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To Light a Candle

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Hux grinned viciously at the sight before him. For years, his rival Kylo Ren had been searching for the location of the last Jedi, Luke Skywalker, to no avail. But one of Hux's spies had lucked out on information on the whereabouts of someone rumored to have a map to Skywalker’s location. Ren had been off on a mission for the Supreme Leader, so Hux had taken the opportunity to quickly, and quietly, lead a small team to the man’s last known location on Jakku.

Hux didn’t doubt that if Kylo Ren had led the mission, it would have turned into a bloody mess. Instead, it had been fairly quiet. They had landed the shuttle just outside the outskirts of the small village and had entered the target’s hut without alerting the other villagers. It had taken a bit of...convincing…before Lor San Tekka had finally given up the antique data storage unit that the old man claimed to contain a map to the hidden Jedi Master.

Map in hand, they had left Jakku as quickly and as quietly as they had arrived. The map had proved to be incomplete, however, and Hux had had to stop himself from ordering the Finalizer back to Jakku to kill San Tekka for his deception. Thankfully, his analysts had assured him that they could fill in the missing piece through comparing star charts, a successful endeavor that had brought them here, a nearly forgotten planet called Ahch-to.

They knew they had found the right planet when scouts had found a familiar X-Wing sunk in the bay of one of the islands. Hux had quickly ordered a squadron of stormtroopers to join him and Captain Phasma in going down to the planet to search for and capture Skywalker.

After leaving the shuttle, the troopers had quickly rounded up as many of the small, amphibian-looking natives as they could find. The ancient stone buildings were raided, the little aliens marched out by blaster point and put under guard. Hux's has orders had been very specific; as little violence as possible was to be used against the planet’s natives, if any. It wasn’t for any moral reason, but because Hux meant to use their well-being as a guarantee of good behavior from Skywalker when they found him.

And they had. Now, the Jedi Master was in front of Hux, hands shackled, clothes ragged, and looking far older than Hux had expected. Years on the run had obviously not done the man any favors.

“Jedi Master Luke Skywalker,” Hux drawled, looking down at the shorter man.

“I’m afraid you have me at a bit of a disadvantage…” Skywalker trailed off questioningly.

“General Armitage Hux,” Hux supplied.

 “Any relation to a Brendol Hux?”

“My father,” Hux admitted.

“And how is he?”


“Forgive me when I say I’m not sorry to hear that.”

“Neither was I.” Hux's voice is, perhaps, a tad too pleased, and he knows that Skywalker noticed. The man lets it go without comment, however, instead turning a contemplative gaze to the surrounding stormtroopers.

“Would you like to know why I’m here, Skywalker,” Hux asked conversationally.

“I believe I have some idea,” Skywalker murmured, eyeing the frightened huddle of natives nearby in concern.

Hux stepped closer to the man. “If you cooperate, they will remain unharmed. All we want is you.”

“And if I refuse?” the Jedi asked.

“Then I start killing the aliens until you agree.”

“Then I don’t have much choice, do I?”

“There is always a choice. You simply must decide if you can live with the consequences of it.” Hux moved back again. “Well?”

Skywalker closed his eyes. “You win.”

“Good man.” Hux held out his hand to Phasma. “Captain.”

The captain handed over a thick collar. It was designed to suppress the power of Force-active prisoners, though Hux had never had the opportunity to use it before now. Not that he hadn’t fantasized about it, whenever Kylo Ren had had another destructive tantrum.

Hux gestured at the stormtroopers holding Skywalker to bring him closer. There was about a foot of space between them now, Skywalker’s eyes trained on the collar.

“I trust you won’t resist,” Hux said softly, holding up the Force-suppressing collar. Skywalker only bowed his head, giving Hux better access to strap it around his neck. Hux pressed in ungloved thumb to the biometric lock, ensuring that he would be the only one capable of removing it. “Very good,” he said, pulling away.

Hux pulled his glove back on. “Captain Phasma,” he said, drawing himself up, hands clasped behind his back. “You and five of your squad will return to the ship with Skywalker. I will return to the Finalizer when my business on the planet is concluded.”

“Sir-” Phasma began.

“That is an order, Captain,” Hux snapped. “I assure you, I won’t be long.”

“Very well, sir.” She snapped a sharp salute and turned on her heel, the two troopers holding Skywalker, the Jedi himself, and three other troopers following.

Hux watch them go only long enough to ensure that his order was being followed, before turning his attention back on the troops milling about the tiny seaside village.

“Sir!” One of his lieutenants threw up a quick salute. “What should we do with the aliens?”

Hux drew a cold, calculating gaze over the huddle of natives still under armed guard. “Let them go,” he said at last. “Skywalker has bought their lives with his cooperation. So long as they remain unharmed, they will serve as hostages against Skywalker’s good behavior.”

“Yes, sir.” The lieutenant barked an order to the troopers, who took their weapons off of the aliens and brought them back up to the ready position. The troopers then formed up and marched after the officer as Hux continued his own patrol around the village.

At one of the stone huts, he was stopped by a stormtrooper. “General,” the trooper stated, “we believe we found Skywalker’s dwelling.”

The interior of the small hut was as pathetic as Skywalker’s own appearance. A tiny cot with a thin blanket and a nearly flat pillow, one or two threadbare changes of clothes, bones and pieces of glass and wood displayed as if they were precious treasures. The only thing of seemingly any value was a sturdy chest with a single set of Jedi robes that looked like they hadn’t been worn in years.

“Did you find anything else,” Hux asked. “Skywalker’s lightsaber?”

“Just a few bottles, sir,” a stormtrooper answered. “No sign of a lightsaber.” Another question to ask at Skywalker’s interrogation.

There seemed to be nothing else of interest on the island, but Hux gave orders for the rest of the island to be more thoroughly searched, just in case. With his orders acknowledged, he took one of the shuttles back to the ship.

Skywalker had been brought to one of the interrogation chambers, and so Hux headed there as soon as he returned to the Finalizer. He ordered his guard detail to stay outside the door of the room as he entered.

Skywalker was in one of the interrogation chairs, arms, legs and forehead strapped down as to allow as little movement as possible. However, despite his position Skywalker looked surprisingly at ease. In fact, the Jedi actually seemed far less tired and beaten down by life.

“Is this the part where I start begging you not to torture me in exchange for whatever you want to hear?” Skywalker lightly snarked.

“Hardly,” Hux drawled, circling around the bound Jedi. “It’s far too early for such drastic measures.” He ended back in front of Skywalker. “I simply have a few simple questions for you.”

Skywalker shrugged as well as he could. “Well, I obviously can’t stop you from asking. I can’t promise that I will answer, though.”

“You’d be surprised by how much people say when they say nothing at all,” Hux stated. “Let’s start with something easy. My men searched your dwelling and were unable to find your lightsaber. Where is it?”

“I don’t know,” Skywalker answered. “I gave it to an acquaintance and told them to get rid of it. With any luck, they tossed it into a star’s gravitational well.”

Hux stared at the Jedi. He was telling the truth, as far as he knew it. Hux doubted that the lightsaber had actually been destroyed. Skywalker was still a symbol of hope for the Resistance, never mind that he hadn’t been seen in years. If that acquaintance hadn’t kept it, they had likely given it to a trusted associate in the hope that Skywalker would return.

He continued with his questions. “What do you know about General Organa's plan for the Resistance?”

Skywalker raised an eyebrow. “You realize that I’ve been out of contact with the rest of the Galaxy for more than a decade. I haven’t talked to Leia since before…” He closed his eyes in remembered pain. “Well, since before.

“As for this ‘Resistance,’ all I know is that Leia was planning on forming a new political party and often joked about calling it that.”

“A political party.” Hux wanted to be skeptical, but he could admit that many of the Resistance’s leaders had previously been Republic senators, General Organa included. Quite a few, Organa also included, had been ‘Heroes of the Rebel Alliance.’ A political group turned militia was hardly unheard-of.

“What was the purpose of this ‘political party,’ that it would be so easily turned into a terrorist group?” Figuring out what the Resistance wanted, besides the destruction of the First Order, would go a long way towards predicting their movements.

“There were a number of things. Not sure if I remember everything.” Skywalker hummed, closing his eyes for a moment as he recalled what he knew. “There was something that all of us that fought in the war were against, the Military Disarmament Act. It went too far, leaving poor Republic worlds nearly defenseless. Leia was worried it would leave them open to attack by Empire remnants like the First Order.” He raised an eyebrow. “I'm guessing she meant you.”

Hux smirked. “Correct.” He loomed over the Jedi, bracing himself against the chair by Skywalker’s right shoulder. “Is there anything else you remember,” he said softly.

Skywalker didn’t seem to be affected by the intimacy. “Leia always complained about some of the senators and planetary governors from the time of the Empire who were still in power. Said a lot of them were corrupt.”

Hux pulled back. “So General Organa is most concerned with corruption and the defense of her allies,” he mused, turning his back to Skywalker. “That information is quite useful to me.”

“Are you done with your questions?”

“For now,” Hux said, turning back to the Jedi.

“So what happens to me now?”

“Right now, you’re still useful to me, so that rules out execution. That just leaves imprisonment.” Even the threat of being thrown in a cell didn't change Skywalker’s demeanor. Hux was struck with the urge to make the Jedi finally react. “Of course,” he drawled, moving closer to Skywalker, “you could always bargain for better accommodations.”

“I don’t exactly have anything to bargain with,” Skywalker replied.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that,” Hux said, tilting his head slightly. “You still have one thing left.” He looked over the older man’s body suggestively.

Skywalker actually looked thoughtful. “And what would I be bargaining for?”

Hux was surprised at Skywalker’s reply, though he didn’t let it show. He decided to keep pushing to see how far Skywalker was willing to go and leaned over the Jedi again. “Clean clothes, for one. A shower, better food, a warm, comfortable place to sleep,” he said softly.

Skywalker didn’t so much as flush. “And what do you want from me?”

Hugs dropped his gaze down to the other man’s lips. “I believe your mouth would be a good down payment,” he murmured, cupping Skywalker’s cheek and running his thumb over the man’s lips.

Skywalker’s tongue flicked out, wetting Hux's gloved thumb. “Sounds like a good deal to me,” he said lowly. “Just so you know, I’m a bit out of practice. Not a lot of opportunities on Ahch-to hone my skills.”

Hux chuckled. “I’m surprised. The great Luke Skywalker, sucking cock.”

Skywalker shrugged. “It was war. There was no guarantee that any of us be coming back from the next battle. There was nothing more to it than a form of intimacy and comfort.”

Hux simply hummed in response before climbing onto the interrogation chair. It was an awkward position, straddling Skywalker’s thighs in a stance somewhere between kneeling and standing, one hand gripping the headrest for balance. “This is your last chance to back out,” he said, opening his jodhpurs with his free hand.

“I’m not really one to run away from challenges.”

“Very well.” Hux pulled his member free of his pants. His penis was still soft, arousal barely a spark. He looked down and realized that it would be almost impossible for Skywalker to suck him off, bound as he was, unless Hux was willing to do all the work.

He made quick work of the strap that held Skywalker’s head in place. That done, he lifted his cock to the older man’s lips. “I trust that you know what will happen if you decide to bite.”

“I think I have some idea.” Skywalker leaned his head forward, taking the tip of Hux's penis into his mouth.

Skywalker hadn’t been lying about his experience. There was some technique to the man’s sucking and licking, but he was a bit sloppy, if eager. Hux quickly hardened under Skywalker’s ministrations, and he groaned quietly as his arousal built. The man bobbed his head, taking more and more of Hux into his mouth. He was a quick study, tongue tracing the vein on the underside of Hux's dick and finding all the sensitive places.

Hux threaded the fingers of his free hand into Skywalker’s hair, guiding the man to go a bit faster and a little deeper. When the man began to gag, he backed off a little, drawing on his self-control to only thrust shallowly rather than taking what he wanted from Skywalker. He moaned as his orgasm drew near, and Skywalker drew back until just the tip of Hux's cock was in his mouth. He sucked hard, tongue digging into the slit, and then he hummed.

The vibrations finally brought Hux over the brink, and he orgasmed with a choked cry. Cum filled Skywalker’s mouth and he swallowed as fast as he could. Hux panted as he came down from his release, drawing his softening cock from Skywalker’s mouth. A small dribble of cum had escaped Skywalker’s mouth, and Hux gathered it up with a gloved thumb, slipping it between the man swollen, spit slick lips.

Skywalker sucked Hux's his thumb clean before letting it slip from his lips. “So,” he asked, voice husky from swallowing Hux's cock. “How’d I do?”

“You did well,” Hux purred, running his fingers through the Jedi’s hair. “Very well, indeed.” He tucked himself away, redoing his pants. “You’ve definitely earned your reward.” He climbed down off of the chair and straightened out his clothes before calling for the guards outside.

Once they were inside, he addressed them. “Remove him from his restraints,” he said, nodding his head in Skywalker’s direction, “and then bring him to my quarters.”

“Sir?” one of the stormtroopers questioned.

“Not to worry, trooper,” Hux assured. “Skywalker won’t be a problem. Right, pet?” The Jedi nodded, compliant as the troopers removed the straps that held him down. Oh, yes, the man was a fortuitous find, indeed.