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Ren and Nora's Big Adventure

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“...And then we cleaned up, you all came home, and that was it,” Weiss declares. Her cheeks are beet red as she concludes her story. “It was...nice.” She smiles. 


There’s a comfortable silence before Nora speaks again. “Anyone wanna go next?” 


Jaune clears his throat. “I mean, if we’re actually doing this...” 


At his words, Sun chortles. “Renora slept with you ? What, were you all just absolutely plastered?” 


“Actually,” the taller blonde scratches at his chin, “yeah.” He turns to Pyrrha and takes her hand in his. When she nods, he continues, “and I wasn’t the only one to sleep with them.” 


It takes a moment for it to click. When it does, everyone’s faces vary; Yang and Sun are absolutely delighted. Weiss is in deep thought, and Ruby and Neptune are just confused. It’s Weiss who asks, “You were together?” 


“Not together-together,” Pyrrha amends. “But, from time to time, the four of us Together.” 


“Awesome,” Sun simply says. 


Jaune chuckles, and despite her blush, Pyrrha can’t help but laugh as well. 


“You wanna tell it, or me?” Pyrrha asks. 


Jaune does a bow, with a little flourish. It’s sickeningly cute, the two of them. “By all means.”


“Haha, okay. It was spring break...”

Jaune and Pyrrha. Two years ago. Before everyone.


Of course this would happen. 


Ren had a crush on Jaune. Nora knew this; she didn’t have a problem with it—when they both first met him in high school, Jaune was Fine and there was nothing truly wrong with him. Even when she and Ren finally ended up dating, he was nothing but respectful and not at all upset that his two friends would hang out sans him. If Nora had to pick a non-Ren dude, he would do. 


Ren knew that Pyrrha was someone Nora absolutely adored. When the red headed Greek woman first caught Nora’s attention at the nearby gym, his girlfriend was absolutely enthralled by her. Nora likes to downplay it, but she really was about to drop a whole weight on her toe as she watched Pyrrha stretch in tight workout pants.  


By sheer coincidence, Jaune and Pyrrha knew each other thanks to sharing a few freshman classes, and damn if the universe didn’t completely blue ball Ren and Nora because those two cute fucks hit it off almost immediately. Pyrrha never let Jaune get away with anything and was always willing to help him with a paper. Similarly, Jaune did what most could not and didn’t prop her up as a goddess; he wasn’t afraid to crack jokes about her (she’s got plenty to give back), and they love to egg each other on when they’re both really feeling competitive. 


It seems Ren and Nora are both sharing a spot in the eternal hell that is bi and pansexuality with two cute dweebs, but the universe throws them a bone the first weekend of spring break. They’ve just come back from the pool in Jaune, Ren, and Nora’s apartment complex, an excursion that had a weird air around it. Nora and Ren were whispering to each other a lot, Jaune found himself very interested in Pyrrha’s two piece, things like that. There was a moment where the couple were just sitting in the pool and Ren’s face scrunched up while Nora was talking and drinking with one hand just in the water, but neither Jaune or Pyrrha gave it much thought.  


When everyone returns to House JNR and gets properly dressed and the pizza arrives (with beer, because duh), they’re content to spend their Friday night just eating junk food and playing video games that’ll be sweat off tomorrow at the gym, but their plans are derailed thanks to—


“Who’s up for a game of Truth or Dare!” Nora declares proudly. 


Nora Valkyrie Acts a Fool, Again, Chapter One. 


To Nora’s credit, she sure enough kept the game wholesome at the start. Simple dares like prank calling, drunk singing, this entertained the four of them...for about 25 minutes. Then, Nora being Nora and also a bit drunk, she kicked things up a notch. 


“Jaune, I dare you to kiss Ren.” Ren’s head turns so slowly to Nora, and his gaze so strong his eyes practically glow as he silently plots her murder. But Nora just has the biggest shit eating grin, while Pyrrha’s eyes feel like they’re about to launch out of her skull. 


Jaune looks at Nora, then at Ren, and shrugs. “Sure,” he says. He slides over to Ren and connects their mouths. For a moment, Ren feels like he’s ascended; he’s only ever kissed one person, but he can safely say he enjoys this a lot. He desperately wishes this happened before pizza showed up, but even that can’t take away how he feels right now. Kissing Jaune doesn’t just feel right, it feels right in the way kissing Nora felt right that first time behind the school at the end of eighth grade. It’s disappointing when they have to separate, like a part of him just suddenly disappeared. 


“Nice,” Nora whistled. 


“You...took to that pretty easily,” Pyrrha says. She sounds surprised, a bit envious, and another emotion Ren can’t fully place. 


Jaune shrugs, again, and grabs another slice of cheese pizza. “I’ve kissed some dudes before,” he explains. There’s something there, something Ren wants to press, but Jaune doesn’t give him a chance. The blonde turns his gaze to Pyrrha and asks, “Truth or dare, Pyr?”


“Hit me with a dare,” she challenges. 


Jaune’s eyes drift to Nora. He smirks and shoots her a wink before saying, “Kiss me, but kiss Nora first.” All three of them look at him like he just grew another head.


“I...don’t know if I could do that,” Pyrrha stammers. Her hands go up and down her ponytail. 


“Am I the first girl you’ve kissed?” Nora winks, and Pyrrha snorts. 


“No, I’ve kissed girls before—“


“Cool,” Ren hears Jaune and Nora mutter,


“—Just not with an audience,” her eyes move to Jaune’s before quickly moving away. “And, I don’t want to make anything weird here.” 


Nora wraps an arm around her friend’s broad shoulder and says, “Pyr, if I can just watch the man I’ve loved since second grade kiss his best friend, I can kiss my best friend, and then she kisses my other best friend.” 


Pyrrha can’t help but snort at that, and Nora continues, “besides, friends make out with friends. It’s in the Friend Bible!”


“I don’t think that’s a real thing,” Ren says, clearly enjoying this. 


“No, no, let her talk,” Jaune says, also fighting a smile. Nora flips them both off as Pyrrha giggles. 


“Look,” Nora continues as she stands up, “if it makes you feel better, I’ll kiss both the boys first.” To demonstrate her point, she gives a long kiss to Ren, because of course, and then one to Jaune. It’s not unpleasant, Nora thinks, but can’t help but be weird after she’s spent years being very much focused on only one guy. “See? Now we have to kiss, and then you kiss them, because that’s equality!”


Pyrrha quirks an eyebrow up and says, “*Is* that equality?”


“Probably not,” all three admit. But Nora returns to her position next to Pyrrha, trying not to look eager. She’s totally fine if Pyrrha wants to back out, but also: it’s Pyrrha, and who would turn that down?


Finally, the taller redhead makes up her mind and leans forward to bring their lips together. The urge to run a hand through Pyrrha’s beautiful hair is one she gives into easily as their tongues swipe across each other, because she’s certain she’ll never get this chance again in her life.  


When they finally separate, Nora feels like she’s cashed in every possible amount of good luck she’s earned in all 20.75 years of her life. Pyrrha sounds breathy as she says, “I guess that was equality,” and stands to make her way over to Jaune. Jaune, who had a shit eating grin earlier but now is replaced by one of awe at the sight of his two best friends kissing. And suddenly, he realizes that he may have fucked himself. 


Jaune isn’t dumb, not by any stretch of the imagination, but there are times where he misses the forest for the trees. He can flirt and he knows it, and times he thought the rapport he and Pyrrha shared bordered into something real under the teasing he just pushed to the back of his mind. They were just jokes, like the times he used to flirt and compliment Weiss freshman year, only....not. Never mind the emojis sent over text, never mind how she seemed to grow more cocky when the fake flirting got more intense. So when Pyrrha towers over him, hair spilling down her back and a patch of that creamy skin exposed thanks to her tank top, it suddenly occurs to him that those thoughts shouldn’t have been repressed. 


“Hello again,” she says, and it’s two words he’s heard her say so many times, but now it just sounds like music flooding his ears for the first time. Just as with Nora, she leans in and presses her lips to the blonde’s, and Jaune can see why Nora had this crush for so long. So when their breaths get ragged against each other, Jaune cups Pyrrha’s face and kisses her with all he has because he gets it now, and this feels like an apology for the last several months of ignoring what was in front of him. 


The only thing to break them up from their many kisses is a breathy moan from Nora. When the pair turn, they see their red headed friend sitting more in Ren’s lap than on it. There’s a hand reaching behind and that, plus Ren having a hand in Nora’s front while his lips are close to her neck, don’t leave any room for interpretation. 


“Kiss,” Nora moans, more like demands, as Ren’s teeth graze her neck. If Jaune or Pyrrha are supposed to be surprised, they really aren’t; Jaune’s had to wear headphones or leave the apartment several times this semester, and Pyrrha soon learned Nora had no vocal filter if you didn’t make one for her. So no, it makes total sense that this would happen. 


Taking the initiative, Pyrrha pins Jaune to the floor with ease. (She thinks she hears a gasp from him.) She takes a moment to throw her shirt off, at which point Jaune leans up and kisses up from her stomach. From her abs to her cleavage, her neck, and finally her lips, and Pyrrha would be a liar if she said she didn’t enjoy that. He grabs a fistful of her ass and grinds her on his dick, and she moans into his mouth. As with everything she does, she gives as good as she gets, which in this case means removing his t-shirt and sliding back to get rid of those pesky shorts. But before she can get to the prize she’s been wanting for some time, he pulls her closer and maneuvers her so her clothed lower half is over his head. 


*Oh,* she thought as she saw his slowly growing smirk. His fingers play with the band of her shorts, pulling them off slowly and giving him a chance to rake his fingers down her toned legs as the shorts slide down. Once she’s kicked them off, he brings her center down on his mouth, his fingers at some point having slid the crotch of her panties out of the way. His tongue slides over her skin, a sensation that causes her to lean back and let her hands be her balance. 


Each tease and suck at her lips from Jaune had Pyrrha shaking, her mind focused solely on her blond friend. It’s clear he hasn’t done this before, but he’s adapting quite well. It was only when she felt hot kisses being pressed to her neck that she recalls they’re not in this moment alone. She feels Nora rather than sees her; the shorter (and now naked, Pyrrha realizes when she registers bare flesh pressing against her side) redhead sucks at her pulse. There’s a pair of hands cupping her breasts and teasing them, and how could Pyrrha not grind into Jaune’s mouth?


Speaking of...after a moment, Jaune pries his mouth away from her core and breathes into her leg. And then Pyrrha remembers that she hasn’t seen Ren in a while.


“Fuck,” Jaune says huskily. She doesn’t have to wonder anymore. She detaches herself from him and slides off his body to see Nora’s boyfriend sucking him off. His hair is in a bun and he’s bobbing his head up and down very enthusiastically. Ren sucks cock like he’s greedy for it, if him forcing Jaune’s groin into his mouth weren’t evidence enough. 


Nora tilts her head and kisses her senseless. “C’mon, Pyr, we can’t let them win, can we?” The Greek is pushed down to the floor next to Jaune and, like her blonde friend, suddenly has her legs hoisted over a strong pair of shoulders. Suddenly, anything Pyrrha wants to say about this not being a competition goes out the window once Nora’s hot tongue touches her folds. 


Where Jaune took his time in lavishing her with his tongue, Nora continues to be blunt and messy. She doesn’t want to savor this, she just wants to make the Greek woman come, because this was just one game at an arcade the four of them would be playing tonight. Hence the quick tongue strokes and added fingers, hence sucking Pyrrha’s clit into her mouth, hell, hence spreading her legs wide open—Nora may be the only one who really knows what tonight will bring.


And that means Nora is going to feast on Pyrrha’s cunt until the athlete is a quivering mess. Not that it was hard; thanks to Jaune’s earlier actions, Pyrrha was getting there, and all Nora did was push her over the edge, so to speak. There’s a part of her that feels like Jaune should have this distinct honor first, given the tension between him and the Greek, but then Pyrrha’s thighs lock around her head as she quivers, and those thoughts have suddenly turned into ash. 


Then again, it’s not like Jaune’s in any room to complain. The way he’s reacting to Ren’s blowjob says a lot about his sexuality that Nora would love to unpack (preferably also with the same outcome, just because Ren deserves things), but for now, she settles for removing her boyfriend’s head off her friend’s head. “Fuck him,” she says to Pyrrha after kissing Ren with so much warmth. She points to Jaune, then to Ren. “Suck him.” Ren high fives her. 


At her behest—well, demand, since it’s Nora and when she tells you how to fuck you do as she says—everyone gets into position. Jaune’s on his back and Pyrrha is riding him, because duh, and her nails are digging scratching down his chest. If Jaune felt any way about how she was scratching him and his nipples, those complaints are ignored while Ren is in his mouth. 


Well, that’s a lie: Ren has his hands bunched up in yellow hair and is cramming his dick in Jaune’s mouth. The dual stimulation doesn’t seem to bother the blond one bit; there’s a lot of energy with which he blows Ren and his hips snap up to meet the rise and fall of Pyrrha’s lower body. 


There’s so much for Nora to watch, and as always, she settles up behind Ren, chin on his shoulder as she watches him wreck their best friend’s face. If she starts to kiss at his pulse and stoke his heaving belly, then it happens. If she happens to run her own hands through Jaune’s hair and manhandle his head, then it happens. 


It comes like a chain reaction; Ren throws his head back and comes in Jaune’s mouth, forcing stream after stream down his friend’s throat. Surprisingly or not, it makes Jaune finish, his hips hitching as he fills up Pyrrha. Pyrrha, of course, continues her riding until her face twists and she beats her fists on Jaune’s chest before letting out a loud moan. Before long, everyone is exhausted and spent. Except for Nora, whose arousal has been growing as she watched three people dear to her have her way with each other. 


“So who’s ready to tag out for my turn?” she asks with a grin. 


This, of course, is what begins: Nora Valkyrie Acts a Fool, Chapter Two.