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Ciggerettes and Smokes

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imin's on his way to the dorm. He is all alone. He is tensed and stressed out to a point that if he was at the edge of a cliff he would jump right away. He is lost in thoughts.

He sits on the under street lamp lighting a cigarette. His body is shivering. His face is filled with anxiety. His teeth held on to the cigarette so tight as though it was his worst enemy. Tears flowing downing his cheeks , his face is all red.

The weather is snowy. He was out there with a black t-shirt and tight blue jeans. He could bearly breath. He walks into the club a few steps away from where he was sitting. He orders two bottles of soju. He finishes them bare and orders two more. He can't take more but asks for more.

Jimin is a usual customer at the club. The barer knows him well enough to know that Jimin is at his unusual behaviour today. Everytime Jimin comes here, he is never alone. He always brings Yoongi hyung along with him.

" Sir, are you sure you want more?"

" Yes, do you find it difficult bring me more? Am I troubling you? All I am good is making difficulty for others."

" No, I will get you more."

* the barer leaves*

Jimin's phone vibrates.

"Jiminssii!?!?!? Where on earth are you?? I have been trying you since two hours!!!"

"Taeeeehyungaaaa, taeeeehyungaaaa...."

"Where are you Jiminaa?"


"Jiminaa!! Are you at the club????"


" Wait, say there, I am coming."


*taehyung hangs up. Realizing , Jimin is heavyly drunk*

Taehyung is familier with the place, so he didn't bother to ask Jimin, which club he was at? Taehyung knew there was something wrong. It was unusual for Jimin to be at the club at this hour of the day. He hadn't showed up at work today .

He quickly grabs a his leather jacket and a black bucket hat. He also carried a extra jacket with him, wondering, if Jimin would have taken one. He takes the car key and rushes out , as if the building was on fire. He keeps pressing the elevator button over and over again. He gives up and takes the stares.

He jumps into the car and drives it at its maximum speed. He reaches the club jumps out of the car shut the door and ran into the club. Everyone around stared at the weird behaving man. He slammed the club door onto the wall.

He yell's "Jiminsssiiii... Jiminsiiii... where in the world are you?!?!?!?"

"Taehyun..... hyunnn...." Jimin whispered in almost mute voice.

"Ahh.. Where have you been??? Do you know how much I panicked, when I didn't hear from you since last evening??"

" I am taking you to your home."

" That's not my home anymore, its her home."

"What!?!?Okay, lets talk about this later, we are going to my home now. Okay?"

". ...taehyun..." there is a water fall flowing fown his red cheeks.

Taehyung removes his jacket and puts it on shivering Jimin. He walks Jimin out of the club. Jimin starts to throw up .Taehyung patts Jimins back trying to sooth him. Jimin throws up over and over again. Taehyung waits till Jimin's stable.

"Jiminaa?? Are you better now?? Should we go??"


Taehyung grabs the extra jacket he had left in the car and puts it on. He puts Jimin into the middle seat at the back afraid if he'd unconsciously play with the doors and windows, puts Jimins seat belt on and closes the back door. He gets into the driver's seat and pit his seat belt on and child locks the car and heads home.

They reach Taehyungs place. Taehyungs gently gets Jimin out of the car. Jimin is almost asleep . Taehyung carries Jimin to the elevator. They reached in feont of Taehyungs appartment. Taehyung puts Jimin down to open the door.

Jimin keeps ringing the door bell.

"Jiminaaa,,,, there's no one inside. Its my apartment. Joy is at her parents place for the weekend."

Taehyung opens the door gently lays jimin on the bed. Switches the heater on. Removes Jimin's shoes and jacket and throws a blanket over Jimin.

"Ahh.. Jiminaa its six, I have to get Yugyeom form the day care centre. I will be back in a while."

Makes sure Jimin is comfortably sleeping and heads out to pick Yugyeom.

He reaches the day care to see red eyed Yugyeom. He quickly picks Yugyeom up.

"Baby why are you crying?"

Yugyeom says nothing and keeps crying.

"He has been crying since the past one hour. He isn't telling me what happened." , the baby sitter explains.

"I will take care off him." Taehyung leaves with Yugyeom in his arms.

He sits down at the bench on the street, puts Yugyeom on his lap .

" Appa, will buy you your favorite green icecream. Okay? Baby smile now." * he softly kisses the baby's forehead *

Yugyeom still keeps crying.

" Okay, tell appa what you want? I'll buy you."

Yugyeom starts crying even louder.

" Okay, tell appa what happened?"

" Appa, ommaa bohoshipdaaaa."

"Ahh.. baby tomorrow first thing we will do is go to Omma's place okay?"

*Yugyeom calms down a bit*

" Now we will buy your favorite green icecream and we will go out for dinner. Okay?"

" I love you appa."

"Appa loves your more. Now lets go home Jiminie uncle is alone home. "

They reach below the building.Taehyung calls Jimin. Taehyungs call wakes Jimin up.

"Jiminaaa quickly change your clothings and take my jacket and come down. We will go out for dinner. We are waiting down."

" Taehyungaaa, I don't have any of my clothings here."

" Take one you like from my cupboard and come down."

" Okay."

Jimins changes and comes down. Jimin loves Yugyeom so much that everytime he meets Yugyeom he takes Yugyeom to the toys market and let him grab what ever he wants.Jimin was dissapointed that he had left his back pack along with his wallet at the practice room. Taehyung had settled Jimin's bill at the club.He puts Yugyeom on his lap.

"Jiminie Uncle will bring you lots of toys next time. Okay?"

Yugyeom pouts.

" Sorry baby, a birdie stole uncle's wallet today. She said she will bring it back tomorrow. "

Yugyeom continues to pout even bigger.

" Uncle will buy you big toys tomorrow okay?"

" Promishhhh?"

"Promise baby" * he softly kisses the baby's forhead*

" Bad birdie"

Both Jimin and Taehyung laughs.

They reach the restaurant and settles down.

" Ahhhh...I forgot to take Yugyeom's baby food. I don't think we'd get anything he can eat in here. I realise how responsible your Omma is baby."

"Taehyungaaaa, why don't you try feeding him juice?"

" I don't know . Isn't he too small for it?"

" Maybe he'll like it, Taehyungaaaa."

They order two plates of sliced chicken, some garlic bread, two plates of kimchi noodles and a glass of watermelon juice for the baby. Their orders reach the table.

"Jiminaa I don't know how to feed him with this."

" Here give it to me. Let the proffesional handle it."

Jimin's phone rings.

" Hello, is this Kai's daddaa?"

"Yes."Jimin screems in realization.

" How irresponsible ars you Sir? Your son's been left here ."

" Wait, I'm coming."

" No, not to the day care. Come to my home. I took him along with me when I couldn't find you long after the day care closure time. I tried calling ,I tried calling Jeongyeon too no one picked."

" I'm sorry, I'll be right there."

"What happened Jimina?"

" Kai is left at the day care. I forgot to pick him."

" Didn't Jeongyeon pick him?"

Jimins seem uncomfortable. "No"

" I will go get him."

"But how?"

" ... ahh..."

" Listen we will pack the food and pick Kai and go home. Okay?"

" ..Taehyungaa.. don't trouble yourself so much for me."

" We are going!!! No more arguments."