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Wish Upon A Floating Lantern

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Magnus was bored out of his mind that day in particular. It was soon going to be his birthday and all that he really wanted for his birthday was a day in the outside world, but he knew that it was going to be difficult to make his father see that he was old enough to go out by himself. Asmodeus was a bit of an overprotective parent, though the word overprotective was kind of an understatement as Magnus was pretty much limited only to their castle, which was pretty well hidden from the other world and the young warlock, who was wishing to see the outside world, was dying to explore it a little bit more. But, his father would always say that the outside world was dangerous and too unpredictable for the young warlock. But, this was kind of a bullshit as Magnus was soon turning 19 and he was pretty sure he could handle himself well outside. 


It wasn’t like he couldn’t go out, but it was just his father always following him around and in the past he didn’t mind it too much. But as he grew older, he just decided to not bother leaving the castle grounds as his father was always there to keep him company and it was getting at this point a bit ridiculous and very embarrassing. Asmodeus was still hands on father and Magnus just wanted to breathe properly a little bit. But, well, there wasn’t much that he could do. 


Magnus did try sneaking out every now and then, but the magic that Asmodeus had put around the castle always told the man if his son wanted to sneak out, so by his tenth attempt, Magnus just stopped trying as his father would always find him. So, there he was, bored out of his mind, looking through the window of his room and was just gloomily sighing under his breath. It truly was a perfect day to be outside, but no. He was pouting and he then looked around his room. 


Magnus understood that his father was trying to keep him safe - they were both warlocks and warlocks were quite rare in the world. Some of the people weren’t really favourable to them and tended to hunt warlocks down and keep their warlock marks as trophies, which scared the hell out of Magnus. They were called Shadowhunters and to that day, Magnus didn’t meet one, but he heard enough stories that he didn’t even want to meet one. They were described as monsters by his father, enough to keep the young warlock still confined in the walls of the castle. Still, he wanted to see more of the outside world - he was really conflicted if he was being honest and he just sighed again.


“Alright, Raphi, what should we be doing this morning?” asked Magnus happily and clasped his hands together. He glanced down on the window stall and saw his little friend - Raphael, who was a chameleon. One of his rare friends if he was being honest and he then sighed, but nodded. “How about I dress you up very prettily?” asked Magnus, who loved creating outfits and Raphael quickly started backing away. Oh, no he wasn’t going to put him into dresses again! Raphael had quite the character and he didn’t let anyone mess around with him. Magnus snorted and then just sighed sadly. “Okay, then none of that,” said Magnus and glanced around the room and found the books.


“How about reading?” asked Magnus and Raphael stuck out his tongue. Yeah, the warlock felt him - all he did was read these days and he had read pretty much everything that he had in his room. He’d go out and buy more books, but well… He sighed and then leaned against the wall. “Well, if you’re so smart, then what do you reckon we should do?” asked Magnus as it seemed that Raphael knew better - they he should propose with something!


Raphael nodded and turned around, facing the outside world and he then pointed at it. Magnus crossed his arms on top of his chest when the chameleon pointed outside and Magnus only shook his head. “You know how much I wish to go out as well,” said Magnus and then picked up his little friend and carried him over to the bed. Raphael didn’t seem too impressed and Magnus chuckled a little bit. “I can’t just go out, dad will notice and then again send his search party after me,” said Magnus and shuddered when he remembered what happened the last time. “Do you even remember how embarrassing that was for me?”


Raphael nodded, but still insisted on going out. Instead, Magnus found another book and the little lizard whined and tried to prevent Magnus from reading as he started marching up and down the book cover, so that Magnus couldn’t open it up. Magnus snorted and then folded his arms on top of his chest. “Listen, Raphi, I’m really sorry I can’t go out with you on adventures,” said Magnus and then shook his head. “Though I’ve had an idea,” said Magnus and Raphael perked up. “You know how it’s soon gonna be my birthday in a few days?” asked Magnus and Raphael happily nodded. “I thought that maybe I would ask my father for permission to go to the Kingdom,” said Magnus and glanced up at the sky through the window. There was an event that happened every year that he’d love to see more up close.


Each year, on his birthday, Magnus would see something that he called floating lights above the kingdom and he always wished to go see them, but Asmodeus strictly forbade from ever setting a foot inside of the Kingdom of Alicante and Magnus was quite saddened by that. Unfortunately the place was where the Shadowhunters lived and he just shook his head. Maybe if he asked nicely enough, then the man would allow him to do so though. If he asked really nicely? Magnus then looked at Raphael, who liked the sound of that and he nodded happily. 


“Amazing,” said Magnus and winked, looking at the book and he then shook his head. Yeah, Raphi was correct, he really wasn’t in the mood to be reading, but something else caught his attention on the desk that was on his room and he pointed to it. Raphael cocked his head to the side a little bit and walked closer to Magnus. “How about a game of chess?” tried Magnus again and Raphael blinked a few times and then hunched his back down, getting into his competitive mood - the game was on! 



Alec was running - the royal guard was right above him and he needed to find a hiding place. Yes, the guard was after him with a very justified reason - he had stolen a crown , but in his defense he really needed the money. He didn’t come from a wealthy family and they needed the money, so while he didn’t really like doing what he did, he got desperate. Somehow he managed to creep into the castle and the royal crown was his . All that was left to do was for him to sell the crown and then the money was going to be his! If only the plan would really be that easy and he yelped when he heard the sounds of royal horses getting louder and he shuddered - yep, he needed to find a place to find quick!


Alec ran off the track, getting deeper into the woods, thinking that that way he would be able to get them off of his trail and for a second he actually thought that he managed to do that, but he heard screams again and he groaned, quickly climbing onto the tree and then he waited. His new plan was to knock one of the guards off of his horse, steal the horse and then ride away. That way he would be quicker, much quicker than only going by his feet. He put the crown into the small bag that he had with him and then waited for the guards to show up.


It seemed that he managed to get quite a lot of them off his trail before as there was only one guard that he had seen and he quickly snuck up on him and climbed onto the branch. It wasn’t too high, so he could easily knock the guard off of the horse and thus completely startled him. As the man was trying to figure out what had just happened, Alec grinned and then slapped the horse’s behind and startled it. The horse let out a loud neigh and then started galloping through the woods, running much faster and Alec grinned because they would never be able to catch him now! He grinned and then cheered. 


“See you, suckers!” said Alec and as soon as he spoke up, the horse suddenly stopped running and Alec narrowed his eyes, trying to make it run again, but it would budge. “Come on, forward, fleabag,” he said and thus completely pissed the horse off. The horse turned around and narrowed his eyes, glaring at Alec and his eyes travelled down, until he saw the bag in Alec’s hand and the horse came to the conclusion that there was where the precious crown had to be. The thief was going down! And he was going to be the one to bring him down! As the man royal horse, Jace was quite proud of himself just then!


“Hey, what the hell are you doing?” whined Alec as Jace was trying to knock him off and thus succeeded. As Alec flew off of him, so did the bag and Jace quickly started running towards Alec, who was in a desperate attempt to run away, but the horse wasn’t giving up. “Just what kind of a horse are you? Are you mad?!” shrieked Alec and then hid the bag behind his back, but Jace tried to kick him. He didn’t really succeed - what he did succeed was tripping Alec and the horse seemed really proud with him, taking the bag away from Alec and attempted to run back to the others, but Alec ran after him.


“Oh, no you don’t,” said Alec, who couldn’t believe that he was fighting with a horse. “Give it back!” shrieked Alec and somehow managed to snatch the bag away from him. Alec started running and Jace started running after him. Pissed off, Alec finally managed to jump into the nearest bush and started cackling. “You dumbass, you’ll never find me in here,” said Alec, but little did he know - the horse was in the bush with him and Alec yelped when the horse grinned and waggled his brows, almost as if he was saying boo, I found you!



Asmodeus was back and Magnus was pacing around the place. He was about to ask his father about his birthday present - for what he truly wished for and he was quite nervous. His father's reply was probably going to be a loud and clear no, but Raphael was encouraging him and in the end Magnus realised that it wouldn't hurt to ask. His father was a kind and a nice man so Magnus really shouldn't fear too much and he just nodded to himself and looked at the table. He had prepared a nice breakfast for his father while the man was out on the farmer's market and he smiled. Despite being warlocks, Magnus and Asmodeus didn't use magic a lot as they didn't want to seem suspicious to others. So, the Mundane lifestyle was what they were living.


Magnus prepared a nice soup and as soon as he heard the door opening, Magnus perked up and made the table quite quickly, hoping that his father was going to like the little surprise. Maybe he would say yes after this - Magnus also swept up the whole place and dusted it! Just because he wanted to get on his dad's good side and he then rubbed his palms together. "Magnus, Papa is home," announced Asmodeus as he stepped through the door. "I hope you didn't miss me too much, but it was such a long line today at the market, it took me a while to collect everything," said the older warlock and then stepped into the kitchen, where he found his son. "My boy!" exclaimed Asmodeus and Magnus smiled brightly.


"Welcome back, Papa," said Magnus happily and Asmodeus started looking around. Oh, he could smell that something delicious was on the stove and he came closer to it, Magnus hurrying to him and then he pointed to the pot. "I made you breakfast while you were out," said Magnus and Asmodeus smiled proudly - his boy was really amazing, wasn't he? "I also swept up and dusted the whole place," said Magnus and his heart was hammering a bit faster - he was getting close to asking his dad the important question.


"Magnus, my wonderful boy," said Asmodeus and pinched Magnus' cheek. "You're amazing. But something tells me that you're up to something," said Asmodeus and Magnus chuckled. His father really did know everything about him and Magnus clasped his hands together and looked towards Raphael who gave him thumbs up.


"Well, actually," said Magnus and Asmodeus chuckled - as expected. "It's about my birthday," started Magnus and swallowed thickly. He was quite nervous and Asmodeus nodded. Of course, he could never forget about Magnus' birthday and he just fondly sighed and smiled.


"Very well - what do you wish for this year?" asked the man and Magnus chewed on his lip.


"It's nothing much, Papa," said Magnus and the man nodded. It didn't really matter, he would give anything to his precious boy. "It's nothing material," said Magnus and Asmodeus arched a brow but allowed his son to continue. "You know how every year there are lights on the sky for my birthday?" asked Magnus and Asmodeus visibly tensed up, but nodded. "Can I please go see them this year? And I don't mean only from here, but I want to go out there," said Magnus and pointed to the direction of Alicante. "You could with me because I know that the Kingdom isn't safe. I just think-"


"No," said Asmodeus and Magnus felt his heart sinking to the pit of his stomach. It wasn't easy for the man to say no, but it was for the best. He knew that he was being unfair to his son for not allowing him to go out of the castle on his own, but he loved and worried about his son to let anything happen to him. And going to Alicante wasn't going to happen. Especially that place that was the home of Shadowhunters. No!


"But," said Magnus who had a whole speech remembered. "It would be both of us - we have magic. If they would try to do anything-"


"The answer is still no."


"But, dad, you're being unfair," said Magnus and Asmodeus' eyes darkened with sadness and he just pressed his lips together, but said nothing. "You would be there even. So why the fuck I can't go?"


"You don't know the Shadowhunters the way I do," said Asmodeus. "No. The answer is no. Trust me, I know the best."




"Enough about that, Magnus!" said Asmodeus and raised his voice at his son for the time first time ever and Magnus flinched. "Sorry. I didn't mean to yell," said Asmodeus and then shook his head. He felt horrible, but he wasn’t going to allow his boy to be anywhere near that horrible place. Especially not on his watch and he was putting his foot down. Though he felt quite guilty as Magnus looked upset and he didn’t mean want to make his boy look like that, so he was meaning to make it up to him. He’d buy him literally anything he’d ask instead, in the hope that it would cheer Magnus up. ‘’But,’’ said Asmodeus and Magnus looked his way. ‘’If there’s anything else that you would like,’’ said Asmodeus and Magnus’ face fell even a bit more, but then he forced himself to appear happy at least.


‘’Oh, okay,’’ said Magnus sadly and then looked down. He looked at Raphael, who was red instead of green, showing that he was mad at Asmodeus. He upset his friend! ‘’Then, how about, um,’’ said Magnus and started looking around the place. There was a new potion book that had just recently come out, so maybe that? Magnus sighed and then just decided to go with that. ‘’How about a new potion book?’’ asked Magnus and Asmodeus smiled, quickly nodding.


‘’And how about I add in a few extra ingredients to that as well?’’ asked Asmodeus and Magnus cheered up even more. Oh, that sounded amazing, but he still felt down. ‘’Trust me, Magnus, it’s for the best, okay?’’ asked Asmodeus in the end and Magnus only nodded, trying to show to his dad that he was okay. ‘’Papa knows best, right?’’


Magnus smiled. ‘’Papa knows best,’’ he mumbled back and then sighed. His mood only worsened when his father announced that he’d be on the road for the next couple of days. The book was quite far, and he had some other business to take care of, but he promised to be back until Magnus’ birthday. Magnus only nodded and then went back to feeling sorry for himself. The next few days were going to suck so much.



No matter what Alec did, he couldn’t seem to get rid of that fucking horse. He was going everywhere, so now he was finally free - or so it seemed and he needed to find a real hiding place this time! He still had the crown and he was running through the woods, running faster than his legs could carry him almost and he soon came to the end of the woods and his jaw dropped when he noticed that in the middle of it, there stood quite a large castle. Nowhere near as large as the one in Alicante, but still! He had no idea that there lived somewhere in the middle of the forest, but he didn’t really have the time to think and he just hurried up to it, hoping that whoever lived in there would give him the opportunity to hide. Though he was a wanted man and he hoped that they wouldn’t recognise him.


Alec hurried down to the castle, which for some reason didn’t have door. At least he couldn’t find one and in the end he decided to climb up at the side of it as there was a window open - maybe it was for the best as coming through the front door would give him more chances of getting caught, but coming through the window would give him the perfect opportunity to sneak in and hide! Just for a few hours until the horse would chill the fuck down and Alec didn’t even bother thinking too much. He took two of his bows and used those to start climbing up the wall. It helped kind of that the castle was in a shabby condition - it gave him a good grip and soon he was finally up, somehow managing to get himself through the window and he proudly smiled. 


He was finally a free man! Alec rubbed his palms together and then opened up the bag, taking a little peek and he grinned. ‘’Ah, here you are my precious!’’ he said and cracked a smile when he saw the reflection of himself in the crown and he then waggled his eyebrows. Oh, yes, he was amazing! And the stupid horse had no clue where he was! Though, he looked like a mess and Alec shook his head, but then started combing through his messy hair with his fingers and then looked himself again in the crown and chuckled. Ah, he looked much better and then he winked to himself. Truly, he looked amazing!


Alec continued checking himself out for a few more moments until he saw something coming closer to him from the back. He could see a shadow and he heard footsteps. He turned around, but before he knew what was going on he was smacked across the back of his head and he just let out a gasp and then landed on the floor.


There was a stranger suddenly in his room and Magnus started freaking out because he had no idea who this was! So, he decided to protect himself with the first thing that was on his reach. It was a frying pan of all things, but it didn’t matter - he acted quickly and just smacked the guy across the back of his head and the other ended up landing on the floor. Magnus shrieked and then shook his head. ‘’Oh my God, I killed him!’’ shrieked Magnus and Raphael grumbled next to him. ‘’I killed a… wait, it was self defense! He came into my room and-and-’’ muttered Magnus. ‘’Oh what did I do?!’’


‘’Okay, I have to calm down,’’ said Magnus and then started walking around the room. ‘’Yes, it’s just… what if this is a Shadowhunter?!’’ shrieked Magnus. Oh, it could be! Did he come to collect his warlock mark?! And kill him?! Magnus grabbed the frying pan tighter and then came closer to the man that was now unconscious on the floor and he poked him. ‘’I really killed him!’’ shrieked Magnus. But then Alec groaned and Magnus huffed oh thank God. 


Magnus didn’t know what to do! He decided to tie the guy up before he came back to his senses. He quickly lifted him up onto the chair, then tied him up and then hid behind the wardrobe, but kept his eyes on the man and he couldn’t look away. If this was a Shadowhunter, his father was wrong because he didn’t look like monster at all. He looked more like an angel because… damn. His long eyelashes and those cheekbones and Magnus felt his heart fastening a little bit.


Oh no. He was hot. Magnus gulped and then got ready because the guy opened his eyes and Magnus was freaking out - what to do, what to do?!