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Keep Holding On

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Keep Holding On

Chapter 1

Stan’s POV

Wendy and I are in my room studying for our upcoming Spanish test. We’ve been going at it for almost two hours and I’m ready for a break. I start running my fingers through Wendy’s hair. She doesn’t respond so I move closer to her. She turns and looks at me. “Come on Stan, we have to study. You have to bring up your Spanish grade.”

I smile and nod. “I AM studying. The smell of your perfume.” I kiss her. “The smell of your lip gloss.” I kiss her again. I lie her back on my bed and get on top of her. I lift up her shirt and begin kissing her breasts.

“If your mom catches us-“

“She’s at work.” I interrupt her as I take off her bra.

“What about your stepdad?”

“What about him?” I ask as I take off her pants.

“I don’t want to get you in trouble.”

“I’ll be fine.” I smile as I take off my own pants and boxers.

“If you say so.”

I kiss her again. “We’ll make it a quickie.”

“It’s always a quickie with you!” She chuckles.

I frown. “Don’t make fun!” She knows that’s a sensitive subject for me as I’m umm…premature if you know what I mean.


“It’s okay.” I insert my dick inside of her. She wraps her legs around my waist. I kiss her as I’m stroking her. I can feel myself getting ready to cum when…

“We have company...” Wendy sits up.

I turn and see my stepfather Kenny standing in the doorway with one hand down his pants. “Dude!”

“Don’t mind me. Go ahead, finish what you were doing.” Kenny begins biting his lip.

“Not with you standing there!” I yell.

“Have it your way...” He shrugs and closes the door.

“Freak!” I really hate that guy. He’s my mom’s 28 year old husband. They’ve only been married for 9 months. My parents got divorced two years ago because my dad’s drinking had gotten out of control. She had Shelly and me go to these useless counseling sessions because she was worried about the effect my dad’s drinking had on us. Kenny was our counselor and that’s how they met. Mom dating and marrying him had a bigger effect on us than my dad’s drinking ever did. My life has been a living hell since this asshole married my mom and moved in here. Lucky for Shelly, she’s been away at college and doesn’t have to deal with him.

“Okay, clearly that was a sign.” Wendy states as she pushes me off of her and grabs her shirt off the floor.

“Don’t get dressed!”

She puts her shirt on. “Your stepdad is here! That was just weird.”

I let out a frustrated sigh. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry.”

She finishes putting on her clothes and smiles. “Another time.” She gives me a kiss on the nose. “I better get going.” She grabs her backpack and her coat.

“I’ll see you later.” I tell her as she’s walking out the door. I put my clothes on and turn around and see Kenny standing in the doorway again! “What do you want? Don’t you ever knock?”

He smacks me in the face. “How dare you disrespect my house like that!”

This guy has lost it. “I didn’t disrespect YOUR house. This is my parent’s house!”

“When I married your mother, it became my house!”


He begins taking off his belt. “I’m sick of your little attitude! Your parents let you get away with being a disrespectful little shit, but I’m not.”

My eyes widen as I stare at the belt in his hands. “What are you doing?”

“Teaching you a lesson. Stand up!” He orders.


“If you don’t get up, it will be worse!”

“I-I’m telling my mom!” I say nervously.

“If you do that, I’ll let her know it’s because you had Wendy in your room.”

“Damnit!” He’s got me there. My parents have never hit me with a belt before so I doubt my mom would approve of this. I’m too scared to argue that point right now.

“Now stand up and take your punishment like a man...”

I shake my head. “Kenny dude, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t call me dude! I’m not your dude! I’m your dad!”

“You’re not my dad!” He hits me in the face with the belt. “Ow!”

“You will show me to same respect you would show your father As long as you’re living under my roof!”

“It’s my mom’s roof.” He hits me again. “Ow! Stop it!”

“Don’t get smart with me little boy! I’m not going to let a 15 year old punk talk to me like that!”

“Please stop hitting me!” I beg him.

“Show me some goddamn respect first!”

“I will, I will! I promise.”

“Good boy!” He puts his belt back on. “You’re grounded.”

“For what?”

“For fucking your girlfriend in my house! You’re grounded for a month!”

“You can’t do this!” I cry.

“Oh really? Are you going to tell your mommy on me? What do you think she’ll do?”

Damn, he’s got me again. I sigh. “I guess I’m grounded.”

“I’m glad we’re on the same page.” He leaves the room. I close the door and look in the mirror. I can see blood on my forehead. I put a tissue on my forehead and grab my phone and call my dad.

“Dad...?” I whisper when he picks up.

“Hey buddy, what’s going on?”

“Can I come stay with you this weekend? Please?” I beg.

“It’s fine with me as long as your mother is okay with it.”

“Can’t you just come pick me up? You’re still my dad.”

Dad laughs. “It’s not my weekend that’s why you need your mother’s permission.”


“Is the little shithead bothering you again?” Dad knows that Kenny and I don’t get along, but he doesn’t know that he’s put his hands on me.

“You have no idea. I can’t really talk about it right now.”

“What? You should be able to tell me anything anytime.” I can hear the disappointment in dad’s voice.

“I’ll tell you all about it when I see you.”

“Why can’t you tell me now?”

I crack open my door to make sure Kenny isn’t eavesdropping. “I just can’t.”

“Buddy, I want to help you, but I can’t if you won’t talk to me.”

I look at my bloody forehead in the mirror again and start crying. “I hate it here dad! Kenny is awful and mom allows it!”

“How is he awful?”

“He-“ I look up and see Kenny standing outside my door. Shit! “I’ll call you back.”

“Stan, don’t-“ I hang up before dad can finish. I look at Kenny and he is pissed!

“Who were you talking to?” He asks.

“Wendy.” I lie.

“She just left.”

I nod. “She was calling me to let me know she made it home safely.”

“Let me see your phone.”

I can feel my heart beating fast. “Why?”

“I know you’re lying to me boy!”

“My name isn’t “boy”!”

“Give me the fucking phone, NOW!” He yells raising his hand.

“NO! MOM!” I scream out. Kenny grabs me and slams me against the wall.

“Your mom isn’t here!” He snatches my phone out of my hand and looks at it. “Wendy called you, huh? Funny, her name is saved as “dad”!” He punches me. “Why the fuck did you lie to me?”

“I’m sorry…” I cough.

“You know you’re not supposed to call him without permission!”

I look at him. “Why not? It’s my dad!”

“Because that’s the rule!” He hits me again. “Just for that, you’re now grounded for two months and I’m taking your phone!”

“Kenny, please! I promise I won’t call him again without permission.” I try to plead with him.

“I know you won’t. Now you sit here and think about what you did!” He walks out of my room slamming the door. I let out a sigh. This is only the beginning…