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Tara blushed, embarrassed not by the topic of conversation, but by the thought of Buffy ‘taking one for the team’.

“Buffy, no. I…appreciate you wanting to help me, but I really don’t ever want someone to agree to have sex with me through some kind of…sense of obligation.”

The slayer shifted a little where she was sitting on the side of the bed and looked down at the coverlet where she picked at a loose thread.

“What if it was more out of a ‘sense of horny’?” Buffy looked up with an awkward, hopeful smile. “This could be the worst time to tell you this – or maybe the best – but I’ve always been attracted to you Tara. I realise you may not feel the same about me, even enough for this spell. And,” Buffy started to look panicked at the lack of reaction, “like, even if you were interested in me doesn’t mean you want to have sex with me yet. Or ever! Or maybe you’re asexual and that’s fine too, or maybe— ”

Tara started laughing as Buffy seemed to tie herself in knots.

“I…well, first of all, I’m glad to see you trying not to make assumptions, but secondly – god Buffy, absolutely I’d love to fuck you.” Tara used the somewhat uncharacteristic language and watched the slayer’s face carefully for a reaction, wondering if her fantasy of Tara had been a bit more…meek than Tara typically was in bed. Mostly she just looked turned on and glanced at the mattress, apparently considering getting right into the spellwork.

“Come back here in an hour?” Tara suggested. “You’re covered in vampire dust, and I need to do a little bit of spell prep.” And it also gave Buffy time to reconsider, Tara added silently in her mind.

“Um.” Buffy’s nose wrinkled, “is the room going to smell like burning moss and toad liver?”

Tara laughed, remembering that was an apt description of the last spell they had cast together with Giles. “Just crystal focuses for this one,” she clarified with smile, which turned a little wicked, “but it will probably have a very distinctive scent by the time we’re done with the spell.”

Buffy’s eyes drifted down Tara’s body, and she wondered if enhanced senses meant the slayer could already smell just how much she wanted this.

The slayer swallowed hard. “Right. Back in an hour.”


The whole reason for the spell meant that Tara was still feeling incredibly weak and drained. She didn’t feel unwell just…drained and empty. Not necessarily an ideal ‘first hookup with a slayer’ feeling, but if the spell went as planned, things would even out soon enough.

She finished setting the crystals where they needed to go – ones for healing, cleansing…she added one for intensifying with a grin, and then added a couple that had no purpose but were really quite pretty.

She was taking one last look in the mirror when she heard Buffy knock before entering. She walked into the room tentatively holding up a bottle and some flowers.

Tara laughed and took the flowers, kissing her on the cheek for her thoughtfulness. “Unnecessary, but lovely. Thank you Buffy.” She went to put them in vases in the room, while asking over her shoulder. “Wine? I don’t think I have wine glasses.”

“No um, it’s actually your favourite apple juice.” Buffy went a bit pink. “I know you don’t really drink alcohol. And it just seemed kind of fancier to put in a glass bottle like this. But even though this isn’t like, a date or anything, I figured…well, I didn’t want it to feel like I was just hooking up with a stranger or something. We’re friends, and I care about you. So…” she made an overly official gesture of presentation, “juice!”

“So that would make juice?” Tara couldn’t help it.

“Tara!!” Buffy’s face flamed red and she rubbed her forehead, finally looking up when her blush had subsided a bit. “What about…friend juice? Wait no, that's not better…”

Tara took the bottle with a crooked smirk and hooded eyes. “I bet your sex juice tastes amazing. Thank you, Buffy.”

Buffy couldn’t help laughing loudly, enjoying the more comfortable and irreverent side of Tara’s humour, which only ever seemed to reveal itself in smaller groups or with close friends. She also realised the jokes were probably, at least in part, to help her relax - and it was working. She had never explicitly planned with someone to “meet me in an hour for sex” before. It was always much more spur of the moment, or just…implied, so she wasn’t quite sure how to act.

Tara walked close to her and shut the door, before turning and stepping into Buffy’s space.

“It’s fine to change your mind,” Tara reminded her, “we don’t have to do this. Like I said, I definitely don’t want you to feel like it’s an obligation.”

“God, Tara.” Buffy laughed a little helplessly and tangled their hands together, taking in the beautiful, caring face before letting her eyes wander and take in how the witch looked in the dress she was wearing. “I want you so badly.” She made eye contact again, hoping Tara could read the sincerity. “I want to touch you. I want to taste you. I want to be inside you. I want you inside me. I want to make you come. I want to use my slayer powers for something that heals for once and pour it into you to give you strength. I want…I want to kiss you.”

Tara slipped one hand free of Buffy’s and stroked it over the side of her face before leaning in to make that wish a reality. Buffy had seemed nervous, but she wasn’t showing any signs of hesitation now that Tara’s lips were on hers. She followed Tara’s lead, her mouth soft and wet and open while her hands slipped around to hold Tara’s waist in a firm grip.

Eventually Buffy broke away and started licking her way down Tara’s neck, and then her cleavage.

“Can we…?” She pulled away long enough to ask. Tara couldn’t think of anything she wanted more in that second than to look down and see Buffy sucking and licking her nipples, and quickly pulled her dress off, leaving her naked. Buffy’s eyes went wide as she suddenly saw more than she had expected.

“Oh fuck. Just…is there anything I shouldn’t do…?” Buffy asked, eyes tracing over her breasts, her stomach, her pussy.

“You can touch me anywhere, but please don’t tug my hair or try to roll me onto my stomach – if you want to be behind me we can do that standing up.” Tara explained.

Buffy’s eyes met hers again as she nodded to show she had heard and understood, before bringing her hands up to cup Tara’s breasts and return to laving them with her tongue, stroking them with her thumbs just under and around her nipples.

“You feel so good, Tara.” She mumbled in between licking and sucking. Buffy wondered absently how much control she would have over the spell. For many years she had been able to ‘feel’ her slayer powers, and use them in directed ways – like Giles’ ‘honing’ to find vampires, focusing on specific abilities like sight, strength, hearing, speed, and more. And to a certain extent, she could feel magic if she was trying to.

So Buffy opened her senses up to magic and could feel, just slightly, the natural ebb and flow of it that Tara and Willow had spoken of in the past. Her own powers seemed to be pounding fast along with her heartbeat at the feeling of touching Tara like this, and Buffy tried to see if she could will herself to share some of that power through the places they were touching. She felt it – like just a little had been absorbed, and Tara gasped and arched into her mouth.

“Buffy, how…ah!”

She tried it again, imagining little splashes and pulses of power being transferred through her tongue and fingers. And whether or not the magic part was working, it definitely seemed like Tara was enjoying whatever she was managing to do.

“God Buffy, I haven’t even started the spell, how are you doing that? You are doing it on purpose, right?” Tara groaned and looked down. Every time Buffy licked and flicked her tongue over Tara’s nipples, a barely visible light flickered out, like static or phosphorescence, and Tara felt the empty drained feeling shift a little. It wasn’t nearly enough that there was any sense of starting to sate that hunger, but she could feel something, feel a change. She could also feel Buffy’s thigh slip between hers, and her hips bucked into the pressure.

“That’s it – take what you need.” Buffy encouraged her, and slid a hand around to Tara’s ass, following her rhythm as she flexed and ground her pussy onto Buffy’s jeans. Buffy clearly meant taking more than just her pleasure, as the sparks and drips of magical energy continued to pulse through her fingers.

Tara shuddered and her thrusts became a bit erratic. She didn’t know just how much control Buffy had over the stream of magic, but it was now trickling into Tara from Buffy’s mouth on her neck, the hand on her ass and the hand under her other thigh, and the heat and pleasure of it was all meeting deep in her cunt while the magic slowly began to fill the reservoir of her magical core.

It was too much, and unlike anything Tara had ever experienced, and before she knew it she was painting her come onto Buffy’s jeans as her pussy contracted around nothing.

She stayed there, held up by the slayer, as she let herself gradually relax.

“Can I carry you to the bed?” Buffy asked eventually.

“Yes. Please.”