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Todoroki and Class 1-A

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It was a normal day in the dorms of Yuuei.








'Yup, a normal day '  Todoroki thought as he drank his tea on the soft couch in the common room. Next to him is Aoyama. Why you ask. simple.

It was a late night in the dorm rooms. So everyone should be asleep, Yet two students were both up. Todoroki and Aoyama. Now since Todoroki has hardly interacted with the class much less Aoyama this was another thing to add to Todoroki's mental list of Awkward Moments ( So much awkwardness that Midoriya, Midoriya  said he could write a book about it). 

"Ah, Aoyama, Good Morning" Todoroki muttered, still full of sleep to properly function. As if it would have been later in the day he would simply nod his head in Aoyama's direction. 

"Bonjour, mon ami~" Aoyama said a little more lively than Todoroki.

'Great job, Shouto now what did Uraraka and Yaoyorozu say about making conversation' Todoroki thought because granted he didn't think he would get far with talking to other people outside his friends group. At least not by himself in 2:34 in the fudging morning.

 "Oh I made tea, would like some as well?" asked Todoroki. 'Yes! Tea is good. I can make tea'

"Oui, Merci Beaucoup" replied Aoyama as he walked over to the common room couch  and turn the T.V on. 

~~One kitchen trip later~~

"Here's your tea" Todoroki set Aoyama's cup down. A small merci came from Aoyama's mouth. Eyes glued to the screen. Confused, Todoroki looked up at the screen to find one of his favourite TV programme on, Queer Eye. 
In to much of a shock (hehe Denki) Todoroki darted his eyes to Aoyama and whisper-shouted: 

"you watch Queer Eye too!"

Aoyama looked over at Todoroki and smiled. 

"Oui, it's one of my favourite shows~".

That night they went through a lot of episodes of Queer Eye, wrapped up in a sparkly yet fluffy light blue blanket sipping tea~

A couple days later, here we are Midoriya nerding out over the latest hero who stopped a bunch of robberies on the news, Iida making sure everyone is eating a proper breakfast, Bakugou demanding that he can eat his super chilli um thing? for breakfast.

"Mon cher, please close your eyes so je peux put the eyeliner on" Aoyama, no! Yuuga that's what he can call him now~ (with Yuuga's permission of course )

Maybe this frendship thing isn't so bad after all.



A/N: Okay how was that? 
It was my first time writing something on here.
 Feel free to tell me if there is any spelling mistakes .etc 


French to English

               Bonjour, mon ami-- Good Morning, My friend

  Oui, Merci Beaucoup--Yes, Thank You Very Much

Mon cher--My dear


   Je peux-- I can