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Sugar & Salt : Spinel Fuchsia x Steven Universe (Remastered)

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Present Day


It’s been 4 weeks since Connie and Steven called off their relationship though Connie ignited the idea of their separation but either way, Steven was and still is supportive of Connie’s decision, they may not be lovers anymore but they still are Best Friends. 
















The 16 year old teenager could deal with anything weather if it’s another gem that has bad blood with his mother, the overwhelming love and affection from the Diamonds, or the world lying on his hands but the provoking sound of an alarm clock? There’s no way he can bare that TERRIBLE sound of the Devil himself.


Steven was barely awake, once he’s up, he can’t get back to sleep some occasions.  But for the first time in his life, Steven was actually in school thought it felt odd since he was home schooled for his life and he started off as a sophomore for his first school year. 



Then it hit him



“SCHOOL!” Steven quietly yelled out while springing up from his bed trying to avoid being late for school. He quickly rushed downstairs, creating loud thud noises then noticed Amethyst snoozing down on the couch. 


“Heh, classic Amethyst”


Then Steven ran into the bathroom, grabbed his toothbrush (which happened to be a pinkish color) from the toothbrush bucket and squeezed the toothpaste on top of the brush part of the toothbrush and gently scrubbed against his teeth, avoiding any bleeding from the gums. 


After brushing all of his teeth and his tongue, he spat out the toothpaste and washed down his mouth for any remaining toothpaste. Steven then opened a bottle of mouthwash, poured it into the cap, and dump it into his mouth which he gurgled and spat out into the sink then stripped himself of his clothes and hopped into the shower.


“Alright Steven...not to cold, not to cold…” Steven thought to himself while turning on the shower head.



Steven then quickly adjusted the shower temperature to the left, making it a warm. A bit to Warm.


Steven then kept turning it to the right, to the left, to the right, and to the left over and over again until he got the perfect heat.



The warp pad activated a bright light and as soon as the light faded, two very familiar gems appear on top. 


Pearl : The one that knew Rose Quartz the best and belonged to no one & Garnet : A warrior of love and the current leader of the Crystal Gems 



“Hmm...I really thought we were gonna find something disturbing th- AHH AMETHYST!”

Pearl ran to Amethyst and shaked the sleepy purple gem awake, obviously disturbing her.


“Ugh….What is it now, P?” Amethyst asked her friend in a snarky tone 


“Did you wake up Steven?! Is Steven even awake!? HE COULD BE LATE!” 




Pearl overwhelmed Amethyst with the questions and the shaking but all of that stop  when the bathroom door knob made a noise.


It was quite an unusual encounter. From what Steven saw, Pearl has gone mad and woken up Amethyst, but from what the Crystal Gems saw, Pearl has jumped into conclusion therefore, she overreacted.




“Oh...Uh h-hi Steven heh heh” Pearl greeted the young man while being embarrassed


“Hey….I’m just gonna go upstairs…” Steven responded while slowly approaching the stairs then running up it, avoiding any more awkwardness.


“Way to make things awkward , Pearl.” Amethyst teased


“I was uh just concerned for Steven, nothing’s wrong with that.” 


“Even if he was late, he could’ve use Lion to transport to school.” Garnet joined in


After changing out of his clothes, packing his stuff up, Steven rushed downstairs and opened the door to find Peedee Fryman at the other side of the door, waiting for him.



“Took you long enough.” Peedee told Steven while pointing at his watch


“Err I overslept a bit.” Steven chuckled while Peedee rolled his eyes while smiling


“Anyways we only got 5 minutes left, we’re going to be late”


“Meh, no problem, we got Lion!”


The two teens barely made it to highschool but nonetheless, they weren’t late thanks to Lion.


“Alright well good luck.” Peedee told Steven then parted ways with Steven to the lockers

As Steven began to enter his locker combination,  he noticed something in the corner of his eye. It was Connie and her boyfriend, Johnny, who is the closest thing to a fuckboy in this school.  



Steven then ignored the pair and opened his locker putting in his backpack, and his books but stuffed his phone down his pocket took out his binder. But unfortunately he ran into an unavoidable “situation”. 



“OH MY GOD! Hi Steven! It’s been awhile.” Connie practically shouted at Steven 


Why must I run into her….


“Yes, yes it has heh heh.”


“Wait have you met boyfriend, Johnny?” Connie eagerly asked


Of course I have ...You wouldn’t shut up about it on Social Media


“Sup.” Johnny said simply



Steven simply nodded back which pleased Connie knowing that Steven hasn’t been in depression or something over their break up.



“Ya know Steven? I feel like you drifted off away from me, we should catch up.” Connie suggested


Maybe because you avoided me after YOU called off our relationship…


“Oh Connie, I would love to but ya know, I’m busy with things and school so I can’t make time.” Steven lied


Connie simply shrugged it off, “Well that’s too bad, lets go Johnny! We can’t be late!”.


“Alright alright, I promise we won’t be” Johnny responded back while walking away with Connie.


Steven walked into class, greeted the teacher, and sat down at his desk between his best friend Peedee and this girl who has a bizarre hair & eye color but unique and her name is Spinel.




“Yeah Peedee?”


“Can I borrow a pencil for the rest of the class?”


“Uhh sure…” Steven answered while handing a pencil to Peedee. “Wait why do you need a pencil? Class hasn’t started yet.”


“What? What do you mean? We have a test coming up, Steven.”


“Uhh, I’m pretty sure we don’t.”


“Really? Then why is Mr. Morrison handing out a page of paper?” Peedee pointed out 


“.....Fuck….” Steven said under his breath


Mr. Morrison finally reached Peedee and handed him the test paper



“Good luck on the test Peedee.”


“Thanks, Mr. Morrison.”



Mr. Morrison then reached Steven and placed the test sheet down at his desk and smiled at him.



“Good luck, Mr. Universe.”


“Thank you, Mr. Morrison”


Mr. Morrison then reached Spinel and placed down the test on her desk



“So, you swell about this test, Spinel?” Mr. Morrison asked the Fuchsia, clearly imitating the way she usually talks


Spinel simply shrugged, “We’ll see, won’t we?”. 


After a couple of minutes of Mr. Morrison explaining the rules, the test officially start. Very slow minutes fly past and Steven can’t hold on much longer since the test slipped his mind and the chances of him passing is against him. 



“Huh, this test is somewhat easy.” Peedee thought to himself 


“WHEN WILL THIS CLASS END?! WHEN!? WHEN!? WHEN!?” Steven thought to himself  


“I swear….Mr. Morrison is just weird. And to think he had the audacity to imitate the way I talk.” Spinel thought to herself negatively 



As Spinel was finishing up, she realizes that she might’ve done something wrong on this particular question so she erased her response and written a new response until…




“God damn it….” Spinel said to herself under her breath


“Psst hey…”




“Steven right? Could I borrow a pencil for a bit?” Spinel whispered


“Sure just wait a sec.” Steven quietly answered 

“Mr. Universe & Mrs. Fuschia, sharing answers are you?” Mr. Morrison called out


“Uh no sir, she was just asking for a pencil and-” 


“Ok we’ll see. If what you say is true, then the two of you will serve detention during lunch.”




“Wait hold on, are you being serious? You’re just gonna punish us? And o-over what? A pencil?” Spinel interrupted 






“Young lady, you will not take that language with me, understood? Just because of that, you caused Steven and yourself 2 more additional days of detention.” 



Steven was simply disappointed that he didn’t really do anything but Spinel on the other hand, she’s pissed as hell but realizes she shouldn’t say anything.


Spinel saw the disappointed look on Steven’s face and couldn’t help but feel a guilt feeling in her stomach. 


“Oh and don’t forget to get a detention slip on your way out of class after.”