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Time After Time

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Alex wanted to laugh at the mess that was his life. Tears filled his eyes as he laid on the floor of his house. The sight he had seen....he was finally ready to open up to Michael, start over so he could finally live their life but it was clear that Michael had given up on them and moved on. Moved on with his best friend of all people. Alex buried his face in his hands as he sobbed.

He thought they could finally be something but that blew up in his face. What did he have left? He felt betrayed by both but he was the one who kept leaving Michael. Did he really expect him to keep waiting?

Alex scoffed and sobbed, his anger building enough that the lamp next to him exploded. The sound startled him and Alex whipped his head to look at the disintegrated object. His eyes surprised momentarily as he stared at it. First surprised but then as if he remembered something. With him burying a part of himself for so long...he had completely forgotten about that...about that part of his life.

He took Michael being an alien very easily because he himself was anything but normal. How could seeing Michael use telekinesis awe him when he had cousins who could do that and teleport. And he....his own powers. Fear of his father and fear of being enough of a gay freak made him hiding his powers from his father an essential thing so much so that even he sometimes forgot about his own powers. He had hoped to actually tell Michael about that part of his life but...clearly Michael gave up.

But this reminder of his power made him think........if he could change things he would go back and make things better and...there was a way. His mind remember the things his cousin had mentioned. Their power...they could potentially make spells which could time travel. He knows it, his cousin had used it to fix his why couldn't he try it?

Desperation can make people take desperate actions and right now Alex was a desperate soul. He wiped his tears and methodically took his hammer to hammer under the floor to get the book he had hidden so carefully. Each hammer kept digging until there was a two feet hole. He robotically picked up the worn book and opened it. His hands caressed it thoughtfully, flicking each page until he found one. He touched it carefully, staring at the words before he took a blank paper out and started writing something out. Eyes flickering from the book to the paper he was writing in.

Once it was done. He looked at the paper with the words. His hands trembled. He had never used any spells from the book of shadows before. The fear of his father was high. He didn't even know if this would take him to the desired place. It was a risk. Was it worth it? His hands trembled further but the thought of going back to face this current state of his life wasn't encouraging. So he took a deep breath and closed his eyes, voice chanting the spell with uncertainty.

"Hear these words, hear the rhyme...heed the hope within my mind-"

Just then he heard a noise of knocking of his door in the middle of his chanting.

"Alex? You in?" he heard Kyle call out. Alex closed his eyes, not replying as he chanting the spell.


"Send me back to where I wish, what I wish in place and time..."

Each word of the spell gaining momentum as a white orb started to consume him. Kyle's pounding increased but there was no answer. Unnatural light shone through under the door which alarmed Kyle. Fearing the worst since he knew what Michael had done, Kyle knocked the door down in panic and ran in.

But he was left baffled as the cabin was fully empty, with no sight of Alex. All he found was a big hole in the floor and an abandoned old looking book...