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In effort to get closer to their latest person of interest, Harold and Shaw go undercover as a very wealthy older gentleman and his gorgeous young ‘personal assistant.


Finch couldn’t suppress the small snicker that escaped him when Sameen tried to take the plate aligned with a row of chilled salad forks the waiter offered.

Why the hell didn’t you tell me beforehand that I was only supposed to take one fork, Finch…?” She scoffed under her breath irritably. “I mean the guy practically shoved the plate at me.”

I’m sorry, Miss Shaw. I’d forgotten all about that particular example of proper etiquette,” he whispered.

Well, Harold, when we get our number out of this fancy place you’d better go back through you’re Miss Manners handbook and make sure I know it all for next time…” she warned.

Harold grinned, “Even Miss Manners can only go so far...”

If looks could kill, Harold would surely be dead on the spot.