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They’re All Hungrier Than The Damn Wolf

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Prompt Day 1: Naked Cuddles

Pairing: John/Nick


Clammy hands gripped the dresser, the grime in the mirror and the dust that he swept away. He took in his sights: his half buttoned chiffon shirt hung out of his open trousers. He felt as though his ruby red scarf was choking him and he had ripped it from his neck.


Picking up his eyeliner pencil John bought it to his eyes, hand shaking and blinking rapidly.


Shit.” He rasped, messing up his line.


He fiddled for a wipe and hastily swabbed away the little eye makeup he had applied, swiping the light blush from his cheek.


“Goddamn it!”


John turned back to the mirror, hands jittering as he again bought the eyeliner pencil to his face. He eyed it, the little black devil before tossing it back atop of the dressing table.


“Where’s Nick when you bloody well need him?” He breathed as he flopped atop of the small sofa in the corner of his tiny dressing room. He winced as the dust flew up from under his seat. “Christ!”


John let his mind wander to the forbidden place: all the crowds; the cheers turning laughter turning gasps and guffaws as his hands stalled; plucked wildly, all but dropping his bass on stage. The screech that would blast through all the speakers ringing through the auditorium. His voice cracking, forgetting his words: missing his queue; freezing on the spot.


His hands fumbled for a cigarette, clawing at his pockets and sighing when they came up empty. John ground his head into the dusty pillows, flopping deeper into the tattered leather.


He shut his eyes and took a few steadying breaths as a light knock on the door forced him to cock his head and raise a quizzical eyebrow.


“John, John! Open up, we have twenty minutes till showtime. Are you ready?”


John clung to his words, the voice rich with Brummie tones that cracked a little. He couldn’t help but break into a small smile.


Letting his scarlet hair cover the slight blackened mess that was his eyes, he traipsed to the door and unhinged the lock. He kept his eyes averted and his tongue lapped over his bottom lip: tasting of strawberry.


“John, you’re not even ready! Sometimes.. I, honestly Nigel!”


John took in the flustered look of his band mate. Swallowing his pride, he let stammered out his words.


“Will you.. help me?” It was a mere whisper. “Please, Nick.”


Nick immediately broke into a small, soft smile. It didn’t quite beat his teeth but it was the reassurance John needed in that moment.


Nick so graciously helped him. He evened out John’s foundation, deft hands rubbing it into his skin. John leant into his touch, the small circular ministrations were soothing; the worries of their first performance were beginning to bleed away. He followed Nick’s instruction, knowing when to open and close his eyes as Nick applied the colour. He added a fresh coat of lipstick, John’s mouth dropping open as he held his breath: the sway of the colour brushing across his lips proved hypnotic. John was caught in a trance.


John felt the sudden heat knocking him for six. A slender hand pried open the buttons of his ruffled shirt, the chiffon made him sweat: a cold sweat. Nick swiftly removed it to bare John’s chest. John felt his heart flutter and mouth water as that hand landed itself atop of his skin. Right above his heart which was beating faster than light. It was unlike anything he had ever known, he couldn’t solely blame the nerves for his rise in pulse. For his heightened arousal.


Pulling Nick’s smaller frame towards him, he helped shed Nick of his own ruffled shirt and let it flow to the floor. It landed atop of John’s.


John wrapped his long, lanky arms around Nick: encompassing him as he pressed his head into the junction of where Nick’s neck met shoulder. John was shivering, the small quake ran through both bodies. Nick sealed his arms around John’s neck as John’s drifted down to catch Nick’s waist.


There they stood, breaths intermingling and heartbeats synching, in the midst of the crummy and poorly lit dressing room. John’s overgrown fringe buried itself in Nick’s neck as Nick craned it, letting his delicate lips brush against John’s temple. They remained in a tight embrace, swaying to an imaginary beat.


Nick’s presence worked wonders for John’s pulse, the fears dissipating with every tender caress and loving reminder that he wasn’t alone out there. They were all in this together, the five of them.


It was the beginning of something incredible, both could feel it raging through their veins. John didn’t let Nick go, their naked chests flush up against the other as they breathed in tandem. He angled his head up, flicked the hair from his eyes and focused on the delectable ruby red lips mere inches from his own. John leant down, spine moulding beautifully into Nick’s and caught him. Caressed him, teased him, tongue demanding entrance.


The kiss was slow, radiating heat that neither man could deny. A fire that neither man could put out and, John was sure, neither would ever want too.