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A Villainous Christmas

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Dread had been creeping up Shigaraki’s spine directed towards today, the day he wished would never come. Leading towards the year’s final month it had just been chaos, the minimal had been completed and both groups had been slacking with deadlines. Shigaraki waited to hear the excited yells from the two most extroverted people in their gang.


Halfway through writing the outline for their latest plan, he suddenly jerked when the loud voices pierced through his eardrums. The pen in his hand had left a black line through his work due to the sudden jerk, he scrunched up the paper deeming it useless. Shigaraki yanked the handle of his bedroom door open and leaned over the banisters into the open floor plan to stare down into their common space. He honestly thought he was seeing things, doing a double-take he witnessed Twice and Toga dancing around in multi-colored tinsel, which was malting, leaving small strands flying around and onto the floor. What a mess. Shigaraki scanned the room, hopeful that there might be some members with brain cells left. Spinner was digging through boxes, all of which were scattered around the room leaving it cluttered and chaotic. Compress was reading a festive book, finally a person with brain cells to not be taking part in strange activities. Dabi was surprisingly awake and munching on a small cereal bar, he was getting batted with the tinsel hanging around Toga’s shoulders, the blonde was twirling, giggling and just being…way to energetic.


“Look who showed up! About damn time!” Twice yelled up to him, Shigaraki wished the villain hadn’t caught a glimpse of him maybe there was still time to escape and go back to his desk “It’s alright! Sleep is important!”


Shigaraki stomped down the stairs and into the common room, avoiding the cardboard boxes that were almost methodically placed to trip him up. He slumped on the couch in his usual space.


“What took you so long? Compress and I have been suffering for an hour straight” Dabi gestured to the three villains rustling through Christmas décor. The patchwork doll flopped down next to Shigaraki, the latter scowling at the closeness of the fire user.


“What are they doing? They’re messing up the room” Shigaraki growled, it was still too early for this shit.

“It’s something called Christmas!” Toga was yanking huge strands of tinsel out of random boxes and throwing it around, the weird strings looked like large sparkly caterpillars “And it’s time to deck the halls just like that one song says!”

“With pieces of shit that are just going to get in the way? Not to mention cause a huge distraction from our work” Shigaraki grumbled. He wasn’t used to all this festivity, saying that he wasn’t used to Christmas in general. Kurogiri used to get him a little present but the warp-villain didn’t hang glittering strands of malting string to the walls or put up a murdered tree and decorate it like you would bandage a mummy “Where are we supposed to find the place for all this shit anyway? I don’t like useless clutter”


“Re-Destro and his sheep are bringing more boxes supposedly to help us get into the Christmas spirit and they’re even going to help us decorate” Dabi mused, he still had a slightly annoyed tone when he brought up Re-Destro and the others, he obviously still hadn’t warmed up to them. None of them had.


“I’d rather you kill me than have to go through this shit” Shigaraki groaned. He had neither the amount of sleep nor patience for this today, he was stressed about the plan along with getting used to being in charge of a literal army. He didn’t need this adding to that stress.

“I would kill you but there’s nothing much in it for me, plus it’ll be fun to see you suffer” Dabi snickered. Shigaraki shot him a glare, which got another chuckle out of the flame user, only infuriating the blue-haired male even more.


The doors to their common room flung open and crashed into the walls almost swinging back onto whoever had thrown them open. The walls would have marks on them now. Boxes almost reached the ceiling, they were being carried by the figures, mostly hidden thanks to the substantial amounts of boxes they carried. As the boxes were dumped down with various jingles and noise the awkwardness and tension between the groups flooded between them. Re-Destro had been carrying an artificial tree in a box. Trumpet was yelling about something to do with a star. Skeptic was complaining as usual and Geten was scowling at Dabi.


“Are you all excited for a decorating party!” Re-Destro waved his arms around excitedly. Shigaraki was surprised Re-Destro didn’t hit one of the many boxes as he flapped around like a fish out of water. How annoying.


“Hell Yeah! Noo!” Twice leaped around excitedly, this encouraged even more silly antics from all the League members.


It was grinding down on Shigaraki’s nerves, he was so close to disintegrating the couch and maybe even the patchwork doll sat next to him as well “This is so annoying and unproductive”


“It’s a day off Leader Shigaraki even if you don’t appreciate the hassle at least see it as a blessing” Compress stated, his mask shielding his face but Shigaraki could feel the older man's eyes piercing through him. Compress reminded him of how Kurogiri used to act but then again the former had taken over the latter’s role as the parent figure.


“It could be fun” The scarred male had commented even though they were watching a bunch of adults (excluding Toga) Dance around their common space like two-year-olds.


“Fun? Why don’t you go dancing around in sparkly string then?” Shigaraki growled, his eyes being harassed by the decorations. It made him want to decay everyone in the room and then himself.


“The tinsel would irritate my scars” Dabi sighed, he threw his wrapper onto the coffee table. Shigaraki hated when the League littered it just cost more time to clean it up. It got to the point where the blue-haired male thought they did it on purpose just to piss him off.


“Shigaraki! Dabi! Compress! Come and join us and decorate!” Re-Destro smiled, his thumb was jabbed into his forehead with that stupid gun-shape, the symbol the entire League had tried to get rid of in their meetings but it was stuck for good apparently.


“Sure, can I burn the tree?” Dabi launched himself up from the couch and instantly became interested in the fake tree, Re-Destro trying in his best attempts to not let Dabi burn it. Compress and Skeptic were put in charge hopefully making sure their common space didn’t turn out to be a complete shithole. Shigaraki scratched at his neck viciously, they were being too loud. He didn’t even notice Compress coming up to him.


“I know this isn’t really your scene but the other members of the League are trying maybe this would be a good thing to get to know the others and it’ll get done quicker” Compress suggested, his stupid mask had black Christmas trees on it and the actual face was smiling. It pissed the blue-haired male off.


Even though Christmas annoyed Shigaraki to death, he got up anyway to join the crowd of people, who rejoiced at his participation. Compress and Skeptic did most of the orders, making sure everyone had a job to do. Re-Destro and Spinner were putting up the tinsel. Geten and Dabi were bickering on which lights to put up, Shigaraki was sure those things were only invented to cause headaches. Twice and Toga were in charge of decorating the tree under Compress’s supervision. Trumpet was in charge of the music playing which was not a clever idea as it was blasting everyone’s eardrums out. Skeptic was cleaning their common room with assortments of different disinfectants which made the place reek of hospital, it was definitely unappreciated. Shigaraki wasn’t paying attention when his job was assigned but it had something to do with a box of cushions and blankets, and a golden star? But Compress had told him to wait for everyone to finish until he did anything with the shimmering item.


“I told you to stop yanking on the damn lights! You’re messing my side up! And stop stealing all the staples!” Geten growled, also yanking hard on the lights.


“It’s not my fault you keep pulling them down Princess, I’m just trying to make them look half decent and you’re not helping with that goldilocks” Dabi was barely able to balance on the ladder as he held an armful of lights and stapling them to the wall with loud clicks. Geten, a few meters away was also stapling lights to the wall, they were going in opposite directions but were connected by a single strand that was straining from the pressure of both villains tugging violently.


“I’m doing a better job than you and I’m not a princess or goldilocks! Your burnt piece of fucking toast!” Geten hissed, throwing the lights towards the flame villain and leaped from the ladder. The ice-user was dangerously close to the bottom of Dabi’s ladder.


“Fucking iced dick! Your tantrums are almost rivaling our boss’s at this point!” Dabi re-adjusted the lights in his grip, Geten throwing him a scowl, before gripping the bottom of Dabi’s ladder and shaking it. Fortunately Geten stopped before the other slipped off the side, it would have been embarrassing to explain to Ujiko if Dabi had broken something during the fall. Geten smirked and stuck his tongue out in a sign of victory.


“You wait until your asleep” Dabi threatened, returning to his job.


“There will be no murder whilst you live under this roof” Re-Destro scolded Dabi, the former got a middle-finger from the latter.


“Bite me bitch” Dabi re-stapled some lights back on after they’d ripped off thanks to Geten shaking the ladder.


“I do not bite people; it is rather rude” Re-Destro wasn’t used to Dabi’s colorful language yet but even if he tried biting the patchwork-villain would only bite back but ten times harder.


“I’ll bite you” Toga smirked; she was deadly serious but that earned her a few disapproving looks from the Meta Liberation Army, Dabi just chuckled, used to her behavior.


Skeptic was growing more annoyed by the second at everyone’s lack of productivity. Shigaraki hardly saw decorating as being productive though “Will you all stop talking and actually do something! I want this finished soon!”


“Come on now, we are supposed to be enjoying our festive time together, please don’t spoil this for young Toga and it’s Christmas relax! Stop trying to rip each other’s throats out for once” Compress shushed the villains, in an attempt to make peace. At least it changed the subject from verbally abusing each other.


“Why don’t I make some hot cocoa to warm our hearts!” Trumpet practically yelled, the music had dulled down and was finally at a normal volume; the loud-mouthed villain rushed over to the kitchen to make some. When did they even get hot cocoa? Or was it something Re-Destro bought over? Shigaraki was intrigued, he’d never tried hot cocoa before and was definitely more than a little interested in getting to finally sample some.


“Did anyone have any Christmas traditions they wanted to continue on from past holiday?” Re-Destro asked, forgetting that most of the League would rather forget about their past and a lot of them didn’t even celebrate Christmas.


“Reducing the tree to ashes” Dabi smirked, now onto a different wall.


“Smoke two-hole packs of cigars” Twice smirked, he had a bundle of weird shiny looking balls in his hand and were placing them on the fake branches. The tree was dressed in red and gold balls with matching tinsel. Lights were also buried deep within the tree but hadn’t been turned on yet.


“Ooh! I do! I used to bake sweets and cookies! Decorate them with cool icing and chocolate buttons!” Toga squealed flapping around excitably, finally something that sounded strangely normal.


“Perfect! We can bake some cookies!” Re-Destro smiled, happy that they didn’t have to burn down the tree or smoke two packs of cigarettes each “Geten, can you go get some ingredients to make cookies for us and make sure you bring some icing and food coloring!”


“Since when was I the slave” Geten stomped off anyway. The doors slamming closed behind the ice-villain.


Shigaraki observed everyone carefully, attempting to grasp the idea of Christmas. It started by asking Compress what the tree was about and what those stupid glass balls were. He even helped Dabi with the lights when the patchwork villains scars and staples were playing up. Geten came back shortly, with an armful of different baking ingredients and they all decided to take a break to drink the steaming cocoa. Which Shigaraki discovered was actually fairly enjoyable. Eventually, the calm and positive mood was broken…


“I’m thankful we get to share this glorious Christmas together, it’s been so long since I’ve had a Christmas this big, the last time must’ve been when I was a kid” Trumpet reminisced, before asking the dreaded question “What about when you were kids?”


There was an unspoken rule in the League. The subject of pasts and family would never be spoken of or asked about unless under circumstances that it did need to be brought up. This was not that time. But Shigaraki couldn’t blame Trumpet as he didn’t know of the rule.


“I…I-I remember cooking sweets with my mum” Toga smiled softly; she was at least trying to bring something positive up in efforts to make Trumpet shut up.


Dabi cleared his throat loudly, winning everyone’s attention as their gazes snapped towards him “It’s not nice dwelling on the past, there are some things that are better forgotten than relived and we’re all villains now, so let’s just move past that shit and get on with our lives, Alright?”


“Understood” Trumpet nodded, he bowed his head in a sign of apology and respect “My apologies to all of you”


There were small knocks at the common room door. It was currently early afternoon and they’d only started decorating late morning. The doors opened revealing the red-winged hero, in his casual clothes instead of wearing his usual hero costume. Hawks gave them all a huge wave.


“I thought you’d never get here” Dabi commented, obviously having told the hero to come.


“Sorry I’m late everyone, just had a few things to tie up at work!” Hawks bowed whilst beaming at them all “But I see you’ve been decorating! Need another set of hands?”


“We’d love some help!” Re-Destro smiled enthusiastically, “Alright! let’s get back to it everyone!”


It was finer details now, Shigaraki still had that stupid star with him, he’d learned from Compress that it was meant to sit on top of the tree but it was saved for last. He guessed he was meant to do the honors since he was their leader. Toga had coerced Hawks into helping her bake the cookies but it seemed they were both clueless at what to even start with. The others were either finishing the tree or even replacing their cushions, rugs and even coffee mugs for more festive alternatives. Shigaraki glared at one like he would want to see a reindeer shitting on a mug whilst he tried to drink his morning coffee.


Dabi was the only one with him slouched on the couch, the patchwork villain was tired suggested by his closed eyes and relaxed appearance. Shigaraki guessed the morning had taken a lot out of him especially with all the moving around for his scars.


“Why did you invite the hero over?” Shigaraki asked, genuinely curious as he didn’t think Dabi liked the hero much.


“Cause the others like him and I wanted a break” Dabi muttered, Shigaraki heard the clicking of the other's joints as the villain readjusted himself into a more comfortable position.


“Ouch! My feathers!” Hawks shrieked, as Toga accidentally caught one of them whilst muddling with the supplies, still being clueless at what to do.


“Wait how much sugar do we need?” Toga wondered; she lifted the bag of sugar and was about to dump the entire thing into the large mixing bowl.


“Are you trying to rot our teeth! You are idiots! Do you not even know how to make cookies! You two are hazards to society!” Dabi complained storming over and now becoming the head chef. Since when did he know how to cook? At least he was right about one thing, they were both hazards to society.


Shigaraki’s eyes explored the place, it didn’t actually look half-bad, with matching decorations and spacing it didn’t seem cramped and made the room look pretty damn good. He would never say that out loud though. The open plan of their common room made the place seem larger as well, the banister lining the hallway of the second floor peered down upon the common room, the banister itself was decorated with a pattern of tinsel and lights. Red, Green, and Gold. The tree was dressed in red and gold balls with matching tinsel but the lights were apparently green, they hadn’t been turned on yet and the items that had been replaced mostly had reindeers and snowmen on them.


“Hey Shigaraki, want to help put the balls on the tree? Stay away!” Twice beckoned him over, Shigaraki having long grown used to Twice’s personalities.


Shigaraki obliged and Twice taught him how to put weird-looking stringed balls on the artificial tree, still finding it a rather odd tradition. After a while, and a delicious smell filled the room, making everyone’s mouths water. There were over two dozen cookies on the side: Hawks, Dabi, and Toga were each holding a piping bag full of colored icing.


“Don’t drown the thing use a knife to spread it evenly if you can’t pipe it!” Dabi barked orders, it was surprising to everyone that the roughest appearing of them all knew how to make something as delicate as cookies.


It wasn’t long until both the tree and the cookies were completed. Shigaraki eyed the sparkling room. A small smile crept onto Shigaraki’s face, Twice nudged him, the masked villain’s eyebrows wiggled under the mask making Shigaraki growl, dropping the smile instantly. The cookies were amazing, they were cut into cute little shapes like trees, stars, and Santa Claus.


“Shigaraki! As the leader, you have to do the honors! Put the star on the tree!” Re-Destro beamed, handing him the golden thing like it was a precious diamond.


“Hah? How am I supposed to get it up there?” Shigaraki growled, noticing the slight flaw in the plan.


“I could fly you up boss man!” Hawks smirked, Shigaraki shot him a drop-dead glare “Or not?”


Re-Destro pulled out a ladder. Thankfully. Shigaraki grudged up the ladder, everyone had gathered around still stuffing their faces with different shaped cookies. He still couldn’t see why this would be a big deal, he tangled the strings of the star onto the top branch. The minute he pulled his hands away there was a symphony of claps and cheers.


“Quick turn off the main lights and turn the Christmas ones on!” Re-Destro ordered figures moved around quickly, not waiting for their leader to get down off the ladder safely.


Shigaraki almost toppled off the ladders when the lights went out but then were instantly replaced with vibrant red and green ones. Wrapped around the banisters and the tree. He stared down out the league of villains and meta liberation army, they were all happy and the room was genuinely looked amazing. He’d learned a lot about Christmas and he got the ‘You're meant to spend it with your friends and family’ talk from Compress. This is as close as they could get to a hallway normal family. They were no longer the league of villains or meta liberation army. No.


They were the Paranormal Liberation Front.

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Begging couldn’t even save him now. Dabi cursed himself whilst stepping into the heavy-duty van supplied by Re-Destro, the van itself was expensive and designed for the missions Shigaraki organised. Stupidly their blue-haired leader let Spinner recklessly drive the vehicle, currently, they’d only driven a block away from their base when Dabi started to feel his stomach churn. The patchwork villain was trapped in the very back of the van with the rest of the former League members, desperately trying not to draw attention to himself whilst clutching his waist feeling nausea creeping up.


Dabi felt his cereal bare rise from his stomach when Spinner suddenly flew the van over a speed bump, jolting everyone who was in the vehicle. The lizard must’ve forgotten the time when Dabi had mentioned his motion sickness when they were speeding through the highway to cut Overhaul’s arms off. Attempting to ease his sickness he let his head rest against the cool metal side of the van.


The reason they were soaring through Deika city was to get much-needed resources from Giran. The broker understandably refused to enter to city even with Re-Destro’s apologies. Obviously they couldn’t walk because of the number of heavy boxes and even if they used Compress’s quirk most of the villains would complain over the walking distance. Dabi would’ve much preferred walking than suffering in the back of the vibrating van going at unnecessary break-neck speeds and any more of Spinner’s crap driving, Dabi would end up emptying the contents of his stomach. Which almost came a reality when they rounded a corner harshly. They weren’t even in a car chase and Spinner was going crazy and quickly losing control.


“Spinner can you go fucking slower! Speed it up man we aren’t even going bloody anywhere!” Twice yelled, he sat right next to the flame-villain the former making the latter’s head explode painfully. Dabi gripped his waist tighter, nausea rising higher.


“Dabi? Are you doing ok man? Fuck you! who cares!” Twice asked him, drawing the unwanted attention of the other League members.

“I get carsick easily” Dabi muttered out, he could barely get a few words out without the threatening feeling of vomit coming up with them “I told the damn lizard last time”


“Are you going to throw up? Gross!” Twice exclaimed, Dabi shook his head but that was a bad idea as the motion killed his head and the answer was probably going to be a lie. Dabi knew he would hurl if Spinner kept driving like an absolute lunatic.


“Spinner can you drive a little more carefully” Compress piped up, he’d been observing Dabi this whole trip, even if his face was shielded behind a mask it didn’t stop the flame villain from feeling eyes raking over him.


“You try and dodge the buildings! These roads aren’t what I’m used to!” Spinner retorted and out of annoyance the van picked up in speed. Now Dabi had to worry about throwing up and being in a possible car accident, it was possible that a mix of the two could happen.


Dabi flopped onto his side covering two seats, Spinner’s driving could possibly be the death of him. Dabi tightly closed his eyes and every second he felt waves of nausea intensifying and more eyes gazing over his shivering body.


“Is he going to puke?” Toga asked, her voice seemed to be distant but Dabi’s head felt like it was slowly being filled with water, all the noise around him was being drowned out.


“I don’t know but he really doesn’t look good” Compress voiced.


Spinner almost collided with someone’s stationary car as he rounded another corner harshly, the van rammed up onto the knobbly pavement, making the vehicle slow down but that was the last straw. Luckily he was sat at the back, so he could easily yank the doors open. The speed had been killed enough for him to leap out the back and vomit in someone’s nice flowers. Not getting a chance to glance at the beautiful colours before expelling the contents of his stomach over them. Silently hoping that the people who lived in this house had been either hospitalised or dead from when they attacked the city otherwise it might lead to an awkward conversation.


Harsh screaming of the brakes almost split Dabi’s head in two and was followed by rushed footsteps, by this time he was dry-heaving. As the nausea depleted, he slumped face down into the cool and soothing concrete sidewalk.


“Woah! Dabi! Are you alright?” Compress’s voice called out, obviously the first villain to jump after him. Through the strands of black hair, he saw the older villain kneel down beside him “You can’t just throw yourself out of a moving vehicle! You could have been injured!”


Compress rubbed comforting circles on his back like a mother would with their sick child. Dabi would’ve swatted the hand away if his head wasn’t so foggy and if the cold concrete wasn’t soothing his headache.


“Are you going to be sick again?” Compress asked, Dabi gave him a small shake of the head. Fearing that if he opened his mouth the next thing coming out of this broken body would be his intestines. Dabi hated vomiting in general as it felt like he would just expel the organs he’s desperately trying to hold onto. Letting the other group members see him in this weak, pathetic form made him hate himself more and want to murder Spinner.


“Is he alright?” Shigaraki had joined them, crouching down with the sickening crack of his knees. Dabi could see those obnoxious red boots, too colourful for his head to gaze at.


“By the looks of him I don’t think it’s a good idea to force him back into the van, I can stay with him here whilst you guys go and get the stuff” Compress suggested, Dabi grunted, affirming the fact that he was definitely not getting back into that fucking van even if they had to drag him kicking and screaming.


“I’ll stay” Shigaraki surprisingly stated without the usual annoyance lining his tone “Spinner’s awful driving was making my stomach churn, plus you handle the financial stuff for the League anyway”


“Alright then” Compress’s hand vanished from his back and the heel of the villain's boots clicked away, growing quieter by the second until Dabi heard the squealing of tires speed across the road. Dabi let his body relax at least knowing he wouldn’t be getting back in that vehicle for now.


“You should have informed me of how carsick you get patchwork…I would’ve let you have the day off stupid” Shigaraki stated, Dabi lifted his head just enough to lock eyes with their leader expecting to find the blue-haired male glaring daggers at him but instead Shigaraki’s face was relaxed and didn’t have an ounce of ‘drop-dead’ within it.


Dabi nodded even though taking the day off would be a sign of weakness. He wasn’t weak. Slowly Dabi forced himself into sitting upright using the white fence for support which he was dangling over mere minutes ago. Shigaraki’s eyes were studying him. Dabi stared back, luckily for both of them it wasn’t an awkward silence or staring contest for that matter. That would’ve made this situation even more embarrassing for the patchwork villain.


“Like what you see?” Dabi mused but he was in no spot to be teasing someone else in his current state but still finding the crimson eyes had been staring a little too long for his liking.


Shigaraki hummed drawing his eyes away from the other, he sighed and also leaned again the fence, slightly closer to the flame villain “We’re not too far from the base so when your up for it we can just walk back and wait for the others to return”


“Alright boss” Dabi shit his eyes still not quite ready to move yet, he was still recovering from the contents he’d just expelled on the other side of the fence. Instead, he waited for Shigaraki to finally start asking the many questions that were probably spinning in his leader's mind right now.


“Have you always had bad carsickness or is it just after you gained the scars?” Shigaraki wondered, genuinely curious but also bending the unspoken rule slightly to which Dabi didn’t feel inclined to answer the question but his mind had already started wandering back into a memory he’d tried to repress. 

Have you always had bad carsickness? 


Fog blanketed his mind as he sat in the back of the car, squished in the middle of his two other siblings. Touya had always been the smallest of the children (Aside from the new baby) so he was always was tossed in the middle. Touya watched as their mother was quivered in the passenger seat at the front of the car, the young baby in her arms somehow managing to sleep peacefully. Next to her, driving the car at unimaginable speed was their father. The permanent scowl marred on his face was even more threatening. Silence. Just how his father liked it, after all, he hated unnecessary chatter it only got in the way of more important things. That was until the man broke the silence. 


“For fuck sake woman! Stop shivering you're going to wake up Shouto!” Their father's voice boomed instantly waking up the baby, who suddenly cried at the explosively loud noise. Shouto was always sensitive to loud noises, Touya had helped his mother hush the baby multiple times mostly when father usually came home drunk and yelling “Shut it up! I’m trying to drive!”


“S-Sho…Sh-ou-to…it’s- it’s okay” Their mother tried to calm Shouto but being in the same vicinity to Enji was making her shiver uncontrollably, fearing for her own safety and Rei was barely even holding her icy tears in. 


“Shouto! Shut the hell up!” Enji instructed at the top of his lungs but that made Shouto wail louder almost matching the volume of their father, Fuyumi was silently crying next to him and Natsuo was shaking uncontrollably. Touya worried for his siblings and mother, he was the only one capable of doing something.


“Mum give him to me, I can make him quiet” Touya smiled at her, she had that insane look on her face as she turned around the stare at him. It almost made Touya falter, she was dangerous when she wound herself up like this and on multiple occasions, she’d almost caused serious damage to his siblings. But her breaking look couldn't hide the number of tears still in her eyes as icy tracks led down her face. The car was growing colder. 


“How can you help your useless Touya! Rei should be able to shut a damn baby up! For fuck sakes woman!” Enji growled, pressing on the acceleration harder “Useless! Useless fucking brat!”


Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless.


The words repeated in his head like a song, at this point Fuyumi had gripped his hand almost crushing it in an attempt to ground him, hoping to bring him back from his destructive thoughts. But it was too late his brain was too foggy and his father's words were stuck on repeat in his head. The baby, Fuyumi and mom crying, Natsuo shaking, Dad yelling at the top of his lungs.



Something was rising quickly in his throat like something was choking him and before he could register or even stop what was happening, he threw up on the floor of the expensive car. Dad’s expensive car. Touya began dry-heaving after throwing up what little he’d been allowed to eat earlier. His dads shout elevated and he felt something hard crack against his head.




The only other thing he remembered about that day was getting beaten to the point he felt like he was going to die. 

Touya wished he had.

Dabi wished Touya had. 


After that incident he usually threw up every time he was in the car, the beatings only made it worse and eventually, his father just left him at home, until Touya died.  



“Dabi?” Shigaraki was in front of him, a gloved hand was resting either side of his body, trapping him in place and being forced to stare at crimson eyes filled with...concern? 


Dabi felt something wet on his cheeks, he lifted his hands to wipe away the liquid but he noticed then he was shaking all over and was he crying? Shit. Pathetic.




“I-Uh” Dabi stuttered feeling another wave of nausea pass over him, but with nothing left to throw up, he just dry-heaved with his head between his knees. He flinched when a hand rubbed his back, it wasn’t retracted.


“What are you doing?” He asked, curiosity distracting him from his nausea. It was odd to see their leader instigating contact without looking completely repulsed especially when looking at a useless piece of trash like Dabi, his patchwork face making him the scum of the earth. 


“I’m trying to be comforting! It’s what Compress did! Stupid!” Shigaraki growled the blue-haired male was obviously feeling awkward. This made Dabi chuckle “Hey! Don’t be a bastard, I’m trying to be nice!”


“Thank you”


“Don’t thank me! It’s just…you’re a teammate and a…a friend” Shigaraki muttered but turned his eyes away to avoid the blue-eyed stare.


“Awww, thanks mophead” Dabi teased, feeling the memory slowly slip from his mind, it was replaced with Shigaraki, with his eyes averted and a light pink dusting his pale cheeks “I can’t wait to tell the rest of the group that we’re friends now”


“Shut up!” Shigaraki hissed, Dabi smirked but was silent after that and just appreciating his leader’s...affection? “Can you walk back now; it’s freezing as fuck”


Dabi nodded, Shigaraki had already stood up, more than eager to end the conversation. The villain reached out with his gloved hand, Dabi took and it and was easily pulled up. He swayed for a second getting used to the feeling before letting go of Shigaraki’s hand. 


“Come on then Patchy” Shigaraki led the way back to the base, Dabi followed closely behind him, there wasn’t much conversation apart from arguing over which direction to take and who was wrong, who was right. The usual song and dance between them both. They got back swiftly and avoided the confused gazes of a few of the other lieutenants.


Dabi slumped onto the couch when they arrived back into the festive common room, the flame-users eyes closed and blocked out all the flashing lights. Shigaraki had quickly turned those off and fetched the softest blanket he could find turns out it was the one with that fucking cute ass shitty reindeer on it’s.


Dabi smirked when he felt the leader lay the blanket on top of him, it was strange to see Shigaraki care so much but then again he hadn’t spent too much time around the blue-haired make outside of the business world. Dabi slowly felt fatigue sweeping over him, he listened out for Shigaraki who was on the couch next to Dabi flipping pages every so often. Must be reading.


Dabi had fallen into a light sleep but wherever his mind went. The tall booming muscular figure of his father wasn’t too far behind, in fact, it just seemed to be waiting for him to catch up.


“Your useless Touya”

Chapter Text



It had been snide comments at first, nothing too personal or even unusual. It was something he grew accustomed to. Hell. Every person with a heteromorphic quirk had to get used to the comments and negative behavior towards them. But it didn’t help if you also hate yourself because of your quirk. Before he joined the League almost everyone he’d ever met looked at him with disgust plastered over their faces. They couldn’t seem to get away from him fast enough. Their comments hurt more. Always ringing in his head.


Disgusting. A disgrace to society. Scum. Filth. Hazards. Needs to be locked up in a zoo. Animal. Diseased. Useless. Threat. Rabie infested.




Over time, Spinner grew to believe these comments. He was disgusting and animalistic. Could he even be called a person? He sure as hell wasn’t human, or at least that’s what he was conditioned into believing. After coming to the League he felt the comments were deserved, he was a disgusting villain, an animal. But then after a while, the League members had given him a new vision and purpose not only to follow Stain’s ideals but to find his own as well. Did an animal do that? For a while Spinner dismissed the comments and lived like any other person would treat equally within the villains and not discriminated against because of his quirk. That was until they’d joined with the Meta Liberation Army. Everything went back to square one.


“Shouldn’t you be in your cage filthy animal” Geten spat after having a heated argument with Dabi. The ice-villain had bumped into Spinner on the former’s way out of the meeting room.


Spinner knew that Geten was frustrated, Dabi made everyone frustrated with his insults and lack of care. But the comment had struck hard within him, sending floods of memories and emotions back into his mind. Memories that had been forgotten. Emotions that had been suppressed. They both clashed at the same time causing an earthquake inside of him.


After that incident, he paid more attention and he heard more comments about him just like before. Nothing had changed within society just because he was a villain now. When he finally thought he had been accepted it was thrown harshly into his face. Spinner became more isolated, spent most of his time in the League’s common room, only showing up for meetings but quickly fleeing back to the comforts of his room. It didn’t go unnoticed. Compress was always asking how he was doing, Twice would make jokes, Toga would stuff his face with cookies.


Their efforts were appreciated but he didn’t feel great, he just felt more different. Like an upset puppy getting played with by its owners. Shouldn’t he be in a cage? He is an animal after all. It was late at night when he snuck out to see all of his comrades on the couch’s entertaining each other. Spinner searched through the cupboards for something to eat, finding a few leftover baked goods.


“Hey Spinster, why don’t you join us?” Toga giggled, she was waving a knife in the air which Twice carefully avoided, being sat next to the blonde.


“I’m alright I wa-


“Shut it and come over here” Dabi growled, he was laid lazily on the couch. He looked high. But when was the flame user not high off his own smoke? Spinner wasn’t going to fight with the League so he came and sat down with them, trying to grasp what they were chatting about.

They were talking about Chapstick, a dangerous conversation to be had with Shigaraki around. Eventually, the conversation turned on him, placing the nervous reptile in the unwanted spotlight.


“Why have you been so distanced lately Spinster?” Toga asked, her usually bubbly nature had been toned down making the question more serious and drawing the undivided attention of the others.


“You can tell us, No you can’t! We aren’t trustworthy!” Twice’s voice started off calm before it reached ear-piercing levels, making Spinner wince, even Dabi was paying as much attention as the high villain could manage.


Spinner swallowed, he averted his gaze and lowered his face trying to hide from the others, mostly in shame “I- It’s just…Geten said something that’s been playing on my mind”


“What’s he done now?” Dabi’s voice was slurred and his eyes were unfocused but he seemed serious.


“It was just something about my quirk is all” Spinner tried playing it off like he didn’t care as much as he did. But he could tell he’d let the self-hating shine through as most of the League’s faces had grown either angry, understanding or even caring.


“He’s against heteromorphic quirks” Compress stated like he’d figured the entire puzzle out, “I think that type of attitude is disgusting and should be ignored, don’t think about it Spinner, Geten’s words are not worth the worry”


“It’s not just Geten” Spinner growled, surprising his comrades “All my life…I’ve been told I was disgusting and an animal all because of my quirk and I believe it until I met you all…I actually felt human for once and not a diseased, unwanted animal as everyone had told me but I thought I was safe being a villain and then Geten just surprised me…it’s not just him…it’s the Meta Liberation Army followers as well, the comments and looks they give me”


Spinner unloaded, it felt like a relief finally telling them what had been keeping him in hiding. But he was also concerned about how they would react. Would they see him as a disgusting animal now that he’d brought other people’s thoughts to light?


“You’re a person no matter what quirk you have” Shigaraki stated, the blue-haired male had been mostly silent until now “People can be cruel and I think we’ve all realized that the hard way but I’m thankful for it because it means that we can change society together…Spinner, no matter what people say, you’re a person in our eyes, not an animal and we all value not only as a teammate but a friend as well”


“He said the f word” Dabi chuckled, mocking their leader “Oh god I think our Shiggy is broken”


“Shut up asshole you’re not helping” Shigaraki shot back, smacking Dabi lightly on the leg. Both of which were on the same couch surprisingly close. Since when were they on good terms? Maybe after Dabi got carsick.


“You guys don’t think I’m a disgusting animal?” Spinner was surprised that they thought of him as a person. Like an equal. He still felt like he could never compare to them all but it gave him a small confidence boost, enough to at least look them in the eyes.


“Nah, still think your disgusting because you don’t wash your fucking dishes but you’re a person” Dabi slurred, the villain looked about ready to pass out, leaning dangerously close to Shigaraki’s shoulder “I’ll start a kill Geten parade”


“Ooh, I wanna stab” Toga licked her lips but Compress instantly shook his head, probably not wanting another feud between the two groups. It was sensible.

“I think it’s bedtime young Toga” Compress told the blonde, the latter stuck her tongue out but listened anyway, most of the League seemed shattered but since Spinner was hiding he had no idea what they had been doing all day.


“Spinner protection squad!” Twice yelled out of nowhere “We can be the protection squad! Nooooo!”


“A protection squad?” Spinner questioned.


“Yes! No!”


“Go to fucking bed!”


Spinner smiled. He stared around at all of his friends arguing over bedtimes, Compress wasn’t giving up as he sent most of them up to brush their teeth acting like the dad of the group. Spinner wondered if at some point in time Compress had been a parent maybe a little girl. He always seemed to know how to make Toga happy. But it didn’t matter because as Spinner looked around he didn’t just see friends.


He saw a family.

Chapter Text




Ear-piercing scrapes of cutlery on plates and the sweet aroma of coffee had been the morning for the double-sided villain, staring out the window onto icy roads and skidding cars. To many people he was a normal person. Your normal? Don’t make me laugh! But without his mask he could feel himself splitting again.


Why are we here again? To see a friend We should go home. No.


The chime of the bell is what brought Twice out of his own head, bringing his eyes to lock with a familiar toothy grin. His tense muscles relaxed as the man strolled over confidently, a wide grin plastered on his face. Taking a seat on the single leather couch across from the double villain, the man greeted the other.


“Nice to see you so soon Jin” Giran beamed, the man was practically radiating light. Piece of shit.

“It’s nice to see you too. No it isn’t you should fuck off” Twice growled angrily pinching himself, cursing that he was being like this in front of Giran. Pathetic.


“Thank you for meeting me all the way out here” Giran chuckled, the old man used to Twice’s personalities by now “Anyway how are the other troublemakers doing? Is Dabi better now after his car sickness?”


“The others are great No they’re not Dabi’s fine He’s dead” Twice answered with difficulty, usually he could answer these questions a lot easier with his mask on, now he’s just getting interrupted every few words.


“I can’t help but worry about you all now Kurogiri’s gone and it pains me that I can’t visit you often like old times but that city, Re-Destro, I don’t think I’ll ever get over what they did to me” Giran stared down at his fingers, it was lucky the old man knew a healer.


“We don’t expect you to come into the city Lazy asshole we’re just glad you got your fingers back Selfish prick, you only wanted them for hand jobs” Twice winced, he stated the last part way too loud drawing too much attention to them, he turned away from the gazes to hide his scar.


“It would be a bitch to get off without em’” Giran chuckled, trying to make Twice feel better about the outburst “Is the young master living up to his role?”


“Shiggy is doing well He sucks He’s grown even more mature now he has an army, he ever said the f word He said fuck He said we were his friends!” Twice beamed, everyone had been startled by Shigaraki’s words that they threw a mini party afterwards to celebrate being friend. Though it would take about another 5000 years to get Shigaraki to admit that they were family.


“All For One would be proud of him” Giran smiled, the man was in deep thought obviously reminiscing about times with All For One “It’s been lovely to see the young master grow and I’m glad to see he’s finally found the friends that will stick by him for this new society”


Twice smiled at Giran. The double villain had always been grateful to the old man for introducing him to the League but Twice had always felt something more for the guy whether it be admiration or he was just really grateful, Twice couldn’t imagine life without these coffee dates, without seeing Giran.


“I heard that you guys are taking on a hero now, the no.2” Giran had turned more business on Twice now, Giran obviously had some things to say since this coffee date couldn’t just be about seeing each other even thought that was part of the excuse “Can you trust him?”


“Hawks? He seems like a great guy He’s an asshole I find him trustworthy and hell Dabi scouted him Bird-boy’s a brat” Twice shrugged, not seeing any reason to not trust Hawks even if the latter was a pro, he knew slidin’-go who was a pro and yet supported Re-Destro.


“Mm, if he’s trustworthy I guess I won’t worry too much” Giran hummed, was he closer to Twice now? “Any way that’s not the only thing I wanted to ask you about, What is Ujiko working on?”


“Last time I saw the Doctor was when he was working on the high end nomu and Dabi was testing them out Pfft who cares about that old coot


“I never really liked or trusted Ujiko, he’s too…weird” Giran was pondering something, Twice felt alarm bells ringing in his head, Giran usually had a decent read on people but he asked about Hawks and now the Doctor. Was something wrong with them? “He was always working on something with All For One, something so sketchy that I’m sure no one but those two knew about, be careful around him Jin, warn the others too”

Twice nodded, he felt uneasy knowing there was a possibility that Dabi or Shigaraki was with the Doctor right now but he tried to push the feelings aside to enjoy Giran’s rare company.


“Any way, any big plans coming up?” Giran asked, swiftly changing the subject, their time together was slowly running out.

“Shiggy has been working on some stuff but I think we’re winding down for the holidays, we already decorated! Christmas sucks! Work harder!” Twice grinned, he loved Christmas especially now since he was getting to spend it with his real family. The League.


“I’m surprised they agreed to decorating” Giran paused for a moment before meeting Twice’s concerned gaze again “Maybe…since all of you tried so hard…maybe I’ll try hard to visit you”


“That would be nice No it wouldn’t But please don’t feel like you have to You must!” Twice winced, he was getting louder by the second, if he drew too much attention someone might recognise them.


“I think that’s our cue” Giran muttered, getting up trying to avoid the gazes, Twice followed, eager to get out of the suffocating café. The fresh air was a blessing when the door swung close but Twice was instantly led down the closest alleyway by the old man.


“Well, I guess this is where we part, I must get back to business, we’re ever so busy this time of year” Giran smiled “Will I get your Christmas orders soon?”


“Definitely! No way, man!” Twice nodded.


“I’ll see you around Jin, don’t be afraid to call me” Giran waved to Twice before disappearing into the shadows of the dark alleyway, the double villain hurriedly pulled on his mask finally relaxing when he had it on.


Everything was under control.

Chapter Text


The first incident had startled the winged hero. The sun was high in the sky but barely generating enough heat to melt thin layers of ice. Hawks had been swinging around in the twisting desk chair, the pro had tried to finish his paperwork but had grown bored too quickly. A small chime from his phone dragged him out of a thoughtless trance. 

BurntToast: Oi, birdbrain, can you make it to Deika City this afternoon? We need help with things

Without missing a beat Hawks replied, thankful that he had something else to do than crappy paperwork. Technically his work with the villains was classifies as hero work which meant he had sometimes been doing unpaid overtime, not that he complained. Hawks enjoyed living on the knife’s edge. 

Flying too close to the sun. 

Red-wings soared through the sky as he hurried to get to Deika city after untangling himself from colleagues and fans around his agency. The flight was unbearably freezing, his wings were so sensitive that it hurt to be flying this time of year. At least it was a quick flight, he was the hero that was always too fast for his own good. When he got there, Hawks expected to be doing something most definitely illegal and that would get him under pressure from the commission.


He was frozen not in the dropping temperatures but in shock, Dabi, a fucking villain had called him to help decorate for the festive season. For fucking Christmas. A villain decorating for Christmas. Hawks spent most of his thoughts that night trying to understand why a villain of all things would celebrate Christmas. 

It had nagged him through most his works days. 


The second incident was a story he had been told by Toga. The young girl was on a killing rampage. One of which Hawks was ordered to stop her, which he did, thankfully. Toga said she was collecting blood for Christmas as the other villains said she was too young to drink alcohol. Since when did villains care about age limits? 

Instead of going their separate ways immediately they sat and chatted on a concrete roof of a hopefully abandoned building. Hawks learned that Toga loved to tell stories and could go on for hours without even breaking a sweat. She was fairly different from the others where she could hold a conversation for hours whereas Dabi or Shigaraki can’t even hold one for a few minutes. Hawks was too intrigued in her stories to think about who could hold a better conversation. 

“It was pouring it down last month and we were all mostly inside, Dabi had gone out recruiting, he obviously didn’t find anyone but he did find something” Toga smiled widely. 

“What did he find?” 

“Well...after coming back he was acting all off and shifty, we were all dead worried about him until he started purring! Well not him but he was holding something inside his coat!” 

“So what? He found a stray cat?” Hawks was surprised Dabi didn’t burn the thing.

Toga nodded “A stray baby cat! It was skinny and looked beaten up, Dabi let me help make it all better, she usually sleeps under his bed probably why you didn’t see her when we were decorating...Dabi said he’d always been fond of animals ever since he was a kid”  


“Did he say anything about his childhood?” Hawks wondered, one of the commissions tasks for him was to learn Dabi’s identity, which he had also not completed amongst bringing useful information back with him. 

Toga shook her head “Its a rule that we don’t pry into each-others pasts or ask too many questions and I was just happy Dabi finally showed us some emotion plus it was funny when Shiggy went mad at him”

”Bet it was” 



The final incident was what brought Hawks into a different view on villains. 

Villains were capable of feeling emotions. 

Hawks thought it was silly because of course they could because they were still people. Still human. Most civilians and pro’s saw them as monsters, everything but human. But Hawks had witnessed the villains feel all sorts of emotions: Grief when Magne had died, Happiness when decorating, Sadness when childhoods and pasts were brought up. Spinner was self-conscious about his quirk, something Hawks never expected because the man was a villain. 

Villains are human too. 

All of them are capable of feeling emotions and their reasoning for becoming villains wasn’t because they just lacked emotion it was because of one bad day, week, month, year. They are the products of their environment. Hawks was sat with them now and as his gaze fixed on each one of then he realised it. If the commission hadn’t taken him in their was a possibility he could be considered inhuman just like the others sat here. 

His one bad day could’ve turned him into a broken human being. 

Villains were the ones left behind in the dark and heroes were the ones dragged into the light. One had been nurtured and the other left to the harsh nature of the world. Staring at the villains before him, they could’ve all been amazing heroes. 

If not for that one bad day. 


Chapter Text

Dead leaves traveled through the harsh winds, rattling the icy branches as it whistled over the crumbling cliff face. Along with howling winds there was a bitter cold that had blanketed the land, it was going to be a harsh winter, the snow had already been predicted across many weather stations. Pleasant memories were tied to the white pillow-like substance. Everyone adores a snow day, it heats the hearts of even the coldest and harshest villain.


Staring out across Deika city, witnessing the leftover rubble and ruins of small houses. It was unsettling to think they had caused that and maybe some wonderful family lived there, a husband and wife completely head-over-heels for each other and they had beautiful well-cared-for children. They were happy and the League had ruined that.




A family like that only existed in fairy tales and even then most of those are dysfunctional. There is no such thing as a happy family and in his case there will be no happy ending to his story either, there will be pain though. So much pain. Sapphire-blue eyes studied the darkening sky, watching as the stars began to appear through the mix of fiery colors painted in the sky. A beautiful evening for a beautiful day for a beautiful young lady.


Long, thin legs dangled over the edge. Dangerously so that it would only take a nudge to go tumbling over, he couldn’t say that he didn’t want to die because you don’t just go through what he has and not have backlash. Once healthy skin tainted by ugly purple scars, it was lucky they were symmetrical, if not then Dabi would appear as if a young child had painted him.


Dabi was obviously shaking, the phone in his hands moving with the motions but he wasn’t shaking because of the cold but out of nerves. The sky was a pleasant distraction from the task at hand but only a few more hours and he would’ve missed his window of opportunity until next year. Nothing appeared on the screen just an empty box waiting for writing to fill it. No matter how hard the flame villain tried, nothing could bring himself to write anything but the usual words.


Happy Birthday.

There was nothing special about the message after it had been sent, Dabi released a breath he didn’t know was being trapped by his failing lungs. He usually didn’t wait for a reply, so why was he still holding the phone tight enough that the screen could break any moment? Emotions. Feelings. Dabi hated them, ever since he was a child they had been deemed as a weakness so the villain repressed them the best way he knew how. Drugs. Alcohol. Killing.


Anything that would stop him from feeling…alive in away. Dabi loved it. Not feeling anything. It made life easy, being able to just cruise by without a single care in the world about yourself or anyone else’s well-being that was until he met the League and when he also stopped trying to forget the memories of his torturous childhood. Something he still regrets even to this day.


Dabi was barely sober now, trying to stay as far away from feelings but he was still human, right? Or did his humanity leave him when the young boy that once inhabited this body ‘died’ Was he even that weak boy anymore? He was in the body of course but he wasn’t the boy. He definitely wasn’t. Because Dabi isn’t weak but Todoroki Touya was, the latter was too weak even to save his own skin, which was now a mess of purple scarring covering the majority of this broken body.


However, even if Touya had ‘died’ Dabi still felt obligated to do the smallest things for the boy's siblings. Today marked a special occasion for the second oldest sibling. It was Todoroki Fuyumi’s birthday today, the message had been left on reading, the female must be confused especially since there was no caller ID. Dabi let the phone slip through pale skeleton-like fingers, the device soared downwards from the pull of gravity. It rocketed to the ground and in the distance, there was a barely audible smash.


The job had been done and the phone was destroyed.


Dabi smirked, the fun part would be convincing Shigaraki to get him another burner phone. The blue-haired male always yelled and cursed at the scarred villain but the very next day a phone would’ve been placed on his side when he awoke obviously being placed there whilst he was getting the very few hours of sleep he received.


Slowly Dabi picked himself from the edge of the cliff even if the quiet voices in his head told him it would all be easier if the villain just leaned forward and fell. Dabi denied them the satisfaction at least not until he’d fulfilled his purpose. Then the voices could drive him happily over the edge of the cliff to his undeniable death. The stroll back was long and exhausting but one that was worth the breath-taking views and privacy.


“Touya!” Fuyumi cried, gripping the scrawny boy's shoulder at a bruising grip “Touya! I can’t do this anymore! I can’t! I can’t see dad hurt you, mom or Shouto- it’s killing me!”


“It’s killing me too” Touya muttered back, his voice was emotionless, his dad’s beatings did that. Made him incapable of feeling any sort of compassion for his sister because Fuyumi never got beat maybe the odd slap but never punished to the point of begging for death.


“Please tell me you aren’t injured!” Fuyumi cried harder, tears now getting all over his fresh shirt, without dried blood or sweat staining it’s cotton material.


“I’m Fine”


Liar. Filthy fucking liar.



Fuyumi flinched slightly when her phone vibrated violently in her pajama hoodie, carefully she yanked the device out the constricting material to examine the notification. It wasn’t an odd message for the occasion but the problem was it was unlabelled.

Unknown: Happy Birthday.



It could just be a distant relative but Fuyumi’s gut feeling said it was something much different, but the young woman had to brush it aside as even though today was her birthday she needed to keep up with her job with the young children. Fuyumi could always call the number later anyway if she remembered.


She didn’t.




Chapter Text


Responsibility. Something that he never though would come back into his life. After all, when did villains care about responsibilities however the more time he spent cleaning up after the League had shown him how much the others relied on him as a pillar of support. Responsibilities started flooding in when it was announced Kurogiri had been arrested. The news had taken a toll on Shigaraki as the younger had known the mist villain for what Compress guessed was the majority of his life. 

Shigaraki fell into a goalless moping stage, unsure of himself and struggled to put pen to paper, it was hard to watch as their cocky overconfident leader would always have a plan and even a back-up. As the oldest Compress grabbed the wheel before the league would drive over the edge. Compress carried out most of Kurogiri’s jobs like: making sure the others had eaten, cleaning and helping Shigaraki the best he could. The latter job turned put to be way trickier than first imagined, Shigaraki was a complicated person, one wrong move and you were dead. 

After one particular incident where a mug was thrown in his direction Compress stopped trying to be exactly like Kurogiri because it was an impossible challenge with knowing next to nothing about his leader. Instead Compress did only what he was capable of, which was to cater towards Shigaraki’s physical needs and help their young socially deprived leader understand things like Christmas which somehow the blue-haired male knew literally nothing about. 

Compress had finally won over Shigaraki in the end, he one upped Kurogiri by knowing a lot more about video games, the one thing Shigaraki loved more than chaos and destruction. Compress finally bonded with the leader, the latter finally accepting the change in parental type figure. 

The others had been more accepting with the change as even though they cared about Kurogiri’s arrest they hadn’t spent the years with the villain like Shigaraki had. 

Toga was the easiest to cheer up, Compress just had to get her blood. Simple task really and it also helped link in with Shigaraki’s blossoming plans since some of the blood had been from important people who just happened to venture down the wrong alley at definitely the wrong time. 

Twice vocalised his upset the most, it took a lot of conversations over much alcohol and cigarettes before Twice opened up and became more relaxed even offering to help Compress with the run-down bar before they’d ran into the liberation army. 

Spinner was fairly easy as well, not taking much but some good pizza and small talks to get the heteromorphic villain comfortable around the older male. They still usually spent breaks talking about some random crap that had happened in the day and Compress would give Spinner the advice the latter needed.  

Whilst Dabi wasn’t as hard as Shigaraki he came in a close second. The flame villain didn’t trust easily and was extremely closed off from everyone, Compress had tried mostly everything but one night the other villain had stumbled in drunk and high one night snd Compress took this as an opportunity, he helped Dabi through the night and over the weeks with the obvious drug and alcohol problems. Dabi didn’t say much but just knowing that the flame villain would come to him if needed was enough for Compress to be put at ease. 

After clashing with the liberation army and joining forces his responsibilities grew. One was to make sure the two groups didn’t kill each other and the other was to his new teammates. They didn’t like him very much at first but over time he bonded with every single one. 

Trumpet over a song. Skeptic over design. Geten over Dabi’s annoying antics and Re-Destro over being partnered in one of Shigaraki’s many plans. 

Everything was coming together and for the first time in years, Compress finally had a family and now most people don’t think villains as people so they dismiss their emotions but was surprises people is when they see villains sticking out their necks to save each other. 

just like heroes would save their friends. 

Because what people couldn’t understand is that villains could have a family, a home and feel too. They weren’t emotionless beings that just were bad for the sake of it, each one of them had their reasons and had feelings to accompany them. 

Compress smiled whilst sipping his coffee, he had long forgotten about the book in his hands to reminisce on things about being the parental figure for the League. When Kurogiri left, their house crumbled and drove apart. 

So Compress built a new one. He was holding the villains together because... 


A villain needs a family too. 

Chapter Text


Silent evenings were the norm for the usually loud and excitable villains. When the sun went down so did their enthusiastic attitudes (Most of them were  enthusiastic apart from the grumpier members) everyone had wound down for the night and were repeating their usual nightly routines though it was rather late and Compress hoped they were all asleep by now or at least letting fatigue drag them away from late tasks. 

Shigaraki would undoubtedly still be awake and analysing the mountains of different strategies he’d been pouring onto the growing pile of papers on his creaky desk that or he was playing one of his frustrating video games, if it was the latter option there was no chance that the blue-haired male would be getting any sleep. 

Toga and Twice were most likely asleep by now after going out today on patrol. Luckily the pair hadn’t run into too much trouble but patrolling usually left most of then paranoid and tense. Something that would be eased with a long nights sleep. Spinner might be still grooming his scales  because of the amount his has it takes him over an hour to clean them all. Dabi was either pacing the length of his room thinking about something or thankfully managing to get a decent enough sleep. 

Compress however was far away from going to sleep too engrossed in his book to move from the counter. Flipping thin flimsy pages every so often getting lost in the words and imagery of someone else’s mind. He never had preference in genres but did enjoy a good fantasy fiction book. However what had him trapped inside the thick papers was a more realistic story. Something Compress could relate with in every sentence, the pain from years ago coming back to claw at his throat whilst it usually would be unpleasant this time it sent goosebumps up his arms from how a persons mind could set these feelings running free inside of him. 

Compress was so lost inside the book that when he heard it, the older man flinched dropping the book on the floor with a loud thud, his heart was thumping in his ears as he rushed up the stairs too familiar with this situation, the increase in temperature led him to the source of the unpleasant sounds. 

The sound that had him panicking and darting up the stairs was the bloodcurdling screams of his colleague. They rung loudly in his ears, he was sure they would bleed if the volume was consistent. If that hadn’t happened then his skin would surely burn off and the dangerously growing heat in temperature. 

Compress shouldn’t be this tense since this was not the first time this had happened, though it was the first time it had happened inside their new base and what alarmed him more was the screams were much louder than before. All of this compiled into him as he turned the wooden locked door into a marble and tossed it aside immediately, rushing towards the thrashing figure on the bed. 



Cold wooden floor creaked quietly, his entire body trembled as he tried to stay upright as he made his way through the bare halls. The little white-haired boy covered in bandages tried his hardest not to cry as every step he grew closer to two hours filled with pain if not more. The kids breathing was ragged as he hyperventilated, making the usual black spots dance across his eyes. Every step felt like he was walking towards his own demise, maybe if he did die then life wouldn’t be this bad. He wouldn’t be alive at all. Death is like sleeping right? So why doesn’t he just go to sleep and never wake up? It sounded so pleasant in those moments leading towards that dreaded room. 

“Touya” The large man that haunted him every night was already in the doorway, staring down at him hatefully “Why are you so late?”

“I- uh” Touya’s voice shook so voilently that it was near impossible to make any sounds come out of his mouth aside from weak whimpers and pained whines “I- felt....s-sick” 


“Weak. Pathetic” The man grabbed him roughly by the arm, the younger flinched at the contact before being dragged into the training room, his barefeet scraping against the rough wood “Your pathetic Touya!” 

The boy was thrown roughly to the ground, his father loomed over him. Touya waited for his orders but by now he should expect what his demon of a father wanted from him.

“Your quirk” The man growled, gripping his spiky white-hair roughly, causing Touya to scrunch up his eyes in pain “Lets see if you’ve improved, now get up!” 

Touya was harshly shoved into the floor, before being forced to get up luckily he hadn’t obtained any injuries so far so standing was fairly easy if his legs would stop shaking and his stomach would stop doing flips. Eventually he made it to a quivering weak stance, staring up sheepishly at his monster of a father, whom was glaring daggers at him awaiting for vibrant blue flames to engulf the Youngers body. 

“Your flames Touya! Use them!” There was the loud and harsh shouting, the boy new the minute the flames were activated his skin would begin to heat up and soon blister causing painful sores and disgusting patches of skin. 

“They hurt me” Touya whimpered, but his father had only heard this sentence about a million times and every time Touya’s hope was slowly shattered each time thinking his father would never understand those three words. 

“Bullshit! You’ll get used to them now attack me use them!” His father yelled loudly, another weak flinch, Touya hated the noise, he’d grown to love silence and being completely alone. Just how he liked everything. But he was snapped out of his trance by and harsh heated slap across the face sending him rushing to the floor. Wincing as the side of his delicate head collided with hard wooden flooring. 

“Your quirk Touya!” 

The sudden rush of heat exploded off his body, it was accompanied by his agonising screams as his winter cold skin was being forcefully burned off. Touya’s eyes filled with tears but the menacing smile in his fathers face burned through his vision. His blue fire was near uncontrollable and caused agonising burns all across his body that would take hours to carefully bandage up only to be aggravated latter by more extensive training. 



Touya felt the burning hands of his father grip his body tightly, unfazed by the flames pouring out from his arms. Since the older male could easily pick up the younger’s pale skinny small frame it made Touya easy to throw around like a rag doll. Something his father had grown habit of doing regardless of if he used his quirk or not. For a few seconds there was nothing hut air beneath him until he reconnected harshly to thick wooden floors made resistant to flames by a certain coat of liquid. Thankfully his flames had shut off due to the air being knocked out of his desperate lungs, gasping for oxygen to fill them up again. 

Why did you turn off your flames?!” Enji grasped his blistering arm hard releasing pained whines from child “You useless piece of shit!” 

His father repeatedly smashed his fragile head into the ground before bruising him in any free place he could find, painting him in blue’s and purples, breaking repairing bones in his body, creating red patches of skin even going as far to burning patches of skin off entirely.


Touya could only scream in agony as hands touched around him, burning bruising, grasping at his skin. White-hot pain slicing through his entire body, shredding him to unrecognisable pieces. Large hands choked his airways, broke ribs, shattered bones and tore apart his determination or drive to even want to live anymore. Touya hoped his father would kill him even started begging for it only making the abuse worse but not bad enough for it to kill him every time it happened though his pitiful life would flash across his eyes like a movie. 

Enji’s words always painted across his mind in bloody writing. His blood.

Worthless. Weak. Pathetic. Useless. Sick. Disgusting. Hopeless. Unworthy. Disgrace. Embarrassment. Spoilt. Ruined. Defective. Ugly. Trash. Shit. 

It played in his head like an anthem. Hands grabbed at him but this time they weren’t hot but frantic, pulling him out of a cloud, was he dying? Were the angels pulling him away from his twisted life? 

He hoped with all his being he was dying.

Touya wanted it to end.

He wanted to die.



Compress tried to pull Dabi out of his nightmare and at this point he couldn’t wake him up by just yelling his name but by violently shaking the male until it shocked his body it consciousness. At this point he could hear rushed footsteps thudding down the hall accompanied by worried voices. Smoke was reeling off the flame villains body, choking Conpress’s lungs. 

“Dabi! Dabi! Come on wake up! It’s ok! Your alright!” Compress tried to coax him back but he couldn’t shield his quivering and rushed voice as he spoke. 

The footsteps and screams were getting louder. Compress grabbed the glass of water from the beside table and chucked into over the smoking villain, making the latter gasp, hyperventilating as Dabi tried to force air back into his lungs. Bright blue eyes full of fear flickered to life and and scarred hand gripped onto his normal arm, whilst his bionic one was holding the bow empty glass. 

“Is he alright?” Shigaraki asked, the first by his side, staring down at the black-haired male worry sketched into his face. 

“He’ll- He’ll be alright- Just try to keep the others out please” Compress took his own deep breaths and his heart slowly started to return to it’s normal pace and no longer ringing in his ears. 

Shigaraki nodded turning towards the door frame which was now crowded with the others, worried voices bouncing back and forth but Compress couldn’t listen to them but focused on the shivering Dabi still in his grasp. 

“Dabi, Dabi, your alright I promise, It’s Mr. Compress and your safe in your room, in bed” Compress spoke softly, letting Dabi’s hand clutch his arm in a death-grip even if it hurt and there would probably be bruising there for a while “You had nightmare is all but your safe don’t worry just breathe” 


Dabi slowly loosened his grip as oxygen filled his lungs and the tension in the flame villains body relaxed and the bright blue eyes now had the villain inhabiting them “Compress?” Dabi’s voice was a hoarse whisper, probably from all the screaming. 

“Yes it’s me” Compress reassured but couldn’t help but jump a little when he felt Dabi rest his head on one of his clothed shoulders, Compress let him though. Gentility running his bionic hands up and down Dabi’s bony back, hoping that it would be of some comfort. 

“Please don’t leave” Dabi whispered desperately. 

“I won’t kiddo, don’t worry I am right here” Compress gave Dabi a small hug. 

Mama, please don’t leave me. 

Chapter Text


After last nights incident, a tense fog was choking the League. Whilst it wasn’t the first time this had happened it was never that bad before, Compress twiddled his fingers after long forgetting his book which had been discarded in favour of drinking some calming tea. The older villain hadn’t slept a wink after hearing the terrified screaming of the flame villain, it rang in the formers ears making Compress unsettled and he was sure that he wasn’t alone in the feeling. 

Shigaraki had been looming around ever since he’d calmed down the other members trying to make them return to bed but unfortunately nobody would listen to the leader as they were all to overcome with worry. Twice was the worst seeing as the double villain considered Dabi as a younger brother and was extremely protective of the latter because of it. 

Compress stared up to Dabi’s room, there was no door there and the marble had been lost, much to the flame villains annoyance but nobody trusted him to not get high either. In a way, Compress was glad he lost the marble. However Re-Destro wouldn’t be happy that a door needed replacing but Compress would wait a few hours before asking. Dabi had pushed Compress away after the former calmed down enough reverting to his defensive nature out of habit. 

It was early morning now, too early for any normal person to be up but then again none of the villains could be considered normal at this point. Scuffling across the tiled kitchen floor made Compress shift his gaze from watching the doorless room to the blue-haired male trying to find a decent breakfast. Compress would usually make breakfast but he could barely move due to all the fatigue. 

“You can go to bed if you want” Shigaraki stated not bothering to look in the olders direction just expecting the latter to listen to him “I’m not going back to sleep and you look like shit even behind that damn mask” 


“I don’t think I can sleep after that” Compress sighed, stretching his aching muscles hearing satisfying clicks in his shoulders and neck, for once it didn’t disgust him but let relaxation seep through his muscles. 

“So your disturbed by it too?” Shigaraki asked, this time turning around letting Compress study the obviously tired crimson eyes. The same eyes were a window showing Compress that their leader was thinking intensely trying to mask it with a question.


”Let’s just say it’s not everyday you hear screams like that” Compress replied, it easy true, previous times the screams only lasted a few seconds and definitely weren’t as loud. This time it seemed something was trapping Dabi cruelly into whatever twisted nightmare the villain was forced into “It’s never been that bad before” 


Compress spoke the last part mainly to himself but Shigaraki hummed anyway, the latter bow busying himself into whatever unhealthy crap he was making “Did he say anything to you after I’d left? Like what this damn nightmares are about” 


Compress shook his head like every other time Shigaraki had asked this question “He seemed more closed off as well, definitely pushed me away faster and was way more aggressive than usual and I would expect a lot of the nightmares had something to do with those scars after all, you don’t go through that much pain without some trauma sticking to you” 


Another hum from the younger. Shigaraki had always been interested in Dabi’s life, the later had never told anyone his real name, how old he was or even anything about his life before the League. Even when Compress researched there was nothing about a blue flames villain until Dabi debuted during Bakugou’s kidnapping. There was nobody known as Dabi before the League. Compress had niggled Giran for information but the broker wouldn’t budge but the toothy man obviously knew something judged by his worried expression and longer drags on the cigarette.


“If this is going to keep happening then we need answers, I’d rather not keep waking up to screams like that from stupid brats like hi-  

“Do you guys like talking about me behind my back or you just really like having mothers meetings?” Dabi growled, the male was in the doorway of his room, leaning causally against the frame like nothin unusual had happened. 

“Oh so your finally ready to talk are you?” Shigaraki hissed back not appreciating the scarred male’s tone, Compress felt the tension rise as the other doors were quietly pushes open at the sound of voices “Cause I think we all would really like some answers outta you” 


“I don’t have to say shit” Dabi spat back, the flame villain began descending down the stairs coming dangerously close to their leader. 

“You like screaming shit though” Shigaraki wasn’t about to back down from Dabi leaving a worried Compress in the middle, the latter not expecting any back-up as a fight brewed between the leader and his right-hand man “Are you that shit of a person you feel the need to keep us all awake” 


“Shut the fuck up” Smoke was rolling off Dabi’s shoulders, Compress had slowly been getting up off the stool preparing to move within a seconds notice to stop the brewing fight “You don’t know shit and I don’t want you to know shit so just leave me alone Mop-head” 


“We deserve to know! You’ve been with us how long? And your still acting like an edgy teenager! There’s obviously something wrong when your screaming like your dying!” Shigaraki yelled, scratching at his neck violently causing small drops of blood to stain the kitchen side. 

“Can’t you all just back off! I’m fucking fine! I don’t need to tell you shit because they’re ain’t shit to tell!” 

“You think I’m fucking stupid! Your not fine! Your high off your ass most the time! Barely sleeping barely functioning like a normal person and screaming your head off at night!” Shigaraki countered, the other members had bravely stuck their heads out at this point watching the  scene unravel. 


“It was a one time thing! It ain’t going to happen again!” 

”’Yeah one time thing’ It’s happened before jackass! For once could you tell us something! We actually fucking give a shit about you and want you to be somewhat bloody happy! Not high or in pain! Is that so hard to comprehend! For once people in your life care!” Shigaraki bad grabbed Dabi’s shirt, luckily only with four fingers but the two villains were dangerously close together. 

“Like hell you all care! You’ll toss me aside when you figure out I’m no use to you! I’m trash and everyone knows it! So why don’t you throw me out already! Save some time!” Dabi swatted Shigaraki’s hand away so the former could move backwards. 

Shigaraki stood stunned for a few moments before replying his voice quieter and calmer trying to read the situation “I’m not going to throw you aside, your not trash. We all need to you here- no. We all want you here, we’re not going to toss you aside no matter how much you insult us or are a little shit because we fucking care alright?” 

“Bullshit!” Dabi growled, glaring daggers at Shigaraki “That’s all fucking bullshit! You don’t care none of you do!” Dabi was gesturing to the faces peeking out through the doors obviously having noticed them staring. 

“Dabs, we do care don’t say stuff like that” Twice tried his best to hold his other side back from making a rude comment. 

“Yeah, how about we all just calm down and have a nice breakfast?” Toga suggested, her voice wasn’t filled with it’s normal energetic tone but a more serious, understanding one instead. 

“Fuck of all of you! Fucking get my a bloody door and leave me the hell alone!” Dabi stormed out of the common room, Compress sighed in relief after the flame villain left. Dabi wanted his door back signalling that the villain intended on returning but was probably just going for a walk to clear his head. 

“Twice” Shigaraki called out but the double villain didn’t need to be called because he was already hot on pursuing Dabi in efforts to cooling the other down. Shigaraki had stowed away in his room after the argument. Luckily they hadn’t gotten physical otherwise Compress would’ve had to step in. 


Dabi was beyond pissed, stomping through the labyrinth of hallways trying to fins the escape exit. He took long drags on the cigarette he’d just lit, Dabi growled knowing he’d left all his drugs and booze in his room. Hopefully Shigaraki wouldn't go snooping and remove them. It did mean that the flame villain would have to find some on this trip out. 

Unfortunately those plans were ruined when a concerned voice and rapidly growing footsteps echoed his name in the concrete halls. Dabi flinched when a hand grabbed at his shoulder, the hand was instantly retracted. 

“Dabi! You ok man?!” Twice, had stopped Dabi in his tracks thankfully hoping he could keep the flame villain for making an harsh decisions “Of course your not” 

“Fuck off Twice, I don’t want company right now” Dabi growled, trying to continue walking but the double villain was more persistent that usual. 

“I’m not letting you be on your own! It’s not smart!” Twice didn’t care how many times Dabi threatened to burn him because he wasn’t going anywhere “Your my little bro! And I’m going to be responsible and take care of you! Even if you try and push me away because family always stick together!” 

Dabi was stunned into silence. Sure. Twice felt like family but it felt weird to hear the words big bro cone out of his mouth. Dabi had been so used to being the oldest and being the one responsible for protecting his siblings “L-Little bro?” 

“That’s right! No it isn’t! Your my little bro and I’m going to take of you whether you like it or not!” 

“I’m going to take care of you Natsu!” Touya smiled after coming home to Natsuo being given a black eye “Your safe with me little bro! I’ll protect you!” 

He did protect Natsuo that night but at the cost of his right arm and more burns accompanied his dead skin. But it was alright because he was protecting Natsuo. 

He was the oldest. The big brother. 


“Dabi? Are you crying?” Twice inched closer, scared that Dabi would bolt any second. 


“I’ll protect you Yumi!” Touya beamed.

he did protect Fuyumi but at the cost of more skin and multiple fractures. 


“Dabi can you hear me?” Jin reaches out towards the flame villain. 


“I’ll save you Sho!” Touya cried out, Shouto had run down the hallway away from their father. 

He lied. He didn’t save Shouto. But he still paid the price. 

Touya got his wish. Touya died and Dabi was born for the flames. 

”I’ll protect you Dabi!” Twice exclaimed hugging him tight. 


What price would Twice pay? 

Chapter Text



Thrumming through his head was his pounding heart, his brows twitched in annoyance. Shigaraki stomped across the hallway to his room, well-aware there were rushed footsteps behind him, trying to catch up with the brisk pace. Shigaraki’s mind was whizzing through statements he wished he’d said, questions he wanted to ask and the urge to punch that stupid patchwork face. Settling down at his desk, four thin fingers combed through the messy blue locks. Shigaraki groaned out of annoyance and from the ache in his chest, he cared, he was never supposed to care this much, to the point that it hurt to see that fucking piece of bacon suffering.


Light tapping on the sturdy wood of his door made Shigaraki peer up to see the masked parent figure of the group, looking more nervous than usual. Shigaraki sighed and leaned back, hitting the back of the spinning chair. Compress took that as a sign to enter the room, so the older was awkwardly standing in the middle of the paper filled room.


“Was I wrong to yell at him?” Shigaraki asked, usually he was sure of himself never doubting that what he did was right but when it came to obviously delicate situations like Dabi’s it was hard for the blue-haired male to see the difference between what to say and what not to.


It was hard to read Compress mostly because of the mask that was hiding his face. Shigaraki found it annoying though he shouldn’t be too annoyed because he did the exact same thing with his hands to make sure no one could read him or judge the movements he might make. From the long pause the blue-haired male guessed Compress was in thought. 

“Not to be in any way offend but there were better ways to handle this delicate situation other than starting an argument “ Compress answered truthfully, that’s what Shigaraki liked, Kurogiri was just as truthful and the leader was glad Compress didn’t want to suck-up to him “However...I know Dabi is a difficult person to deal with, If you were to gentle he would probably have been driven away as well since he seems to have issues around people caring for him and treating him as he put it once ‘like a china doll’ and starting an argument with him seems to still bring him back to the League, it’s a bit of give and take with Dabi, so don’t beat yourself up about it” 


“Thank you Compress” Shigaraki muttered, Dabi was another person the blue-haired male hadn’t quite figured out yet possibly because the lack of information about the villain, the flame user was good at keeping stuff covered up. 

“I know Twice is with him, I got a message a moment ago” At least that was a positive, if Dabi hadn’t run off it meant that he intended on returning, Compress seemed relaxed as well at this “Hopefully they’ll be back soon but I also wanted to talk to you about something” 


Shigaraki arched an eyebrow, it was unusual for Compress to have the need to talk to him unless it was about work related matters and after the older male had stated this Shigaraki saw a small glimpse of tenseness building up in the magicians shoulders “Oh?” 

“It’s December nearing towards Christmas Day and you know that there isn’t anything set in motion for the rest of the month because a lot of the armies members are doing festive things and since the other lieutenants are on holiday as of tomorrow I was hoping you’d agree to taking a break as well” Compress spoke, sounding a little nervous but as to be expected because Shigaraki didn’t like taking breaks because it slowed down plans and if one was rushed it could lead to disaster. Shigaraki hated not being productive either it made his skin itch. 

But. A part of him was extremely tired from all the either late nights or sleepless ones, it was slowly catching up with him making the ink on the page sloppy. Plans seemed more like dreams and reality was just a blur. A break sounded nice but work sounded productive. Perhaps having a break would give him time to recharge and go full guns blazing back into work in January but how many days of work would that lose him? None of the lieutenants were working apart from on the occasional resources pick-up day. 

“I’ll think about it” Shigaraki uttered. 

“Okay...just know the rest of the League and myself worry about your health too. Just because your phr leader doesn’t mean we don’t you feel like you need some extra help or even just someone to talk to we’re here...I’m here, sure I’m no Kurogiri and I’m not trying to totally replace him but I would like to be there for you like he was” Compress was fidgeting with his gloved hands as his voice paused and shook. There was no completely replacing Kurogiri because Shigaraki had known him for so long but Compress wasn’t half bad. 

“Thank you” Shigaraki cracked a small smile. 



“Ugh, sometimes the fact Re-Destro hates smoking inside grates on my nerves” Twice was chatting away, probably even forgot he was talking to Dabi in the first place, the older male was on his last cigarette as Dabi listened through the ‘they need to put more in a box’ rant “It’s a sensible rule” 


“Makes my lungs feel weird sometimes...if I smoke too much anyway” Dabi commented, of course it made his lungs feel weird, they were already full of smoke as is and even though sure, he did smoke, Twice was definitely the most addicted to it. 

“Forgot you liked shoving shit up your nose Junkie! Junkie!” Twice threw the cigar off the cliff, Dabi watched it fall until it was invisible to his eyes “Sorry, but you should really watch how much you take it’s scary sometimes You should take more! Scaredy cat!” 

“I’m fine” Dabi muttered, he was fine though...right? If he repeated himself then eventually it would come true right? Dabi feels fine, he feels alive anyway that’s something good. Felt more alive than ever with the League “You should was how much you smoke”


”Guilty! Fuck off!” Twice yelled, it echoed through the cold morning air, frost had began creeping up the cliff fave on mornings early signs of snow had been showing too. 

Dabi liked the snow. 

“Touya! Touya! Look! Look!” Natsuo was leaping around on the others bed, flailing his arms, making a ruckus. Touya hoped their father was at work right now and wouldn’t come busting in. 

Touya slunk out of bed and followed the excited younger boy to the window, there was a blanket of snow covering the ground. The naked trees had icicles formed on the slender branches and some of the ice had even made thin layered patterns on the double-glazed windows. 

“We have to go play in it! Come on! Touya hurry and get dressed!” Natsuo bounced around, hurrying out the room to wake the others. 

Thankfully he learned that Enji had left early for work, meaning there was no training this morning and hopefully if his father worked late none this afternoon. Rei was desperately trying to put a hat and gloves on Natsuo bouncy form, only to fail as the younger ran out the moment the door was unlocked.

“Natsu!” Fuyumi called after him, their sister also looked excited as pink dusted her nose and cheeks lightly.

Touya stepped outside after Rei had dressed him in a warm wool hat and gloves. Their mother loved the snow but she’d been ill lately and had to take care of Shouto that she couldn’t come out to play. 

“Yellow snow!” Natsuo yelled, prancing around the stained white snow, Fuyumi was trying to keep their younger brother far away from that stuff. Touya sat on the sheltered concrete steps and dug out a handful of snow. 

The snow felt nice, it wasn’t too cold a nice temperature. His body was suited for this type of cold anyway. 

He wasn’t made to have a fire quirk. 



“Dabi! Yo, you ok man, you were zoning out on me haven’t taken anything already have you?” Twice was giving him a small hug, strong arms wrapped around his scrawny shoulders “Do you want to go back inside? Is it too cold for you?” 

“No it’s just thinking” Dabi muttered, too dazed to care about his slurring speech making the other villain grip onto his shoulder tighter. Dabi leant back resting against the others strong body. He was exhausted after all, the fight with Shig had worn him out. 



Shigaraki flicked through profiles after profiles on the quirk registry list, under the fire category. Every search so far had given the leader nothing, the male growing more frustrated at the lack of answers. If only he knew who Dabi was maybe he could understand the other more. Growing tired of looking at worthless faces he got up. He’d spent the day researching, Twice came in earlier to say he’d brought Dabi back. Thankfully. 

Shigaraki decided to wait a little linger before speaking to the flame villain just incase the latter needed to cool of some more but from what Twice had explained the other didn’t seem all too fazed by the argument at all, not like how Shigaraki had spent most of his day thinking about jt and Dabi. Maybe he was just being silly at this point even if he knew Dabi’s real name it wouldn’t give him many answers would it...possibly more questions and what did this have to do with their argument? was Shigaraki really just looking for a way to help the other villain, that knowing his past would help. His own mind seemed to think that talking about things was the way to fix anything. 

Shigaraki rose from his seat to hear the satisfying clicks in his joints. He might as well go see Dabi now after all wouldn’t want to leave his...apology to late. The few metres of walking distance was enough for Shigaraki to feel his nerves creeping into his throat waiting to explode. Dabi’s door had been replaced, Compress must’ve done it. Shigaraki gripped the handle and turned, luckily the door was open now meaning he had no ways of turning back. 

Shigaraki swung the door wide, there was clothes strewn everywhere across the floor, Shigaraki couldn’t tell if they were dirty of clean because the room was shielded in darkness except for the lights coming through the open door. 

“What do you want?” There was the hatful voice of his right-hand man cutting the silence sharply, like a knife would to a cake. 

Shigaraki had to shrug off his pride to dl this, he knew he was mostly in the wrong but he was a prideful person at the end of the day “I came- fuck- I came to ducking apologise for earlier...I’m- sorry for starting an argument” 


There was a short silence for a moment before Dabi sighed, Shigaraki’s eyes adjusted, he could see the shape of the other sat on the bed legs under the covers “Don’t apologise creep...I didn’t back down from it either” 


“Equal then?” Shigaraki smirked, hoping the play all this off so he could leave the awkwardness as soon as possible. 

“Yeah sure, equal” Dabi chuckled back.


Shigaraki turned to leave, thankfully this was easier than he imagined that or Dabi was a very good actor at hiding his true emotions. Maybe thar was the case and the other couldn’t be bothered to start another argument. 

“Hey Shiggy?” Dabi called out, sounding almost strangely nervous “Are you busy?” 

“Nah. Im taking Compress’s advice for once and taking a break...even if I don’t like it, I fucking need it” Shigaraki sighed, another thing he wasted his day thinking on. 

“Could you- uhm...stay...with me?” Dabi asked, his voice barely above a whisper, Shigaraki was shocked at the statement at first but it made sense after last nights song and dance. 

“Ugh- course” Shigaraki closed the door and awkwardly stood in the middle of the room, he cluld practically feel Dabi’s eyes roll when watching him. 

“Your so fucking awkward- come ere’” When Shigaraki was close enough Dabi gravbed his wrist to pull him onto the bed. Shigaraki made a squek of surprise making the other chuckle. But soon enough Shigaraki settled and pink dusted his cheeks thanfully it was pitch black now. The leader laid down next to the patchwork villain, he felt his own temperature rise. 

“Relax, you can go after I fall asleep if you want” Dabi yawned, Shigaraki felt the other snuggle into his chest. How was he supposed to leave if Dabi fell asleep on him? “Are you ok aith this? It isn’t too weird?” 

“No its fine” Shigaraki felt like he was going to combust, his brain flew through so many scenarios of him exploding but one of them steered to close to Dabi’s figure resting on him. What did his lips feel like? Shigaraki studied Dabi’s face, the usually fiery beautiful eyes were shut.

“I can feel you staring at me” Dabi commented cracking an eye open whilst raising an eyebrow.

“You have beautiful eyes” Shigaraki meant to think but judging by Dabi’s visible expression he said it out loud.

“Awkward mophead”

That was the last comment the other made before falling asleep. Shigaraki felt sleep also try to coax him, the blue-haired male gave out.

He had a dream.

Of fiery blue eyes.   



Chapter Text



Flying. One fo the few things that actually made the bustling young hero relaxed these day. Soaring high over the city to glance down at the swarms of people just casually going about their daily routine, most of them wrapped up in thick woollen coats because of the sudden drop in temperatures. Crimson feathered-wings twitched in the cold, flying higher to receive at least some warmth from the sun.  

Hawks was barely awake when he received a message from Mr. Compress of all people. None of the other villains except Dabi (and sometimes Twice when he shared cute cat pictures) got in contact with him. The older villain had asked Hawks to pick up a few things from town, which was now in the bag flailing in the wind. Compress had asked for more hot cocoa, cookie ingredients, various different health supplies and sleeping pills. Hawks took a lot longer than he expected after signing an awful lot of books and taking down this one villain. Paperwork had already been placed on his desk. Great. Then when he was running almost an hour late pretty much every store assistant wanted to talk to him and enquire about the things be was buying. 


“Ha! Yeah, see a lotta bad things when your a hero, gotta sleep somehow” 



But thankfully he was up in the air and didn’t need to interact with any more fans for the rest of the day. After all, he planned to stay with the villains for the rest of the day. The commission had been onto him for a while trying to get new information but Hawks had been stuck with a difficult dilemma, after spending so much time with the villains (with Dabi) he’d grown sort of attached...Hawks had learned that not all villains are actually bad people, bad things had just happened to them. It wasn’t their fault in some cases, being forced to become a villain just to survive in this harsh fucking world. 

Hawks hasn’t spoken to the commission about anything useful in weeks and the board was starting to get suspicious on the other side the villains seemed fairly content not asking too many questions as it seemed they were all settling down for winter break. Since when did villains take breaks and act like a...a family? But today Hawks needed to get a little information to just toss a bone towards the board hopefully that’ll get them to leave him alone for a while. 

It didn’t take the hero known for speed to get to their base of operations. Easily gliding past security and heading towards the League’s quarters, a spring in his step from excitement after having not seen them in just a little over a week. Greeting the Liberation army members when he walked by all he received was scowls. Fine by him. 

Hawks wasn’t a fan of them anyway. Moody fucking bastards. 

Hawks swung open the doors, loudly announcing his arrival. An excitable blonde was the first to greet him, jumping up and down to and trying to peek in the bag. Hawks let Toga have it, the hot cocoa and cookie ingredients most likely for her. Mr. Compress was slouched on one of the dining chair still reading but it looked like a different book this time. 

“Ah. Thank you Hawks for bringing the stuff. I’ll make sure to pay you back” The older villain stated, a warmth in his voice but the masked male didn’t seem to shift his gaze from the book. Must be pretty interesting. 

“No need, anything to help you guys out” Hawks smiled cheerfully, he glanced around, Toga had run off into the kitchen, Spinner and Twice were playing video games too engrossed to see his arrival, Compress at the table but no sing of Dabi or Shigaraki. 

“Hey, do you know where Dabi is?” Hawks asked, out if curiosity to not see the flame villain wandering around making comments about anything and everything that offended him. 


“Your coats stupid” 

“Well mister edge lord, yours ain’t much better” 


“At least mine wasn’t made from an animals clothing, there’s a naked sheep out there somewhere” 


“It would’ve grown back by now, it would be happily eating some grass all warm” 


“Or happily being eaten” 


“Should be in his room doing god knows what” Compress muttered, obvouisly wanting to not be disturbed. Hawks got that and made his way upstairs, after all, the older male was the parent figure. The hero couldn’t begin to imagine was shit Compress must go through on a dailt basis. Man should go on a holiday sometime. 

Hawks gently knocked on the flame villains door. There was no immediate reply, so he knocked again but slightly louder. Growing impatient the hero just opened the door, inside the room was fairly dim if not for the sunlight blazing through the blinds. A mess of black hair was strewn over the pillow to the bed. Hawks sighed and made his way over, whilst strolling closer he noticed another shape under the covers. Hawks was being careful not to wake Dabi, not wanting the wrath of the fire user to rain upon him, slowly lifting off the covers he made a small squeak when he saw the blue-haired leader having been buried was nestled into Dabi’s chest, arms wrapped around the other’s skinny waist. Hawks felt a blush creeping up onto his cheeks, slowly he pulled the covers back over. 

Dabi stirred slightly, muttering something incoherent before slipping back into a peaceful sleep. Hawks smiled, seeing the two villains with usually tense expressions being so relaxed. Hawks couldn’t deny the jealous pang in his chest when he saw Shigaraki sleeping with Dabi (He wanted to sleep with Dabi)


Wait- What?


Hawks swallowed, pushing down whatever thar outburst was to glance around the room, it looked fairly tidy apart from the dirty laundry pile in the corner. The winged-hero took his chance to take a little look around, from what he could see there was nothing interesting. There was a black bag in the corner which as he rifled through contained countless medical supplies and bags with white-powder in them. Hawks considered flushing the down the toilet but Dabi would get suspicious if they went missing all of a sudden. 

Hawks then noticed a small set of draws, he opened them, finding a few random objects, he almost gave-up on looking around when he noticed a photograph squashed at the bottom of the draw. Hawks brought it closer for examination. The photo had been faded slightly and was burnt around the edges but still had the photo clearly stained on it. A beautiful woman with three children and one baby swaddled in her arms. 

The woman had long white hair and haunting grey eyes, she was holding a small baby wrapped up in yellow sheets, she was smiling down onto the baby who just looked hungry. The tallest of the children was a well-built white-haired boy with the same grey eyes, with a cheeky grin and holding a football in his arms. A young girl had one of her arms wrapped round him, same eye colour but her hair whilst being white looked like it had some sort of red due in it or her hair just had red strands in it. Strange. He recognised that hairstyle from somewhere but couldn’t quite place it. The girls other arm was slung over a much shorter and scrawnier boy with spiky white hair and the most similar striking blue eyes Hawks had ever seen. In fact he’d definitely seen those ehes elsewhere like from the villain’s room he was currently in. On further examination, he noticed the small boy had bandages up his arms, neck and some on his ankles. 

Was this child Dabi? Hawks took a quick photo before shoving the photo back and closing the wooden door with a little thud. 

“Hawks?” The familiar icy tone called out to him. Hawks froze, he slowly turned around the see the patchwork villain sat up in bed looking tired and confused “What are you doing in my room?” 

“I- uh...I was coming to drop some stuff off for Compress and I thought I’d come say hi but you and Shigaraki were...asleep” Hawks smiled. It was the truth, he just hoped Dabi hadn’t seen him snooping or examining that photo.

Dabi stared down like he ws just realising the other villain in his bed with a small ‘oh’ Dabi petted the other ones hair completely forgetting about the hero until Hawks cleared his throat. Piercing blue eyes shot up to stare at him. 

“I should go- you two have a good night- I uh- mean morning” Hawks shuffled awkwardly towards the door feeling the eyes following his very movement. 

“You can join if you want, there’s enough room and I’m cold” Dabi sighed “Plus your wings look warm and I’m cold and not bothered to use my quirk” 

Hawks felt himself go bright red, he didn’t say anything but he was not going to waste this opportunity of sleeping in bed with not only Dabi but the leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front as well. Perfect time to get information (Perfect time to make his cuddling dreams a reality)  


Hawks slid in the covers, making sure his wings hard room before nestling next to Dabi. He let his wing cover the three of them hopefully adding another layer of warmth. Dabi seemed to easily slip back into sleep, Hawks slowly let himself slip into his own dreams whilst creeping closer to the patchwork villains. 

If they cuddled that day then it would be their business only and Shigaraki’s when he joined the warming cuddle. 





Chapter Text


Preparing for Christmas had been a blast,  No it hadn’t. Decorating, cookies, movies and snuggles with his family (Only Toga allowed him) But since it was getting dangerously close to the big day, It’s years away! Twice needed to get his beloved colleagues a gift for Christmas. Twice had already seen the presents frozen in marbles inside Compress’s pocket right before the latter had chased him away and swearing him to secrecy. He was only curious! Couldn’t give two shits! Even though he knew his family well, Twice was still unsure what to get everyone. 

This led to his grand idea of snooping around to get a glimpse of what his friends might like for Christmas. This amazing idea had him planted dead quite in Spinner’s closer full of weird clothes and villain gear. The younger villain had something laid out on the table, a piece of needle and thread in-between his fingers. Twice presumed the villain enjoyed sowing? Knitting? Whatever the hell Spinner was doing as a hobby. Twice wondered if the most of the stuff in the cramped closet the other villain had made, if so, it would explain all the polka dots and Stain logos on the clothing. In fact, Twice was almost 100% sure that Spinner made most of this. No he didn’t!

Spinner held up a strange looking jumper  with snowmen and snow flakes embroidered on it. The sweater was a pale blue. It was a little ugly to be honest    It was beautiful! 

The ugly sweater joined the pile of even more ugly sweaters, They multiplied! Spinner quickly left the room after that, cursing something about wrapping paper. Twice took his opportunity and scampered off with information he needed. 

Next up was Toga. Twice knew that a few of the others would probably just get her something to do with blood but Twice wanted to get her something a little bit less...messy. Toga liked fashion with her new beige coat, maybe she’d like a cute dress or some shoes! She’s hate them! That was true, Twice wasn’t exactly a fashion star and definitely wouldn’t know where to start. Toga only really enjoyed killing things and loved playing with knives...knives! He could get her a personalised knife set. Being the easiest so far but difficult to make with the design Twice had in mind, it would be practical and pretty! Breakable and Ugly!

Compress was up next. Twice struggled with ideas, the male could only be seen reading and any other activity he did was inside the villains private room. But Twice dis notice the amount of masks the villain had, all with widely different expressions. Since Twice had the measurements of Compress’s mask because his clone it was easy to get the sizes he needed. Giran was going to kill him with some of the orders he’d be sending out to the underground, the broker would surely not want to come around for Christmas then. He loves us! 

Twice stuck with the colouring of Black and white not wanting to stray away from the original masks. The double villain painted a wide range of designs but narrowed it down to three amazing looks. Hopefully Compress would impressed. 

The grumpy flame user was next though he’d been mostly in his room for the past couple days with Shigaraki. Twice walked in on then cuddling after Hawks had left, the hero with a rising blush clear in the night sky. Twice tucked the two villains back in that night, thankful to see what he considered to be his younger bro finding comfort in their leader. Twice knew that Dabi liked piercings and he’d done hi ears himself, it would probably be the hardest to obtain but he could try getting the piercing guns and all the shit that comes along with it. Dabi did talk about wanting to get more done anyway.


Now for the most difficult...Shigaraki. Easy peasy! 


It took Twice two minutes to order video games online, that’s all Shigaraki enjoyed doing. Playing video games so it wasn’t hard at all really. 




“I’ll be home for Christmas...If only in my dreams” The sad icy voice haunted the hallways echoing through empty space, the windows were frosted over and the house was empty and cold “I’ll be home for Christmas...You can plan on me” 


Small footsteps creeped down the hall, easily not making a sound after being experienced to know where every creaky floorboard was, which doors squeaked and every good hiding spot.  

“Please have snow and mistletoe...and presents on the tree” There had been a fight this morning and their another was down in the kitchen, after crying on the phone. Their father was upstairs, probably drinking again. It was the heroes dreaded day off. 

The boy in bandages peered through the cracked up door, their mother with tear tracks down her face and a large swollen red handprint on her cheek was sat staring aimlessly out the window, snow covered the ground. 

“I’ll be home for Christmas” Rei sang, her sweet soft voice quivered as fresh tears fell. 

She was also a liar.


Rei wanted to go home for Christmas but father wouldn’t let her. Enji didn’t want mother leaving the house anymore not after attacking Natsuo the other day. 

She’d hurt the boy in bandages as well. Screamed and scratched at him. If it wasn’t for Enji, Rei would’ve gouged out his eyes for looming to much like their fathers. Touya wished she had. 

Touya wished she’d killed him. 

“Where the love light gleams”


What was love? Was it the rough punches he received from his father? Are those the way his father loved him? Maybe that was how he showed affection. Touya should be less bratty about receiving them if they’re fathers affection. 

Rei’s affection didn’t hurt, she was gentle but sometimes Touya saw her holding a knife a little too long in the kitchen, staring at him with a rolling pin in band a little too long, spreading her ice a little too far up his bruises. Hovering over him when she tucked him in bed with hollow eyes, whispering something. 

What did she say?


Dabi gasped as he awoke from his strange sleep with the feeling of shaking hands gripping him tightly on the shoulders. Blue eyes attempting to focus before noticing the wild light-blue hair and crimson eyes. The scars and scabs on pale skin and purple bags under tired eyes. Dabi felt his own body shaking with the snippets of the dream flooding through his mind like a movie on repeat. 

“Are you ok?” Shigaraki’s voice seemed distance and all the flame villain could do was nod, it was a lie. He didn’t feel okay, he felt on the verge of crying. His leader stared away, off into his own mind calculating his next move “I uh- should go and let you get dressed, see you...downstairs?” 

Dabi noticed they were both shirtless and could only assume they were both just in boxers. Shigaraki slowly rose, revealing his surprisingly sorta well-built frame still scrawnier than most of the league members though. His leader threw on the a black coat grabbing the rest of his things before leaving Dabi alone. 

Dabi didn’t want to be alone. 
Touya Loved being alone.

Dabi reached put for his own scattered clothes barely being able to dress himself  as his fingers shivered, making doing up his belt a challenge and spiking up his hair which had turned into a mess after Shigaraki had his half gloved hand in it most of the night, twisting and playing with the dyed strands. Heat rose up in his cheeks but Dabi quickly scolded himself. Emotion was weakness. 

Dabi was not weak. Dabi showed emotion

Touya was weak. Touya was lifeless. 

Dabi was glad most of the others were out hopefully enjoying the snow, it made going downstairs a lot easier without being harassed by the others. Shiggy wasn’t down here but Dabi just had his usual cereal bar whilst trying to calm his nerves. Maybe a walk should help. 

Shigaraki still wasn’t downstairs when Dabi finished breakfast and there was no noise coming from the leaders room, maybe he was sleeping or maybe thinking? Dabi sighed, deciding to take a stroll without him. The halls were a little busy, a few people strolled by, a few coughing and sneezing. Must be a little tickle in the air, Dabi thought.

Unfortunately he rounded a corner and banged head first into one of the few people he wanted to see this morning. Stupid fucking icy entitled dickhead. 

“Ow! Watch it freak” Geten growled, the others skin was paler than usual, dark bags under his eyes, he sounded congested and looked like shit. He had lifeless eyes just staring off. 

“Hey, you bumped into me as well. What’s your problem? You look like shit” Dabi growled, growing annoyed as be couldn’t stop his damn shaking. 

“I’m trying to get to the docs I think I’ve got the flu, probably you bast- 


“The flu?!” Dabi’s eyes shot open, Geten’s  appearance making sense. Shit! They were in close proximity as well. He was breathing the same fucking air! Panic rose in his throat as he turned on his heel to go back to the common room and disinfect the fuck out of his clothing and bathe...a few fucking times. He heard Geten yelling at him but god knows what about. Dabi was more worried about his own predicament. 

Fun fact. 

He can catch colds and get infections easy because of guess what? The scars and low immune system from his mother. Which meant even a common cold could lead up to being fatal if he didn’t take care of himself, something he isn’t great at. But the fucking Flu! Dabi was not going to die of any type of virus or cold not before killing his father. 



Shigaraki sped to his room, luckily no one was around to see him in boxers and a coat. Heat rising on his cheeks, as he burst through his door only to lock it behind him. The patchwork villain was ingrained in his head, the little whimpers he made and gasping when he woke up. Shigaraki had caught him just in time, but realising that would mean they’d both be awake after sleeping in the same bed together for pretty much over 24hrs. Shigaraki could barely hold in his blush when he saw the beautiful sapphire eyes and his own social awkwardness kicked in. 

Shit! Shit! Shit! 

Why was he like this? It was just fucking annoying Dabi! No one special! Right? If Dabi was nobody special why did his chest always tighten whilst around the other villain and the tingling sensations he felt sometimes when they were close to each other. Shigaraki got dressed hoping to try and forget about it but he’d have to face Dabi soon. Why was he so damn sweaty! And fucking hot! It was too damn warm! 

Shigaraki smothered himself into his bed, closing his eyes tight trying to forget the handsome patchwork face that haunted his dreams and the bright blue eyes that stared directly through his soul. Shigaraki burst out of his thoughts when he heard banging and crashing in the bathroom. He raised his head in confusion, the noise continued, Shigaraki got up to investigate, nobody really made that much noise in the bathroom. Shigaraki peeked around the corner. 

The bath water was flowing voilently, bottles of different shampoo’s and conditioners were strewn over the black stitched coat Shigaraki remembered buying for his colleague. In the bathroom whirling around was the patchwork figure. 

The shirtless patchwork figure. 

Dabi was scrubbing menacingly at his skin, drawing blood in some areas. Shigaraki rushed into actions as he saw Dabi hurting himself. Yanking the brush away to bring cold eyes to meet his own. 

“The hell you doing patchwork?!” Shigaraki yelled, allowing his words to drip with angry concern, that tingly feeling was back but it was mixed with something else. 

“I’m fucking cleaning!” Dabi tried reaching for the brush again before Shigaraki threw it out of reach and tightened his grasp. 

“Like hell that was cleaning! You were shredding your skin!” Shigaraki clutched the wrist of the other like his life depended on it, unsure whether his hand would let it go, luckily he had his pinkie raised. 

“I need to be clean! He was sick!” On closer inspection Dabi seemed panicked maybe a little bit confused. Was it because of waking up so suddenly or just the surprise of Shigaraki snatching his wrist. 

“Who’s sick?” Shigaraki stopped yelling and tried to understand the panicked Dabi, not wanting to cause more panic. 

“He has the flu- I- I bumped into him! The air! We were breathing the same air!” Dabi stumbled over his words, Shigaraki barely catching them. 

“Who has the flu?” Shigaraki questioned. 

“Geten! And I bumped into him! Fuck! Fuck! I need to clean!” Dabi slipped out lf Shigaraki’s grip, the latter remembered when Dabi told him how he could easily get infections or colds, they’d be worse for Dabi as well with his shitty immune system.  

Shigaraki grabbed Dabi’s hand again “Calm down and let me help you” 



Dabi only registered where he was when he felt the soft soothing strokes of a warm sponge against his face, the warm water around him and four fingers pressed gently across his face. 

Dabi was in the bath. Shigaraki was too, he couldn’t see past his waist because the bath water had the bubble bath in it. Who bought that shit? Probably Twice or Toga. 

“You alright Patches?” Shigaraki asked dabbing his face. 

Dabi nodded, trying to remember what happened, but he only remembered being in the bathroom and seeing the bottles fall “How did I get here?” 

“Caught you making a mess and a lot of noise, you were scratching the hell out of your skin, acting like a bloody cleaning devil” 




Dabi felt Shigaraki slowly cleaning down his arms now, easily cleaning away dried blood as Dabi got lost in his thoughts again. 

He remembered now. What his mother called him. 

“Devils child”

Chapter Text



He shivered as sweat and salty tears mixed with metal staples and gruesome scars. His whole body quivering from the frost he felt covering his body, dull aches accompanied this with his muscles straining. Groaning in annoyance and agony as every time he swallowed the building saliva sharp shooting pains choked his throat attempting to get rid of the metallic taste in his mouth. Breathing had become difficult as well with one of his airways being blocked off. Fog blanketed his mind and he was sure his eyes looked hazy as if he were on drugs. Only pain medication but he wished he was on something a lot stronger. 

Dabi felt like shit.

There was a shift in the mattress next to him as whimpers escaped Dabi’s mouth which he was desperately biting down on. Feeling nauseas, dehydrated and confused. Even lifting his head proved to be a challenge as a shooting pain surged through it like a bullet to the head. To fair, death by bullet sounded better than death by common illness. 

“Dabi? You ok?” That was the worried voice of his most recent bed partner. Shiggy was what helped him sleep during stressful nights and helped Dabi calm down after horrific nightmares. Holding him close and away from the large man haunting his dreams. 

Whimpering even loader this time, hopefully to get his friends attention to the amount of discomfort he was in. Four fingers ghosted over his sweat covered forehead only having to be a few centimetres away to feel the extreme heat radiating off him. The entire room would be heated soon, causing Dabi to suffocate even more. 

“Just relax, I’ll call Twice and Compress and get some cold towels and some...” Shigaraki stared over at the pill packet on the side “Proper medication” 


Relax? This bastard wasn’t in his situation right now! Dabi could feel it through his bones, how did he get it? Only being around Geten for mere seconds. Was Geten just that sick or was Dabi’s immune system that crap? Dabi felt the fatigue in his body but couldn’t sleep not like this. Whilst Shigaraki stared at him with a concerned expression, with Twice and Compress on the way. Shigaraki thread gloved fingers through matted black hair, trying to be soothing. 

Dabi wanted Shigaraki to hold him. To conform him. Maybe that would make him feel better. Groaning louder as his muscles contracted definitely not relaxing at all. Dabi needed to see a professional for this a fucking doctor- fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. No he didn’t he was fine.  He would live he didn’t need to see...oh shit, he needed to see the fucking doctor- fucking Ujiko. No! Shit! 

“Stop panicking, you’ll be fine” Shigaraki’s voice sounded so distant bit Dabi could feel the others hands on him, the flame villain wanted so desperately to reach out and grab the other and just cuddle, go back to sleep and dream of a life so much better than this one. 

Distant knocks on wood and the creaking sound of a door opening. Two voices flurried through, technically three with Twice’s two voiced opinions, his vision was blurry but Dabi could still make out the two figures carrying different things. Tears leaked down his face. No. He looked so pathetic. So weak just like the sickly child he once was. The one his father tried so desperately to best out of him. 

“Hey little bro” The comforting voice of Twice was knelt beside him right next to his ear, the double villains voice was calm  and loving, soothing clothed hands pet his head “Your gunna be fine, Imma look after you. No I’m not” 


“I-I..” Dabi’s voice wavered, barely above a whisper and breathless. He’s weak, completely useless. He needs fixing a lot of fixing “Ne-ed...doc....U-ji” 

“Ujiko?” Shigaraki questioned before humming, Dabi heard the buttons of Shigaraki’s phone go, was he calling Ujiko? 


”Probably a good idea to get him to have a look, I can only do so much” Compress sighed, watching the cold towel across Dabi’s forehead steam completely dry. Replacing it every few minutes we a new one just to get heated faster. 

“Ujiko would probably want him there” Shigaraki told then in between the buzzes from his phone, having it pressed against his ear tightly. 


“Shigaraki, what do you want from me at this hour in the morning?” 

“Dabi’s sick”


”Sick? Oh dear, would you like me to take a look? Maybe keep him under observations at the lab for a few days?” 

”Yeah, can you teleport us?”

“I can teleport Dabi for now, why don’t I call you guys back when he’s more settled” 



Shigaraki hesitated, the doc being alone Dabi sounded like a bad idea but as Shigaraki observed Dabi’s sweating and shaking form he agreed, not noticing Twice’s worried expression from the other side of the bed. 

Shigaraki had to turn away ad the black tar spurted from Dabi’s mouth causing the other to writhe in the need for oxygen. Closing his eyes until there was only silence. 

After Twice and Compress left he laid down in the bed smelling Dabi’s ashy scent. 



Twice wasn’t great at remembering stuff. I’m great at remembering shit! But he was sure someone had said something about the doc to him, in fact, Twice was pretty sure it was Giran from their coffee date. The doc was strange and showed a weird obsession for Dabi and seemed to be too touchy with the flame villain everyone found it weird, everyone except Dabi, he told them to mind their own business. 

Twice racked his mind for the
conversation about the doc he had with Giran trying to remember any new information he had forgotten. 

“I never really liked or trusted Ujiko, he’s too…weird”

“He was always working on something with All For One, something so sketchy that I’m sure no one but those two knew about, be careful around him Jin, warn the others too”


Twice felt a sense of dread creep up his spine. He should’ve told the others what Giran said, the latter always was amazing at reading people but Twice chose to ignore him for now because the doc and Dabi seemed to not work together as much anymore. 

Shit he needed to tell Shigaraki.



”Look at you, writhing like a weak brat” A cold voice shocked the patchwork villain.

”Your need fixing”

”I’ll help you” 





Chapter Text




Ujiko’s face was engraved into his memory by now but still every time Dabi saw it a new layer of panic added to the memories he had. The added layer of panic only made his quirk raise the temperature in his own sick ridden body. He really was weak. It only took being in Geten’s vicinity for not even a minute for him to catch the fucking thing. Lying down staring up at another figure that constantly haunted his dreams, Dabi felt like the same terrified kid he was years ago. The exact same position. 

“You look terrible boy” Ujiko stroked a calloused hand through thick black hair. Unlike Shigaraki or Twice’s comfort from doing this, Ujiko’s gesture definitely wasn’t comforting “What needs fixing pet?” 

“S-Sick” Dabi’s voice shook, just like when he was Touya. No. He wasn’t weak, he wasn’t Touya. It was just the virus making him this shaky and panicked. Not the doctor. Everything was fine. Everything was going to be perfectly fine.  

Ujiko hummed “Geten came in the just yesterday to get medicine, I suppose you caught it from him, right?” 

Dabi attempted to nod but the splitting headache couldn’t allow such a movement, as it felt like his head was about to explode at any movement. Instead Dabi plunged his finger nails into the palms of his hands, a bad habit he picked up a while ago, the pain was grounding when his mind started wandering into the darkness. 

“Oh dear Touya, you should be careful now, wouldn’t want to die from a virus now would we? Though I could turn you into one of my creations couldn’t I? And then you could stay with me forever, I wouldn’t have to worry about you wondering off on me” Ujiko had always been obsessed with Dabi, ever since he was a kid. When he was a nobody. Ujiko made him Dabi. Ujiko created Dabi after Enji killed Touya. The doctor ‘fixed’ him gave him the patchwork and the smoke vents. But the doctor also hurt him in horrific ways, Ujiko enjoyed inflicting pain on others. The doctor being a master of torture as expected if he worked with AFO. 

Ujiko had a lot of practise. That’s why he was so good. 


“Touya” Ujiko smirked sadistically, watching as Touya writhed in his restraints, his finger nail beds bleeding and empty. Ujiko had yanked all of them out, punishing Touya for his misbehaviour  “Are you not happy here? Do I not show you enough attention? Well you have my undivided attention now, let me hear you scream boy” 

Touya cried out when the blistering hit iron rod burnt through the scarred skin of his thigh, branding a new hot shape into his sensitive thigh. Crying and panting as new hot tears welled in his eyes. Touya tried to escape, he was so close to the exit when Ujiko had caught him, strapping him down to the metal chair.

”Touya, how about we play a game!” Ujiko smiled, petting Touya’s hair lovingly, like the white-haired boy was some dog on a leash “A little numbers game, every time you get an answer wrong, you’ll get burned, every right answer and I’ll give you a reward” 

Reward. Punishment. They were both the same but the reward would mean he would be untied and Ujiko would have his way with Touya something that the boy hated even more than getting burned.

“Touya” Ujiko chuckled “What’s 1000 - 7”




Twice panicked, Shigaraki had let Dabi go with Ujiko! Twice remembered Giran’s warning and before their leader could leave the room Twice snagged the sleeve to a light blue shirt “Shigaraki! We need to go see Dabi! He’s in trouble with the doc! Please! Leave that brute to die!” 

“What are you going on about now? I know the docs a little sketchy but he’s just looking after patches” Shigaraki raised an eyebrow, unfazed by Twice’s desperate yelling. 

“No! We need to go see Dabi! Giran warned me about the doc! We need to go see if Dabs is alright! Screw that useless whore!” 

“Twiice what the actual fuck are you screaming about, I can barely understand you” Shigaraki growled, the older villain talking way too fast and loud to understand the words being practically vomited  at him “The fuck does Giran have to do with this?” 

“Giran warned me about Ujiko No he didn’t! The docs dangerous He’s harmless. Haven’t you noticed the way he looks a Dabi?” Twice was frantic meaning his double personality was harder to control. 

“You need to calm down and speak to me afterwards, I’ll be in my ro- 


“You aren’t listening to me!” Twice growled, Toga and Spinner were both probably awake after that outburst, Shigaraki was stunned into silence, letting his composure slip slightly. 

“Please! We- I just need to make sure little bro Dabi is ok” Twice lowered his voice, trying to sound more serious than explosive. 

“I understand, I feel the same way but we can only get to the docs by his teleportation, I’d have to call an- 


“Call the doc then!“ Twice eagerly tried snatching the phone from Shigaraki’s pocket but the latter was faster, gripping the device between three fingers sighing. 

“Fine, fine if it’ll get you to shut the hell up” Shigaraki dialled the number, the first few times it went straight to voicemail each time setting off more alarms bells in Shigaraki’s head. 

Ujiko never missed a call. 

It was the fourth call when an out of breath Ujiko finally picked up. Shigaraki noticed the low whimpering in the back ground and his face darkened. He should’ve listened to Twice’s warnings sooner. Or his panicked expression when Dabi disappeared in the black sludge. 


Shigaraki stormed through the building after Twice, compress and himself had been transported to the lab but instead of the main room a few hallways away. Twice ran off immediately, the two others followed behind even more suspicious of Ujiko’s attitude even in the phone the doc had been reluctant to let them come see their comrade. Saying he was either tol dizzy or unconscious. 

Twice got there before them and by the time Shigaraki had arrived the other was at an unconscious Dabi’s side, checking for anything. 

“Young master” Ujiko called out, sitting on his chair “You look well, as you can see Dabi’s asleep” 

Shigaraki was at Dabi’s head stroking through hair as be observed Compress start asking the doctor questions when he felt it, a warm liquid and a deep cut. Shigaraki carefully removed his hand seeing the crimson liquid on his four fingers, Twice saw it too, the other was furious but Shigaraki was even more so. 

“Can you get the medicine he needs doc, I’m sure he wants to go back to his own bed” Shigaraki growled, at the side of Ujiko’s desk was a bat covered in small little spikes. Shigaraki eyed the weapon and felt the liquid on his hand. 

“I insist he stays here Tomura, I can keep a proper eye on him since your all so busy” The doc argued, seeming tense. Shigaraki knew the doc had some memory based quirk, whatever he’d just done to Dabi would be erased soon. 

“I’m on break. I can take care of him. Can you get him the medicine he needs and send us back” Shigaraki hissed, this time with more bite behind his voice. Ujiko reluctantly handed Shigaraki the bag that felt full of different medicines. They would need checking before he gave any to Dabi. 

The doctor sent them all back. Thankfully Dabi was in his bed and not on the floor. Shigaraki sent Compress to look through the drugs Ujiko had given them and look at Geten’s shit, after cleaning the head wound Shigaraki found himself getting back into bed instead of it being just him and Dabi, Twice was cuddling the flame user refusing to let go. It was slightly creepy but Shigaraki let the other be. 



The white-haired boy was back. Staring at Dabi from the corner of his mind. The flame user stared back unsure of what to do. It was unlike any other nightmares he had because this felt strangely real. Dabi knew that the boy was Touya. Clear by the pained blue eyes and bandages. As a child Touya always had dreams of a dark figure standing in the corner of his mind too. 

Dabi was weak. Too weak to even be able to stand up to Ujiko. Does Touya want his body back? After all, Dabi had failed he was a failure. Weak. Weak. Weak. He wasn’t better than Touya. He wasn’t emotionless. Dabi was a coward.

“I wanted to be brave just like you” 

Chapter Text




Glaring at his phone screen had become a habit now, constantly staring at the empty eyed stares of young children and a mother whilst all of them were smiling Hawks could see the pain behind the glassy looks. The eyes are windows to the soul after all. The winged hero had been cooped up in his office all day taking his time scribbling through paperwork and staring at the photo on his phone, the girl with red streaked white-hair had bugged him constantly, Hawks knew he'd seen that hairstyle before, wracking his brain for any detail it could give him. He'd mostly finished the stack of growing papers on his desk with no calls or action all day, his wings were stiff from just sitting on his leather chair all day, occasionally spinning around in efforts of entertainment. At least in a few days he could be let off for Christmas and he wouldn't have to deal with shitty paperwork or loud fucking villains. Hawks could be as lazy as he wanted without anybody dragging his name through the mud. 

A sudden burst of knocking at the door broke through his hazy mind, it was one of his sidekicks. Bursting through the door seeming rather clustered with their cheeks glowing a bright red “Uh- Sir...Hawks...M-Mr Endeavor is on his way up” 



Hawks quickly dismissed her and tried to clean up his desk as much as possible, the finished paper work being shoved in folders and tossed aside, he felt pins and needles in his lower legs, the uncomfortable situation and his nervousness to see Endeavor. What could the old guy want? The lucky no.1 got on break a day ago and Hawks wouldn’t see him until the party tomorrow night. Annual Christmas party in Japan for heroes, mostly invitation only but a few heroes get to bring plus 1’s or the wives and children of the pros come along. Hawks heard the huge mans footsteps before he saw the guy, thanks to his heightened senses. Hawks also picked up on two much lighter footsteps trailing the pro’s. 


Hawks smiled, his usual signature fake smile but for everyone else it was real. The only time Hawks genuinely smiled now was funnily enough around wanted murderers who seemed to be his best company at the moment “Endeavor! What do I owe the pleasure of this sudden visit?” 

Hawks almost dropped his phone and folders when he saw them. Todoroki Shouto was the first through the door, Hawks caught the view of his left eye, the colour being the same as Endeavor’s bit Hawks saw the same colour in Dabi’s eyes as well, but the villain was different, there was fiery passion unlike Endeavor’s of Shouto’s fuelled by pure hatred towards society. Maybe that’s why Hawks found them so mesmerising and beautiful. The next was a young woman, sparkly grey eyes and dressed rather similar to Shouto with plain clothing. Hawks ended uo dropping all of the folder and the papers flew across the room. The woman. Endeavor’s daughter. Todoroki Fuyumi. Had that same white hair with red streaks as the girl did in that photo. 

“A-Ah, look at me being a clutz” Hawks chuckled trying to do his best to gather the papers whilst his brain processed the aight before him. 

“Apologies for catching you at a...indecent time? Let me introduce you to my oldest child Fuyumi you’ve seen her around and you’ve met my youngest Shouto” Endeavor introduced his children before turning back towards Hawks “I have something I wanted to drop off personally about that nomu that we fought off” 


Hawks remembered that, the scar on Endeavor's face reminded him every time of that accident. Hawks could only really remember the conversation he had with Dabi afterwards. Hawks took the thick file Endeavor was carrying with him, the winged hero was surprised at how much information they had gotten from a charred body. 

“If you get the chance it would be beneficial to read it before you get let off for Christmas” Endeavor rambled on about something else related to the party, obviously Shouto and Fuyumi would be attending. All Might was invited and how they all had a table together but Hawks let his eyes wander to red-stranded hair and the photo on his phone . 

“Anyway, we best be leaving, we have to go see Tsukauchi” Endeavor waved off Hawks as he followed his children out of Hawks’s office. The minute they were out of view he practically flung himself towards his computer. Mashing in the buttons on his keyboard, opening the hero database as quickly as possible. Scrolling through names alphabetically until he reached Todoroki Enji. Hawks knew practically everything that was available for a random pro to read but because Hawks was no.2 there was even more information on the no.1 that he could delve into. 

Private Information.


Jackpot. Hawks waited for the site to load, pulling out the photo on his phone. Seeing lifeless stares above most likely fake smiles just like the ones Hawks plays off. Fuyumi. Hawks had met her briefly but not enough to place her in this photo, usually a bubbly woman as Endeavor described her once. The hair and eyes matched perfectly. Hawks scrolled down the screen of loaded information. 


Quirk Marriage, wife: Todoroki Rei. Conceived four children. Before being deemed mentally unstable and placed in a psychiatric ward after an accident with their youngest child. 


Oldest child: Todoroki Touya

Second Oldest: Todoroki Fuyumi 


Third Oldest: Todoroki Natsuo 


Youngest: Todoroki Shouto



Hawks had only heard of the three younger ones. Endeavor never mentioned anything about this Touya Todoroki, Hawks hesitated for a few moments unsure of what he’d find. Clicking anyway. Sure enough a recognisable face popped up, it was the scrawny child from the photo. With those blazing blue eyes. 


Top Secret



Todoroki Touya born 18th January, mother Todoroki Rei, father Todoroki Enji. 

Quirk: Cremation


Age Five - Multiple Cases Case 1 


Brought in for medical examination after quirk related incident, burns and blisters covering both arms. No permanent damage. Multiple bruises found but explained as childhood accidents. 

No further action taken. 


Age Six - Multiple Cases Case Five


Brought in for healing, multiple broken ribs and severe burns on forearms and neck, multiple large bruises found. Healed successfully. No permanent damage. Scars present. 


Age Nine - Multiple Cases Case Three


Multiple very severe burns and broken right arm. Permanent damage to neck, burns and disfigured skin. Multiple bruises and untreated wounds. Hinted Child Abuse. No evidence found.

Doctors and Nurses fired. 


Age Eleven - Multiple Cases Case Seven


Attempted suicide - mental health assessment done requires mental support. Refused. 

Doctors fired. 

Touya went missing on his twelfth birthday last seen in his bedroom the night previous. No traces of kidnapping. No trace of whereabouts

Case Dropped


Body found charred, suspected victim to be Todoroki Touya.

Burnt Alive.  



Hawks stared at the screen silently, his shaking limbs clicked on the others files and stared down at the photo. Cremation. Dabi’s quirk was called cremation and the eyes, the frame, the hatred for Endeavor, it all made sense now. Skimming through Shouto’s file had only proved Hawks’s growing theory and fury. 

Endeavor abused his kids. The bastard he looked up to for years had been beating his kids senseless and was the reason Dabi was the way he is now. 

Hawks is going to fucking kill that man. 

Endeavor is going to die. 



“If you could be anything what would you want to be?” Hawks smiled tucking into the chicken wing he’d bought. Swinging his legs off the side of the roof. 

The villain hummed, thinking through his answer carefully “I think...if under different circumstances I would’ve wanted to be someone who saves people who can’t voice their pain” 


“A hero?!” Hawks went wide-eyed and almost choked on his chicken. 

“No more like a vigilante who beats down heroes and also saves ya know like abuse victims or some shit like that”


”I just want to sleep and spend my life lazy and not stressed, your a better person than me” Hawks chuckled. 

“Not better hero” 



Chapter Text


Thick chains strapped him tightly down to the cold metal chair. Pained whines slipped from his mouth as every movement he made created a sharp pain through his torso but he couldn’t see what was happening because of the small weight over his eyes. The blindfold he’d grown to hate. His battered bkdy was on high alert, the tensing hurting his torso or more specifically his chest area more. 

He flinched when the double doors opened loudly and squeaky medical cart and loud footsteps, the footsteps belonged to the doctor, he was sure of it, because the doctor always whistles the same tune whilst walking in for another painful ‘fixing session’ the clunking of metal was right next to his right ear. God knows what was on that tray. He didn’t want to know. 

“Look at you, so helpless” The doc strokes gloved fingers through his white-hair which had been mostly stained red the last time he saw it because of the blood “You look so beautiful like this, tied up and broken and you’ll look so much better when your fixed” 


Holding back tears at the doctors words, knowing the amount of pain he was about to endure. The doctor would make sure he was in pain, says it builds character. It just built on his desire to die. He didn’t even want to kill the doc for torturing him constantly, he could care less what happens to the doc whether the man lives, dies. Himself personally just wanted all of his suffering to end. The first time the white-haired boy begged for the doc to kill him the older male beat him so badly he thought he was going to die but the doc made him live, torturing his body and beating the suicidal thoughts out of him. 

They never went away. 

“Touya” The doc brushed his cheek, just below the blindfold in a loving way like a mother would their child except the docs love for him went further that just small motherly comforts. Touya hated those touches more so than the torture. The white-haired boy listened to Ujiko picking up what sounded like a metal instrument and nudged it against Touya’s side. There was a small poke between his ribs, the object was obviously small but Touya wasn’t about to let out a sigh of relief because he knew Ujiko, everything in that mans hands was dangerous and painful “Its a file...I’m going to file off your burnt skin and see how loud you get”


Touya tried to jerk away when he felt the surprisingly not small object of the file pressed flat against the marred skin of his right arm. Ujiko pressed down hard before moving back and forth across the skin, at first Touya couldn’t feel it but soon the burning sensation and the feeling of liquid dribbling down his chin set him into tears later followed by the blood-curdling screams when the doctor didn’t stop and went all the way up and down his arm, filing off hard scarred bloody skin. Ujiko enjoyed playing around with his messed up skin, finding new ways to create pain and new ways for Touya to use his quirk. 


”Hm...” The doctor wrapped something cold around his forearm before jabbing a needle a thread into his bloody mess of leftover skin and tissues. Slowly sowing whatever cool jagged material onto his arm, all the while humming the recognisable tune. After a while the doc seemed bored with fiddling with his right arm and moved instead onto his legs, which were on show after the doc had ripped his pants from him, leaving Touya in black boxers. Touya shivered when he felt the docs hand run down his right inner thigh, pinching as he went down. Another rustle and Touya knew the doc had picked up a pack of nails just by the clinking sound. 

Holding his breathe when the doctor pressed the pointy side of the nail towards his shin. Touya knew exactly what was going to happen in a few seconds. He screamed, louder than he must’ve done previously, a loud thwack had the nail driving into his shin bone.Touya wrestled against his restraints whaling and crying, another one went in just below. Touya wrestled until his skin where the chain were had been rubbed raw and bleeding. In total six bails had been running up his shin and Ujiko had begun drilling painful holes into his other shin letting his blood flow down both appendages. 

“Your being so good Touya” The doc gave the boy a gentle pat. Before beginning another whole letting the bone splinter apart. 

“P-Please...please kill me...doc please! I want you to kill me! I want to die Doc! Let me die! I want to die!” Touya screamed, no longer caring about this broken body of his, he just wanted his life to finally end, whether Ujiko made him suffer before his death, Touya didn’t care as long as the doc was going to kill him. 

“Oh Touya...that didn’t take long this time, was it the nails? I’m sorry my poor boy bit I just can’t let you die but for this little outburst I will have to punish you” Ujiko didn’t seem upset at all almost happy that Touya had screamed at him to kill the boy. 

Touya’s punishment was flogging. Flogging half the skin off his back and thighs. He cried through it all. He wanted to die wanted it to end.




Dabi bolted upright, feeling hands around his side and arm, The doctor, the doctors touching him again. He needed- he needed to kill the do- 


“Dabi, calm down” Dabi’s eyes locked with crimson ones as he saw the blue shaggy hair and chapped lips “Dabi calm down, your ok” 

“Yeah your ok man” Jin was on his other side smiling “Just breathe” 


The white-haired boy was standing in the corner of his room.


Chapter Text



Sleepless nights had been something he’d grown accustomed to in the past fee days, too scared to fall back into a sleep where there were monsters waiting for him on the other side. The worst part was he could feel the pain because the dreams were just memories, things he was reliving and through the process the real pain wracked his body. The feelings of gloves on his skin or the sound of a belt coming down on him. The smell of smoke and ash or disinfectant and other chemicals. Exhaustion always won in the end, lulling him back into the cage. But even when reliving painful memories on the other side there would always be two angels reaching out to grab him. Shigaraki, his leader, the male that brought a lot of the League’s dreams to reality. Dabi knew the familiar blush creeping up his cheeks meant...he’d known it for a while now. He liked the fucking boss. Sleeping in the same bed whilst cuddling only made his feelings grown stronger. 

His other angel was what Dabi considered an older brother. Jin. Who had been there during most of his panics and self-destructive drinking or drug binges. Jin usually slept with Shigaraki and him or slumped on the chair next to the bed fiddling with whatever gadget he’d found. Even going out of his way once to help Dabi with his staples on his back after the flame villain had been in a scuffle.  

Luckily his flu was also going down just in time for the Christmas shit. He would hate to be the one to ruin it for the others with being fucking sick. Dabi had originally planned to go MIA during Christmas so he couldn’t be seen drinking at all hours washing away years of memories but with his recent shenanigans Shigaraki wouldn’t let the flame user out of his ‘godly’ presence. Even now Dabi was pinned to the leaders side, whilst the other was scrolling through some important shit on his phone. Jin had left to go help the others with dinner. 

Fiddling wit his own staples in his wrist, twisting them in odd directions to feel the bubbles of blood poke through his skin had become one of his habits lately. The warm crimson colour glided down his arm gracefully. Moving on to the other one when his hand was swatted away from a scarred arm. Shigaraki had been observing him and had been the one to swat away his hand. 

“Stupid, what are you trying to do? Get and Infection?” Shigaraki sighed, seeming annoyed. Dabi felt guilt rise in his chest for making the boss annoyed after everything he’s done for Dabi’s worthless ass. Shigaraki reached for a tissue and cleaned up the blood and easily fixed the staple like it was second nature “Stupid this all because of the doc?” 

“Is what because of the doc?” Dabi tried acting oblivious, trying to put off telling anyone about his abusive and torturous past as much as possible. But Shigaraki wasn’t having any of his bullshit today judged by his leaders grumpy expression. 

“Dabi. What did the doctor do to you?” Shigaraki asked without sugar-coating the question making sure it was straight to the point as usual. Dabi frowned at the seams in his wrist not looking forward to this conversation. 

“What hasn’t he done?” 

“I’m being serious Dabi. Why is Ujiko so weird around you?” Shigaraki was pressing him now for information and the flame user felt trapped like the scared little brat he once was always crying in corners begging for his pain to end. 

“Docs just like that...few screws loose like everyone else” Simple reply. But Shigaraki could obviously sense the BS Dabi was throwing his way. 

“Fucking bullshit! Your crappier with creating excuses than staying sober! Will you just fucking tell me one thing about you already!” Shigaraki snapped, his voice booming out. Dabi flinched, memories of that tone flooded his mind “You’ve known Ujiko for a while haven’t you?” 

“ could say that...” Dabi felt himself beginning to shake, crumpling soft sheets between his fingers instead of his staples “I-...knew him from when I was a kid...maybe when I was 12- no- 13? Something like that” 


“What did he do to you?” Shigaraki asked, more determined to get to the bottom of this than before. 

“He- he fixed me...I needed fixing and the doc did just that” The answer was spoken truthfully. He did need fixing and at the time Ujiko was the only one willing and able to do so. 

“Define ‘fixing’” 

“My burns me- Ujiko he took care of the scars, patchwork and all my medical shit amongst other things” The other things included years worth of torture and pain. 

“He was responsible for the patchwork?” 

“The scars were from before I met Ujiko, the doc just made it easier to live with. Made sure I didn’t die on the streets” Dabi answered, not really truthfully as the doc didn’t let him go back to the streets willingly. Dabi only managed to escape when the dlc was distracted with something else in his lab. He was back out on the streets by 16-17 when Giran picked him up. 

“And the other things Ujiko did?” Shigaraki wondered still not buying any of Dabi’s crap “For once, you can stop lying to me and actually tell me the shit I need to know, I know Ujiko is fucked up and I know he must’ve done some fucked up shit to you, so spare us both the trouble and just tell me patches”


”Ok...” Dabi whispered, he wasn’t even sure he said it but Shigaraki seemed satisfied with the answer. Dabi ended up telling Shigaraki everything. To when Ujiko picked him up off the streets, from the torture, pain, the special affection Ujiko would give him and when he escaped. Mentioning nothing about before or after meeting Ujiko because Shigaraki didn’t need any more of his shitty life spilling out tonight. 

Shigaraki wouldn’t look him in the eyes during the story or even a good few minutes after Dabi had stopped talking. They both sat in silence as his leader processed the information that had been laid out “The doctor...he- he did all that to you? And I- I didn’t even-“ 


“I didn’t ask you to intervene if that’s what your about to say, what’s done is done right?” Dabi wished that was the truth that he could move past it that easily and just forget about the torture “There was nothing you could’ve done anyway- I needed him to fix me” 


“That motherfucker didn’t fix you! Just tortured and raped you! Are you that fucking dense! If anything he broke you- he broke you and I didn’t- I didn’t even notice” Shigaraki began muttering after the small outburst. Dabi registered Shigaraki’s words. Broken. He was broken. Because if the doc never fixed him that meant he was broken right?


”I’m broken?” Dabi voiced his thoughts aloud. Looking at himself be really didn’t look fixed just a broken boy thrown into an even more broken body. 

Dabi felt himself being pulled against a warm body in a tight hug. The flame user was definitely not used to this kind of treatment shuddering a little in the touch. Four fingers brushed up and down his back in a comforting motion. Shigaraki muttered numbers of apologies and Dabi just listened. 

“I’m so sorry” 


I’m so sorry Touya. 


Chapter Text


Twirling her hair in frustration between tired fingers had been the annoying start to the blonde’s day. After seeing a cool picture of a models hair and how they styled it, Toga wanted to try it but only ended up in knotting her hair. Her hairbrush having been thrown against her door with a frustrated groan a few seconds ago. Toga had half of her hair in a weird bun to keep it out the way whilst the other half was either in a strange braid or knotted up. Her usual buns don’t take much effort but she’d wanted to try something different and nice for Christmas. That backfires obviously. Maybe somebody else knew how to dl the hairstyle or at least could help her with the knots.

Toga marched out of her room, gathering up her hairbrush and bands in the process, the first unfortunate soul that appeared in front of the blonde was Spinner, did Spinner dye his hair? It was a pinky-purple shade. Toga swooped in him immediately like a bird to their prey. 

“Spinster!” Toga smiled, waving around excitably but mostly desperately “Can you help me please!!!!?? It’s my hair!!!! Can you help me plait it pweaaase!!”


Spinner chuckled shaking his head “I can only dye hair not plait it...I’m as useless as you seem to be in this one, ask Twice or Compress maybe they know how” Spinner shrugged, the lizard seemed to be heading n towards his own room. 

Toga easily hunted down Twice and Compress. They were both sat at the tables the former talking to himself and the latter reading a book. Dabi was also slumped on the couch fiddling with his phone after mostly recovering from his flu. The boss man was nowhere to be seen, had be gone off to do something? She bounded over to the table causing the other two to look up at her. 

“Do any of you two know how to plait hair?” Toga asked. 

Twice started laughing, staring at one of the huge knots in her hair “I do! No I don’t!” 

Compress shook his head whilst flicking the page. Toga huffed, she might as well give up and cute all her hair off at this point. Slumping down next to Dabi on the couch the flame villain had his eyes closed until she flopped onto the couch with a little more force than necessary. She folded her arms and pouted trying to show her annoyance. Dabi had either been asleep or thinking deeply because it took a few seconds for him to register his surroundings. 

“Fucks wrong with you?” He asked, his voice sounded slightly strained.


”Well for starters I can’t do this hairstyle I wanted to do and now I’ve got huge knots in my hair! And even better! No one around here knows how to fix it!” Toga huffed, creasing her eyebrows and folding her arms tighter than before still clutching the hairbrush and bands. 

“Want me to take a look?” Dabi asked. 

Toga’s eyes darted over to Dabi. Scanning his face for any signs that he was high but Dabi seemed and appeared to be sober (for once) Toga frowned for a few seconds before dropping to the floor in front of the flame user “Didn’t know you did hair” 



”Touya will you help me!” Fuyumi waved a hairbrush around with her hair matted and tied up in several different places.


”Had a sister” Dabi muttered snatching the hairbrush away and beginning to brush through blonde strands that were a lot thinner to what he was used to. Even so the knots were large and took him a while to tackle. Toga hummed a tune whilst he tried carefully not to yank her hair out or hurt the blonde in any way. After brushing out the silky hair into untangled strands Dabi noticed the photo of the hairstyle Toga had been attempting, it looked fairly complicated but Dabi quickly got to work trying to replicate it. 

Toga couldn’t help but feel the sense of relaxation as scrawny fingers played with her hair, plaiting strands together tightly and twirling short bits of blonde hair between his fingertips. Toga made a few winces when the other pulled a little too hard but when he noticed, his grip loosened when he saw Toga tense up. Dabi made quick work of the thin strands lf hair easily plaiting them into strong plaits finishing off into buns. Along the way Toga couldn’t help but fidget resuming in Dabi actually threatening to hit her with the sparkly pink hairbrush. 

After he’d finished the other side Toga swung round to give him a hug “Thanks big bro Dabs!” 

“Thank you Touya!” Fuyumi giggled. Twirling in circles. 

Chapter Text



Hawks had definitely had one too many last night, he couldn’t even fly home somebody had to drive his incoherent self back to his apartment, where the hero was still half dressed and crumpled up in bed, wrapped like a burrito. His wings ached from being pinned behind him in such an awkward position. After untangling himself, Hawks noticed the banging in his head and the fog in his eyes. Along with the memory of the message from Compress last night. 

Last night had been the party, from where heroes pretty much all across Japan came to celebrate. Hawks being Hawks drank most of the liquor because he couldn’t help himself along with eating pretty much every chicken thing the party chefs had served. Slowly rising from his warm bed, Hawks stumbled his way over to the kitchen to get something for his pounding head. Along with making some tea which he nursed. Even though he wasn’t in a rush he still had somewhere to be this afternoon. Hawks didn’t have any Christmas celebration because Takami Keigo didn’t really exist. Which meant no warm nice dinner or family stories just himself. However that was about to change, last night Compress offered for the hero to stay with the villains over Christmas thinking about how much more food and booze he cod consume Hawks had accepted. Probably not the smartest idea as it would put a lot of strain on him to keep his cover and guard up for the next nine days. 

But Hawks had already agreed and therefore he had to follow through with the plans which unfortunately included packing a selection of Christmas themed clothes and toiletries into his small suitcase meant for business trips. A part of him was excited to go and spend some moe time with the unpredictable villains because even though they were all wanted killers, they felt more like a family than a normal civilian. Hawks enjoyed their company most out of everyone he knew. But this also provided Hawks with the great opportunity to see if the flame user Dabi was really Todoroki Touya. Hawks had almost been sick after reading Endeavor’s eldest son’s medical file, it makes sense since Dabi is covered in burns mostly where past injuries had happened/repeated. 

Hawks also had to groom his wings before setting off after the uncomfortable sleeping position. Thankfully his wings weren’t too stiff, enough to do for the quick flight to the LoV base, Hawks carried his suitcase and took off from his balcony, flying high enough so as not to attract any unwanted gazes. Hawks wasn’t his usual speed today mostly because of the freezing cold, his feathers felt like little ice cubes. Lucky for him the villains had heated up the base letting the hero relax whilst listening to the clacking of plastic wheels against concrete. The sweet scent of chocolate led hin towards the League’s common room. Hawks swung open the door. He was blinded by most of the lights first and then assaulted by the decorations. 

Compress was sat on the couch and Toga was with Twice making some inedible mess in the kitchen. The other three were nowhere to be seen “Hawks! Glad you could make it!” 

“Birdie!” Hawks felt the life get squeezed out of him as the young blonde gripped him tight enough to break a spine “We’re making chocolate balls!” 

Hawks hoped whatever Toga was making looked different to what he was imagining in his head right now. Hawks strolled over to Compress his suitcase trailing behind him. 

“Thanks for inviting me!” Hawks smiled, being as friendly as possible.


”No problem! Spinner and Shiggy are out right now but you’ll be staying with Dabi in his room, he’s in there right now if you wanted to go see him and get settled” Compress’s mask was smiling and judged by his warm voice Hawks could feel contentment slipping from the mans voice. 

Hawks dragged his suitcase to the second floor and towards the flame users room. He knocked twice before going inside. The room appeared like it had been clean and the blinds were open giving Hawks a perfect view of the room and of the figure led put on the bed staring at him with sapphire eyes. Hawks smirked at Dabi’s body. 

“Unable to get up this morning lazy bones?” Hawks teased, leaning his suitcase against the wall. 

“Fuck off, I cleaned this room and went through Shigaraki’s argument for you staying in my room” Dabi growled out “Given me a right headache” 

“Argument?” Hawks questioned. 

“Yeah, didn’t like the idea of us sharing a bed, told him to fuck off” Dabi yawned, rolling onto his side. 

Hawks thought that maybe this wasnt the best time to bring up Todoroki Touya after Dabi had just had an argument with Shigaraki. 


Hawks didn’t really unpack just dumped his stuff and helped Toga with desert after leaving Dabi to crash on the bed for a while. The guy looked lie he needed some decent sleep. Dinner was nice, even if it was just take away. Spinner and Shigaraki also came back, the latter glaring at him before storming to his own bedroom. Hawks helped clear up dinner and played a few video games with the others before heading up to bed. His first half a day with the League had gone pretty smoothly. Even as he climbed into bed next to the dozing patchwork villain he felt safe and happy watching Dabi’s chest rise and fall after Hawks tucked him in. 

Hawks was dozing when Dabi’s bedroom door opened and closed, keeping his eyes shut he heard the footsteps another person in the room. Hawks cracked one eye open to see a blue-haired Male climbing into bed with Dabi and him. Shigaraki clutched onto Dabi’s body, hugging the other right causing Hawks to feel slightly jealous of the villain. After all, the hero wished he was the one cuddling Dabi right now. He crept in closer and put an arm around Dabi’s thin waist. All right Shigaraki you may have won this round. 

But he’s mine. 

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There were a lot of things Compress regretted in his life and the decision to ask Hawks to join them for Christmas was definitely one of them. Most of the League liked the hero, everyone except for Shigaraki. Compress had noted over the duration of the day the small little competition between the hero and their leader, the older knew exactly who it was over. Their favourite flame user. Dabi. He seemed to be the centre of attention from the two now rivals begging for his attention and getting at any chance to one-up each other. Compress found this funny at first but with it going on for hours his patience was starting to wear thin. Especially with the ticking time bomb Toga and Twice had set up earlier. 


That morning whilst mostly everyone was  still getting ready, Hawks and Shigaraki had been bickering over who makes the best hot cocoa and gets to bring it to Dabi. Compress had been putting in new mask designs after a few of his broke from the fight with the Liberation Army. He was also watching the blonde’s of their little League carrying a dark green branch with pearl white berries and waxy leaves, both staring up at the cooling trying to find the best place to put the plant. Compress noticed the plant as being the festive troublemaker.



The pair had scampered off after planting the time bomb right next to the over-decorated Christmas tree. Compress silently watched as he waited for chaos to unfold. Compress waited patiently as dinner was placed on the table. Soba in a salty broth, Dabi made it with the two rivals suckering about and squabbling over different jobs and who was best a cooking. The dinner arrangements caused the most arguments but luckily Dabi was saved by sitting at the other end of the table opposite the head which seated himself. Unfortunately on both sides of Compress were the two rivals glaring at each other lapping up the food.  Twice sat next to Shigaraki opposite Toga. After thanking Dabi for the meal they all properly dug in. 

Compress was practically eating the tension between the two on both of his sides. A small jolt under the table made Compress aware a miniature kicking war was taking place. Both of the rivals acting like small children until Compress felt a rather large shunt under the table directed towards Hawks, who almost choked on the soba he rammed into his mouth.  

“Ow! What the actual fuck!?” Hawks growled, rising sharply from the table letting his chair fall back onto the floor. 

“Oops, my foot slipped” Shigaraki smirked, obviously having meant the vicious kick “My mistake” 

“Brat! You did that on purpose! Fuck off with your foot slipping” Hawks fumed, the heroes cheeks were bright red from either anger or embarrassment for almost choking. 

Shigaraki leapt up from the table this time “Call me a brat one more time! Bird shit!” 

”Brat!” Hawks called out, the entire tables eyes were on them. Compress was helpless as Shigaraki practically yanked Hawks over the table towards him. 

Compress knew he should intervene but the rivals were looming dangerously close to the perfect spot next to the bright Christmas tree. Toga practically squealed when everything fell into place breaking the fighting. Her eyes were trained to the ceiling. Or more so what was hanging from it. Slowly eyes trailed up to meet the same branch, flickering between the two underneath it. 

“Fuck no” Shigaraki growled, he may not know a lot about Christmas or traditions but Dabi had warned him about mistletoe . Now he was stood under it with fucking Hawks right there! 

“Shit” Hawks muttered, before turning st Shigaraki. 

“Come on boys! You have to kiss your under the mistletoe!” Toga squealed in delight as she watched the two rivals awkwardly stare at each other. 

Dabi chuckled “Yeah come on boys, don’t keep us waiting” 


That earned him a few glares before they turned back to each other still glaring. They had to get this over a done with even with how embarrassing it would be, they both quickly crashed their lips together in somewhat of a kiss before repelling like magnets in different directions. Shigaraki rushed to the bathroom gagging the entire way whilst Hawks violently rubbed his lips. 

Everyone at the table was in a fit of giggles watching the two rivals, finishing their meal with the other bowls half throw across the table whilst snorting and laughing at the other two who had been made to clean their mess. 



Hawks couldn’t believe it! He clambered into bed next to the flame villain. He’d kissed fucking Shigaraki! His rival! The fucking blue haired bastard that was getting in between his fucking crush on Dabi. Luckily for him, Shigaraki hadn’t coms into the room yet leaving Hawks to curl Dabi in his wings not giving Shigaraki a chance to even touch the flame villain. 

When Shigaraki finally came into the room Hawks had wrapped Dabi up, Shigaraki let put a small growl but got into the bee anyway. 

1 point to Hawks. 





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Gloomy grey skies hovered over the dead silent city. Heavy droplets of water beat down on the city, drowning the sidewalks and roofs. However the miserable day outside couldn’t stop the warm and bright people inside from shining. A rainy day meant games and fun for the League. Especially since the snow outside was being turned to slush. Right now they were all gathered around the table with a bottle of alcohol present. Spinner didn’t like the idea of sitting around the table especially after what happened last night, thankfully the mistletoe had been removed. Still Hawks and Shigaraki glared at each other. 

Currently Twice was explaining the rules of the game ‘Never have I ever’ Spinner had played it before but still listened to the rules as Twice talked. 

“Each player holds up ten fingers and someone will say something they haven’t done, if you have done it you put one finger down, lose a life basically and we’ll stop once we have a winner” Twice explained, holding up ten fingers himself “You wanna go first Compress?” 

“Alright” Compress thought for a moment “Never have I ever faked being sick so I could play video games” 

Shigaraki glared as he put one finger down. Hawks and Spinner also put one finger down. Compress was probably still salty about Shigaraki faking being ill that one time when they had to travel through the sewers to pick up some equipment. Lucky bastard, the stench had practically seeped through them all. Shigaraki had stayed at home playing a new game that just came out.


“My turn!” Hawks grinned “Never have I ever been kicked out of a bar” 


That caught out Dabi, Twice and even Compress. Hawks had never been kicked out of bar, he usually broke up fights and got free drinks whilst Dabi and Twice usually started fights or were being too loud. Compress had apparently had one too many when he was younger. 

Toga was next, she beamed thoughtfully “Never have I ever had a one night stand!” 

“I hope you haven’t little lady” Compress scolded her, even though Toga told Compress she hadn’t. But that caught out: Hawks, Dabi and Twice.  

“Not had a one night stand Shigaraki?” Hawks teased, a smirk reaching his lips “Still a virgin eh?” 

Shigaraki gave Hawks a kick, jolting the table violently. Next was Dabi, he smirked considering what he could say “Never have I ever had a threesome” 


Hawks put one of his fingers down. Everyone was shocked at this. Staring the hero down waiting to hear the story. Hawks huffed “It was with two works friends! We were completely fucked on alcohol and it was only once!” 

Twice was next “Never have I ever fallen asleep in a meeting! Yes I have!” 

Dabi and Spinner both put fingers down. Re-Destro had always woken them up and gave them a five minute talk about how important it was to pay attention. 

Shigaraki hummed realising it was finally his turn “Never have I ever smoked” That got everyone except from Toga and Spinner. The blonde girl was in the lead still with a whole ten fingers, Dabi and Hawks were the joint losers. 

They had done one full circle and it was back to Compress “Never have I ever dyed my hair” That got everyone but Shigaraki. Everyone seemed to have dyed their hair at least once. 

“Never have I ever drank blood” Hawks obviously aimed that towards Toga “Sorry Toga but your winning so I have to take you down”

Toga huffed “Never have I ever been scared of myself in the mirror. Everyone but Compress put one finger down. 

The game went on for a little while longer. But in the end Toga won and celebrated by being allowed to take a sip of the alcohol. Even though Toga was a villain Compress still treated her like you would any other child. After games night, Hawks helped Compress tidy up before going back to Dabi’s room to already find the flame user wrapped in Shigaraki’s arms. 

Hawks crept into him letting his wings stretch as he managed to circle arms around Dabi’s slim waist. He felt something clawing at this arms. Shigaraki. Fine. Hawks didn’t want his arms to be clawed up. 

1 point to Shigaraki. 






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Warm nights had grown on him, what used to be him just wasting half his existence in front of a screen was spent in soft sheets and a warm body wrapped around his. Even now when he’d crawled out the touch of the fire user was tingling against his skin. Shigaraki smiled down at Dabi as the latter had now turned to the other body in the bed for comfort and for once Shigaraki wasn’t angry because tonight he had a goal in mind. For five days he’d known was Ujiko had done to Dabi, all of the torture the doc had inflicted upon Dabi. When the fire user was only just a kid. Shigaraki turned away getting dressed, he was lucky All For One saved him, kept him away from Ujiko or was always there with him when the mad doc visited. If Ujiko picked Shigaraki up then his story could’ve been a lot similar to Dabi’s.


Shigaraki pulled his black long coat over his scrawny shoulders and stepped out of the room giving the two others one last glance before shutting the door tightly. Shigaraki could never trust Ujiko enough to leave Dabi completely alone, knowing that the doc could just easily transport Dabi to his lab. That meant as much as he despises Hawks, the hero came in handy, at least someone could be with Dabi while Shigaraki met with the sickening doctor. 

Shigaraki had already scheduled a meeting time, it was surprising when the doctor gladly accepted his request without asking the meaning of this sudden talk. Ujiko was smart, Shigaraki knew he already most likely knew what the blue-haired male wanted to talk about. Ever since he’d found out what the doc had being doing to Dabi, Shigaraki found all the pieces fitting together as to why the doc was always so fixated on the flame villain. Always staring too long. As the black liquid came out of his mouth he felt a wave of panic rushing over him, wondering what kind of mood the doc was in. 


The moment he arrived and could open his eyes, Shigaraki realised he was in the main lab staring at the back of a leather chair facing away from him. Screens illuminated the room and from this scene in front of him, Shigaraki could feel the tension. Ujiko was in a bad mood. 

“So Tomura, you asked to speak with me and now you have the opportunity, what is it that you require?” Ujiko didn’t turn around or even change his monotone voice. 

Shigaraki didn’t hesitate to get straight to it “I wanted to talk to you about Dabi. More so what you’ve done to him” 


“If your talking about the past, I was just fixing him, it was a necessity” Ujiko waved Shigaraki off, becoming more bored by the second of the other male’s presence.


“You hurt him” Shigaraki growled “Are you aware he still has nightmares and panic attacks over what you did to him. Screams in his sleep and begs not to be hit?”


Ujiko barked out a laugh of satisfaction “Ha! Well, isn’t that funny. But I’m sure they’re not all about me, sure, I probably did mentally scar him but I only picked up a job somebody else didn’t finish”


”What do you mean?”


“Dabi is a valuable game piece as you put it. Not because of his quirk but because of who he is- more so who he used to be. He may have a different name but he still has the same body. It’s Dabi’s previous name and person that’s the most valuable you see and when I picked him up I was only finishing up the beating someone else had started” 


“You know his real name?” Shigaraki muttered. Who Dabi was? The previous Dabi? A dead name? “Explain”


”I’m afraid I’m not going to give you that information, there’s only a select few people who know who Dabi really is and their all very tight lipped” Ujiko turned his chair around “Dabi was lucky Giran only kept the information about Dabi in his head” 


“Giran? Giran knows who Dabi is?” 

“Yes, so did your master and caretaker, they all knew and told you nothing. You want to know why?” Ujiko’s smirk only grew wider “Because your just a child Shigaraki Tomura, and whiny brat that needs looking after and if you have any common sense you’ll leave me alone and drop this Dabi thing...after all...I’m the only one who can fix him- the only one he needs” 


“You asshole!” Shigaraki barked, feeling the rage tickle up his spine and his fingers twitched wanting to grasp something or even scratch through his skin “You’ll tell me everything now! Or gods help you, I’ll hurt you like you hurt Dabi!” 


“Your blushing Tomura” Ujiko chuckled “The only reason you care so much is because you like him, dont you? Maybe it’s  something stronger than that? Do you love him Shigaraki? Do you?”


Shigaraki moved quickly decaying everything in his grasp. Years worth of work. Everything was slowly fading. Slowly disappearing. Everything was being destroyed.


The itch faded.  


“Do you think I’m broken?” Dabi asked, genuinely curious. 

“I think we’re all broken” He had answered. 

Dabi only hummed, staring off into the corner of the room. Blue eyes held such intensity that Shigaraki had been convinced Dabi could see something. 

“Whatcha looking at?”


”There’s a boy staring at me, he wants to be let in” Dabi muttered, it was late at night and the flame villain was high so Shigaraki shouldn’t have taken him seriously. 

“What’s he doing?” 

“Staring and repeating his name” Dabi answered slowly his eyes drooped so they were fully closed. 

“What’s his name?” 






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December. The season of giving not receiving and spending time with your loved ones. The season of holiday cheer and bright decorations strung from any empty space. The warm scent of hot cocoa flooding every room with homemade cookies and cake. Christmas. Mistletoe kisses and games with friends. Everything about December was full of love and hope for the future. 

Could villain even enjoy Christmas? 

Dabi had a lot of things on his mind lately especially with the doctor and his growing attraction to his two new bed partners but along with his deep thinking. The flame villain had wondered if it was really right to also partake in Christmas after killing so many people. Red. A traditional Christmas reminded him of the blood pouring out of lifeless bodies or from himself after a drawn out fight. Christmas was for good people, people with real families and no criminal record. Christmas was not to be celebrated by villains. Dabi was conflicted...sure, they killed people but they were human too and were fighting for what was right (What they thought was right) But after taking so many people away from loving families that now could no longer celebrate or even provide Christmas for their loved ones. 

It made Dabi feel sick. 


His own father ripped him away from the family. A family which grieved over him and spent the many Christmas’s without his presence. Dabi longed to ease their pains but a part of his whispers. Saying they don’t care about him anymore. Did they ever? Who he used to be had long died or at least that’s what Dabi said but everywhere the flame user when a pair do dead hollow blue eyes followed him, watching from the corners of the room. Waiting. Waiting for what? Dabi was hateful but the boy in the corner felt nothing anymore just a dead shell. Dabi knew the boy was dead but something was keeping him shackled to the earth. His father. Revenge. The boy wanted revenge because his father killed him. So Dabi will do what the boy couldn’t and kill the father for the young boy.


“That will be my unbinding” The white-haired boy wrapped in bandages often said right before Dabi would close his eyes in two warm embraces. 


Dabi guessed the boy would be free from this chaotic and cruel world but where would Dabi go. Would he be set free too? He only had one goal. To kill Endeavor for the child. Once that goal was gone what would he live for? Sure he could live for the League, be useful until his body gives out and he slowly dies or maybe live for his two bedmates...a hero and Dabi’s leader. Two people he will never be good enough for them to even give him the time of day. Even now he was slumped on one of the nice, comfy couch’s staring at the boy in the corner. Who only stared back. 


“Dabi!!!!!” A chaotic blonde wined at him, throwing herself onto his lap causing him to flinch at the sudden action snapping him away from the cloud of thoughts. 

“What do you want Crazy?” Dabi asked, trying his best to control the urge of throwing Toga off of him. 

“Can we make cookies! You see there’s the big Christmas party and I wanted to make loads for then! But I need your help!” Toga smirked like a cat playing with a mouse. 

“Your Redemption” The boy muttered. 


Dabi was irredeemable. Toga obviously hadn’t heard the boy but waited or the flame users reply. Maybe cooking this shit would be a good distraction for him “Sure, why the hell not?” 


When Toga said she wanted to make loads...she fucking meant it. Dabi was staring at the mountains of ingredients. The Paranormal Front had a lot of members so Dabi shouldn’t have been surprised when Toga actually wanted to attempt to make that many cookies. Dabi knew it was almost impossible to do but that couldn’t atop the blonde girl now. The others even helped too. Hawks, Compress, Twice and Spinner all helped out. Dabi was made head chef giving out orders and showing the others the correct way of making cookies and soon they were working like a human cookie factory. Dabi wondered where Shiggy had gone. He wasn’t in bed when Dabi had woken up. 

“Freedom” The boy in the corner uttered “The beast’s dead, off with it’s head, our unbinding” 


Dabi blocked out the useless crap the child was spewing used to the random poems and comments the bruised boy would make. The cookies were more important right now. Dabi even experimented with his quirk lighting the tip of his finger and baking the cookie himself. It took a few tries to get it right but he was successful and thankfully it didn’t cause him any pain. So whilst the others cut out shapes and were back and forth from the side to the oven, Dabi was left to his own devices by baking the cookies with his flames. 

A few hours went by when Shigaraki came back, the leader was covered in blood but seemed uninjured. It was most likely someone else’s, this hadn’t been the first time Shigaraki ended up like this. Dabi immediately dropped his task and rushed his leader away. The boy followed them upstairs and into the bathroom. 

Dabi had dealt with Shigaraki before, being able to easily wipe the blood off as the leader zoned in and out, fog seemed to cloud over the leaders eyes. 

“Shiggy? Are you ok?” Dabi asked, his voice was gentle and caring not his usual tone. 

“I did it” Shigaraki whispered “He’s gone...he can’t hurt you anymore” 


“Shiggy? What are you talking about?” 


“The beast is dead. There’s goes his head” The boy chanted in the corner, repeating himself like a nursery rhyme. 


”I wanted to do it ever since you told me” Shigaraki looked wild. For Dabi’s own safety he slowly backed away “That sick fuck...he’s gone...I did all just crumbled and I saw red” 


“I told you- The doctor- Ujiko...” Dabi murmured fitting all the pieces together “You...fucking killed the doctor- you idiot! You fucking killed the doctor! Our bloody nomu creator! Gigantomachia’s keeper!” 

Shigaraki flinched at the sudden outburst, bringing the other back to reality “Dabi? Where am-“ 


“Fucking idiot! You destroyed our fucking chance at being powerful at taking down the heros society! The high ends that need fixing! Taking down Enji! You threw that all away because you were mad!” Dabi yelled, not caring who heard. 

Shigaraki felt list for a moment before catching up with everything that had happened. The fog had shifted “I-I...I just- couldn’t stand by and see the doctor looking at you like that anymore. Do you know how many nights I’ve stayed awake scared he’s going to force you back there? I did this for you, I kept all his research so I can produce high end...sure it’ll take more time and I will fuck up a few times but I’m happy I killed him” 


”Your so stupid” Dabi muttered grasping his hair and pulling. Watching years worth of memories with Ujiko replay in his head. 

“Dabi” Shigaraki called out “I’m sorry if it upsets you but I had to do this because-well it’s because...” 


“I fucking love you, stupid asshole” 


”Shattered Glass”



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Cold handcuffs chained his damaged body down to the medical table. Bright lights blinded his vision and the feel of cold gloved hands ran down his battered torso. Tear tracks ran down his face, he’d already given up the begging and whimpering it only brought him more pain.


“Your so beautiful Touya” The doctor made patterns with a gloved finger across his visible ribs “My masterpiece”


Touya was not used to all the affections he received after being used to being called worthless by his father everyday multiple times by his father. However, Ujiko only called him nice things even when he brought Touya great pain, the doctor would always be whispering things like ‘beautiful’ and ‘Perfect’ in his ears. Ujiko cared for Touya looked after him more than Enji ever did, even if the pain Ujiko gave him was worse than Enji’s, Touya accepted it because Ujiko gave him love as well.


“I’ll fix you Touya” Ujiko smiled, his eyes shielded behind goggles “Your just like a broken doll, beautiful but with cracks, I can be your glue”


Touya accepted Ujiko’s fixing. He was broken and the doctor was the only who could fix him. Touya wanted to be fixed. Wanted to live up to the doctors expectations, become his greatest master piece. Touya always felt a warmth spread across his when Ujiko told him how much this broken body of his made the doc happy. When Ujiko showed Touya how much he loved him.


Suddenly, Touya felt something spread across his skin like ash and the lights dimmed. Touya’s fiery blue eyes darted to Ujiko to watch as the man slowly turned into ash from the arms upwards. Ujiko was still smiling, staring at him, whispering kindness.


“Master?!” Touya called out, struggling against his restraints trying to free himself to help “Doctor?! Doctor! What’s happening! Ujiko!”





“Ujiko!” Dabi sat bolt upright, feeling his hair stuck to his forehead by his sweat. The sheets from the scorched bed were tangled around his legs. He needed to calm down. It was getting too hot.


A dark shadow moved next to him, the sudden movement made Dabi flinch. Where was he? Where’s Ujiko? Was he ok? Wher-


“Dabi” A familiar voice called out to him, flashes of red feathers poked in his peripheral vision. Dabi found comfort in the wings and arms slowly wrapping around him “Good morning sunshine...are you alright?”


“M’ fine” Dabi answered leaning backwards to enjoy the warm embrace.


“That’s bullshit...I know what happened with the doctor....I have to say he had it coming after hurting you so much...I would’ve done it myself if I’d known sooner” Hawks tried to ease Dabi’s mind. Except Dabi didn’t want Ujiko to die. Sure the man caused him a lot of pain but without someone there to fix him. This worn down body would shatter into pieces. Shigaraki had killed Ujiko...



Dabi couldn’t hate Shigaraki for killing the doctor. Last nights feud had been cut short from the few words Shigaraki had said before Dabi stormed out the bathroom in shock and hid in bed until Hawks joined him. Shigaraki had even told the others and pulled the hero aside to go into detail and even told him about the unmistakable sentence. That’s why there was an emptiness in the bed, Shigaraki hadn’t come in, choosing to leave Dabi and Hawks alone.



Dabi wanted nothing more than for Shigaraki to be in here with them. Cuddling.



Dabi had screwed up, storming out like that when Shigaraki had admitted his feelings because the flame user felt the same. Dabi loves Shigaraki. But...there was a slight problem. Dabi loves Hawks too. The two had been at each others throats bringing their hate into the open. Dabi wasn’t oblivious he could see their liking towards him but even so he dismissed it.


Who could ever love someone so hideous.


Ujiko had.


Maybe that was why Dabi freaked out because in a way he had a sick love towards the doctor who hurt him for so many years. But the doctor had also shown him kindness through words and that he wasn’t useless. Ujiko had even made who he is today. Dabi.



It’s Christmas Eve today” Hawks announced. Dabi didn’t feel at all in the Christmas spirit “Anything you wanted to do today?”


Dabi shrugged. He just wanted to stay in bed forever. Maybe even go to sleep and never wake up again. It would be better than to drown in his own self-hatred and sadness or his pining for Shigaraki, grief over losing Ujiko.


“Do you want to talk about it?” Hawks asked.



“Birdie knows...Tweet tweet” The boy in the corner of the room spoke.



Dabi remained unfazed used to this thing now. The same old song and dance everyday with the bruised boy. Instead he focused on Hawks’s question. Did he want to talk about it? Could Hawks help him? “Fuck knows...the doc...he was always there for me even if he did hurt me....but he showed me something as well- showed me the words could be kind...showed me I actually meant something and could be useful- to him at least”


“You knew the doctor for so long. I think it’s normal to grieve over him but remember the things he did to you were horrible even if you learnt a few good things from him does not justify his actions towards you- Dabi- you deserved better” Hawks told him, Dabi knew there was something else the hero wanted to add but now was not the time or place.







Hawks was pressed against Dabi, they’d been sitting there for nearly an hour talking about random shit. The hero felt the urge to tell Dabi he knew much more than just what happened with the doctor. Which had been shocking when Shigaraki told him. Another piece to this puzzle. Hawks wanted to tell Dabi- no- Touya that he knew. Knew the pain Endeavor put him through.


But now wasn’t the time. Hawks wanted to help Dabi any way he could and right now Hawks knew what that was. Shigaraki had also told him about the confession the leader had made and which ended in Dabi storming out. Hawks wasn’t blind. He could see that Dabi liked Shigaraki back. But he could also see Dabi’s own feeling for him or at least Hawks hoped that’s what they were. Dabi had seemed conflicted from last night. Distressed over the doctor. The flame user really couldn’t catch a break.


But. Hawks had a plan. One to make Dabi’s Christmas day the best one he’s had or maybe even...the only one he’s had so far. That was a lot of pressure on Hawks alone so the hero desperately needed help, help from a certain blue-haired tempered male.


After letting Dabi go with Jin for the morning the latter cuddling Dabi in bed like a big brotner would. Hawks carefully made his way down to the leaders bedroom. Knocking lightly on the door. With no reply, he knocked a little harder. Still no reply. Little bastard not answering his door like a little bitch.


“Oi, idiot, it’s Hawks we need to talk” Hawks whispered loud enough for it to travel through the door, be heard a muffled groan and footsteps. The door swung open and he felt himself being dragged inside.


Hawks noticed the room looked like shit, clothes on the floor and papers littered with doodles and writing. Shigaraki didn’t look great either, appearing like he hadn’t slept and his eyes were red and puffy. Had he been crying? His neck looked scratched up as well.


“What the hell do you want? To rub it in my face that he chose you”

Shigaraki growled. Hawks was stunned that that’s what Shigaraki thought he was here to do. He may be an ass sometimes but not a complete jerk.


“No, we haven’t talked about anything to do with feelings, me and him haven’t done anything” Hawks hissed “I came here to speak with you about Dabi, there’s something I need to tell you and...there’s something else we need to do”


“Ok? Better start talking chicken” Shigaraki slumped on his bed, Hawks taking the desk chair.


Hawks spilled everything he knew about Dabi’s younger childhood about the injuries and hinted child abuse and about how the other Todoroki children injuries were all connected leading to Endeavor being a child abuser. All of Dabi’s nightmares and sleep talking even his ‘love’ for Ujiko being that Dabi enjoyed the doctors praise because he’d never heard it before. Hawks had never seen Shigaraki so quiet, the leader didn’t interrupt once, just sat perfectly still and listened.


“Todoroki Touya” Shigaraki murmured “I fell in love with Todoroki Touya”


“ fell in love with Dabi...I’m pretty sure by the way he acts he considers himself a different person, from what I see from the documents Todoroki Touya is a lot different from Dabi” Hawks responded “Dabi is the man you fell in love with- the man I-“


“Why tell me this when you want him too” Shigaraki sighed “You could’ve just taken him already, you would’ve made him so much happier than I ever could”


“The reason I’m telling you this is because he likes both of us” Hawks stated “I say we team-up, we can both have him...and...We can have each other as well”


“Each other? You hate me birdie” Shigaraki smirked.


“Hey, I only kicked off because you did...I don’t hate you and I have to admit your cute when your not murdering things”


Shigaraki chuckled “Guess your not half bad yourself...pretty bird when your not saving people”


“So have we got a deal? Partners?” Hawks extended his right hand “Let’s make this Christmas Dabi’s best”


Shigaraki sighed, before extending four fingers and shaking the heroes hand “Why the hell not birdie”





Later that evening Dabi had been left alone after waking up. Jin had most likely gone to help Compress or Toga with dinner. Dabi had woken up two pairs of footsteps right outside his room, shuffling about. He couldn’t quite make out their voices until the door handle was turning.


In came a blushing Shigaraki and smirking Hawks both standing side by side in front of his bed not trying to kill each other for once.


“The fuck?” Dabi quirked an eyebrow.


“Ha, I know this looks weird but me and Shiggy have something we want to tell you” Hawks smirk only grew wider “We fucking love you man”


Dabi was surprised the room wasn’t set ablaze as for the second time in two days he’s had a confession but this one was the weirdest of the two. Dabi couldn’t help but stare wide-eyed.


“I know, I know, it’s a little weird and out of the blue but Shiggy and I have come to an understanding” Hawks beamed brightly “We don’t hate each other, the opposite in fact...we were wondering if we could, ya know, get together? All of us? At least it’s something you can say you’ve done now, threesome wise on the never have I ever”



There was silence. At least for a minute Dabi just stared at them. Unsure of what do to or say.


Dabi whispered out to them “Fucking love you guys too”





On Christmas Eve night, he’d never been so warm or felt so loved. Two pairs of arms were holding him. A wing across them all. Dabi for once had no nightmares just dreams about his knew lovers.


He forgot all about Ujiko.



“Bye bye beast”

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A wave excitement flooded the air, two pairs of footsteps rushed down the hallway banging on everyones door yelling loudly as they played ear-piercing Christmas music in an attempt to wake everyone up.


“WAKE UP! Its fucking Christmas! No its not! ” Twice screeched down the hallways, bursting into Spinner’s room the latter squawking with surprise.


Shigaraki groaned knowing that it wouldn’t be too long until someone came bursting into Dabi’s room. The blue-haired male currently had his head pressed into soft black hair that smelled slightly of ash, his arms wrapped around the scarred mans waist. There were soft red feathers covering them all from one of Hawks’s wings, the hero frowning with the sudden awakening.


Hawks cracked his annoyingly beautiful golden eyes open, smiling as he saw Shigaraki’s grumpy face “Good morning boss, sleep well?”


Shigaraki hummed, threading four fingers through silky black hair slowly waling the fire user in between them. Dabi growled between them shrinking further into the bed.


“He woke up last night” Hawks murmured, there was a sad look on the heroes face.


“The doc” Shigaraki mouthed not wanting to say it aloud in case they both upset Dabi.


Hawks nodded, a grim line pressed into his face as he removed his wing and stretched them both out. Shigaraki watched as he heard satisfying pops coming from the joints and watched the ruffling feathers twitch.


“You should’ve woken me” Shigaraki grumbled.


“Well I didn’t want to wake you and I thought Dabi would need his favourite boyfriend the most” Hawks joked, lightening the mood, flicking a strand of blonde hair out of his face.


“I’m the favourite dickbag” Shigaraki hissed back, sitting up and pulling the covers back to try and pull Dabi out of his doze.


Dabi hummed “Like you both the same”


Hawks chuckled satisfied with the answer, Shigaraki rolled his eyes reaching for the clothes at the side of the bed, managing to hit Hawks in the face with the hero’s wool coat “Come on sleeping beauty, you can take a blanket down with you”


Dabi seemed content with taking a blanket down with him as the flame user slowly moved to pick up his baggy jeans a white shirt. Shigaraki tossed him the white belt he wore with them. They all dressed in peace until the growing thumping of footsteps grew louder until the door flew open revealing an excitable Twice in his costume and grey dressing gown and Toga in her pink pyjamas carrying a black blanket.


“Hurry up! Hurry up!” The blonde squealed, throwing herself onto the bed and rolling around.


“Come on lover boys! Eww gross! It’s

Christmas! Did you guys fuck?! ” Twice jumped frantically around “Santa’s been!”


Shigaraki noticed Dabi’s smile widen at the mention of santa and Christmas. The blue-haired male guessed that Dabi never had a proper Christmas before not that Shigaraki could talk but at least Kurogiri sort of did a little celebration. Shigaraki leapt up from the bed to grab the blankets off the bed. Twice and Toga had already bounded downstairs with a sleepy Compress in a striped dressing gown and an embarrassed spinner in polka dot pyjamas attempting to cover the hideous clothing in a blanket trailed the two excited blonde’s.


“You guys ready to face the chaos?”

Hawks grinned, reaching his hand out towards Dabi “You coming sweethearts” Hawks made sure to lengthen the s at the end and stared back at Shigaraki.


“Yeah” Dabi grabbed Hawk’s hand, he hated physical touch but maybe from Hawks and wouldn’t be so bad. Dabi did enjoy the cuddles during the night after all “Shiggy?”


Shigaraki stomped forward carrying a bundle of blankets and let Dabi’s hand hold his pinkie

As they as strolled downstairs led by Shigaraki. Twice and Toga were pushing Compress to let them open their presents, the older man had his tired mask on barely responding to the excitable chatter.


“Will you all shut up” Shigaraki growled talking the large couch for the three lovers. Hawks and Dabi snuggled up together as Shigaraki joined them this time letting Dabi grasp his gloved hand and wrapping them all in warm blankets.


“Can we open the presents now!” Toga whined, edging towards the tree “Can I go first! Please!”


“Your the youngest, so it’s only fair” Compress muttered, trying to wake his senses. Spinner had rushed into the kitchen to make coffee or hot cocoa.


Toga beamed as she reached out for the first present wrapped in silver wrapping paper. Shigaraki’s present to her had been first. Toga read the Christmas tag first “To Stabby, hope you have a happyish Christmas, from Shigaraki...awww Shiggy your so sweet, but my names Toga not Stabby”


“Shut up and open the damn thing already!” Shigaraki hissed, waiting to see if Toga liked the present “Dabi told me you hated the masks that we first got for you, they weren’t ‘stylish’ enough for you so I got Giran to get you something you hopefully like”


Toga excitedly unwrapped the present whilst Shigaraki mumbled on about the present. Toga pulled out a grey studded leather mask, her eyes widened in excitement as she hurridwly placed it around her mouth, the vents on the side of the mask making it breathable. She twirled around in it, the studs gleamed “Shiggy! I love it! It’s so stylish! So me! I could stab people with these studs!”



Toga couldn’t help but gaze at the mask as she moved onto the next present from Twice wrapped in a sparkly blue wrapping paper with penguins on it “For my Wifey Toga-Chan, I wish you a very happy Christmas love from Jin”


Toga ripped through the wrapping paper, she gasped when she reached the present. Of course, one of them had to get Toga a nice new knife. Said knife had a smooth bumpy red handle that looked to be made of some jewel. The blade itself was a gleaming silver and was dangerously sharp. Toga twiddled it in her fingers before smirking and waving it around at speed.


“Ahh! Toga-Chan not inside! Decapitate someone! ” Twice shrieked watching as the blonde danced around with the deadly blade.


“Thank you Jin! It looks amazing and is nice and light perfect for swinging! It’ll make a great friend!” Toga smirked, hugging the knife close to her chest, making everyone nervous now that she was in possession of a brand knew extremely sharp ‘friend’



Next was Dabi’s present, the flame user nervously fidgeted with his hands unsure of whether the blonde would like his gift. Toga grabbed the black wrapping paper. The gift was squidgy “To Crazy, have a nice Christmas from Dabi” Toga yanked open the wrapping paper and lifted up the article of clothing beaming.


The clothing was an oversized black and white jumper, with a dead face on the back, Toga giggled as she threw it over her pyjamas, she danced around in it, feeling the fluff inside on it “Soo snuggly! And so cute! Didn’t think you were so cool Dabi! Thank you!”


Shigaraki felt Dabi let out a sigh of relief as Toga enjoyed the warmth of the jumper. Shigaraki rested his head on Dabi’s shoulder and flinched when he felt the hands of the hero playing with his blue-hair.


Hawks and Compress were next. The hero had bought Toga some updated fighting gear, made so she could collect more blood quicker along with making it lighter and more efficient to move in. Compress had bought Toga some more cooking supplies including a step-to-step cook book so hopefully she wouldn’t burn or undercook anything.


Finally for Toga she grabbed Spinners, everyone’s looked suspiciously the same. Toga opened the wrapping paper to reveal a red Christmas jumper, the image was a knife and a splat of blood. Toga smirked at the sight.


“I uh- made you all ugly’s a tradition for other people...I looked it up” Spinner grinned “You can all open yours now if you like”


Spinner handed out the paper with the ugly hand-made jumpers inside. Shigaraki’s was just a bunch of hands wearing Christmas themed gloves. Hawks’s was a Christmas Turkey with red feathers, Spinner had made sure to make wing holes in the back. Dabi’s was a charred piece of broccoli which brought a chuckle out of the flame user. Twice had a two-face on his and Compress had his compressed marbles with crude images inside them. They all thanked Spinner and promised to wear them for Christmas dinner whilst thinking of creative excuses to not wear them to dinner.


Next was Spinner, everyone had come together for his present to buy him the collection of Spinner merch granted Hawks was the one getting the illegal stuff along with Giran. The Stain stuff was hard to come by but everyone helped pitch in and Spinner managed to get the whole set. The lizard nearly crying when he laid it all out and with such care practically hugged it all.


Then Twice’s turn came and the double villain was practically bouncing off the walls as he opened his first gift from Hawks which happened to be a high quality durable mask similar to Twice’s with the same colour but more intricate design. Twice hugged the hero and replaced his old one with the new one.


Dabi gave Twice a best big bro key chain for Twice’s key set. That made Twice cry as he snuggled Dabi promising to be the beat big bro the flame users ever had. Dabi choking whilst chuckling at the same time. Shigaraki noted that Dabi looked amazing when he laughed. Hawks caught Shigaraki staring and gave him an eyebrow wiggle which made him go red.


Toga gave Twice a scrapbook of all the photos of the League printed out, there were a few of big sis Magne and Kurogiri in there along with a few other members which brought a flood of emotion and small tears welled in their eyes. Twice gave Toga a huge hug as he carefully set sown the scrapbook. Twice would treasure that forever.


Compress got Twice a matching scarf to Giran knwoing how close tomhe two were, the scarf was now probably permanently wrapped around Twice. The guy wouldn’t removed it for the next week or so. Giran had already smirked at it when Compress showed his the fabric. Compress snapped a photo for their broker.



Shigaraki had also bought a jumper for Twice like Dabi had for Toga. Dabi and Shigaraki had bought them at the same time as a matching pair except Twice’s was black and blue meant to match his costume. Twice threw it only and stroked the soft insides as the warmth of the hoodie spread over him.


Hawks was next who was genuinely surprised that there was a gift pile with his name on it “You got me presents?!”


“Of course we did stupid! You got shit for us so we got shit for you” Shigaraki grumbled letting the hero examine the presents.


Compress, Twice and Toga had come

Together to design something specially for Hawks whilst Shigaraki and Dabi got something separate. The finished product of the trio’s design was a long black coat with wing holes in, the coat pockets were zipped up and the material was warm

but soft, Hawks ditched his old

Jacket for the new one giving a twirl to his audience.


“We were thinking that this could be a part of your outfit when you officially join us” Toga smirked.


“Definitely! I love it guys! Thanks!” Hawks was still prancing about

In the lovely coat when two other gifts were pressed into his hands.


Hawks opened Shigaraki’s first to reveal a black T-Shirt and with bold white lettering it said “Fuck you” on the front. Hawks laughed and then noticed the smaller writing on the bottom “And your fucking cute looks” this made Hawks blush. Shigaraki had the typing custom made knowing it would make the hero flustered. Hawks swiftly moved onto Dabi’s gift as Hawks carefully pulled it out there was a silver chain and attached in the middle was a long silver feather. Hawks clasped it around his neck.


“Thanks Dabi” Hawks smiled, cuddling back up to Dabi, holding the flame users hand and hand thanking him for the precious gift.


Compress went next. Hawks had given Compress a huge book series which Compress thanked the hero for. Shigaraki recognised the book series as it was a fairly popular one. Twice had paid for Compress’s new shipment of newly designed masks, the masks were very expensive and good quality each with their own different faces.



Toga got Compress a new hat after the magicians got holes in from the Meta Liberation Army fight. Dabi and Shigaraki had both found a worlds best dad mug to give Compress the older found it both hilarious and heart-warming thankful that he could make such a positive impact on the younger villains lives hut Shigaraki stopped Compress from getting too sappy.



Dabi was second to last. Hawks went first giving Dabi a breathtaking Phoenix pendant making Shigaraki worry about his own gift he’d bought for Dabi. Twice had bought Dabi some expensive piercing kit stuff, Shigaraki had no idea what the group was talking about with piercings and stuff but turns out that Dabi did his own. They looked nice on the flame user. Compress and Toga had bought Dabi a tea set, filled with all sorts of different types of tea some for relaxation and mood setting, Toga bought him tea cups and cute little tea pot with it because she insists on having a tea party.



Shigaraki gave Dabi his present last. A breath-taking snowflake locket. Dabi’s icy blue eyes fixated on it. Running his fingers over the pretty patterns.


“Thank you” Dabi smiled at Shigaraki and for the one time Dabi actually initiated a hug in front of the League. Shigaraki felt a warm glow rise on his cheeks. Dabi slowly pulled away with the locket attached firmly around his neck. The others were all smiling warm knowing looks.



Finally was Shigaraki. All of the League apart from Dabi had plowed the extra money into buying Shigaraki a whole bundle of new expensive games. Shigaraki thanked them all as he scanned over how he would spend the next few years of his life. Dabi had given Shigaraki a small box, when rhe blue-haired male opened it, he clearly recognised it.


A promise ring.


Except it was on a chain meant to be worn as a necklace probably a smart decision considering Shigaraki’s hands were a dangerous space to be around. The ring had a silver band and the gems on it were a gleaming ruby-red. Shigaraki thanked Dabi and squeezed the flame users hand tighter.





The rest of the day was spent with the Meta Liberation Army and eating Christmas dinner along with handing out the mountain of cookies that the League had made the day before. Shigaraki smiled as the day went by. Christmas really was special but as the day went on there was one thing thar stood out most to Shigaraki.


Dabi’s smile.


Chapter Text


The excitement of Christmas da y slowly faded. Everyone was still mostly stuffed from the amount of food they ate yesterday for dinner. Red-Destro and the members of the meta liberation army h as done a decent job at making the dinner. They all had a few drinks minus Toga but the real party and drinks was today. Compress didn’t like getting drunk so he was the designated parent. He had banned Toga from smoking, drugs and only allowed her one glass of wine at the party today. The blonde female pouted a bit but got over it saying she could take videos of everyone else being fucked up and then blackmail them with the footage. One of the reasons Compress was not getting hammered this year. 

The party was in a few hours and was in the meeting room which had been re decorated into some Christmas club looking shit hole. Compress was currently lounging on the couch, trying to read but his eyes were starting to feel tired, the masked villain had barely slept in days and started to let the exhaustion take over him. Everything had been sorted for later, bottles of different booze was in the counter top which Twice was examining now, chinking the bottles together. 


Thankfully everything had been peaceful with the sudden truce between Shigaraki and Hawks. Compress could see that them and Dabi had somewhat gotten together since the three were always together and snuggling. Compress didn’t have to deal with Dabi’s nightmares anymore even though he didn’t mind, at least he didn’t wake up screaming since the last time. Compress dragged himself to his own room for a nap at least he could recharge for the party later. 




Hawks didn’t know what to expect when they were at the party, there were a lot of people he had yet to introduce himself to but he let Dabi lead him around. Shiggy was sat on a throne looking thing at the end of the room appearing all high and mighty. Keeping up appearances of some shit so Hawks had Dabi for most of the night. The flame villain had started drinking the moment he walked in and was now smoking some questionable looking things. Hawks watched as the villain chugged drink and smoked like he was dying. 


Hawks by now was stumbling about a bit, he was holding a red plastic cup it was almost empty with whatever he’d filled it with. By now it was getting to the peak of the party. Music was blaring and drunken bodies swayed around them shadowed by dim lights. Hawks was bring dragged by the sleeve to random tables of booze and food, barely processing what was happening. His eyes had blurry dots across them but Hawks could still make out where everyone was. Compress was sat over with Shigaraki. Twice and Toga was dancing and Spinner was in the corner gnawing on the armful of food he’d retrieved. 


“You alright birdie?” Dabi asked, stuffing some food into his mouth “You looked like shit already” 

“M’Fine” Hawks replied, trying his best attempt to look fine but failing miserably. 

“Such a fucking lightweight” Dabi chuckled. 


Dabi smiled watching Hawks’s cheeks flush whilst he sipped the remainders of what was in his cup. Dabi was going for another refill trying to make his mind as hazy as possible but however much he drank the same face kept springing up. No matter what he did, how much he kissed and cuddled with his two lovers fucking Ujiko popped up. 

Dabi accepted it. He missed the doctor so fucking much it hurt. 

Even now whilst watching Hawks try and find his balance and being cute the only thing Dabi thought of was Ujiko. 

“Wanna dance pretty bird?” Dabi asked, maybe this could distract his mind. 

Hawks looked confused so Dabi just grabbed his arms and took him off to the dance floor, circling the heroes arm round his waist. They swayed- well Hawks was stumbling Dabi just felt dizzy all the alcohol and junk he’d been smoking was catching up to him, dabi rested his head on Hawks’s shoulder, the hero looked ready to fall over and pass out. 

“Pretty bird” Dabi muttered against the heroes ear “Love you” 


“Love you too, Touya” Hawks slurred. 


“Birdie...tweet, tweet, tweet”


Chapter Text

Hawks scrambled through foul-smelling alley ways at an unrelenting pace. Frantic golden eyes scanned every dark corner for the familiar scarred body. Red feathers had flown all over the city by now searching frantically for his lover. It was all Hawks’s fault. If anything happened to Dabi it would be all his fault because of a slip up. A slip up that still had the heroes head spinning and vision clouded with black dots.



Previous Nights Party





“W-What?” Dabi muttered, fear covering his face. Hawks felt the skinny arms slowly slip out of the heroes grasp.


“D-Dabi...wait! I can explain! I can-“


Dabi had rushed off towards the exit, bursting through the doors and disappearing. Hawks tried to make it through the drunk crowds but his wings were to big to easily make it through. A gloved hand snatched one of his wrists and pulled him off balance, dragging him sideways through the crowds towards the doors.


“The hell did you do?” The rough voice of Shigaraki shot him down, crimson eyes staring bullet holes into his skull. Hawks had noticed that Shigaraki had been watching them all night.


“I fucked up! I called him Touya” Hawks admitted, he felt Shigaraki’s gloved grip loosen, as the leader reached for the exit doors “Shiggy I’m sorry I’m-


“Your drunk and stupid!” Shigaraki hissed, slipping through the heavy spruce doors dragging the hero with him “Motherfucker...You scared him off”


“I didn’t mean to! You know I would never intentionally hurt him or scare him off” Hawks was trying to keep up with the dragging speed Shigaraki was setting.


“Shit, I need to find him” Shigaraki dropped Hawks’s wrist making the other stumble.


“I can help too” Hawks made a quivering step forward feeling black dots dance in his vision from the alcohol in his system.


“No, I don’t need a drunk pigeon chasing me around, get some sleep fuck up” Shigaraki strolled off, down the intricate system of corridors and stairs.


Hawks stood their feeling like shit not because of the amount he drank but what he’d done.




Shigaraki felt fatigue washing over him as he stumbled up the last flight of stairs to another building. The blue-haired male had been searching all day and morning for Dabi knowing the latter was definitely not supposed to be alone right now. Shigaraki had seen a bunch of red feathers down through the alley ways meaning Hawks had been searching as well. Shigaraki had been feeling bad about what he’d said to the hero. He wasn’t a fuck up just a stupid drunk.



As he opened the roof door he was hit with the smell of burning flesh and alcohol. Shigaraki had definitely found the right rooftop. Dabi was sat on the edge of the roof, feet dangling off the edge. He was dangerously close to falling. Blue-eyes snapped around when Shigaraki’s boots made clicking sounds against the concrete.


Shigaraki sat down next to the flame villain, snatching the almost empty bottle out of the others hand “Think you’ve had enough sparks?”


“Shut it” Dabi growled.


“You know it’s a waste of time drinking up here moping over something a dumb drunk chicken said” Shigaraki dropped it off the side of the building, hearing the smash a few seconds later.


“Was drinkin that” Dabi grumbled now staring down at the mess of glass and liquor below.


“You can lick it off the pavement if you want it that bad” Shigaraki sighed “He told me who you were. A few days ago”


“You knew?” Dabi seemed shocked at this “I’m the numbers one’s son, your not mad? Not gunna kill me?”


“I have no reason to kill you, I want to kill your dad for what he did to you” Shigaraki reassured the flame villain after all, Dabi had been given up on, thrown out, tortured most of his life there was no surprise that the other thought Shigaraki would do that too “I care about you staples, don’t throw me in with the dickbags that failed you”


“Why do you care? I’m nothing” Dabi brought his knees up to rest his scarred chin on.


“You may think your nothing but to me...your my everything stupid”


“Thats a bit cheesy dontcha think, Am I really your everything mophead?” Dabi smirked.


“Shut up, I’m being nice” Shigaraki held his gloved hand out, Dabi took it without hesitation “Birdie is shitting himself over what he said”


“Shouldn’t be...I’m the one who freaked out and went MIA for the rest of the night” Dabi sighed, his blue eyes seemed dull compared to the usual fires they held “Such a fuck up”


“Your not a fuck up...Your amazing”

Shigaraki admitted his face rather close to the flame villains now, crimson eyes stared at the others lips “Can....can I?”


“If you wanna kiss me...the scars- the staples all the weird- I’m disgusting” Dabi held his head down, looking self-conscious.


Shigaraki placed a hand on the others scarred jaw “Your not disgusting- I think your beautiful”


Shigaraki placed his chapped lips against surprisingly cold ones, Dabi opened his mouth to which Shigaraki heard the staples creak as his tongue explored the others mouth, tasting the alcohol the flame user had been drinking. The liquid that was now painting the sidewalk below them.


They parted, out of breath and flushed. Shigaraki ducked his head not letting go of the others hand.


“D-Dabi?” A flap of wings and a shaking voice called out behind them. Both heads turned to see the tearful hero slowly approach them “I-I”


Dabi got to his feet and rushed over to the bird throwing scarred arms around the other “Don’t fucking apologise...just wished you wouldn’t have sprung that shit on me whilst I was drunk” Dabi chuckled trying to lighten the situation.


Hawks returned the hug with a relieved sigh “Love you flames”


Dabi hummed, threading hands through soft red feathers, the flame user turned for a moment to extend an arms towards Shigaraki. The blue-haired male smiled and joined the warm hug.


“Sorry for worrying you guys” Dabi apologised.


“Thought you said no apologising” Hawks replied back, smiling.


Dabi hummed again “Can we got to bed now? Wanna cuddle”


“Ok ashes” Shigaraki grabbed the two others hands.



“Birdies wings are clipped” the white boy in bandages smirked.

Chapter Text


Golden eyes fluttered open, their view obscured by blonde hair in desperate need for a wash. Numbness ran up his right arm as it was being squishes by the human heater next to him. The hero would do anything to be able to go back to sleep, he’d been dreading this day for a while now. This day being his final day off which meant later tonight the hero would be back in his luxurious penthouse without the comfort of his two lovers. Also. It was his twenty-third birthday. Just great. 

The commission had been generous to let him have this day off. Hawks wouldn’t care if he was working or not his birthday sucked ass anyway. Nobody knew who Takami Keigo was any way. Not that it mattered much, Hawks could do without the attention. Not many people knew of his birthday only: the commission, Rumi and Endeavor (Only because he was no.1 and knew everything about Hawks) which the hero was certain the female had sent him a birthday message by now.

Hawks sighed, the clock on the wall told him it was only ten past six in the morning. The two others in the bed would be awake in a minute, they didn’t sleep much either. However the other villains would be either asleep or in their rooms till eight. Hawks was dreading going back into the spotlight and working with the other damn heroes especially Endeavor. Plus, the commission would most likely want to know where he went aware that he has no family and they have sights on his penthouse. Well...his empty penthouse. He had yet to come up with an excuse that would be believable. He had no friends aside from Rumi and the villains, the hero did think about telling them he’d been with a boyfriend but decided against it. 


Now working with Endeavor was going to be a challenge, knowing about Todoroki Touya the man led asleep next to him. All of Enji’s abuse, Hawks wondered if there would be any way he could get Shouto out of the no.1’s house for good knowing that even if Hawks outed Enji about the abuse nothing would happen. The commission would shut him down, lock him up or even off with Hawks entirely. The hero wasn’t valuable. Hawks didn’t defeat High End. Endeavor did. Hawks wasn’t no.1. Endeavor was. 

Another thing he frequently thought about was quitting the hero profession but even then, the commission would probably blackmail him into staying and maybe if he wasn’t useful the villains would throw him out. The hero reminded himself his two lovers weren’t like that. If Hawks wanted to...he could walk out of the hero society. Live a life with his villain lovers, it sounded way too good to come true. After all. Hawks was born to suffer. To walk on a tight rope. 

To fly to close to the sun. 


“I can hear you thinking birdie” Hawks was so encased in his own thoughts, the hero hadn’t noticed Shigaraki had sat up and was now leaning against the headboard “Thinking about packing?” 

Hawks hummed “Gotta leave today- sucks”


”Your welcome to visit” Shigaraki gave Hawks a wave of his hand “Since you are mine now but seriously what are you thinking about?” 

“Just hero shit. I’m so tired of it and if only the commission wasn’t so controlling I could just easily walk out” Hawks muttered, leaving out the part that he’d been a traitor of the villains but that stopped when he felt his heart betray him. 

“I will never understand heroes” Shigaraki growled “Why waste your life saving people just to lose yourself in money, despair and fame? Wasting your life in an endless cycle and ruining your bodies. Along with never being able to go anywhere without being harassed or photographed. Must suck” 


“It does” Hawks grinned, Shigaraki got him. Unlike most people who are jealous of Hawks’s position if only the winged hero could give away his no.2 spot “But it seems that I’m going to leave being a hero behind me. I’m sure you two won’t like my hours, your both so fussy and needy” 


“Shut up” Shigaraki hissed back. 

“You sure your going to be okay with patches? You’ve got to be the permanent babysitter for a while” Hawks joked. 

“I can take care of him just fine thank you very much” Shigaraki had a finger twirling in black hair, the flame user still asleep.


”...yeah....I know” Hawks stared across the dark room “Gunna miss the cuddles” 


“Then visit more often” Shigaraki whispered, Hawks only heard the whisper because of his sharp hearing “Wouldn’t mind seeing your pretty face” 


Hawks chuckled “Awww thanks Shiggy. You do care about me” 


“Course I care” Shigaraki confirmed “I care about both of you and your idiotic behaviours”


“I’m not an idiot if anything you are since you were the one who dragged us under the mistletoe” Hawks pointed out. 


“Don’t regret it” Shigaraki stated “It was a nice...kiss?”

“I am a good kisser” Hawks smirked “I never really got to show you how good I am under the mistletoe. Care to try now?” 

Shigaraki hummed leaning in. 



Maybe his birthday wouldn’t be so bad. 

Chapter Text



There was black everywhere. Over his white shirt, the bathroom sink, floor, over his gloved hands, over the mirror (How the fuck did that manage to get there) Over the side and finally a little in his hair where it was meant to be. The shit had gotten everywhere. To be fair Dabi had woken up barely coherent before noticing in his mirror the white roots shine through very noticeably. In a panic he’d rushed to the bathroom and whilst still half asleep began coating his hair in dye. Well...coating everything else in dye. 

Now at least he was fully awake and had finally stopped dripping dye from the bottle, in his other hand was the paintbrush-like thing he used to coat his roots with the black dye, that was also dripping dye over the counter. Re-Destro was going to kill him for this, staining otherwise perfect countertops. Dabi in his panic had probably woken Shigaraki who would probably come looking for him any second now. How was he meant to explain the mess he created? 

Sorry Shigaraki, my roots were showing so I decided to re-decorate the bathroom. 

“Oi. What the fuck happened in here?” Speaking of the devil himself. Dabi turned to see shocked crimson eyes scanning the bathroom with a look of utter horror. 

“I’m redecorating the bathroom” Dabi joked, hoping that maybe Shigaraki wouldn’t be to harsh on him. 

“I can see that” Shigaraki murmured out still staring in shock at the mess the flame user had managed to make in the span of under ten minutes. Shigaraki had been awoken by Dabi slowly getting off the bed, then he was slowly dragged out of an after-sleep haze by Dabi’s scrambling to get clothes on and leave with a box. Shigaraki had thrown on his own clothes and stretched quickly before following Dabi “How in the hell?” 

“I ah- I wasn’t fully awake” Dabi admitted, setting down the brush and bottle. Shigaraki approached cautiously, carefully avoiding the slowly drying dye “Fuck. I need to clean this” 


“Don’t worry about the cleaning. I’ll do that” Shigaraki had snatched a sponge off the side, knowing that by the end of it, the sponge would be a permanent black colour “Can you do the rest of your hair without murdering the bathroom?” 

“Uh- yeah but I struggle with the back” Dabi jittered about, looking awkward as he fidgeted “Can you help me?” 

Shigaraki sighed “Fine. Only if you don’t make any more mess. Skeptic’s going to kill you” 


Shigaraki tried his best to get off the majority of the black dye. Using as much force as he could. The blue-haired male thought about attempting to decay the black spots off but he wouldn’t dare risk something like that with Dabi in the room finishing up the front and sides of his hair. Shigaraki had noticed the white coming through when he stroked comfortingly through Dabi’s hair last night. It had been the first night without Hawks and admittedly Shigaraki and Dabi had missed the stupid bird. 

“Can you do the back for me now Shig?” Dabi asked, Shigaraki smirked, snatching the brush away from him already wearing the damn latex gloves. He gently  applied the rest of the black dye to the roots on the back of Dabi’s hair. 


”How long do you need to wait before washing your hair?” Shigaraki asked, having fun painting Dabi’s head. 

“Thirty minutes” Dabi replied. 


“Well then you can help me clean up the counter and mirror then” Shigaraki gestured to the still coated mirror and counter. The floor had taken so much effort that Shigaraki’s felt his hands aching.


After his preschool painting session on the back of Dabi’s head they both made sure to one, get rid of the black dye and two kill all the sponges in the bathroom. Shigaraki thanked the mirror as he easily cleaned off the dye with easy swipes across it’s surface. 

Dabi had flicked on the shower and got on his knees to lean over the tub. Shigaraki still had the gloves on so before Dabi could begin threading fingers through his hair. Shigaraki thread his gloved fingers through instead earning a flinch from the other to start with but a hum afterwards. Shigaraki slowly washed through Dabi’s hair seeing excess black dye flood through the water. The flame user had relaxed to the others touch, Shigaraki turned off the shower after giving Dabi’s hair a full rinse. 

“You want a towel for your hair?” Shigaraki asked, peeling off his gloves to set them aside to dry. 

“Nah, my hair will be dry in a few moments, perks of a fire quirk” Dabi smiled back at Shigaraki “Thanks Tomura” 


“Your welcome...Touya”




Chapter Text


New years day was tomorrow. The start of a new year. So much has happened in the past year that it’s been nice to finally relax. With the new years party tomorrow and taking down Christmas decor it felt like they all had little time for recollection of the past 12 months. It’s been a crazy year, huge events and the formation of not only just the League of Villains but now the Paranormal Liberation Front. All Might’s retirement. All For One’c Capture. The training camp. The whole stain thing. Losing Magne. Winning against Overhaul. Kurogiri’s capture. Fighting against the Meta Liberation Army and saving Giran. Obviously meeting the doctor and Gigantomachia. The sudden disappearance of the doctor. Wonder where he went?


The League had separate things there were all thinking about. Remembering the good and bad of the past year. 


Toga finally felt happy. Finding a place where she could live freely and truly express herself for who she was without fear of judgement. Inspired by Stain she joined the League who’d given her a home. Then she met Izuku! Ochako! And Tsu! Toga had their faces imprinted into her mind especially the one of Izuku looking all battered and bloody. Toga blushes every time she thinks of it but then...after the whole All For One and All Might incident Overhaul came around. They lost Big Sis Magne...but in the end Overhaul had ended up in a cell! Armless! Twice and herself had grown closer and they only did what they wanted! Things slowly went downhill after the little high point. Kurogiri. Then losing funds getting their asses kicked by Gigantomachia. Then she almost died in their face-off against the Meta Army. In the end Twice helped her! And finally she was happy! 

Happy with her new family and spending Christmas with them! Toga looked forward to the year to come. To spend he rest of her life with this accepting adopted family of hers!




Twice had overcome his trauma of cloning himself. He’d managed to save Toga and the others with only clones of himself. Twice saved Giran as well. The man who he owed everything to. Giran introduced him to the League showing Twice his new family and of course Giran was also his family. Twice had so many people he cared about now and it felt amazing to be cared for! Even though somedays are bad, everyone still loves him even though his outbursts and complicated personality can be rude and annoying sometimes. After losing so much that he could’ve protected. Magne. Mustard. Muscular. Moonfish. He could’ve even helped All For One if he didn’t have his trauma back then. 

So Twice made a promise to himself that when the new year comes around he won’t lose anymore. He’ll gain. Gain more love and family and move past the past to become whole again!



Spinner finally accepted himself. Quirk and all. Most of his life had been filled with judgment and rude remarks about his quirk. How disgusting he was and abnormal. Society hated his type. A mutant quirk. Harsh words struck him down to nothing, he felt scared, always having to hide or try to cover up his unsightly appearance. Spinner was empty for such a long time having his very life drained put of him from others words and actions towards him. Even heroes seemed to avoid him that’s why when Stain appeared. Spinner felt himself come alive. There was no longer an empty void. So Spinner devoted himself to Stain’s cause even though after joining the League he had to bend a little it also gave him a free accepting family.


Occasionally something may strike him off guard or beat him down but he has a family now. When Spinner slips they’ll pick him back up. 



Compress had to deal with a lot of new changed especially after losing his arm to Overhaul. Now having a prosthetic arm, it took a lot of getting used to but over time he’s managed to become adapted to this new change. While it still angers him that he couldn’t have taken more from Overhaul a part of him is at peace with it all knowing he got his own back, in the form of Overhaul’s arm in a compressed ball. Along with the younger’s quirk erasure bullets in their care now. Another big change was losing Kurogiri without the older man most of the younger members had no real fatherly figure so Compress took the role into his own hands making sure the others didn’t fly off the edge of the world. The role of the League’s parent grew on him to the point where it’s second-nature to set boundaries and bedtimes. To scold them for being rude to each other. 

Compress smiled, whilst enjoying his book. Knowing that the League would be okay under his care and the job Kurogiri left behind would be filled. 


Hawks had found something in the past few months. Whilst he was meant to be a spy for the commission he found himself mostly siding with the villains these days. Finding himself lounging around with them way too often to be considered just spy work. Over the past months Hawks finally smiled a real smile in what seemed like forever and that was with Dabi. The flame user who lit a spark in the dead heart of the hero. Hawks couldn’t help but fall for not just Dabi but for the boss as well. Bow having gained two lovers, Hawks thought about many things over his action less patrols. 

Maybe it wasn’t too late to just run free with the villains. Finally let his wings stretch. To stop flying to close to the sun. 



Dabi always dwelled too much into the past. Mostly into the little white-haired boy past. Watching as nightmares played out and being torn apart to be stitched back together. Dabi didn’t know how to feel anymore. Losing Ujiko felt like he’d lost a part of himself, like all the feelings in his chest had been ripped from him leaving an empty broken toy for someone to pick up only to discard again. Someone did pick him up. Someone being two people. Hawks and Shigaraki. They picked him up and didn’t discard him. Just held the flame villains close and didn’t let go. Instead his two lovers filled him with new life. Dabi wasn’t just the empty shell of Todoroki Touya anymore. He was Dabi someone who could live whilst being broken because he had two people acting as glue holding his parts together. 

Dabi’s promise was the same as always, to save Todoroki Touya and help him get revenge but this year he also wanted to live. To live for his new found lovers. 



Shigaraki thought about Sensei and Kurogiri. Shigaraki had lost his everything whilst winning at the same time. Losing master but also watching as the symbol of peace retired. It felt bittersweet. Shigaraki felt empty for a good while only having Kurogiri as comfort until he went away too. Things only got worse with financial struggles. Gigantomachia. The doctor. Meta Army. Until a blue flickering light of hope dragged him away from the empty feelings. The bright flame lit a spark in his angry heart and whilst Shigaraki had all his memories back he created knew ones with his lovers. Cherishing their touches finding comfort in what master saw as weakness. 

Shigaraki found love. 


Love for his new family. 


Chapter Text



Christmas decorations had been hurriedly packed away whilst tables and booze took their place. The entire Army was bustling around Dieka City preparing for the huge once a year celebration, the  shops were running out of booze and party decorations quickly since they were in high demand. The city had not once been quiet since eight this morning from that point on, loud voices, screaming children and shop bells swallowed the city in noise. Even the base of the Paranormal Army was loud and busy, Re-Destro was running around trying to get everything in shape before the grand party tonight. The mans stress meter was almost through the roof as he couldn’t help his limbs growing slightly bigger. 

The Meta Liberation armies former members were nipping at their former leaders heels, carrying various boxes full of party items. Skeptic was holding a clipboard and ordering people around as usual. The huge space that they were having the party in was actually the place where Shigaraki had first met the entire of the Meta Liberation Army. The room being wide enough to house the many people they were expecting. Crimson Ribbons had been twirled around huge concrete pillars along with matching bows to accompany them on white tablecloths of the buffet tables. 

Shigaraki was perched in his throne watching chaos unfold however the blue-haired male purposely sat here because otherwise the only other place to go was the kitchen. It was living hell in there and Shigaraki was only there for a minute but could already hear screams and orders being thrown around. Dabi had been coaxed into helping with the food and promoted himself to head chef and Toga to second in command. The food smelled amazing but the staff service was a complete shit show. 

Their private room was off limits as the cleaning staff in the Paranormal Front were deep cleaning the entire place. So even if Shigaraki went in the floors would be like an ice skating rink and he wouldn’t make it two steps without slipping over. So instead he watched the suffering of his fellow colleagues. Twice had made a bunch of clones to speed up the work with unfolding tables and setting table cloths. Compress was working on all the fancy design work, bows and ribbons mostly. Spinner had been tasked with the job of tying the ribbon around the pillars since his reptilian quirk was so useful for that. Gigantomachia had tried tying the ribbons but was easily frustrated when the beast kept snapping the delicate material instead they left him on guard duty and the front of Deika City. 

Intimidating Enough. 

Shigaraki expected this party to be huge and loud. Way too loud and stuffy flor him. The blue-haired male was both happy and anxious at the same time when he’d found out that the only thing he had to give was a damn speech. Shigaraki was happy that he didn’t have to dance around like a fool but still nervous about having to give a speech in front of the majority of the Paranormal Army. Every time he tried to write words town on the card Re-Destro had supplied him. The leader would freeze up and his mind would go blank. The party was in a few hours and so far the only thing written on the paper was ‘Hello’ and technically Re-Destro had wrote that. 

As the few hours started to slowly reduce the words had grown further away from Shigaraki’s mind. Surprisingly the pen in his grip hadn’t been disintegrated yet, speaking was definitely bot Shigaraki’s strong point, he preferred to not say anything entirely but Re-Destro practically forced this tradition upon him. 

Shigaraki jumped when a hand gripped his shoulder. Shigaraki stared up to see the familiar patchwork face behind the fingers of the detached hand. 

“Foods mostly done” Dabi commented, staring down at the chaos of decor below them “Looks like a unicorn shit everywhere in here” 


“Don’t let Skeptic hear you” Shigaraki muttered, glaring daggers into the paper.


”Still struggling to write you speaking thingy” Dabi stared at the blank paper, a smirk printed into his face “Ya know, you could just say your usual shit, My name is Tomura Shigaraki here are my ideals, I want to fucking destroy life and heroes and then you take your hand off at the end and everybody gasps” 


Shigaraki sighed “Does anything helpful come out of your mouth when I need it?” 

“What I just said was helpful” Dabi retorted back “Just tell them who you are. That’s good enough...good enough for me and the no.2 hero...if he was actually showing up tonight” 



Hawks had hero work that afternoon and then the commission was throwing a huge party like they do every year. It was mandatory that the winged hero went. Shigaraki could see that but it did hurt a little to not see the birdie’s face and the flame user had obviously missed his other cuddle buddy. 


“Stop being a big baby- go help with setting out the food” Shigaraki smirked behind his father, Dabi huffed before stomping off. 

Shigaraki thought about what Dabi had said. 

Tell them about myself. My ideals. Shigaraki felt his hand move and the pen ink was slowly filling the space on the cards. 



Shigaraki was right when he assumed the part would have most of the Paranormal Front attending, it had only been an hour and people were stumbling all over the place, there were three hours till midnight and Shigaraki’s speech was due in two. Thankfully after his speech everyone went outside the awe at the fireworks display. Twice’s clones would be lighting the fireworks which was sure to be a shit show as well. Shigaraki could picture the clones running around on fire whilst some getting rocketed in the air. The leader had told the double villain this receiving a laugh and an insult in the span of two seconds. 


Shigaraki held a small glass of whatever expensive alcohol Re-Destro had poured the League up here, most of the League members were up here except from Twice and Toga who had gone dancing a moment ago. Compress had headphones in and was reading. Spinner was hiding behind the caped man. Shigaraki was in his thrown as usual but another armchair had been pushed up against it’s left side. Dabi was slumped in that holding a bottle of something. 

Re-Destro was entertaining guests below, along with Trumpet. Geten and Skeptic were up on the balcony too but on the other side just talking quietly with small glasses of alcohol. After a while of just watching people dance he saw Trumpet fiddling with a microphone and Re-Destro approaching him. Shigaraki felt his anxiety stab him, two hours had flown by quickly, watching drunk people dance and making small conversation with his lover. 

”Shigaraki, are you ready?” Re-Destro asked. Shigaraki nodded shakily, whilst Trumpet finished setting up the mic he felt a hand hold his gloved one. 


“You’ll be fine, don’t worry about it” Dabi gave one of his rare smiles “After I ca show you a perfect spot to watch the fireworks” 


Shigaraki nodded. 

Re-Destro checked the microphone before welcoming everyone “Good Evening everyone! I hope you’ve all enjoyed yourselves so far! As always before we go to watch the fireworks we have a speech! This time by our powerful leader Shigaraki!” 

Shigaraki slowly rose to shaking legs to take the microphone from the obviously drunk Re-Destro, he stared out from behind the hand covering his face. A sea people stared at him in silence. 

You’ll be Fine. 

“Good Evening. You all know me by now as your recent Leader, Shigaraki Tomura of the Paranormal Liberation Front” Shigaraki felt himself tense as he saw a few smirking expressions. 

You’ll be Fine.

“Before meeting the Meta Liberation Army my group all had very diverse ideals and still do, however we all had one goal. To pull the fake hero society down. No matter how hard it got sometimes we’d always stick to our beliefs and power through. Together we will reform society and make it a place of acceptance and not just some drunk reality the heroes are giving everyone”


”This year we’ll destroy the hero society and achieve our goals as the Paranormal Liberation Front” 


“Thank you” 


Shigaraki swiftly handed back the mic to Re-Destro before storming away with another pair of footsteps following him. Shigaraki was shaking after only managing to say half of what he’d written down. A warm hand found it’s way into his gloved one as the leader let his second in command lead him to this ‘perfect spot’ they were in silence most of the way until they got outside and heard the chatter of the other members heading towards the field out of the city. 

Dabi had led Shigaraki up to a rooftop of one of the high buildings just on the outskirts of the city with a perfect view of the field and fireworks. 


“You did well” Dabi smiled at him “First speech maybe next year you can include how childish you were” 


“Shut the fuck up maybe next year I’ll include how big of a pain in the ass you are” Shigaraki snapped back. 

“You love me though” Dabi teased resting his head on the others shoulder, the cold nipped at their limbs. 

Shigaraki huffed, wrapping an arms around his lover whilst watching the field fill with talkative drunk people, all taking a seat on the grass the watch the light show. He felt scarred hands grip onto his coat tightly, the fireworks would start soon. 

“Are you alright?” Shigaraki asked, concern growing as he felt the other shaking slightly. 


“Uh...yeah- it’s ah- It’s the fireworks” Dabi muttered out. 

The firewo- Oh. 

Of course it made sense. Years of abuse and shouting, Dabi was extremely sensitive to loud noises so the other usually listened to music to drown out the noise. 

“I liked the pretty colours but it’s the noise, same with thunder and lighting. Love the lightning hate the thunder” Dabi  sighed, pulling out what looked to be his earphones, Shigaraki worried about Dabi’s hearing sometimes when he played the music at full blast at least this time it would be an exception “You don’t mind do you?” 

“No” Shigaraki smiled back at him. Reassuring the other whist he untangled knotted headphones. The flame users fingers were shaking. 



Shigaraki saw the panic fill the villains face, whilst the headphones slowly pulled loose. 








Shigaraki wrapped his gloved hands around Dabi’s and slowly untangled the headphones, pulling the two earbuds separate. 







Shigaraki pressed play on Dabi’s phone. 





Shigaraki pressed his lips firmly against Dabi’s as he carefully placed the earbuds into Dabi’s ears hearing the song blasting through them. Hopefully Dabi’s hearing wouldn’t be too bad. Shigaraki was more focused on the new years kiss he was sharing. 

The first few fireworks were set off. Dabi flinched but soon settled as they parted to watch the colours. As the final ones flew off he felt his glove being tugged off, his pinkie finger wrapped in the others. 

“I Love you Touya” 


“I love you Tomura” 


“Call me Tenko” 





“I love you Tenko”



That night two ghosts watched as two men locked little fingers. The older ghost had white hair and was battered, covered in bandages. The second had black hair and had mutilated neck, eyes and face. They were locking pinkie’s as their bodies slowly faded away.