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Operation: Dragon Strike

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Operation: Dragon Strike 1: Origins

(Welcome to my first MHA fanfic, sit back and relax and ENJOY)
"Kacchan, your quirk is so cool" Izumi Midoriya stated in her Kindergarten class one particular April morning, both Envious and ecstatic, wondering what would become of her quirk , "Ha I know! I'm gonna be Number One when I grow up, got that, Nerd?" Bakugo Katsuki replied in an almost civil tone, though he was the age of 5; "I know, but Kacchan, I just want smiles to be on people's faces when we help them." She replied, however by this point, he'd ignored the green-haired girl in favor of playing with his "friends", while Izumi went to work on her hero journals, continuing on until Kindergarten had ended and her mother arrived to take her home, Izumi, frustrated in realizing that she may be quirkless, remained silent until her mother offered to make Katsudon for dinner, then she was ecstatic, there they began to discuss her Future "Mom, do you think I could be a hero?" "Perhaps Izumi", after Dinner, Inko did the dishes, and turned on Izumi's favorite video of her favorite Hero working with some service men and women: Eraserhead, and, after watching it a few dozen times, fell asleep, unaware to her or Inko , her quirk did manifest as she slept, allowing her access to very cryptic and dangerous data

Nezu was having a good day, until that weird virus had somehow accessed certain files, that, according to him, " should never had been created or opened", and now, some poor bastard with a hacking quirk had accidentally taken that info, by accident, 'no matter', he thought, 'I can just use my singular contact for a trace. Then it'll explain it all"

Harry was putting the ops through literal hell by having them train in Mufastu, of all places, for Urban Combat, when he'd recieved a ring, and he picked it up, fearful for this conversation: "'Ello, Six here" "Harry, knock it off, you're running a counter-terrorism team, for christ's sake, I've got Yamada here for annoyances that I can bully' "fair, what does Principal Nedzu require from me?" "I need a trace, someone was able to hack their way into those dangerous files, and viewed them" "and you're aware that if I am to find them and send one of my operators to grab the person, then I'm allowed to get another person for my team, correct?"

"I don't care, just find them" and just like that, the call went dead, and within a moment, Harry had a name and sent Hibana to "rescue" the person he was sending their location to:

.... TO BE CONTINUED .....