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it’s ok (you’re safe)

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Josie rarely ever smokes, but when she does, she’s never alone.

“Have you ever thought about how there are more nipples in the world than humans?”

Josie sucks in smoke from the joint and lets her head fall back onto the sofa. “How are you already high, Maddie?”

“I’m not.” Maddie drawls.

Josies eyes look at her pointedly and she gives in, “Ok maybe I ate a brownie earlier..but it was just a little I swear!”

Josie gets up unsteadily, “Jesus Christ Maddie, you’re such a junkie.”

Maddie rolls her eyes and snatches the joint from Josies hands as she goes to get a glass of water. Maddie lays there for a while before taking the joint and pushing it down onto the ashtray.

“I’m hungry.”

“I’m hungry too.” Josie slams the fridge door shut, “and there is literally nothing to eat.”

“Hmm, how bout we go to Waffle House? On me this time I promise.” Maddie grins widely waiting for Josie to agree, because she was really just craving some Pecan Waffles right about now.

Josie grabs her keys and slips into her slides before mumbling, “Fine lets go, but i’m driving since you decided on eating that brownie earlier.”


Cleaning tables, serving people and taking orders is something Penelope Park would’ve never thought she’d be doing. Something gotta payoff the college tuition though and if it’s being someone’s kitchen servant so be it I guess.

“Park, order for table 6, order for table SIX!”

Penelope came over to quickly grab the plants and made sure she was stable enough to carry them, “Jesus Milton, you know I could hear your loud ass from a mile away?”

MG seemed nonchalant and put up a childish grin, “The louder I am, the faster you come.”

“Cute.” Penelope mocked.

MG chuckled, but it didn’t take too long before his phone was ringing.

“Hey Liz.”

The other line was silent for a while, “Sorry I was on mute. Have you heard from my sister? She hasn’t picked up any of my calls or opened any of my text messages.”

“Hello to you too, Lizzie.” MGs eyes glanced at the entrance door, “and uh yea she just walked in with Maddie.”

“Ugh, ok thank you.Tell her to answer my calls please.” Before MG could let out a brief “you’re welcome” the line went flat.

MG wasn’t really an outgoing guy. Loved comic books and could tell you ends on ends about how Batman was better than Superman. Also had like a fat crush on Lizzie Saltzman but that was besides the point.




Josie and Maddie chose to sit down at table five because it was closest to the bathroom. As soon as they sit down, Penelope comes over with a lazy smile on her face,

“Hi, my names Penelope and I’ll be your waiter for the day. Can I start you off with any drinks?”

Josie looks up recovering from a bit of a nap, eyes somewhat red and stares at her up and down. Admiring how beautiful she is, just how perfectly she presents herself even though she’s a waiter and Oh my go-

“Hello?!” Maddie moves her hand in a waving motion to catch Josies attention, “Earth to Josie?”

Josie collects herself and swats Maddie’s hand from her face and looks back at the girl standing infront of her, “Sorry what was that?”

Penelope chuckles, “I said can I start you off with any drinks, you probably would’ve latched on if you weren’t checking me out.”

A snort comes from Maddie’s mouth as shes stuffing mints in her mouth that she stole from the entrance, while Josies face heated up so quick she doesn’t remember if she’d ever gotten this red before.

“I-“ Josie tries to hide her blush while trying to collect herself, “I wasn’t ‘checking you out’”

“Don’t sweat it, I’m just playing.” Patiently waiting, “But for real any drinks to start you off?”



Penelope looks between the two, completely knowing that they are high off their asses, well atleast the blonde chick is, “Ok. Well I’ll be back with your waters and to take your order.”

Josie watches as Penelope’s walking off back into the kitchen. Glances back at Maddie and watches as she’s eyeing her with a grin plastered all over her face.


“You have a crush on her.”

Josie rolls her eyes annoyed, “I don’t have a crush on her, I just meet her Mads.”

“Mhmm ok.”

“I’m going to the bathroom-“

“Yea you do that,” Maddie playfully whispers, ”don’t ‘accidentally’ run into her.”

Josie makes sure to flip her off which was of course reciprocated. The bathroom seemed clean and it smelled ok. Josie didn’t actually have to use the bathroom she just wanted to freshen herself up. Takes out her lipgloss so her lips look somewhat alive.



Penelope walks back over to the table that the two girls were sitting at and places there waters down.

Penelope takes out her notepad ready to take their orders, “Where’d the cute one go?”

Maddie felt offened, tilted her head a bit, “I’m right here.” Penelope chuckled, “but if you’re talking about Josie, she went to the bathroom.”

Josie walked out the bathroom fixing up her hair and watched as Maddie and Penelope were talking.

Maddie reached her hand out, “The name is Maddie by the way, Madison if you wanna be traditional.”

Ignoring the hand Penelope glanced over at Josie, who was standing there waiting for whatever conversation that was going on between the two to end before she sat down.

Mouthing “wow” Maddie began her order, “So I want a Pecan Waffle with a side of hash-browns.” Penelope began to write all of this down, “Thank you.”

“And for you, Josie?”

“How do you-“

Penelope cut her off after receiving a confused look from the girl, “Your friend Madison told me.”

Maddie grabs her phone opening Instagram, “Of course you chose to call me Madison.”

Josie laughs, “Yea well I’d like a jalapeño and cheese omelet, with a side of hash browns.” And again Penelope began to write all of this down, “Thanks...stalker.”

“Awe is that my new nickname? Take me on a date first, babe.” Penelope receives a smile from Josie and walks over to give MG the orders.

Maddie takes a sip from her cup, “Sure you don’t like her?”

“Shut up.”