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Ren and Nora's Big Adventure

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So here’s how it starts. 


It’s the summer, a small get together they’re holding over the weekend. It’s the eight of them—plus Sun and Neptune, because of course. They’re sitting in front of a fire pit doing a game of Never Have I Ever. And it’s Neptune’s turn. 

“C’mon,” Nora taunts, “give us a hard one!” She gives Yang a finger gun while drinking her beer. The blonde does a finger gun back. 


The blue-haired man scratches his chin and says, “Never Have I Ever...taken shrooms before a movie?”


“Weak,” Jaune says. “Did that before Cats .”


“Gotten thrown out of an Arby’s?”


“Been thrown out of three,” Nora boasts.


Neptune groans and says, “Okay fine, Never Have I Ever Kissed Ren!”

Everyone goes quiet. Then suddenly, there’s six people drinking their various beers. And suddenly, near everyone in the circle is looking at one another and saying: “Wait, you what?”


“Okay wait, Nora I get,” Yang points at the redhead in question, “but...when did you all—“


Nora raises her hands and yells, “Story time, I sense a story time!! Weiss, you go first!”


Weiss sputters. “Why me?!”


“Alphabetical!” She says, like it makes logical sense. 


“But, Yang is literally—“


“Go first!!!!!


Weiss sighs. “Fine. It was...what, back in March?”


Weiss. Back in March.  


How...did she get here? That’s the only thing Weiss can really think her head right now—well, the only thing that isn’t Jesus Christ, Nora’s good with her tongue. Fuck. 


Let’s back up. 


The house that they all shared—“they” being Weiss, her friends Blake and Yang, and the latter’s sister Ruby, plus Nora and Ren and their friends Pyrrha and Jaune—suddenly found itself vacated for the night. Pyrrha and Jaune went out of town to visit family in Argus for the weekend, while the sisters and Blake went to the theater for a double feature. Weiss declined in favor of finishing up some work she’d been putting off for a few days, and Ren and Nora opted to stay in, Hulu and Netflix being the powerful siren temptresses they were, but not before leaving to grab snacks from Walmart. Which, fine, as long as Weiss had on her AirPods and Ke$ha at full blast, she could deal with Nora’s loud laughter. 


90 minutes passed after their roommates departed and feeling her ass growing sore thanks to sitting on her chair for so long, Weiss stretched her legs and put her AirPods in their charging dock. Stretching her arms, the white-haired woman rounded the corner to the living room and what she saw was...well. 


Ren’s head was between Nora’s legs, in exactly the way you’re thinking. Which, Weiss wasn’t a prude or anything, but there was a house rule of no sex outside of the rooms. And though she’d be well within her rights to break this up, especially because she had just cleaned the carpet literally this morning, she also found herself distracted by Ren’s shoulders and just how strong he must be with Nora’s thighs locked in what looked to be a very strong grip around his h—


“Heyyyyy, ice queen!”


Shiiiiiiiiit. Distracted, she failed to notice Nora’s head tilt back and lock eyes with her own. The redhead beckoned her over, which Weiss found herself obliging with for some reason. She sat down, her knees barely touching Nora’s head.  


“I thought you went with the others to the movies,” Nora said, like she wasn’t getting eaten out while carrying a normal conversation. 


“I....had to cu—uh, finish some work,” Weiss amended, eyes very pointedly looking away from Nora’s. She jerked a thumb back and asked, “Should I go? I can go, I’ll leave.”


Nora snorted and grinned, “Nah, I’m fine! Ren, are you fine?” Her boyfriend gave a thumbs up and then used that thumb on his lover, who bucked up, her face twisting into pleasure. “S-s-seeeeeeeee? Everything’s fiiiiiiiIIIne,” she got out, eyes closed. Weiss was about to slide off the couch and go back to her room, but just as she moved away, the redhead’s eyes settled on her again. Nora’s mouth went half open and something about it made Weiss feel funny. 


Sexuality was an...interesting thing for Weiss to discover when she first started college. All she had prior was one experience at senior prom with a rather rude fellow named Henry who didn’t really care about her. Growing up in a privileged, Christian household gave her certain ideals that were hard to shake, despite somewhat frequent visits from Winter and her wife Amber. So when she attended Beacon, it was suffice to say she was close minded. But, thanks to a reality check from Blake (and maybe some drunk make outs with Ruby, and Sun, and Blake, and Neptune thanks to truth or dare), she’d come to better terms with herself and who she was. 


All of this is to say that seeing Nora get what looked to be a pleasurable time from Ren, who looked like he was just carving his fingers into Nora’s thick thighs like modeling clay, was something Weiss didn’t find herself disturbed by the longer she watched it. Thank Yang Xiao Long and Sun Wukong for the generous amount of porn links they texted hours after a blushing Weiss asked, saying: “watch and learn what you like.” Apparently, what she liked was seeing her two friends during their lovemaking, and she would be the first to admit she was mesmerized by Nora’s face contorting in bliss. She couldn’t help herself when she moved to observe the pair from the side, eyes alight with wonder as Ren added a trio of fingers to go with his tongue. It was hard for her to tear her eyes away from Nora, the way her hand clutched the sofa cushion or sweat trailed down from her forehead to her cleavage. Her eyes trailed away from her plump friend’s body to observe Ren, who had ceased his oral work to pull down his sweatpants, which had a sizable bulge. Not that she’d many penises in her life up close, but he was definitely big.  


While Ren took the time to put his long, black hair into a bun and presumably take a breather, Weiss ran her fingers down Nora’s stomach. Hesitantly, her fingers stopped at Nora’s clit, only continuing when a strong hand grabbed her wrist and urged it further down south. “ Please ,” Nora urged, hips bucking up for some kind of release. 


Of course, Weiss obliges with three fingers entering her friend. Naturally, it’s this moment Nora chooses to be loud with her moans, but that it’s her causing this rather than Ren sends a jolt of pleasure through Weiss. Her cunt is absolutely wet, and ever the people pleaser, Weiss mentally preened at the idea of contributing to this with her presence. So much so that when airy moans escape Nora’s lips yet again, Weiss smashes their mouths together to swallow those moans whole. 


Somewhere into their kiss, Nora turns over to thread her fingers through Weiss’ clothes. It isn’t much—an old, thin Atlesian Knights Jersey and a pair of white booty shorts, which naturally comes off quite easily when they’re being removed by someone as strong as Nora Valkyrie. And with her clothes gone, the white-haired woman soon finds herself being manhandled to hover over her friend’s face. 


“God, I love your legs.” Her nails rake up those creamy legs, stopping just short of the crotch of Weiss’ panties to prove her point. “Best fucking legs in the house right here. Well, except for my man.”


Oh, right. Ren has been here the whole time silently watching the proceedings (not really surprising at all). When Weiss’ blue eyes met his pink, it’s like telepathy between the two of them. He lazily stroked his dick before pushing forward into Nora; at the same time, Weiss settled her groin on the redhead’s face.


There’s a series of kisses to her clit and Weiss let out a strangled moan. It’s been...awhile since Weiss was last with anyone, and her former paramour Vernal may have been beaten out (well, more like eaten, a part of her that depressingly sounds like Yang says in her head) by Nora Valkyrie. Like everything else the woman does, she is just diving right into Weiss’ folds like it’s a dream she knows she’ll only ever have once. 


Still, despite feeling like she’s taken an Uber to Cloud 9 times 1000, Weiss keeps focus on her goal. Her hand again dives down to Nora’s clit, swiping at where her and Ren meet, fingers occasionally grazing Ren’s shaft. Ren’s strokes are steady, but forceful. Nora licks at Weiss’ center with broad strokes of her tongue and occasional hickeys on the inside of her thighs. 


Nora came, quickly. She’d been played with the most, and expresses her pleasure, loudly, panting on Weiss’ inner thigh as she came down from her high. It doesn’t stop Ren or Weiss; if anything, it spurs them on to continue ruining her. Ren has her legs spread even further as Weiss bends down to lap at her clit. Between the two of them, it doesn’t take long to coax another orgasm from the Norse woman. 


Two orgasms back to back doesn’t stop Nora from her oral work, and Weiss feels herself getting close. Her head drifts up to make eye contact with Ren, his eyes wondering. She gave him a small nod and began maneuvering herself to her ideal position. She placed herself in Nora’s lap, giving a small kiss as Ren crawled over with a condom over his cock. In one swift movement, he entered her. With all they’ve done tonight, she supposes, it’s an easy fit. She can’t help but briefly recall that blue-haired doofus, Henry. The negative thoughts associated with that first time may as well have been purged from her mind with how Nora and Ren were treating her. Ren had no problem rutting into her as Nora softly caressed her body, telling her how good she looked. His firm hands on her hips, Nora’s equally strong hands squeezing her breasts and kissing her neck. 


There is just so much between his cock and Nora’s fingers and it’s all so good. One of Weiss’ hands finds its way to Ren’s neck so they can kiss. It’s a good thing that hand smooths pushes back some strands of hair that’s come loose, because not long after her fingers dig into his head as she comes. It takes her a moment to register that Ren finished as well, if his hard panting is anything to go by. 


Save for their breathing and the TV, the living room is silent as the trio all untangle themselves and move around. Before long, they’ve all got their backs against the couch, eyes glued to the television as they all process what just happened. The TV has switched to a new show, and the silence is broken by Ren’s chuckle. 


“Oh hey, the Full Bullpen. I love this episode.”


They all look at each other and can’t help but laugh.