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That Night

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“Tyre! Tyre!” Tyler woke up with a start from his mere an hour sleep with a frantic high-pitched scream and an armful of beautiful white-haired disguised Sun Knight in his arms. Tyler was immediately petrified.

A second later, Tyler jumped up, “What’s wrong Knight-Captain?!” Tyler asked, afraid that it will be another undead horde coming to their ways. God of Light have mercy on them, they just finished the last one with much difficulties!

“Protect me!” Grisia demanded as he yanked Tyler by his front collar and shook him relentlessly.

“I will! What’s wrong?!” Tyler nodded and asked when suddenly frantic banging from the windows can be heard.

“Beauty, are you in there?!”

“Goddess, open the window!”

Then from the door came a knocking sounds, also frantic.

“Fairy, I’m still supporting a wound, can you treat me?”

“Lady, do you have a time?!”

Tyler was immediately terrified. God of Light! The Sun Knight’s charm was indeed beyond measure! Even without his usual dazzling smile and golden hair he was still very popular!

“What are you petrified for?! Help me getting rid of all those disgusting men!” Grisia ordered.

“Have no worry Knight-Captain Sun, your chastity will be safe with me! I swear in the name of  God of Light,” Tyler solemnly swore. If he failed to protect the leader of the Church, not only he failed the Storm Knight, Moon Knight and Metal Knight who had placed their trusts in him, but also his own captain and Adair who was still leading the Church’s troops against the undeads!

“Stop talking nonsense!” Grisia retorted when the window suddenly broke, “Tyler!” Grisia yelled. A burst of protective wind, lightning, and earth spells appeared out of nowhere that Tyler is sure did not come from the pure Sun Knight who should never know magic. Not at all.

“Stay back vile-minded people!” Tyler yelled to the intruders as he brandished his sword, although he was not as skilled as Adair, who was practically the greatest role model of a vice-captain, and Vidar, who is the second greatest role model of a vice-captain, Tyler was still someone who lead the entire Hell Knight’s platoon for years without a captain.

Tyler could do this!

“What do you want?!” Tyler glared as he hid Knight-Captain Sun behind him, he ignored how some men tripped on air out of nowhere.

“She’s not alone.

“It’s her bodyguard,” the shameless men murmured to each other and Tyler’s lips twitched slightly in helplessness. When it was Knight-Captain Storm, they all thought it was a pair of lovers, but with him, they all thought he was simply a bodyguard. Life really judged you from your appearance.

“Speak or I have to use violence to force you all out!” Tyler declared.

“We just want to talk to your lady.”

 “What lady?! He- she is my wife!” Tyler declared as he pulled Grisia close, glaring offensively at the intruders. He truly didn’t want to use violence if could, besides, he was already tired from all the fighting earlier.

“What?! No way! You’re a bodyguard at best!”

Tyler looked down on Grisia who looked back at him with blank gaze that masked his incredulity. A second later Grisia snapped out of it, “T-that’s right! He’s my husband, so please, kindly you all scram out and don’t disturb a married maiden!” Grisia declared.

The horde of jealous men looked conflicted, “Goddess, don’t lie! Then, why did you ask that handsome blue-haired man to sleep with you earlier?!”

“Because he’s my  brother!” That was not a lie, Ceo is Grisia’s brother in all but blood.

Well, not anymore. After tonight, Grisia would forget that they were brothers for a while to thrash that bastard!!!

No one can say anything, clearly, if there’s anyone who can be a brother of such a beautiful woman it could only be that devastatingly (annoyingly) handsome blue-haired man.

“Prove it!” One man, finally, desperately yelled.

Both Grisia and Tyler froze for a millisecond before exchanged a perplexed glance, “Why should we? Our relationship is our problem!” Grisia glared defiantly, dammit! Should he just kill them all?! But it had been a hassle to save them from the horde of undeads! Damn it all! Damn Ceo for refusing to be in the same room with him!

“Then, you’re not married!” Another selfishly accussed. “What’s so hard to prove it!?”

“You...” Grisia was speechless over how shameless they are before he was suddenly pulled and a pair of lips connected with his.

Grisia tensed, his azure eyes are wide in shock and he couldn’t even move. When his mind finally registered the situation, his pale cheeks got redder and he trembled, in disgust? Anger? Embarrassment? No one knows. But one thing for sure is the others perceived it as embarrassment.

“Hmph!” Grisia wanted to scream at Tyler for atrocious action towards one’s own captain (he IS the captain of the entire Church) when Tyler suddenly deepened their kiss, his tongue invaded Grisia’s mouth expertly that it quickly made Grisia helpless.

Tyler quickly tightened his hold on Grisia, pushed him onto the bed, and deepened their kiss even more that Grisia could only let out a few breathy moans instead of furious protests.

All the men stared agape with wide eyes that looked like bulging out. One of them suddenly coughed awkwardly and the others snapped out of it, blushing and awkward. “O-oh...”

“They’re really married...” Or at least had a very close relationship that would end in marriage. Or else, how could they be that passionate!?

“We’re so sorry!”

All of the intruders who wanted to abduct Grisia no matter what just a minute ago quickly scram out of the room in frantic.

When the room was emptied with the exception of “married couple” Tyler reluctantly pulled away. Still hugging the petrified Grisia tightly, “Knight-Captain Sun... Are you... Okay?” he hesitantly whispered, his hot breath tickled Grisia’s lips.

Grisia stared blankly at the ceiling, petrified, before he blinked rapidly as awareness returned in him. He snapped, “NO!” He almost shrieked. “What in the name of benevolent God of Light and all things good in this world did you do?! Why did you even k-kiss me?!”

“That’s the best counter-attack to the enemies who suspected our identity as couples,” Tyler explained.

“Why- Why are you so calm about it?!” And so good at it too?! Goddammit! Grisia might have never even kissed another in his life, but that kiss just now was out of his expectation! He knew he was certainly out-skilled in this field by Tyler!

Tyler revealed a professional expression, “As a member of Hell Knight’s platoon who specialized in espionage, I and the entire platoon were demanded to be able to adapt quickly in our role and serve the best response to any dangerous exposed situation.”

Grisia gawked, he almost forgot about that, the Hell Knight’s platoon’s knights were all indeed specialized in such things. Just like how the Sun Knight’s platoon was the best in Holy Light capability and demanded to be the best out of all, or how the Earth Knight’s platoon was the best in defense and so on.

Grisia gave up, he could only blame it on his bad luck... Or Ceo, damn it! Grisia covered his face, sobbing mournfully, “My first kiss...” Grisia inconsolably murmured to himself.

Tyler revealed a hint of blush. As expected, it was really Knight-Captain Sun’s first kiss. “I deeply apologize for my atrocity, but please understand, Knight-Captain Sun. We needed to do that to avoid unnecessary victims...”

“Shut up.”

Tyler bit his lips, somehow feeling like he had just wronged a virgin maiden when he gazed at the white-haired Sun Knight who seemed to have lost his will to live on the bed. “I’m so sorry... I.. I can take...” Tyler blushed slightly.

Grisia looked up, “Take what?”

“I’ll take responsibility,” Tyler declared solemnly.

Grisia stared incredulously, “I’m a man!”

“Man or woman makes no difference to me, sir. I’ll take responsibility regardless,” Tyler kneeled down before Grisia, eyes solemnly gazing at the abnormally beautiful man. “Are you willing?”

Grisia gawked.

“So, how was last night?” Ceo greeted them cheerfully at the first floor’s dining room. His eye bags were a bit better than yesterday.

Laica tilted his head, “We heard some banging sounds, does your chastity still intact, Grisia?”

Grisia harumphed coldly at them, grabbing some desserts on the table and stomped away, seemingly wanting them to know he was really indignant and they should be ashamed of their actions.

Vival smiled bitterly at the beauty’s indignance, “Tyler, you did a good job last night, I hope?”

“That sounds dirty,” Laica said dryly.

“I mean, you did a good job in protecting Grisia’s chastity last night, right?” Vival rephrased it after glaring at Laica.

Tyler lowered his head bashfully, “No worries captains, we managed through the night without any big accident.”

Ceo paused, “So how many barged in last night? I would help but I was too busy catching up with my sleep.”

“Why would you ask something like that?” Vival looked at Ceo in bewilderment.

“With Grisia, I bet it was a lot, how many spells he used last night?” Laica asked solemnly.

“Don’t mind him,” Ceo cut off, looking at Laica pointedly. “However, are you okay, Tyler?” Clearly there were so many suitors, but they managed through the night without Vival or Laica going out to help. Ceo? Ceo wouldn’t help regardless, it was rare for him to get any sleep, saving the leader of his faction be damned.

“Yes, somehow...” Tyler scratched his head and nodded.

“Alright, but what happened last night?” Ceo asked curiously.

Tyler sighed, “Some people barged in and I need to search for a best man and an expensive ring.”

The three captains paused, staring at Tyler bewilderedly. “Best man? Ring?” Vival squeaked out.

Grisia came back then, having finished his desserts but still too hungry after so many stimulations, “I want a diamond ring and you will be the one who extends the invitation for my teacher,” Grisia said blandly as he snatched Vival’s untouched bowl of congee and sat down beside Tyler.

“Yes, I’ll do my best,” Tyler nodded seriously.

“What? One of you, please explain,” Ceo slammed the table, he couldn’t not hear the gossip after such teaser!

“We’re getting married,” Tyler smiled bashfully as he held  Grisia’s hand who looked back at them pointedly as if challenging them to say anything about it.

*Clang* *Clatter* The three captains dropped every thing in their hands and gawked at them. “What the fuck happened last night?!?!?!?!” Laica shrieked.

“Roland, your vice-captain and I are getting married,” Was the first sentence Grisia said when he finally met Roland face to face.

Roland’s bottomless black eyes stared. “... What?”

“I’m taking responsibility for Knight-Captain Sun...” Tyler said bashfully from his place, chained to the wall.

“...What?” Roland’s face contorted into something worrying.

“Yeah, after thinking about it for the whole night whether I’m okay or not, I realized all the standard beautiful girls I met are all either spoiled, whiny, and annoying noble princesses who all made me want to punch the wall or a psychotic obsessive girl who tried to kill you all... Or some girls who readily ditched me when we got in trouble. I guess, I’m okay with Tyre,” Grisia elaborated as he gestured with his hands casually.

"It's Tyler," Tyler tried to correct him but Grisia only nodded absently at him.

“And he has a good skill for both of us in a relationship, so there’s that," Grisia added.

Tyler smiled, “He said yes,” he confirmed.

Roland’s mouth hung open as he looked at his bestfriend and vice-captain, “...What?” He once again expressed.

“Actually, I’m not completely okay,” Grisia suddenly said and Tyler smiled helplessly.

“Knight-Captain Sun...”

“In the future, I don’t want Tyler to be in a situation where he should kiss some random person for the sake of his espionage mission. I hope you can take care of that, Roland.”

“... What?” Roland desperately repeated his question, this time, towards the other Holy Knights who all supported dark faces.

Ceo glared darkly at nothing, “Let him to sleep in the same room just for one night, and they talked about marriage the next day. I shouldn’t have trusted him...” Ceo mumbled coldly. What should he say to the others? Hey, there is this funny story, men in the village we rested for a while in were all captivated by Sun and even barged into his room. No worries! None of them touched him, but he is engaged with Tyler now...

They would kill Storm. Damn it. Leaf would cry, Cloud would suffocate him in his sleep, Blaze would be absolutely enraged, Earth... Earth probably wouldn’t care, but still...

“What should I report to Judgement?” Laica also murmured, depressed. Judgment would kill them all. Laica tried hard to not shudder in pleasure at his imagination, not to mention Ice, Ice would absolutely cause a blizzard on him. Maybe, this wasn’t so bad.

“I also want a 180cm beauty...” Vival stared into the distance, jealous of Tyler’s luck.

Grisia rolled his eyes at Roland, “Do you only talk with one word?”

“How...?” Roland instead asked.

Grisia sighed, “It was a scary night where we were ambushed by several creepy thirsty creatures. To ward them off, Tyler kissed me. When my first kiss was stolen by a man I was shocked, but I found myself not really minding it,” Grisia twirled his long white hair in his hand and explained. “And then, he proposed. I accepted. End of story.”

Roland then stared coldly at Tyler, “Tyler, I’m questioning your chivalry.” He couldn’t believe his own vice-captain was that shameless. “Grisia, let’s put this marriage thing aside, have you told the others that you’re getting married?” Because hell hath no fury like the Twelve Holy Knights' possessiveness over their Sun Knight. Roland was truly distressed with Grisia's careless way to solve things, especially this one ended in an agreement of Marriage.

“I will, after I became the Demon King. Now for the serious question, Roland, do you want to be the Demon King?” Grisia bluntly asked as the others who were chained gawked.


It had been a long and stressful time, but they finally managed to convince the Sun Knight back through deception. And that’s when the news officially spread out (Amongst the trusted members of Holy Knights only).

“W-what? Y-you’re... Captain... You’re already promised to someone?!” Adair cried out in shock as the entire platoon sat there, dumbstruck.

“Promised, eh...? I think you can say it like that, but I think we won’t officiate our marriage because of my position and all. Wedding also sounded like a hassle,” Grisia said as he admired the diamond ring around his ring finger.

“No wedding? Does she mind it? I’m sorry to ask this... Did you and this person started when you were... the Demon King?” Adair asked solemnly, trying to recall the names of every woman who lived in the Demon King’s castle.

“No, before it,” Grisia said.

Adair inhaled deeply, that just broadened the list... “Is she a good woman? Is she worthy for you?”

Grisia blinked, pushing his stray golden lock off of his face, he said, “What makes you think the person who gave me this ring is a woman?”

Everyone froze like they had been struck by Grisia’s advanced lightning spell, “T-that person is... a man?” Ed asked disbelievingly. “C-captain... you swung both ways? I-I thought you were...”

“I didn’t. But then I just do after a crazy night when we were undercover,” Grisia said, unaware of the underlining meaning inside the words.

Adair gawked, this can’t be! He had devoted his entire time, heart, mind, and body to his captain, thinking that was the most he could do with his captain favouring women over men.

Turn out he can be bend so easily!

This is a fraud! Adair wanted his chance back! He admired and loved his captain like no others, he adored his captain from the bottom of his heart. Who is this new man?!

Adair’s face darkened, “Who is he...?” Adair covered up his dark tone with fawning and awkward one, added with an awkward smile.

Grisia smiled, “Oh, you guys know him so well.”

“Captain, I truly can’t guess,” Adair said helplessly. ‘Please don’t let it be Judgment Knight. Please don’t let it be Judgment Knight. Please don’t let it be Judgment Knight. Please don’t let it be Judgment Knight-’ Adair chanted in his mind.

Fortunately, Grisia is someone who never really liked to play with his platoon, that was admittedly the strongest yet the most spoiled, “It’s Tyler.”

For the second time of the day, the entire Sun Knight’s platoon froze as if they had been struck by lightning.

“T-Tyler?!” Ed squeaked out.

“T-that’s... Captain, it’s not the same Tyler who we had in mind, right?” Acedia, the laziest but most efficient member-after Adair, asked fearfully.

“Who do you have in mind?” Grisia asked sarcastically.

“Th-the Hell Knight’s vice-captain? The one who often came to us seeking advice?” Antoine, who is the second most charismatic man in the Sun Knight’s platoon- after Adair(members only, okay? Not counting the captain), braved himself and asked.

“Do we have any other Tyler in the Church?” Grisia raised his brows. Everyone sunk in their seats and looked at the pale Adair in painful sympathy.

“I see...” Adair nodded meekly, Grisia wanted to say more but suddenly a hand was placed on his shoulder, he jumped.

“Cloud?!” Grisia exclaimed then sighed. “I told you to just call my name,” he complained at the invisible knight and the Cloud Knight tilted his head a bit.

“I did, but you didn’t hear me...”

“What do you need?” Grisia then asked.

“You’re needed for an emergency meeting...”

“Sigh, fine, fine, may God of Light blessed you all. Come, brother Cloud, Sun wants to know what kind of God of Light’s teaching that our brothers are perceiving and spreading,” with that, both knight captains swiftly walked away from the shaded training field number 22.

“Atrocious! That damn Tyler!” Aurelio, who was crowned as the one who bore the second most beautiful hair- after their captain, indignantly shot up and scolded.

“Our Adair had spent forever, pledging his life to captain, but who get the good ending?! That ungrateful piece of shit!” Austin, the calmest member in the platoon, actually cursed angrily.

“Adair! You have to do something!” Acacius, who supported the most innocent look- after their captain (Everything good can only have their captain as the ‘best’), cried out indignantly.

“Do you want to crash the wedding? Ah, but they won’t have any...” Alben, who can be said as the second whitest-second only to their captain, expressed his regret.

“Whatever you do, as long as it’s not head-on against the captain, I’ll support you, Adair,” Aegeus, the one who had the best protection spell in the Sun Knight’s platoon, patted Adair’s shoulder.

Adair shook his head as he gently removed Aegeus’ hand from his shoulder. “Captain is not my fate... But let me have a nice talk with Tyler,” Adair’s face darkened as he grabbed his sword. "I'll see if he's worthy of captain," and perhaps push him off of a cliff to see if Tyler was tough enough.

Everyone watched in tension as their vice-captain walked off, “He’s giving the shovel talk?!”

“He won’t end up with a real shovel, right!?”

“Quick, anyone knows how to clean up a murder and hide a body?”

Ed stared, petrified, “He won’t kill Tyler and then kill himself for committing the sin, right?” Ed asked.

Everyone swallowed, “He... He shouldn’t. Since if Tyler died, wouldn’t it mean Captain will be a widower?”

“We can’t do anything but to support him...” everyone sighed.

“Should we also arrange our ‘in-laws’ talk for that man?” Ed asked to his friends who all immediately grinned diabolically.

“Of course.” Is the result of the discussion.

“Are you really serious about this?!” Lesus raised his voice again towards the blonde man who leaned back on his seat, supporting his chin with his palm. 

“I am,” Grisia glared. “Why are you guys being so noisy about it?”

“I thought you were kidding!” Chikus cried out. God knows their Sun Knight had a twisted sense of humor! But everyone was speechless when Tyler gave him the ring and Grisia looked sincerely happy about it!

“I didn’t,” Georgo said. “I always know he had it in him,” he sniffed with his usual 'honest' and 'loyal' tone.

“How many times should we have this talk? Can’t you guys just be happy for me?” Grisia sighed.

“I am happy for you, Sun. Believe me, whatever you do, I will support you,” Elmairy said sincerely, holding his leader’s shoulder. “But I’m not happy at the way you guys decided to marry after a forced kiss!” he immediately felt emotional when he said the last bit.

“You can’t marry a man you kissed once, Sun,” Ceo scolded.

“This is all because of you too!” Aivis exclaimed in annoyance, having known the entire story.

“How am I supposed to know that would happen?!” Ceo cried out.

“Storm~” Elmairy sobbed as he looked at Ceo and the Storm Knight winced. Oh, no, that look again. The look that made Ceo felt like a trash for disappointing the good guy Leaf Knight.

“If I can’t marry a man I kissed once, then I’ll just kiss him again,” Grisia said.

“No!” Laica shrieked.

“No, it doesn’t work that way! Technically, you didn’t even kiss him! He kissed you!” Vival said.

“I’m so sorry, everyone. I should have taught him better than that,” Roland lowered his head in shame. To think his own vice-captain didn’t respect personal boundary, and to his own superior...

“Oh, come on. You guys are overreacting. Leaf, I didn’t care you’re in a relationship with Princess Ann, and bear in mind that she tried to frame me for her sister’s disappearance just to save face with the Monastery of God of War.”

“I’ll break up with her if you cancel your engagement,” Elmairy inhaled deeply and proposed. Determined.

“No, wait,” Grisia slammed his hands on the table. “Don’t just break up with a princess because you want me to break up with my future husband. Go and be happy,” damn it!

Elmairy sobbed when he heard the ‘future husband’ part, “But you’re moving too fast! And I will be more happy if you think more of your life and decision rather than be with a princess!”


“We’re not trying to stop you, we’re asking you if you’re sure about this?” Lesus said seriously.

“Yup,” Grisia nodded.


Ceo slammed his hand onto the table, “I’m absolutely not gonna take a part to prepare any wedding! Do you understand that!?”

“No worries, no wedding for me. At least not until I retired,” Grisia said. “And even if we had a wedding party after we retired, it wouldn’t be so elaborate. Teacher would absolutely be there and it would absolutely be ruined in less than an hour.”

Everyone sweat-dropped.

“But,” Grisia brightened as he looked at the person who didn’t say anything since earlier. “Brother Ice, are you willing to grace Sun with the grace of bountiful harvest of blueberries for Sun’s good news to everyone?”

Everyone’s faces darkened. He still wanted a wedding cake!?

Ecilan looked at Grisia and closed his eyes, “Very well,” he nodded.


“But let me talk with Tyler first, since you already chose the flavor, the rest will be up to him,” Ecilan said coldly. Everyone shivered.

Used to Ecilan’s cold tone and didn’t sense anything wrong because of his delight at the idea of getting a wedding cake from Ecilan without a wedding party, Grisia clapped, “Alright!”

The road of marrying the leader of the Church with overprotective brothers and subordinates was hard! May Tyler be blessed with the strength and patience to deal with everything! Or else...

Demos looked down on the book on his lap. ‘Or else, he might need to be removed from the history...’ he mused silently.