’ eyes widened. Alec didn’t even know why he told him that - it really wasn’t important. Maybe it was because he wanted to hear Magnus say his full name and he then huffed.


“Alexander,” said Magnus softly and Alec felt his heart leaping up to his throat and he looked down. Yep, this was definitely a bad idea and he pressed his lips together. Magnus liked how that sounded, he liked how it rolled off of his tongue and Alec’s cheeks were red. “I like it. Better than Alec.”


“Um, thanks?” asked Alec and then nervously laughed. “Well. My mother and father were once working for the Kingdom, but things didn’t really… work out. I mean my mom and dad have always been honest people, but they’ve discovered some things about the ones in charge that they really shouldn’t have. Let’s just say that they’re really corrupt. Every single one in there is just… their ways are appalling and mom and dad tried to bring that to light to others, but The Clave shut them down,” said Alec and then hugged himself. It was chilly, but he was also feeling kind of cold on its own. It was… weird. “They lost their jobs and as a settlement they had to pay an enormous amount of money to them so that they wouldn’t be imprisoned. They… we’ve lost everything and we’re barely getting by now,” said Alec and looked down. 


“Oh, Alexander, I’m so sorry,” said Magnus and then reached for Alec’s hand. The hunter gladly took Magnus’ into his own and gave him a sad smile. “Didn’t your parents try to still shed a light on their barbaric ways?”


“They did, but it’s them against the Clave,” said Alec, shaking his head. “They were already classified as traitors by the royals, so what was the point? No one believed them, so,” said Alec and bit his lip. “Yeah, so that’s my story,” said Alec and sadly sighed. “I’ve got a younger brother and sister,” said Alec and bit his lip. “And I’m trying really hard to help mom and dad because it’s tough, so I,” he said and looked down. “Done quite a few things that I’m no too proud of. I-”


“It’s why you stole the crown - to get the money?” asked Magnus and Alec nodded, 


“I didn’t mean to be seen or almost get caught, you know?” asked Alec and then looked down. “In a way, I don’t even want to come back home because they all probably know by now and are-are probably disappointed in me, because they raised me better. But all in all, I’m just your common thief. Nothing more,” he said and then just shrugged. 


Magnus felt for Alec,he felt for Alec so much because now he fully understood and his gut feeling was right - Alexander wasn’t a bad person nor a thief. Well, he was, but now he understood Alec’s conditions better. He was just trying to look out for his family, he wasn’t stealing for selfish reasons and he felt bad for Alexander. “Alexander, I’m so sorry about your situation,” said Magnus and then bit his lip and shook his head. 


“I’m nothing but a disappointment to everyone,” said Alec and scoffed.


“No, you’re not,” said Magnus automatically and Alec just shook his head and dryly laughed. He appreciated Magnus trying to make him feel better, but it wasn’t going to work and he just continued feeling sorry for himself. He was a criminal now and his family was going to be shamed even more. It was all because of him that- Alec continued feeling sorry for himself until he felt Magnus leaning over to him and he wrapped his arms around Alec and pulled him into a hug. A proper one this time and Alec froze up. “You’re not a disappointment, Alexander, you’re a good person,” said Magnus and Alec wanted to talk back, but in the end he couldn’t say anything. Magnus was probably the only one who thought like that and it made Alec feel better. At least someone still believed in him so he hugged Magnus back. Magnus’ hand was drawing uneven patterns against his back while Alec was calming down and he had to admit it - Magnus’ hugs felt amazing.


Caught up in their own little bubble, they didn’t see how someone was creeping upon them from afar, hidden among the bushes, an unpleasant grin upon their lips.